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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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if it. allows. kim jong un introduced and serious reward system to course allegiance to the regime. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis often toggery. have fun in pyongyang starts feb 28th on w. welcome to global 3000. climate friendly alternatives to plastic we meet and tempt farmers in bangladesh and gemini. powering the economy with so many of energy
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a creative couple brings light to remote villages in mali. and we start in venezuela where the effects of endemic corruption of forcing people to flee the country. more than 70000000 people around the world have been forcibly displaced that's according to estimates by the un most have fled their homes to escape war violence or persecution one of the worst migration crises of recent years is taking place in venezuela but this has nothing to do with war. by the end of 2020 the country will have lost more than a 5th of its population. people are desperate to flee the ongoing effects of corruption economic mismanagement and hyper inflation. millions of venezuelans have left the country fleeing poverty and despair even though vent. swale has the largest proven petroleum reserves in the world.
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venezuela was once south america's richest nation now it's a commie has collapsed sparking one of the worst migrant crises of recent years. poverty has always been a fact of life here but when oil prices were high then president chavez launched ambitious social programs awash in petro dollars the country also continue to take on debt corruption further drain public coffers the oil crash of 2014 was the final blow. it's the most vulnerable who have suffered the most. her. lives with her 7 children in a slum on venezuela's caribbean coast her. vehicle
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for example a bagel my husband went to peru because of a crisis where you know that he went there to send us help directly and said that. if he hadn't gone there we would have died of funnier. than they were on one of them we would have starved to death that sunday when all of them were. venezuelans hoping leaving in droves we've got a collapse of the health care system and soaring child mortality goes without travel documents across the border to colombia illegally the brain drain is an especially bitter blow for many of those fleet of doctors lawyers and teaches highly educated people that are badly needed at home. by june 21000 some 4000000 venezuelans have left the cunt. 3 out of
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a total population of just $30000000.00. venezuela was once considered a beacon of prosperity caracas its glittering modern capital. corruption didn't begin with president chavez who died in 2030 but in the 20 years since chavez 1st took office corruption and mismanagement have spiraled out of control. one of the linchpins of this system was rafael ramirez he served as minister of energy on the chavez and at the same time as president of the pdvsa oil company for years his loyalty to chavez allowed the president to dip into the country's petro dollars at will without parliamentary oversight or accountability. java's
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had nearly unchecked access to oil revenues. some went to fund far reaching social programs but billions also vanished into private coffers. today ebbing as both his friends and foes called him has gone into hiding in exile. me he must soon as you said the simple i just made the petroleum exports brought in about $700000000000.00 over the 10 years i was in office. when by my calculation 480000000000 of that they came from taxes we got the rest from the producers petroleum sales is also 100000000000 this is. the big question is the number one of the state do with that money so that's the big question boys are. going to prove.
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venezuela's political decline began under president hugo chavez. his economic policies pave the way to a morass of corruption. in the industrial hub of mother most factories lie abandoned less than 20 percent of factories in venezuela are still in operation industry has been driven into ruin. and the charge is numerous companies were expropriated or nationalized and then were driven into the ground by mismanagement rather than support private industry chavez used petro dollars to import goods from abroad this help to redistribute wealth and power away from the old business elite and increase ordinary people's dependency on the government a system of state sponsored terror is maintaining my daughter's hold on power but our paramilitary gangs who help quell any signs of popular dissent.
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like syria and ukraine venezuela has a global strategic significance the united states and russia are jockeying for influence without russian intervention my daughter's regime would likely have collapsed. china has maintained its economic and trade ties to venezuela hoping to gain access to the country's vast natural resources. venezuela has become a bargaining chip in a global game of poker. the geo political terrain is shifting and in this new cold war new countries are becoming a battleground for competing interests. and all the citizens of those countries are being left to fend for themselves millions of people will continue to find themselves displaced forced to flee. for their survival.
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around 15000 un blue helmets stationed in mali their main task is to stabilize the country in 2012 twa reg insurgents and jihadist groups took control of northern mali they were pushed back but there is still sporadic terrorist attacks climate change and poverty make the situation worse particularly in rural communities our reporter you're going schneider and his team traveled to southern mali and met 2 people who have managed to bring more than just light into a small community. residents in the village of syria kaoru in southwestern mali are getting ready to welcome visitors the village has never had electricity now that's about to change thanks to thorsten scheiber and his wife aida. they're the founders of a company called africa green tech they arrived to great fanfare.
