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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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yang. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself but only a few people can enjoy the benefits of. an insidious reward system coerces people into loyalty towards the regime and. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis to live in poverty. in pyongyang starts feb 28th w. . places to eat up there is a show coming up protests alongside football but u.s. president and donald trump takes in the sights on his endeavors it's the capital jenny sees deadly protests over to citizenship what is the connection between the 2 and have they had any impact on the visit. to such for a vaccine to stop a mysterious skin off the don't know why does all the break has pushed the border
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trees into overdrive profiled one in hong kong. welcome to dub their news asia it's good to have you with us a visit to the waldron and monument of love that i have. paying respects at the memorial to indian independence day gandhi said a morning welcome at the residence of the indian president in delhi these are just some of the images that have defined u.s. president donald trump's maiden visit to india made an official visit to india but there are other images as well images of violence in the national capital delhi where on monday at least 7 people including a policeman was killed following clashes between rival groups of protesters one group protesting against a new citizenship law and another in support of it critics say the law undermines
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the very heart of india's secular constitution for the 1st time it makes religion a criteria for indian citizenship. the new citizenship law has also been one of the catalyst for protests in other parts of india places as far apart as go out in the north east kolkata in the east and hundreds in the south here's what people are angry about. again citizens of amman maneka it is in the water right there but this from indian community is any in here in riyadh yet it isn't strong professed no not in the middle east ben from gaining international support from the community from his wife is a cranky delays from. the game and internet so support for citizenship and so we miss the whole of india of course trump is not in the movie.
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but. they are not going to see. india free if. you don't get to what i hate these riots are happening because of the government if our government hadn't brought in this movie they wouldn't be any question if these riots on our india is like a big pay of allowance from hindus muslims sikhs and christians to live together in harmony but since the government has implemented the new citizenship law it's led to this violence and we have very sad about the facade that have been bought the ok but not to mention of these violent protests at a joint press conference in delhi of u.s. president trump an indian prime minister more the good of a correspondent nima should just was at that press briefing and filed this report. the highlight of the u.s. president's 2 day visit to india the bilateral talks between prime minister. and us press than donald trump have come to an end in statements to the press prime
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minister. spoke about this comprehensive strategic partnership between the 2 countries calling it one of the most valuable partnerships off the 21st century he said the cost from defense and energy to technology and connectivity and also agreed to stop. for a comprehensive trade deal with us preston donald trump once again. today he said that the 2 countries would cooperate on this and he also emphasized that any trade deal in the future must be fair and recipe for both countries. again if you live in praise for each other with the u.s. president going so far as to say that they have very strong feelings for each other however this chemistry has not translated into a comprehensive trade. a key 1000000000 defense deal however was announced and will remain the highlight of this.
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as the number of cases of the dead. trees around the world so do efforts to develop a vaccine against it but it's a time consuming process a number of the bottle trees around the world are developing including the university of hong back in 2003 it was the 1st. visit of the research i was there to see firsthand how they're trying to help this . so what we're looking at cells which have been grown in culture and on the surface so. it's possible just weeks ago this. now understanding these images is key to saving lives professor john nichols and his team at hong kong university studying how the new corona virus replicates in
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human cells their work is already shedding light on its mortality rate why it's proving less deadly than related virus south and saz it really started replicating in the lungs and less in the bronx where the upper airway this far seems to be more likely at this stage of rest of the airways than in the lungs and which is good that can explain why it's not. dangerous so. understanding how the virus replicates could ultimately shape the way it's diagnosed and even how it's treated. this isn't the 1st time scientists have been on the forefront of the battle against a deadly virus as specialists in emerging viral infections they found themselves at the center of the 2003 cells epidemic here at this university that long just strides were made and the fight for far is that raw experience for experts who throw out big harness to combat the fire of today the university was the 1st to
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isolate the virus which cools cells has a manic paris is among those criticized with controlling the outbreak he says while the mortality rate for 19 may be lower it's spreading move rapidly and could even be transmitted before patients develop symptoms there's no question that this is more than saws more difficult to control because unless you really get people very you have them isolated britain but you know mission is challenging but as with saws that was possible the university is working on a vaccine bot it's still months away. back in 2003 candidates. were also developes parts funding was cut once the virus was brought under control and a vaccine never produced. professor mannix says if we could been able to progress further that be better prepared today even if we are able to dodge the bullet this time and i'm not sure that definitely will be another time and i don't think we can
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keep dodging these bullets forever but one of these days we're really going to have a major epidemic that really disrupts you know the global economies global lifestyles and things we take for granted so i think it's time that the global community particularly the konami community. took this very seriously there is a race against time as covered $9000.00 continues its spread around the world a professor manik warning the prospect of a global pandemic is now touching day the world health organization has stopped short of defending the outbreak of pandemic but has asked countries to be prepared for one brothers american idol is head of the infectious diseases section at the university medical center bug epidurals and she joins me now on the program professor i don't measure to have you with us on the program can we expect
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a vaccine against the coronavirus anytime soon. unfortunately answer that has to be not anytime soon so we're scientists are frantically working towards the vaccine and will have. but not in the coming months so that they can be rolled out to the general population what is the earliest time looking at that the vaccine could be made available to the general public. well it's a little bit difficult to speculate but there are such steps that are part of the process of developing a vaccine so some parts go very fast so. the sequences of the virus became available very fast and so in the test you can be generated quite fast sometimes in weeks or months and many are already kind of and that's the but then they have to be tested for safety giving bechstein as a private giving to somebody who's healthy so we have to make sure it's safe to.
