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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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the benefits of those the machine allow. kim jong un introduced and insidious reward system to coerce allegiance to the regime. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis are often cool and very. have fun in pyongyang starts february 28th on t.w. . the corona virus may appear to be slowing in china where the 1st outbreak took place but that is not the case everywhere else there are now clusters in the middle east asia north america and right here in europe new outbreaks reported today right here in germany a wall street stocks have plummeted to a 2 year low the markets are jittery the virus is spreading and so is the fear the fear of what we don't know about this virus i'm bringing off in berlin this is the
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day. looks like they're getting it under control more and more of. it no need for anything the countries have to be prepared for the virus literally knocking at their door if. we don't speak about it and that meeting at this point. the medical authorities have to be ready i don't. suppose i'll tell it all as doctors said at the careful but still be panicked. also coming up the u.s. president donald trump's 2 day visit to india is over no new trade deal for the u.s. economy but lots and lots of law. yes i'm on this relationship it's the
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most important partnership of the 21st century the u.s. indian partnership is now truly stronger than ever before. on to our viewers on p.b.s. watching in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day with 2 emerging pictures of the corona virus outbreak tonight there are more than 80000 people infected with the coded 1000 corona virus worldwide most of them are in china china remains the hardest hit country but there are signs that efforts to stop the spread are beginning to work the world health organization says the pace of new cases there is slowing now that it's not the case for much of the rest of the world south korea has the 2nd highest number of cases and today president moonshine again said that the situation there is grave in the middle east and here in europe there are more in new cases being reported every day and today the centers for disease control in the united states want americans to brace for an
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outbreak saying quote this might be bad. charlotte chelsea until is in hong kong tonight where researchers are racing against the clock to develop a vaccine. so what we're looking at cells which have been grown in culture and on the surface so there are all these thousands and thousands of small was possible just weeks ago this virus was on knowing to science now understanding these images is key to saving lives professor john nicholls and his team at hong kong university studying how the new coronavirus replicates in human cells their work is already shedding light on its mortality rate why it's proving less deadly than related virus sounds in size it really started replicating in the lungs and less in the bronx where the upper airways but this far seems to be more likely at this stage of growth in the airways than in the lungs and which is good to say that can explain
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why it's not as dangerous as soft understanding how the virus replicates could ultimately shape the way it's diagnosed and even how it's treated. this isn't the 1st time scientists have been on the forefront of the battle against a deadly virus as specialists in emerging viral infections they found themselves at the center of the 2003 sons epidemic here at this university that long just strides were made in the fight for fog is that raw experience or extra proof that role being harnessed to combat the fire of today the university was the 1st to isolate the virus which cools cells 1st and manic paris is among those critics it was controlling the outbreak he says while the mortality rate for public 19 may be lower it's spreading move rapidly and could even be transmitted before patients develops into the us there's no question that this is more than saws more difficult
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to control because unless you really get people very you have them isolated britain but you know mission is challenging that is with saws that cost possible. the university is working on a vaccine bought it still months away back in 2003 candidate thanks. we're also developes bots funding was cut once the virus was brought under control and a vaccine never produced. the 1st the most extensive what could been able to progress further that be better prepared today even if we are able to dodge the bullet this time and i'm not sure that definitely will be another time and i don't think we can keep dodging these bullets forever but one of these days we're really going to have a major epidemic that really disrupts you know the global economies grow lifestyles and things we take for granted so i think it's time that the global
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community particularly the konami community. took this very seriously there is a race against time as covered 19 continues its spread around the world a professor manic warning the prospect of a global pandemic is now touching day. and that is part of the problem here to talk about that i'm joined by professor stephen moore she's an epidemiologist at columbia university professor good to have you on the program what are we seeing happening here we we hear that the piece of new cases in china is slowing but everywhere else in the world we're talking about a ballooning of new cases. this is the 1st time we've really tried to contain a respiratory infection that passes from person to person so if you think of flu pandemics for example we had one in 2009 we've never really tried to prevent it from spreading and it's always been an interesting question whether that was
