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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is g w news why the from berlin tonight the former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 barak led egypt for 30 years until he was ousted in 2011 to some he was a guarantor of middle east ability and a loyal u.s. how wise to others and all the credit. to look at his legacy also coming up the world health organization warnings the world is simply not ready to prevent the
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spread of the corona virus as cases surge around the globe the centers for disease control in the u.s. is warning that another outbreak there could be banned and a german town searching for answers after a car crashes into a carnival parade 60 people including many children were injured in that incident and police have not been able to interview and question the driver and the 70th brylin film festival is focusing on women and the politics of power today my colleagues i mean asses and scott roxboro are down at the red carpet. at the bell analogy day 2 films from korea and one american about women struggling to tell their own story plus dark comedy for the upcoming italian director duo that did oceans oprah others that more coming up.
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i'm bring golf it's good to have you with us the former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 after assuming the presidency back in 1981 mubarak held on to power for 3 decades through a system that was built on repression corruption and an alliance with the west but he was ousted in 2011 during the wave of unrest that came to be known as the arab spring here's a look now at his life and his legacy it's a close me i say you know bottle it was one last triumph for hosni mubarak egypt's former president was acquitted off through a trial that last evening is the judges found him innocent of involvement in the killing of protest is during the 20 left an arab spring uprising that ended his 30 year rule his career ended with a revolution it began with an assassination. in
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october 1981 at a military parade islamist militants shot and killed then president anwar sadat mubarak the vice president escaped with minor injuries and took over the presidency in the same year he implemented emergency notice as part of his battle against militants he also expanded police power as. in another of his 1st moves he told the us he would stick by his country's $979.00 peace agreement with israel the 1st by any arab nation. but barack became an important mediator between israel and the palestinians for 3 decades he was seen as a guarantor of stability in the middle east in return his country was given billions of dollars in aid from the u.s. he was courted in europe and respected by israelis and arabs alike but it term
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a barrack showed a different face he cracked down on islamists often they orchestrated attacks and threatened his rule egypt democracy was little more than a facade all elections were rigged mubarak did little to address the poverty afflicting millions of egyptians as his in a circle and his own family became wealthy as egyptians resentment grew and mass demonstrations broke out mubarak reacted with force when that failed to cope the protests he attempted to make concessions but in the end the might of the arab masses forced him to step down mubarak was put on trial and jailed for a 6 year is mostly spent in a military prison having served his sentence for corruption the former president was released and returned home to his villa one of many properties owned by his family his wife and sons administer the assets accumulated during his time in
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office but barrick road egypt for 30 years is honored and feared in equal measure. what has been the reaction among egyptians to the new. do you know is there going to be any type of public funeral or public service for the president. well mixed reactions here in cairo and there is to be a military funeral given to placebo or apparently somewhat unusual given that he was previously subject to corruption charges and this seems to be part of the egyptian state that's to commemorate the leases are at school there also to focus on his record as a war hero and a military leader rather looking at the political legacy that he left us in the
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populace the many ordinary egyptians he says there are some who look back or now who are its time in office with the kind of sounds that saying that he was slightly better in some ways than the current leadership and others may say well he was an autocratic he was more magical than that. and yet the more things change the more they stay the same some would say the current president he's also a former military commander just like mubarak was how much of hosni mubarak's authoritarian approach remains especially under the leadership of abdul fattah el-sisi. we you could in many ways say that these 2 leaders are 2 sides of the same hole you couldn't have a leadership. without mubarak. created or in. large parts of what's known as the deep state secret services that
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state that in large part designed to spy on their own citizens and these are the parts of the state system that continue in cracking down on civilians insoles. disappearances torture in custody and creating a dire situation for human rights. in reason a when mubarak was ousted that he had been president so long he was the only president that a majority of egyptians at the time knew so what do you think is going to be his legacy. and it seems clear that part of his legacy will be reinforcing. the aspects of the state that helped crack down on an egyptian state and be the living memory that many people will will have that their time living under him for 30 years but he said this is a leader who will be remembered for his overthrow in how he left office just as much as his 13 years and have. their own or there will be people who remember here
