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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 3:02am-3:31am CET

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they are 2 men who understand each other politically very well and they both love an audience today india's prime minister narendra modi gave us president donald trump a welcome that was big bombastic braggadocios and trump well tonight the 2 populous leaders of the world's 2 largest democracies a love fest for all the world to see america 1st and india 1st gulf of berlin this is the day. at the. end of. commerce state. everybody loves him but i will tell you this he's very tough.
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that we shall. chance to beat up. working together the prime minister and i could reach a fantastic deal. opportunity any challenging missiles rockets ships we make the best and we're dealing now with india. by. also coming up with the day just as finally took a seat on the casting couch of hollywood the day a jury found harvey weinstein guilty doug and i were in court as we saw harvey weinstein being remained it into police custody harvey weinstein is exactly where he should be now behind bars. or
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to all. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with declarations of love and loyalty today u.s. president trump told a crowd of more than 100000 indians inside a packed cricket stadium that america was india and will always be faithful to india now these are grand and sweeping statements that the world has come to expect from donald trump but they were also evidence sincere and his genuine any that we have heard from the u.s. president and that has everything to do with the host india's prime minister narendra modi he and donald trump are kindred spirits if you will sons of a site guy dominated by national interests 1st and foremost followed by trade followed by more trade as political leaders they speak the same language one that always targets their base and one that is criticized for excluding everyone else we
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have this report tonight on the start of trump's 2 day visit to india. and shakes up for hugs as india turned on the collar for donald trump's 1st visit to the country. the world when thursday had a lively trio of photo opportunities for a u.s. president in a reelection year 1st to a residence where mahatma gandhi used to live trump used the guestbook to call modi he's great friend. the motorcade then waved through streets packed with enthusiastic supporters straining to get a glimpse at the 2 leaders. the world to biggest cricket study and then played host for a massive rally at nama state trump in front of a 100000 people. in india you would see a relation of the item pneumonia to. just under my bed is the. eat your pond of good data and blew it out of their lives. it
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could be the biggest rally of the us president's korea and he had a little trouble with some of the nines as the great religious teachers swami vivere come or no one say. of the 6 but he says recent trade disputes could be coming to an end we are in the early stages of discussion for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the united states and india and i am optimistic that working together the prime minister and i could reach a fantastic deal despite that optimism any breakthroughs on trade talks would be unlikely as budge sides have ramped up tariffs in the last year but leaving the stadium to finish the day at one of the wonders of the world the taj mahal. on tuesday the leaders will sharpen their focus beginning renew try talks in delhi.
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for more on where this relationship is headed here on earth and beyond i'm joined tonight by barofsky because he is a distinguished senior fellow at the observer research foundation that's a leading indian think tank he is also an author his latest book final frontier india and space security lays out how india has become a major player in space weaponization roth joins me tonight via skype from washington d.c. broth it's good to have you on the day before we talk about outer space let's talk about this love fest that we solve a day between the prime minister and the president. how do you read it how does it strike you these scenes with modi and draw well i think they've found a sweet spot for each other i think both their expert campaign campaigners for their own party and for themselves you know the french gave donald trump the best
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all day parade the japanese made to meet the emperor and the indians are wondering what can they offer him something different that will win charm and they realized that i can rise and realized its weaknesses for rallies and big crowds and the chatting up crowds and i think that's exactly what the what the indians gave that this was that he has solicited euston in september and you know modi knows this is his home ground and you can play very well and subsides and the quality is size of the audience and that's what and that's exactly what he gave them and i you know and i think that's where they resonate devoid of any substance i don't think that much care about the substance of the style in which the executive was great. yeah and i think trump was visibly impressed by the crowd that he sold there today let's talk about outer space the united states it has started a new military branch scald space force and at the same time it does then you write
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in your book that india is becoming a major player in the weaponization of outer space are these 2 complimentary developments in your opinion are we talking about 2 allies in the skies and an elder space. this is big churning for a while i think there are there are a couple of i mean you know there was one statement where the prime minister said this is no longer a usual partnership and this is an unusual a very close relationship with the united states you fiber to read between the lines and if i were to willingly speculate that statement the big they would the big the big on the right statement is china out there and china has a very impressive space program on the military in the space weaponization front the new u.s. partnership and comes up space military space assets has been churning for a while for the last 15 years and india has impressive assets that can contribute to its magic time domain awareness for the south china sea and in the indian ocean
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where the u.s. company just relatively weak and the indians could offer them some assets out there i think this is being going on for a while this is just going to come out more in the open this is going to get legitimized and also in terms of space weaponization where you know in the indian help to it some of these weapons could be. burnished by the u.s. capacity so i think that the you you wouldn't see more of these kind of cooperation in going forward do you see china being really the force that is pushing india and the united states closer together i'm in a relationship that maybe will outlast the personalities of modi and trump in his intensity and closeness. and in many ways i think the relationship will already outlast that the a c i made a 9098 in 1900 and it was a sanctioned country and 20 years from 1001 thing if you want to recalibrate the relationship today you are talking about $3000000000.00 a big deal so you are you have never talked about these things and do it because.
