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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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in jug starts feb 28th w. . such. place. the bag play. this is the the good news live from broadway in the former egyptian president hosni mubarak dies aged 91 to some he was a guarantor of middle east stability and the oil u.s. ally to others an autocratic tyrant he let egypt for 30 years until he was ousted in 20 years left to look at his legacy also on the program the w.h.o. warns of the world is simply not ready to prevent the spread of coronavirus as
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a number of cases around the world such as an organization says poll countries need to prepare her gently outranks him respond promptly when the virus arrives. tons of germantown searches for answers after a car crashes into a column upright 60 people including her children were injured in the incident with police have not yet been able to question the truck. until gail welcome to the program. former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of $91.00 after assuming the presidency in 1981 he held on to power for 3 decades through a system built of repression corruption under the alliance with the west but he was ousted in 2011 during the wave of unrest that became known as the arab spring is a look at his life and legacy. a so you thought it was one last triumph for
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hosni mubarak egypt's former president was acquitted off through a trial that last week he is the judges found him innocent of involvement in the killing of protest is during the 2011 arab spring uprising that ended his 30 year rule his career ended with a revolution it began with an assassination. in october 1981 it's a military parade islamist militants shot and killed then president anwar sadat mubarak the vice president escaped with minor injuries and took over the presidency in the same year he implemented emergency laws as part of his battle against militants he also expanded police powers. in another of his 1st moves he told the us he would stick by his country's $979.00 peace agreement with israel the
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1st by any arab nation. but barack became an important mediator between israel and the palestinians for 3 decades he was seen as a guarantor of stability in the middle east in return his country was given billions of dollars in aid from the u.s. he was courted in europe and respected by israelis and arabs alike but it term of barack showed a different face he cracked down on islamists often they orchestrated attacks and threatened his rule egypt's democracy was little more than a facade all elections were rigged mubarak did little to address the poverty afflicting millions of egyptians as he is in a circle and his own family became wealthy as egyptians resentment grew and mass demonstrations broke out the barrack reacted with force when that failed to curb the protests he attempted to make concessions but in the end the might of the arab
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masses forced him to step down mubarak was put on trial and jailed for 6 years mostly spent in a military prison having served his sentence for corruption the former president was released and returned home to his villa one of many properties owned by his family his wife and sons administer the assets accumulated during his time in office but barrick road egypt for 30 years honored and feared in equal measure. well take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world sweden's foreign ministry has summoned the chinese ambassador in stockholm to demand the release of books have been high court in china sentences to quiet chinese bored swedish citizen to 10 years in jail on charges of illegally sending intelligence abroad you know in the hong kong publishing house that sold books critical of china's leadership. police in italy have arrested 65 people with alleged links to the
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drug get a mafia group thanks to the matter of a town in calabria police have been involved in a 3 year operation against a network considered the country's most powerful crime syndicate hundreds of suspects have been arrested in that time. spanish opera singer plus there domingo has issued a statement apologizing to women who accuse him of sexual assault the 79 year old seen here in archive footage said he was truly sorry for the hurt it caused this comes after an investigation by the american guild of musical artists concluded that he had behaved inappropriately with female musicians. that are in there and day 2 of donald trumps a visit during which the focus switched from pomp and pageantry to trade in the friends following talks with prime minister narendra modi in delhi mr trump said they had made progress on what he called the comprehensive trade deal no details
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were revealed but the 2 men seemed keen to put the trump mody chemistry on show. at this welcome reception size didn't matter indian leaders made sure that the u.s. president would be greeted with a lavish extravaganza and mighty words you have them on this relationship is the most important partnership of the 21st century. throughout the meeting the tone between the 2 leaders was friendly even loving. we're at a point where a relationship is so special with india it has never been as good as it is right now and i think just because the 2 leaders of each country were really we feel very strongly about each other while the president and the prime minister seemed at ease with each other the outcome of the talks was meeker both expressed optimism at the prospect of a future trade deal and left it at that. the
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meeting was overshadowed by violence that erupted in another part of delhi over a new citizenship law claiming several casualties those opposed to the law believe it discriminates against india's muslim citizens the timing of the clashes is an embarrassment for the indian prime minister eager to show a polished picture of his nation. protesters also showed up to object to trump's visits their message to the u.s. leader was clear. in terms of the fight for everyone. here. possibly here they are not going to say what will come to india so you go back. to the trumps unaffected by the criticism this is a tourist sites between their official engagements the president for leave india with many picturesque memories the deal maker however will go home without