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that it is possible to get rid of autocratic leaders and all the actions that he took to transfer crestor protest be complicit in the matter of hundreds of protesters in cracking down on egypt population to try to hang on to our correspondent ruth marcus and joining us tonight from cairo. thank you. well the world health organization is warning governments around the world to prepare for the possible arrival of the corona virus so that they can respond rapidly if necessary 19 as the virus is now known has now infected more than 80000 people the vast majority of cases are in china but the virus is spreading rapidly today the 1st cases were reported in mainland spain switzerland austria and croatia south korea has some of the highest numbers of confirmed cases with nearly a 1000 people infected and 10 deaths and here in europe and italy the outbreak is
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growing quickly with 11 people now dead and that of course is despite drastic measures by the italian authorities to contain the outbreak with 10 towns in the north of the country on complete lockdown troops have been deployed to help police and force the poor into thousands of schools and shops have been shut the infection has burgeoned in italy from just a handful of cases last friday to nearly 300 now on the money needed. italy's health minister has been hosting emergency talks with ministers from neighboring countries and germany to discuss a joint response he gave this assessment. we shared some important points to strengthen our cooperation and stick together. among these the most important point is to keep the borders open.
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closing borders would be inappropriate disproportionate and wrong. all countries bordering italy have committed to share and standardize information and to share epidemiological and medical information. there was the health minister there of italy speaking today as more and more countries reports new cases of virus fears are growing that it could become a global pandemic here's a look at how countries from europe to asia are confronting the threat of 90 over 1000 holiday makers from a range of countries now shut up in their rooms at 10 or it's cost a palace hotel indefinitely. health authorities fear they could have been infected by a fellow guest an italian doctor visiting from the long body region where several people have died from the new coronavirus. yes. he around 7
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am and then i see this piece of paper approached under the door of our hotel room i pick it up and turn on the light and i read that we are under quarantine. we're not allowed to leave our rooms. since then we found dozens this corona and it came from an italian doctor staying in the hotel. police guarding the hotel until everyone staying there has been tested for the new virus. as iran has the most coronavirus deaths outside china president hassan rouhani said enemies of the country are conspiring to shut it down by fear mongering about the disease spreading. the head of iran's counter coronavirus taskforce. sweated through a press conference later announcing he had the virus himself he posted an online
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video saying he'd quarantined himself at home. and i wanted to inform you that i am coronavirus positive take care of yourselves this virus is a democratic virus it does not differentiate between the rich and the poor or officials and non officials anyone could guess it. in the coronavirus hit city of day in south korea around a 1000 people lined up hoping to buy mosques the city's been declared a special k. is a. good. general january in desperation. but they had already sold out at 6 am you going to tell me all forces are making a mockery of unlucky sis's and unseen in the little animal began to grow on you as i see it most of all but the authorities are aware of the gravity of the situation here in the capital so what is
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a disinfecting public places like this fitness center with an incubation period of up to 14 days the virus could be lurking unnoticed almost anywhere. and you can get more on the coronavirus on our youtube channel or on our website w dot com now here are some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world here in germany the attorney general's office has ordered a 29 year old man suspected of ramming his car into a corner will parade to remain in police custody nearly 60 people were injured in the western town of folk marci some of them seriously the driver stands accused of attempted murder the motive remains unclear police in italy have arrested 65 people with alleged links to the drug get to mafia group. they include the mayor of a town in calabria police have been involved in a 3 year operation against the network and sigurd italy's most powerful crime
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syndicate hundreds of suspects have been arrested in that town the spanish opera singer plus you know domingo has issued a statement apologizing to women who were accused him of sexual harassment the 79 year old seen here in file footage says that he's truly sorry for the hurt that he's calls and this comes after an investigation by the american guild of musical artists concluded that he had behaved inappropriately with female musicians sweden's foreign ministry has summoned the chinese ambassador to stockholm to demand the release of bookseller given high a court in china sentence mr the chinese born swedish citizen to 10 years in prison on charges of illegally sending intelligence abroad he owned a hong kong publishing house that sold books critical of china's leadership we're now into india day 2 of donald trump's visit there during which the focus