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you know what was fundamentally stumbling to us a good relationship with this it will let us know good deal now whether that you did commercial benefits or not that's the point question but that's an award that that's was one of the fundamental quantum policy of victories for the united states in getting india into its world and i think you know china china was a significant factor not it was not the only factor ok. the polish woman with the observer research foundation joining me tonight from washington brought we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you pleasure well still to come hillary as in hillary clinton on the red carpet at the berlin film festival de belin. will have a look at a french movie that will make you want to delete all of your online accounts and joking about leaked e-mails well hillary clinton is in town with a new documentary and we've got a film directly inspired by the harvey weinstein case that's all coming up tonight
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on the day. protests today outside a london court where the extradition hearing began for wiki leaks founder julian assange and the u.s. wants the u.k. to extradite a song he's wanted in the u.s. on espionage charges relating to intelligence we saw today the defense team told the court that u.s. president trump wants to make an example of julius onj and they say extradition would eventually make it easier for governments around the world to target a journalist who report on leaked information. well if it is extradited and convicted in the u.s. he was likely spend the rest of his life in prison how did the man who gave us wiki leaks become one of america's most wanted for leaking we have this report. that these are the images that made whistle blowing website wiki leaks
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a household name. in 2010 published classified u.s. army material implicating the u.s. government and possible war crimes. i believe it may julian a song a brave defender of the truth to some ruling and an enemy of the state to others. more controversy followed over a later mass leak of diplomatic cables and the 2016 publication of leaked e-mails from hillary clinton's presidential campaign. in 2012 a 7 year stretch holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london trying to clear his name last week to extradite him on rape charges. sweden dropped the case last year saying too much time had passed but the prosecutor still says the accusation was credible so the un special rapporteur on torture told d.w.
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they were trumped up charges he said they were designed to ward off potential whistleblowers from quote airing government study laundry. in paris on his father was ambivalent about his son's chances under the british justice system. if if it follows the trajectory of the treatment of julian of 10 years it will be a show trial but. the team. is so forceful incompetent that i'm sure the crown prosecutor 30 will see the error of their way. ahead of today's court hearing julian assange has been held in a london mike the man security jail and supporters fear he could face a lot longer behind bars if extradited to the u.s. he may spend the rest of his life in prison. well at issue in the extradition case what exactly is wiki leaks the u.s. government argues that we hear leaks is not a publisher and the u.s.