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possible it takes a tremendous amount of effort to do it it's really a herculean task in terms of the public health effort to identify cases and then trace their contacts so that we can separate them from people who are already an infected this does spread about as well as the flu maybe is somewhat better so they sickly it's a very similar situation and a few people who slip by they're not identified or they may not be very sick as most of these people probably are not very sick could cause a large number of cases over a period of a couple of weeks before anyone notices that something's happened i understand that you've been working on early warning systems for epidemics let me ask you the measures that are in place right now such is these massive lockdowns of entire cities they haven't stopped the spread of the virus from so have would you say they have been successful. well i think they've slowed down the spread of the virus and
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i've been very interested in these efforts because they are unprecedented we've really never tried to do this before and it takes a tremendous amount of effort and resources so there's always a question of how long this could be sustained but i think it's really quite remarkable that it has succeeded relatively well this long and the fact is it's sort of like putting your finger in the dam and hoping that at some point the the dam won't give way and i think it's really inevitable ok doing is buying time before a vaccine can become available or perhaps before it it kind of dies out in those areas where it's already established when are you expecting a vaccine to be developed and i ask that because the u.s. president today said in india that the vaccine is just around the corner is that the case. and china has also been working on one and there are several companies
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including one in germany that has have been working on vaccines based essentially on the genome so these are nucleic acid based vaccines and they can be made fairly quickly but it still takes time to task them to make sure that they're safe and effective especially effectiveness and most of all i think around them up so that they can be produced on a large scale there are several candidates right now that look quite promising and i think would probably work the question is how quickly can they be produced in scale and that would probably be the spring at the earliest probably 6 months to a year all rights professor stephen moore is joining us tonight from columbia university with the latest on the spread of the corona virus professor thank you. well still to come with the latest from the berlin film festival including hillary
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today i set down with director nannette burstein to discuss her new documentary on the life of hillary clinton you know unpacking her story i realize like what fortitude she has you know she needs fortitude because everywhere she goes she she seems to polarize people wasting it is you go on twitter twitter is crazy. the former president of egypt hosni mubarak has died he was 91 years old for 3 decades mubarak in egypt with almost unquestioned authority and many would say with the fist of a dictator that ended with the arab spring in 2011 mubarak was ousted in a popular uprising he spent his final years battling illness and fighting to stay out of prison. close to me i say you know bottle it was one last triumph for hosni mubarak egypt's former president was acquitted off through
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a trial that is the judges found him innocent of involvement in the killing of protest is during the 20 left an arab spring uprising that ended his 30 year rule his career ended with a revolution it began with an assassination. in october 1980 want to military parade islamist militants shot and killed then president anwar sadat mubarak the vice president escaped with minor injuries and took over the presidency in the same year he implemented emergency notice as part of his battle against militants he also expanded police power as. in another of his 1st moves he told the u.s. he would stick by his country's $979.00 peace agreement with israel the 1st by any arab nation. but barack became an important mediator between israel and the
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palestinians for 3 decades he was seen as a guarantor of stability in the middle east in return his country was given billions of dollars in aid from the u.s. he was courted in europe and respected by israelis and arabs alike but it term of barack showed a different face he cracked down on islamists ofter they orchestrated attacks and threatened his rule egypt's democracy was little more than a facade all elections were rigged mubarak did little to address the poverty afflicting millions of egyptians as if in a circle and his own family became wealthy as egyptians resentment grew and mass demonstrations broke out mubarak reacted with force when that failed to curb the protests he attempted to make concessions but in the end the might of the arab masses forced him to step down mubarak was put on trial and jailed for 6 years
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mostly spent in a military prison having served his sentence for corruption the former president was released and returned home to his villa one of many properties owned by his family his wife and sons administer the assets accumulated during his time in office but barrick road egypt for 30 years honored and feared in equal measure. this was the indian capital delhi on monday at least 10 people were killed more than 100 were injured in protests over a new citizenship law opponents of the wall say that it discriminates against muslims the violence left shops and vehicles charged there were reports of muslims being beaten and there was a report of a hindu flag being planted over a mosque all of this in india's capital. what's