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switched from pomp and pageantry to trade and defense following talks with prime minister narendra modi in delhi trungpa said that they had made progress on what he called a comprehensive trade deal no details were revealed but the 2 men seemed keen to put the trump mody chemistry on. at this welcome reception size did not indian leaders made sure that the u.s. president would be greeted with a lavish extravaganza and mighty words yes them on this relationship is the most important partnership of the 21st century. throughout the meeting the tone between the 2 leaders was friendly even loving. where at a point where a relationship is so special with india it has never been as good as it is right now and i think that's because the 2 leaders of each country were really we feel
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very strongly about each other while the president and the prime minister seemed at ease with each other the outcome of the talks was meeker both expressed optimism at the prospect of a future trade deal and left it at that. the meeting was overshadowed by violence that every in another part of delhi over a new citizenship law claiming several casualties those opposed to the law believe it discriminates against india's muslim citizens the timing of the clashes is an embarrassment for the indian prime minister eager to show a polished picture off his nation. protesters also showed up to object to trump's visits their message to the u.s. leader was clear. in term of the white although new for if you want to. be here you know possibly here they are not going to say that you will come to
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india so you go back but i'm pure north. that trumps unaffected by the criticism this is its tourist sites between their official engagements the president for leave india with many picturesque memories the deal maker however will go home without a trade deal in his pockets. and for more tonight i'm joined by. a senior editor at the diplomat and award winning writer on geopolitics in the asia pacific region his upcoming book is called kim jong un and the bomb survival and deterrence in north korea the book due out this summer he joins us tonight from new york it's good to have you on the show on keats the u.s. president we know that he likes to brag about the close personal relationships that he has with other leaders such as north korea's leader now it's the indian prime minister how much would you say there is in remote.
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well certainly i think president trump is looking to get optics out of the straps that he hopes will be useful later this year in the elections of the united states making himself appear like a statesman overseas after a acrimonious impeachment trial that he was successfully survived so certainly i think that's been a big part of the trip to india if we look at the president's twitter page for example he has been sharing video from this trip showing himself being surrounded by adoring masses in india so certainly i think the optics are very big part of that here and indian prime minister narendra modi i think has also played his hand quite well in making the u.s. president feel quite welcome in india and what about the elephant in the room here i'm talking about china what role did the rivalry between the u.s. and china what role did that play interims visit to india or i think the important thing to take away is that we see a lot of continuity in the u.s. in your relationship this relationship for about 20 years has been converging strategically because india and the united states see eye to eye on
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a lot of things and in the asia pacific even if they don't exactly agree on the details concerning china particularly the nature of the china threat the united states sees a rising india as inherently positive for its own interests in the asia pacific as a counterweight to china and india meanwhile sees the u.s. as an important source of support as it seeks to rise on its own terms and certainly i think we've seen that make the transition from the obama administration to the trumpet ministration and also from india's previous government undermine months say in the congress party and to the age of iran or modi even as the 2 sides do have differences over issues including trade which has certainly become a major issue under undertrial. event and mind you to donald trump he left india today with no nutri deal to bring home with him is the u.s. india military alliance that you're talking about is it strong enough is it important enough to overcome the significant trade to disagreements between the 2 countries. also notably the 2 countries are not formally allies the indians are
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actually quite averse to using the term to describe their relationship with any country but what modi did say during the visit was that the relationship has an elevated to what they're calling a comprehensive global strategic partnership that sounds like a lot about attempts but basically the u.s. and your relationship continues on an upward trend importantly in the blast few years the 2 sides have concluded a variety of orton military agreements that are allowing them to collaborate more closely than ever and things like military exercises information sharing all things that i think are going to manifest in important ways in the coming years and decades in the asia pacific for we can express the u.s. navy and the indian navy collaborating more in the end of the suffolk legion in the next few years. unkeyed ponder a senior editor at the diplomat joining us tonight with valuable insights on he we appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you well the 70th birthday of the berlin film festival has reached its halfway point in former u.s.
