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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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right. on you tube. this is g.w. news live from berlin chaos at carnival in germany a car plows into crowds of festival revelers injuring dozens including children the driver was facing a charge of attempted homicide but he's saying this most it remains unclear also in the program the most anticipated verdict in the beach where i would roll having
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weinstein found guilty of sex crimes a new jury convicts him up a felony sex crime and rape but a quick symbol of the most serious charges. plotzed china's annual national people's congress postponed for the 1st time in decades over the grownup tyrants and to italian authorities impose tough measures at 7 doubts and a dramatic rise in infection to snake it to europe's frontline in the battle against the disease. i merely phenomena welcome police in germany are investigating a possible attack after cars driven into a crowd of revelers celebrating caught of all the incident happened outside a supermarket in the town of folk and in the western state of hesse around 30
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people were injured some seriously the driver was arrested at the scene and faces attempted homicide charges police believe he acted intentionally you but a motive for the incident is still unclear. mars in northern has a population $7000.00 all they wanted was to celebrate carnival at the rose monday parade instead a day of horror when a 29 year old man drove into a crowd of onlookers apparently a deliberate act yeah it's for them it for the guy drove right into the crowd at full speed i had the feeling he kept accelerating people flew up into the air like paper a few seconds of deathly silence and then they all started screaming. my classmate was driven into he has an injured foot and a concussion. more than 30 people were injured some seriously several children were among the injured police say the suspect is from folk marzan himself they plan to
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interview him as soon as his condition permits again for the we're not assuming an attack but we do think it was an intentional act we don't yet know the background the investigation isn't far enough along to say anything about a potential motive. says state premier appeared moved. 5 days after the terrorist talking of course it's in the back of everyone's mind my god not again but my advice is that we remain calm doesn't help anyone if we all start speculating wildly that's the police canceled all carnival parade state wide following the incident authorities have set up an information hotline and appealed to eyewitnesses to send them photos and videos and to not post them anywhere else but rebecca stout why isn't. rebecca what more can you tell us. well so far police have said that 30 people were injured this afternoon and authorities recently said that at least
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a 3rd of the people who were injured are children. police earlier said that i found 7 people sustained serious injury is as you can see behind me and on the scene where this occurred this afternoon police and. friends and investigators are still on the scene they're still gathering evidence they're still searching through the car which is that which is still which is behind the barriers that are beside me here they're still gathering evidence and this is definitely still a very active scene. so i haven't had a chance to speak with anyone there at the scene. i did in fact there were a couple of locals who had come to to inspect and see what was going on most of the reactions what i've heard so far people it's just been it's been shock people wearing their carnival costumes people who didn't hyssop a did a much happier day that's turned into a deeply tragic and deeply tragic event for for this town i spoke to one woman who
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said that her 5 year old son almost got hit by the car so she told me that she and her that her ex-husband and her 5 year old son were standing right behind me over here on the corner where she said that the go and stand every year right next to the supermarket to watch the town's parade she said they saw something moving out of the corner of their eyes and that hurt somebody pulled her son back by the hood at the last 2nd and that he did not end up getting injured but the children around him dead including this woman's niece and nephew a 9 year old and an 11 year old who she said sustained injuries but have since been released from the hospital so it's absolutely an atmosphere of bewilderment and shock here. and now that police have confirmed that there is soo mean this was a deliberate act people will obviously wonder about the motivation do we know anything else. authorities have not commented further on on any
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possible motive they are working off of the assumption off of things that i've witnessed this said that the driver of the car accelerated before before hitting the. browed 2 people have been taken into custody one of them is a 29 year old who is from this town and who is the driver a 2nd person was taken into custody who is believed to have filmed the incident but police are not sure yet whether or not they are possibly involved or they just happened to happen to film. the incident. to the u.s. now where a new york jury has anadan the most hotly anticipated verdict of 72 era hollywood producer harvey weinstein has been found guilty of felony sex crimes after a trial centering on accusations by 2 women weinstein was convicted of rape and committing a criminal sex act but acquitted of the most severe chacha against him weinstein faces up to 25 years in prison when he's sentenced next month. it was his
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last day of freedom for the moment the 12 jurors found harvey weinstein guilty of 2 of the 5 charges against him the jury found the former hollywood producer guilty of rape and sexual assault 2 years ago production assistant mimi haley accused weinstein of having forcibly performed oral sex on her. women have the right to say no. and that was you know regardless again circumstances. and i told her you know jessica man accused to weinstein of rape here the jury found him guilty of 3rd degree rape and determined that he didn't use physical force but did not obtain man's consent. rape is rape whether rich committed by a stranger in a dark alley. or by an intimate partner. in a working relationship mongering weinstein's defense lawyer resolved to fight back