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thank them for neighboring solar power plants to remote villages in the central region. and everyone here has been looking forward to this day for a long time. this is also in life so it's such a relief to finally achieve this and make it possible for the people here. this is taken nearly 9 months of preparation when the moment finally comes where you know now it's happening tomorrow they'll be light it's a great relief. while the villagers celebrate the mali in technicians from africa green tech set to work right now you're right. that there's lots to do before the lights can go on one after the long journey every component needs checking the container spent 6 months at the customs office
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followed by a long drive lasting many days over sunday rhodes the solar system costs 150000 euros the hope is it will strengthen the local economy. to make a solar plant like this worthwhile you need a village with at least 4 to 5000 residents we also look very closely at whether there's potential for a productive use of electricity unlike home solar power providers our focus is on strengthening small and medium sized businesses so we want to know are there carpenters and welders and tailors here and we look for 40 or 50 small and medium sized businesses. with distance from the new mom they're free to fly either schreiber was born in mali. she's particularly keen to help the women here many of them sell goods she wants them to benefit from the new supply of electricity to . them and i want to give them an example and i have a lot of the blame of this most of the problems that the women here have stem from
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the fact that they have no access to education. as a result they're much more focused on having children and the birth rates go up and up here. that's africa green africa greentech does this offer them an opportunity to receive training and improve their chances of earning money it's a 50 percent if the economy in the village improves the residents will also have more money to invest in their children's education so beyond providing electricity it's also about improving the villages prospects as it has lagged us on the security situation in the so hell region is obviously a major challenge for us. but we believe we can create peace by providing clean energy and addressing issues of clean water to electricity allows people to increase their income their more willing to reconcile with each other in many of our villages these conflict situations have been reduced. it would soon as it is
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a conflict of quotes. in the village of surely a 5 hour drive away that's already evident here a solar plant from africa green tech has been operating for 2 years now and the local economy is flourishing. kaito runs a restaurant on the main road that leads to molly's capital bamako he also has a workshop and a chicken farm. that before that one i was already on my way to spain but when i heard that electricity was coming to julie but i came back and opened this restaurant. thank god i'm now earning enough. to locate her has also created jobs providing a secure income for many other families in the village. to. buy eden thorsten shriver keep contact with customers like my cater to learn from their experiences
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his successes confirmation that they're on the right path. that. when it comes to fighting the causes of migration our experience shows that many projects address the wrong part of the problem they focus on migrants returning home seeking to reintegrate them through training but we need to address the issues that cause people to leave in the 1st place if you give people prospects they'll want to stay obviously you can't reach everyone that way but certainly people who want to make a difference. in 5 muscovy go. back in syria the work is nearing completion the last few streetlights are being picked up some who were previously undecided now want to sign a contract with the company as they see things a really happening so leave connotates wife sells vegetables and poultry so he wants electricity in his house.
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i do my signed the contract because i want to buy a fridge and then my wife will be able to keep her produce fresh for longer and get a better price for it. my children will be able to study better and life here will be safer. customers do have to pay for the entry city but it costs a lot less than power from the diesel generators that is so widespread in africa. it takes about 15 years for the company to get the money back on its investment $18.00 solar containers are already up and running including one in neighboring new share 4 more are on their way to africa. one of holland what motivates us as founders is wanting to make a mark bring change and inspire others to follow suit for me personally helping the environment is key i want my children to know that i had least tried to change
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things and didn't just watch as everything got worse. towards evening everything is finally setter. the control systems for the batteries are tested once more to ensure there will also be power when it gets dark . there. is shock value. that was an important moment if the storage systems weren't working that would have been it but now we can produce liked. i. think that. the bulk of the. 2 welds with close economic ties in europe and asia how do they address social justice and what's the working conditions like we visit 8 countries on the 2
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continents to find out how europe and asia work together on a new series wet places. and researches fields with you tonight he may hoping to harvest in august was a pottery is one of 3000000 farmers in bangladesh who raised the plant the team used to make but that. the country has the ideal climate for jute cultivation it's hot very humid and there's plenty of water. but during the last rainy season there was too much water flooding caused major damage to his crops that's why the pari now has to sell his judo under cost for less than he paid to plant it that's a big problem for him and his family. barbecue.