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a day in delhi there was no mention of those deadly protests as indian prime minister modi and u.s. president continued what many have described as a mutual love fest. at a point where relationship is so special with india it has never been as good as it is right now and i think that's because the 2 leaders of each country really we simply feel very strongly about each other. today u.s. president trump and i have taken a decision to raise our relationship to the level of a comprehensive global strategic partnership. and for more tonight i'm joined by. a senior editor at the diplomat and an award winning writer on geopolitics in the asia pacific region his upcoming book is called kim jong un and the bomb survival and deterrence in north korea the book due out this summer he
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joins us tonight from new york it's good to have you on the show on keats the u.s. president we know that he likes to brag about the close personal relationships that he has with other leaders such as north korea's leader now it's the indian prime minister how much would you say there is in. well certainly i think president trump is looking at optics out of the stripes that he hopes will be useful later this year in the elections of the united states making himself appear like a statesman overseas after a acrimonious impeachment trial that he successfully survived so certainly i think that's been a big part of the trip to india if we look at the president's twitter page for example he has been sharing video from this trip showing himself being surrounded by adoring masses in india so certainly i think the optics are a very big part of that here and indian prime minister narendra modi i think has also played his hand quite well in making the u.s. president feel quite welcome in india and what about the elephant in the room here
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and talking about china what role did the rivalry between the u.s. and china what role did that play interims visit to india or think the important thing to take away is that we see a lot of continuity in the u.s. in your relationship this relationship for about 20 years has been converging strategically because india and the united states see eye to eye on a lot of things and in the asia pacific even if they don't exactly agree on the details concerning china particularly the nature of the china threat the united states sees a rising india as inherently positive for its own interests in the asia pacific as a counterweight to china and india meanwhile sees the u.s. as an important source of support as it seeks to rise on its own terms and certainly age i think we've seen that make the transition from the obama administration to the trumpet ministration and also from india's previous government under months saying and the congress party into the age of iran or modi even as the 2 sides do have differences over issues including trade which has
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certainly become a major issue under undertrial keeping that in mind to donald trump he left india today with no new trade deal to bring home with him is the us india military alliance that you're talking about is it strong enough is it important enough to overcome the significant tree disagreements between the 2 countries. also notably the 2 countries are not formally allies the indians are actually quite averse to using the term to describe their relationship with any country but what modi did say during the visit was that the relationship has an elevated to what they're calling a comprehensive global strategic partnership about sounds like a lot about actives but basically the u.s. and your relationship continues on an upward trend importantly in the block a few years the 2 sides have concluded a variety of military agreements that are allowing them to collaborate more closely than ever and things like military exercises information sharing all things that i think are going to manifest in important ways in the coming years and decades in
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the asia pacific for we can express the u.s. navy and the indian navy collaborating more in the end of the suffolk legion in the next few years. unkeyed pundit a senior editor at the diplomat joining us tonight with valuable insights on he we appreciate your time tonight thank you. and the former u.s. 1st lady hillary clinton is here in berlin for a screening of the new documentary about her life and you won't be surprised to hear that much of that film centers on events leading up to the year 2016 exactly 4 years ago clinton was battling bernie sanders to win the democratic nomination to run for the office of u.s. president sanders lost that race but this year sanders is the front runner among the democrats were today for the 1st time and without mentioning his name hillary clinton said that she is prepared to support bernie sanders if that is who the democrats choose to run against donald trump i'm going to wait and see who we
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nominate i will support the nominee and it won't surprise you to hear me say that i think that it's imperative that we retire the incumbent. retire the incumbent donald trump of course bernie sanders they are 2 major figures in u.s. politics and in the new documentary about the candidate who trying to become the 1st madame president today here in berlin i sat down with the director of hillary and then bursty. and that i appreciate you taking the time to talk with me to do want to ask you your documentary hillary is the story of an american hero or an american tragedy i don't think it's either or here are they i think it's it's about a woman who's been incredibly polarizing in american history who's both been vilified and glorified and understanding who the real person as so i don't think
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she's necessarily you know a hero i mean there's been heroic things she's done there has been true and much tragedy surrounding her life so it's a bit of both. and really unpacking and get it you know understanding where all this mythology comes from and what is the truth everywhere she goes she she seems to polarize people even when she arrived here in berlin there were cheers but there were also people who we. had or. if you go on twitter twitter is crazy shit is that your theory is the media is not coming to her what do you think she people do have these such black or white images of hillary do you blame the camera do you think the camera gets in the way of hillary connecting with people i think the problem hillary has faced is she's been in public life for 30 over