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maintains that a songe is not a free speech champion but rather just an ordinary criminal us government attorney james lewis said the massive leaks dumping of classified material have put lives at risk to quote him reporting or journalism is not an excuse for criminal activities or a license to break ordinary criminal law it's what the journalists say about this many are rallying around julian assigns more than 1300 journalists and whistleblowers have signed an open statement of support speak up for a songe here is part of the video attached to that letter this is life time sitting up in defense of food on the thought of now at these dangerous procedures. often being involved rather it is a terrible discovery of just since when does a president elect and
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a larger as colleagues. around the globe well that message is one that is championed by claire daley she is an independent socialist irish member of the european parliament she's met julian assigns and she's campaigned against his extradition here's what she told the w news. how this prosecution extradition proceedings are very much never meant to be for issues like i mean in essence it's extradition laws to the us in order to answer cherishes. to the monster. insurance information and war crimes states can't stop atoms in iraq actually in syria there was also. a. carrot and the new york times so these are normal journalists practice for someone to face an extradition arms answer charges alters the espionage act which is never been
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used before. are journalists everywhere if you know you get away with it it's not so. much clear daily there and as julian is on just hearing progresses will follow every important step right here on the day. well it has been the most anticipated court verdict to be handed down since the beginning of the me to movement today a jury in new york found former hollywood producer harvey weinstein guilty of 2 counts of sexual misconduct weinstein was convicted of 3rd degree rape as well as committing a criminal sexual act he was acquitted of the most serious charges which carry all the matter why sentences after the verdict weinstein was handcuffed and sent to jail where he'll await his sentencing next month weinstein was always denied any wrongdoing always maintaining that any sexual acts had been consensual after the
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verdict prosecutors praised the women who came forward and testified against the man who was once the most powerful movie producer in hollywood. weinstein with a nation his resources his attorneys his publicists and his spies did everything he could to silence the survivors but they refused to be silent. they spoke from their hearts and they were heard from the very very beginning until the very very end the verdict sheet the verdict sheet is the most complicated verdict sheet anyone has ever seen this is not authorized all this opinion is it legal scholars opinion so that's the appellate lawyers think there are plenty of ability for more now we want to pull that entertainment journalist k.j. matthews she is in los angeles good evening to you. so we know harvey weinstein was facing 5 charges he's been found guilty on 2 counts talk us through this verdict here help us understand what he's been convicted of. well you know like you said
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he's been convicted found guilty of a criminal sexual act in the 1st degree guilty of 3rd degree rape so he was facing 5 charges but was only found guilty of the lesser charges which 2 out of the 5 so a lot of people here are saying that there just wasn't enough evidence to convict him on all 5 but they wanted to convict him on something they didn't want the the prosecution to walk away empty handed so they convicted him on the lesser charges of course people were hoping that he would be convicted on all of them especially the most serious charges of rape but that just wasn't the case so we know he will at least get at the minimum 5 years if not more but a lot of people are saying is actually a victory for both the prosecution and the defense that being weinstein although he is in jail currently and will probably have to wait in jail until you know he is sentenced in march 11th you know we can't. overstate the importance of this
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verdict for the meet to movement can we i mean it has been the most anticipated verdict since the need to movement began yet there were the number of sexual assault cases that were settled by the weinstein company and then there were 13 other women that came forward and said i too have been harassed or sexually assaulted and after that it's never been the same i mean of course we have to meet to movement and then the organization time's up was created but it's hard to believe that it really was just 2 and a half years ago that all of this began right your payment journalist k.g. matthew is with the latest tonight on that verdict harvey weinstein found guilty t.j. thank you. well the verdict is being celebrated by many members of the me too movement actress resent our cats one of weinstein's accusers saying that she's grateful to the brave women who testified and to the jury for seeing through the dirty tactics of the defense and time's up a group that evolved from the me to movement releasing a statement saying in part while it is disappointing that today's outcome does not
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deliver the true full justice that women deserve harvey weinstein will now forever be known as a convicted serial predator. of the 70th berlin international film festival is now in full swing one film showing elder competition is hillary a u.s. documentary about the former u.s. 1st lady and the woman herself well she's in berlin today she walked the red carpet for the screening of the documentary now the film looks at hillary clinton's life from her upbringing in chicago all the way to her presidential campaign in 2016 here's a look at that documentary hillary. president. very . very good at.