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i feed my family by selling shoot what am i supposed to do now i've got my back to the wall you know some of my jew plants were washed away the market price is very low and the government doesn't help us either. some 25000000 people in bangladesh are dependent on jute. after cotton it's the most commonly used natural fiber in the world only india produces more of it than bangladesh. jute is resistant to u.v. rays and doesn't go brittle in the sun like plastic. fibers made from it are tough but allow air to circulate that makes it ideal for transporting foodstuffs bags made from the fire but are a common product that manufactured at facilities like this one processing the fibers is a complex business the methods have barely changed in decades but the market has
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had to weather frequent slumps and many people here are afraid that demand for jute will continue to fall. backwards with the bottom line up so much right yeah i mean once upon a time out the juice was known throughout the world as the golden fiber as you know . that the large right before the invention of plastic the business was a prestigious one and very lucrative. about nowadays the jute business has lost it shine. recently however demand has begun rising again after all jute is completely biodegradable and the issue of climate protection continues to climb the agenda especially in the e.u. . in europe to traditional fibers like hemp are making a comeback. here in northern germany in the town of plan slow but plant is being
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turned into eco friendly building materials. it's a classic wall insulation hemp works just as well as a mineral wool or polished arina. m. provides a barrier to moisture and vermin and has low flammability. blended with a clay loam it lasts for centuries. and most importantly hemp is a renewable resource that's encouraging its use in germany for decades hemp was viewed primarily as an illicit drug and farmers weren't allowed to cultivate it that law has now been relaxed but strict conditions remain in place when it comes to planting on a large scale only particular types of authorized. industrial hemp doesn't have any intoxicating effect it grows very quickly and can be used to make a range of products. and growing hemp requires a lot less water than cotton in some cases just half as much.
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2.5000000 tons of juta processed every year in bangladesh the industry is one of the nation's most important economic sectors but revenues have been falling for years. the state owned bangladesh jute mills corp the owner of this mail is mired in debt. for years the government has been propping it up with big injections of state funding but workers still sometimes have to wait weeks for their wages. on average they earn around 4 and a half dollars a day. now it's under iron about $110.00 a month i can barely feed my family on that i have huge doubts. working with the roar fibers is dusty and strenuous and in the long term it also harness your health for your breathing in too much of the dust leads to chronic respiratory
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disease many workers here have problems with coughing and shortness of breath in germany the illness is known as humph bite a longer or hemp work alone. but it's not an issue with the ham processing plant in the local market region that's because most. of the work here is done by machines the company has a staff of just 15 and most of those are machinists the founders and staff of set up a co-operative and everyone has a say in the business they all believe hemp has a bright future. it was vicky i believe the most important thing is if we as a company realize that products have a bath and an end and that they have to suit our lifestyle from beginning to end but once known as cradle to cradle means not just producing stuff i'm leaving the waste for the next generation to clean out hemp speak advantages that you don't
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have to add any songs or synthetics which makes it a natural product throughout the duration of its life. in bangladesh developers are now looking for products that will promise an equally bright future for jute like mubarak ahmed can use developer sonali bag an alternative to disposable plastic bags made from a jute it has all the properties of plastic except its unwanted longevity. this is only environment friendly by big. compostable. most important is it just. by big. if you want for 6 months. we can make that one if you want to pipe menace we can make the 5 minutes. the next step is to find investors to enable the mass production of this alternative to plastic that could give juta fresh and much needed boost and restore
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its past reputation as the golden fiber for bangladesh. this week our global team comes from india. ok to cheat. even then i never raise or them. want to do things. things on line that i'm sane and things that. co-writers. everybody my name has no. job and i live in bangalore in india.
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in my free time i like to make music and i like to date songs. i also like to swim and lead and i like to play golf do so i go to the golf course as often as i can because i do think golf is joy you better be a dick and it's important for me to kind of you know channel my energy or whatever all into you know a sport so for me golf is that sport and i also like to hang out at the cafe with my friends just silly because having. my dad is a film director and my mom is an interior to say no feeling no body and. i do think that. you know as just ideas progressed and you know has as we've progressed obviously i have a little more freedom to do different things and i have more opportunities that may
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be you know my grandparents didn't have that point in time. but i want to feel and do want to do things. things aren't that obscene and things that. god. everybody knows everybody already seen. i want to be a musician you know and do this stuff for a living they'll be really cool and make music. so my music. i'm afraid of. not living up to and expectation. that includes my expectations as i don't want to. feel. the goals that
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i've set for myself. that's all from us that global 3000 this week what did you like about the show what would you like to learn more about send your comments to global 3000 at d.f.w. dot com and check out our facebook page d w women take care. are
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we about to run dry. no. water is very big business that is getting at us gas. what do we have to do not to high and dry. do we have to rethink the water industry. made in germany
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played minutes on t.w. . is a master of the art of confrontation this is nurofen better in the form of combat i mean you're going to see ya imply the undisputed champion of toast political talk to try to try to get you know the facts everybody understands that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a big failure whichever way you like to spin the conflict zone on w. . beethoven is for me it. is for. beethoven is for him. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for every one played beethoven 2022 min 50th anniversary here on
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is d w news live from berlin simply not ready as warning that the world isn't prepared to confront the threat of the corona virus as cases search around the growth from our area to austria the w. h. o. ses most countries have not yet done what is needed to keep covert 19 in check also coming out the us president almost.


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