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and cited his poor health. and medical condition it's difficult you're going to be fighting and dealing with the risperdal but an appeal will be and i. think you everybody sentencing is set for march 11th harvey weinstein was let off and handcuffs to new york city's notorious rikers island prison we can speak now to entertainment journalist k.j. mass news and los angeles how the weinstein was facing 5 charges and has been found guilty on 2 counts talk us through the verdicts. you know it's very surprising there are so many women that have come or to speak out against harvey weinstein and accused him of of hope horrendous illegal acts and still i think some people felt that all of the evidence that was presented by the prosecution perhaps still wasn't who the boat without a really proven beyond a reasonable doubt there were some people probably had some problems with some of the testimony and that is the reason why you only saw him be convicted of 2 of the
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5 charges this has been a colossal trial symbol of the me too movement what role can you tell us about those. you know it's hard to believe that it this all happened back in october 2017 that is when a number of woman came forward and spoke out to the new york times and talked about the fact that there were a number of times where they had secret settlement it weinstein's media a conglomeration because of things that you've done shortly after that 13 other women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault and ever since finishes been a treasure trove of women coming forward accusing him of so many improprieties so much so that his entire company out of dissolved and he's pretty much has been a hermit ever since then been accused of so many things it seems like every single day but don't forget this is been going on for about 2 and a half years so what are today's verdicts named for harvey weinstein. it
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probably means that he will probably not see the light of day for a very very very long time because you have to remember here in los angeles he still faces 4 counts of felony sexual assault and if he's convicted on all 4 of those charges that could give you anywhere from 10 to 20 years that's separate from being simpson's on march 11th in new york so when you add all of that up we're looking at somewhere anywhere between 5 years and possible 20 remember he's already in his late sixty's so it will be very long time probably once he sentenced before he's ever of free man again and many people are still coming forward with their stories here in hollywood time's up organization and the me too movement has not slowed down although people may think it has their fall new targets because there are many other people who are committing those hyping offenses not just harvey weinstein entertainment journalist k.j. mass airs on the story for us tonight from los angeles. now to other stories making
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news around the world u.s. president donald trump has stopped his a 2 day visit to india his 1st official trip to the country mr trump attended a massive rally at a new build cricket stadium alongside indian prime minister narendra modi the leaders aim to strengthen ties between the world's 2 biggest democracies. nasa mathematician catherine johnson has died at the age of 101 johnson's calculations helped put the 1st american in space and later the 1st man on the moon she was portrayed in the 2016 hit movie hidden figures about pioneering black female aerospace workers. look around a virus outbreak has forced china's national people's congress to postpone its annual meetings for the 1st time in decades the number of deaths in china has risen to nearly 2600 but the world health organization says cases that appear to have
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peaked and plateau south korea has raised its the defections disease order to its highest level following 160 new cases. and iran has confirmed deaths tonal say it stands at 12 the highest number of fatalities outside china our next report comes from 0 forest had country italy where 7 people have died from the virus police checkpoints queues outside pharmacies. and empty supermarket shelves these images from northern italy are all too familiar as europe gains a new front line in the battle against the coronavirus life has come to a standstill for 50000 residents in 11 italian towns which have been placed on lockdown as authorities try to contain new fires cases some p.r. will compromise that we know that we may be infected and that we may already have contracted the corona virus. and we wait for these days to pass by if you.
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see jordan being the draw not the famed venice con of all is cut short and some milan fashion week runway shows closed their doors. but the world health organization stopped short of labeling the illness a pandemic on monday saying the virus can still be contained. for the moment we remotely to see the uncool to spread all this by this movement in the sea a lot of just to see that this is for this does this but it is part of the petition . to the tires but we did hear it from our system of the kids the e.u. has pledged 230000000 euros to support the fight against the virus we stress that. for the moment. w.h.r. has not advised changing pup imposing restrictions on other travel or trade
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italians could continue to face restrictions on them movements however with the prime minister warning residents could be in for weeks of lock down. to the bundesliga now and only one been pulled off a surprise by winning $21.00 and i'm just thankful it's in a rare monday game many frankfurt fans boycotted the match in protest about the money scheduling dress for frankfurt defending it out on your own to take the lead early in the 2nd half of us and understands what the go it was to know following more chaos and frankfurt's back line avenue scored an unfortunate own goal the hosts pulled a one back but it wasn't enough of a menace go into a tense play. documents up next with a look. doc phones up next with a look at the future of the arctic i merely from how much time thanks for joining
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us. come on which course. anytime anywhere.


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