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1st lady hillary clinton she is here in the german capital for murdering a documentary about her own life now 4 years ago at this very time clinton was campaigning to become the democratic presidential candidate a fight that she won but donald trump went on to beat her for the white house speaking today to a festival already and mrs clinton was critical of trump's record in the white house. i do think that the campaign that he ran and the way that he has governed has certainly encouraged authoritarian leaders has encouraged the kind of. insult politics where you lift yourself up by picking out targets other people whether they be migrants or minorities or people of a different religion or a gay background whatever you know and people are very clearly
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following that model and i think that's a very serious threat to democracy well the director of this new documentary burstein was able to ask hillary clinton direct questions for example on her likability problem take a listen i came to national public attention as quote a 1st lady. and there is a set of expectations about a 1st lady and i violated that you know from the very beginning. our delish take us now into as if and scott roxboro they are both down on the red carpet at the belly nala for us good evening to you 2 gentlemen you have seen this new documentary and hillary clinton's press conference today as well what else did she have to say today about politics and about her own life.
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not a lot to say about a lot of issues. particularly let's say about the 2016 election and a lot say vote total trump not surprisingly none of that very positive but what i did find a bit surprising was she also talked a bit about bernie sanders her one time bitter rival in the drive for the 2016 democratic nomination and of course this year's front runner for the democratic nomination to go up against donald trump and when she was asked if she would support bernie sanders should he received the democratic nomination this year she didn't mention him by name but she said that the main goal has to be to defeat dollar trump and will support any nominee so that was a bit surprising also i was surprised at how how she was received here bill and say what you want about likeability but she certainly one of the most famous people here to walk the red carpet this year it says something about the bit another as
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you know brant it's supposed to be a political film festival one of the most political in the world says something that one of the most famous people here was a politician and not a film star yes that's a good point to make and it she would use berlin also to make headlines like she did today concerning bernie sanders you've also been watching today's competition entries the u.s. film never rarely sometimes always it's being described as a quote future staple of simonis cinema what is that all about. well american director lies the hitmen has this film that really prize into the life of a young woman 17 years old who wants to get an abortion without her parents finding out about it and this is a lot more complicated than it might seem at 1st of course abortion is legal in the united states theoretically but every state has different rules and they're hard to navigate for someone so young we see a woman who is at one of the most vulnerable moments of her life but sometimes finds the power of the somehow finds the will power to struggle through this
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quietly devastating living and the future of the competition is the woman who ran from the korean director hong kong soon tell us about that. this movie i mean a lot of people might know korean film look better now to thanks the parasite which won the oscar this is a very different movie. is a more of a minimalist director it's a film about a woman who seems to be just having a nice little vacation fisting some of her her her old friends and they seem to have ordinary fairly banal conversations but slowly through the movie you seem to notice that something isn't quite right with her and maybe she's on the edge of of a nervous breakdown or we're thinking maybe leaving her husband it's always all done very subtly very calmly but the film slowly builds up to a quite impressive. and just real quick i want to mention italian film one of my favorite of the festival so far by the dyno gens o.
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brothers an upcoming team it's called 5 a lot of bad tales and i'm a big fan of italian cinema and this did not disappoint me. tell you in coen brothers if you will ok if that sounds interesting i mean yes if and it's got rocks were on the record before said the berlin film festival gentlemen thank you. well this is g.w. news and these are our top stories egypt's former president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 he ruled egypt for 30 years before being else did in the 2011 arab spring egypt has declared 3 days of mourning. and more countries are reporting new cases of the coronavirus raising fears that it could become a global pandemic in italy 11 people are now dead numbers have also risen sharply in south korea japan and iran. normally the attorney general's office has ordered a 29 year old man suspected of ramming his car into a carnival parade to remain in police custody nearly 60 people were injured in that
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incident in the western town of folk march and some of them seriously the driver was also injured his motive remains unclear. president donald trump says he's optimistic about the prospects of a trade deal with india he's been holding talks with prime minister narendra modi during a 2 day visit to india this is the news from berlin for more you can visit our website w dot com. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the gives you the.
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