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it. and. yeah i was watching that documentary this afternoon my colleagues helena humphrey and scott ross perot they did the same thing good evening to both of you guys how does hillary clinton how does she come across in your opinion in this documentary. yeah i think i think that we all agree that hillary clinton is one of the most divisive political figures in america there's a lot of people who love her there's a lot of people who really dislike her and i think anyone going in with a strong opinion of hillary clinton into the series is probably not going to have their mind changed by it there's plenty there for everybody really if you a lovely clinton i think you can look at this documentary and see you incredibly intelligent. and it's very inspirational politician if you dislike her you're
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probably going to see elements of her political conniving of props or arrogance towards political opponents so i don't think this documentary series is going to change anybody's mind but what i thought was really compelling about it is the fact that it is a real in-depth and behind the scenes look at some i think we'd all agree is one of most important political figures of our talk and i have to say i don't think hillary clinton herself minds the documentary too much bread based on the fact that she he need to marshal the need for a press conference so be really interesting to see i mean what kind of message she brings to the java capital yeah i mean and it's also part of legacy building for her with the delta what the competition screened at the belly knowledge today. for the most recent film that we've just seen and it's had its premiere here on the right cop it was the swiss production chest allowing or little sister this is about
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twins from a theatrical family the brother sadly dying of leukemia being looked after by his sister who is a playwright set between switzerland and i take a theatrical well just very much of the actual world berlin and it's the 2 siblings are played by 2 of germany's best and much to my most favorite actors lars i to her as that as the brother and the incredible nina hoss as the sister we have discussions about this film afterwards were a little bit disagreed i really really like that i think you always lose a bit over dover the audience is a very theatrical movie and a very theatrical performance of both these stars but if you if you like these 2 actors or if you want to see what what a real sort of a master class in acting then i definitely think it's a film to check and i want to tell you about the movie that i saw today that i absolutely loved and that is the french piece delete history now this is about 3 friends who meet as yellow vest protests as i mean they meet on a roundabout in the suburbs all fronts they find themselves embroiled in all sorts
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of trouble i would say to their use of social media they just don't quite get it he loves them in a lot of hot water take a watch. now as a producer. and i didn't make love with you marie says to the man on the phone but she had done a lot of whisky and a cell phone camera were involved 6. who believe this is as you seem to thank you for the 1st. now this isn't the only one caught in the trap of the brave new social media world that tom's daughter is being bullied online. but mostly for a because taxi driver christine only receives bad reviews and has to buy positive ones in south asia by the internet of course. the 3 are determined to fight for their rights against us tech giants that seem like an invincible. opponent. will more likely get past the deficit data is valuable is the gold of today and we
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just let us of the role is it what's happening here is systematic 50 separate d.p.'s are all like the film team or in fighting spirit stew in fine french tradition at the press conference they demonstrative lee showed their support for france's yellow vest protest. it may sound highly political but delete history has turned out to be a captivating comedy about 3 seanie characters who go all the way to silicon valley but ultimately find happiness on their own doorstep entirely analog no signal and definitely no cell phone was a. cure all right is that phone that those were the days all right what else are people talking about at the belly not like us i know they all have their cell phones in their hands. yeah well i mean we're just talking about that the one film is incredibly time that's being shown here called the assistant and this is being described as the 1st me to film as actually directly inspired by
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harvey weinstein case ad i thought it was it's a phenomenal film not just because the plot of the movie seems to be directly from the testimony that we're hearing of this trial but also because instead of being directly about the the monster the abuser this is more about the culture that enables him we don't actually see this figure of this harvey weinstein esque figure but we follow his assistant and we see how very subtle things happen within an office that allows these these these crimes to take place and i think is a very very powerful film and it couldn't have been better to come all right when the humphrey and scott are on the red carpet for years at the berlin album to both of you thank you. and the day is almost done the conversation continues online you find us on twitter you're in the news you can follow me at brant go to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everyone.
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because my life's a quote having a child come with the flowers a massive attack on a bunch of course the cats. comp time color as they picked up a strawman the. chance of taking a bad. check off.
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the. journalist. julian assange for for complete transparency which means wiggling sand doesn't. talk on the world's most powerful country and in our mind. the rise of the man who found in wiki leaks a man who risked his life to find the truth. close on. 60 minutes on t.w. . stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. i'm not laughing at the
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damage i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and wimp that germany thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes quack's put in your thinking for the country by now a long time. yet. needed to take his grandmother day out to eat it's all that bad news i'm rachel joins me from the future. post about.
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this league i believe anything can happen in time nothing is impossible and this is the most unpredictable season in ages.


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