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30 years and. she has pushed the boundaries of what women have been allowed to do what they've been observed to do you know she's tried and have it roles that are largely been inhabited by men and that has made a lot of people uncomfortable she's defined by monica lewinsky and what her husband did in the white house and she's also defined by losing the election 2016 but yes do you she trying to escape those 2 big definers i mean i think she tries and not look back because it's too painful and you just never get anything done i think she's someone who's very forward looking. and just saying ok how can i continue to help do things that i want to get done and not examine these things obviously they come back to haunt her all the time so it's hard to escape but i think she very she very purposely doesn't you know she doesn't go on twitter and look at what people are saying i mean she's aware of this but she doesn't indulge herself in it so the otherwise you couldn't get anything done. today hillary clinton said for the 1st
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time that she will endorse the candidate the nominee who's chosen at the democratic national convention this summer but but she still can't bring yourself to say you will support bertie seniors and we knew what she says in your documentary about bernie do you think this illustrates what her detractors say that when it comes to hillary clinton she's never really on the street with you where you never know what she's been on that she's always the politician with you know i mean it's funny you say that because i've been around her were from the beginning she says who ever becomes of them i mean maybe it's the 1st time you heard say it but she has actually because i've been around her a lot said i would endorse any candidate because she is determined to support and get change our administration now when she talks very candidly and my film about bernie sanders those are her real feelings having run against him in 2016 now
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that quote was taken out of context as though she was just saying it today and she was trying to insert herself in the 2020 alexion so i witnessed firsthand how the news cycle distorts the things so she's saying this a year and a half ago it's come out in my film about the 16 election and the news cycle presents it as though she's just saying this today and so that becomes a taken out of context and that is the the problem with a lot of politicians face former u.s. president jimmy carter said last year and i'm quoting him here he said i think if full investigation would show that trump did not actually win the election in 2016 he lost the election and he was put into office because the russians interfered on his behalf did you discuss this with hillary. i did i mean i discussed a lot about the russian involvement in the election and the way they manipulated social media and to trust me not be the would you look to the president i don't
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know that she feels that way i think she she legitimately feels he won the electoral college but but many of you think that even if she did think she was wrong do you think that she would tell you i have no idea i don't know i don't know i mean maybe weiner if you felt that you were robbed why not talk about that. she says that this documentary is not a built legacy building for. the i mean it's interesting because the documentary started as a look at the 2016 election and when i was brought in to direct it there was all of this footage that had been filmed by people on her campaign of her and her staff behind the scenes that no one can see and it was entirely my idea to make it a story about her whole life and the reason that she ultimately agreed to do it was because i presented how we could look at the history of feminism and the history of our politics and and use your story to try to tell that and so then she could see
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that ok these things matter to me and i'm willing to do it but she she was certainly reluctant she's not someone who likes to talk about her life for 7 days so let me ask you share with. hillary why the title just hillary. well i think her name has become iconic. and it's you know we did consider doing h.r. c. but there was already from called our b.g. and so i think we wanted the other issue was when we thought of titles anything other than her name felt like a commentary of what i might think of her and i did you wanted to be neutral and i think people come to the table with so many opinions when they hear her name and it in the end of the day it felt like the best name for the movie is just to say her name and present her story and people can form their own opinions. if we thank you
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. that was never seen they're talking about her new documentary hillary well the day is almost on the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter are you ready to be news you can follow me afford golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag a day every member whatever happens between now and it tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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is g.w. news wind from berlin simply not ready the w.h.o. warning that the world is not prepared to confront the spread of the corona virus as cases surge around the globe from algeria to austria the w.h.o. says most countries have not yet done what is needed to keep code 19 in check also coming up u.s. president donald trump ends his 2 day visit to india with no new.


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