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a trade deal that his pockets. health organization is warning governments around the world to prepare for coronaviruses survival so they can respond rapidly if necessary. in fact more than 80000 people china is experiencing the worst of the outbreak but it's spreading rapidly today the 1st cases were reported in mainland spain see. it's a learned austria and croatia south korea has the highest number of cases outside china with nearly a 1000 people infected and 10 deaths europe's worst affected country is italy where an outbreak a sofa killed 10 worst affected towns are on lockdown affecting thousands tens of thousands of people the w.'s benta regret is in the italian city of milan in the heart of the affected area and censuses update. they're telling government has put in place rather drastic measures 5500 schools are closed in the regions of long
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body and venator or universities are closed many shops are closed restaurants bars . processions have been canceled the government tries to prevent movement travel of the population as good as a scan it also big masses of people should prevent it because they're the corona virus could spread easily also the 2nd largest city of italy right now is $1300000.00 people is affected there less people on the street people stay at home there are less tourists coming to the city but it's a kind of hibernation the north of italy is in right now. richard forcing here in germany police say nearly 60 people including 18 children were injured when a car plowed into a conical parade in the western state of has a monday police waiting to question the driver who was badly injured the incident
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has further unsettled country already rocked by a fatal mass shooting in the same region last week. a day on from the carnival crash a small town still in shock after the carnage that brought a sudden and brutal end to its annual celebrations. the mood is depressing at least in all hey it's terrible and. the fight was going well yesterday at the parade and then suddenly it was all finished it's horrible. still it's just. yesterday afternoon when we went home everybody had their head and no one saying anything as old folks next. pharmacist going to purchase help some of those in. when the car mowed down revellers. hits you afterwards when you're on your own again and come back to your
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family and realize they weren't affected often as our children also go to conference only but luckily they weren't there and it makes you very emotional and . the authorities have disclosed some details about the 29 year old suspect who is from the area police say he was not drunk and this being treated for serious head injuries. it is the prosecutor's job to establish the motive but. we can't say anything about his precise motives questioning still has to take place. some traditional rose monday carnival celebrations did go ahead in western germany despite the region still mourning the 10 victims of last week's shootings in the town of how now. the government has pledged to step up security in public places and to police and has still asking witnesses to the focus was an incident to come
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forward. on the only reporter our until to this infocom arson outside the church where services for the victims has just been has just begun welcome hour and a day on what's the feeling in this small town. well a sense of somber reflection has really settled on the town in the last 24 hours and i've been speaking to people on the streets here and as you'd expect many is spoken of of anger and shock and really just kind of inability to understand how an attack like this could actually take place in such a small town over other people i spoke truly also said they were really just kind of looking forward really kind of hoping that they could get beyond this and have life returned back to the way it was before yesterday's tragic events dozens of people were injured in this incident many often children being sad about their condition. well we know that around 52 people were actually admitted to hospital
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yesterday with injuries from the attack and thankfully we've been informed that 17 have a corporator enough that they've been able to be released back home however 35 people remain in hospital according to our current information now we've been informed that said that many of them have very very serious injuries however based on our current information it doesn't appear that any of them have life threatening injuries at the current moment i'm pleased not saying much about a motive at this stage. yes so far we don't know exactly what motivated the man however statements by the investigators do seem to indicate that they're looking at psychological factors that may have played a role in yesterday's attack it's also a sentiment that's been expressed by several of the eyewitnesses i've been able to speak to one man said that he was able to observe the driver as he was able to drive around some of the blockades that were guarding the parade before he then rammed his car into the on the parade body itself and he said based on the man's
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behavior he would definitely suspect that psychological factor factors most likely played a role in motivating yesterday's attacks and this is that it happened just 5 days after the attack in the heart how it all judgments about security in the country. that is really the big question speaking to people here in the street at least many of them said that while they don't generally worry about security as it is it definitely won't be looking at carnival parades the same way next year as well and we're hoping that says that the local police and security will be able to find a way to guarantee their safety moving forward however as i said most people really seem to kind of focus on the future in the short term saying that they don't want to think about the big picture this one they have life get back to normal on out until then and fall mohsen thank you. it's time to remind of the top story this hour former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died aged 91 year old egypt for 13
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walked for 30 years from $981.00 until he was ousted to an arab spring sunset he had recently undergone surgery. that spread of his own with a business africa with more news on the top off the top of the day. 6.


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