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our heads and interested in it in small animal and just see if it's safe at about it if it does the thing that we wanted to do it would protect us and then it has to be manufactured in effect or to the highest standard so those steps can not be that much so the 1st victims will probably go into humans for testing for safety in the spring it permit or maybe they're somewhat of a faster but we were not be able to have them for to help ablation before next year and that would even be very fast next year would be fast i mean what does that mean for the current outbreak so essentially what they're saying is it is under a mistake to expect a vaccine for the current outbreak yes unfortunately that is in order to expect a shoot out whether that is that science is so advanced like and you make impacts in faster that it has an impact right now but this is just not the way products like vaccines are even drugs that can be manufactured and skinned up in this short
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period of time in that. expert from the professor would be what use is a vaccine if it is developed after the outbreak it was developed for. well isn't it good that good example is the evil that would begin with africa we didn't have x x since then didn't have any sort of peace but damn it if you know about it started to air in full force so we have the current outbreak and it allowed back in the d.r. see also a public health emergency of an international concern and the development we had done and many respects were 4 years back is now paying up because we now have a license put out and now saves lives in the current outbreak so there might be outbreaks with as good a virus in the future we don't know that yet what development will be is going to stay it's going to go away will it come back is it going to be season or maybe next year we can protect people from. various infection which cause the current house in texas disease starts to. progress is that
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a we'll of being ahead of the curve i mean is that a win for vaccines to be developed before the emergencies or to be upon us. but this is actually you know this is been an initiative that was started by the w.a.c. a lot and also either with his actions in the aftermath of that it will help break so to be proactive to it and if i organisms. that can cause condemn x. and actually cyrus and most when i was mantles so vaccine development for science and nurse has already been underway. and it's also on that this is the sex or a new disease so we're developing a vaccine to that point that we can react faster when a new pathogen comes in those initiatives out on the way and me at faster than we've ever been but unfortunately it's not fast enough to make an impact on the current situation say in italy in iran and china in the coming right to leave it
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there for the time being professor martin at all thank you so much for joining us my pleasure. that's it for today we leave you with images of the world coping with the cold on obama's epidemic we'll see you tomorrow. in the height of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store for. him is to come for the future with. the total cost for to make a city to the multimedia insight. counter. good use crime fighters are back africa's most successful in radio drama series continues this
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season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and sustainable charcoal production all of the sos are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. unforgettable extraordinary and an expression of love donald trump describes his state visit to india is it all hugs and kisses india would be a huge huge market for the u.s. but its trade deal is far away despite trump's promises of progress. and the spread of the coronavirus keeps dragging down global financial markets companies brace
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fulfill the supply chain disruption of governments to take physical action. and been physical and let's see business the world's 2 biggest democracies claim that making progress on a free trade deal president or trump says u.s. ties with india stronger than ever and india says that both sides have decided to fully engaged to move towards a pact that sounds like baby steps. no that's not a comprehensive trade agreement he's signing not yet at least the u.s. president put his name to the visitor book at the memorial to mahatma gandhi in new delhi before being presented with a bust of the much revered independence leader however that was not the only place where donald trump left his presidential mark i know prime minister bertie will agree that this has been a very productive visit for both of our countries earlier today we expanded our defense cooperation with agreements for india to purchase more than $3000000000.00
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of advanced american military equipment including apache and.


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