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this is date every news live from berlin to brazil confirms its 1st coronavirus case as the world health organization tells governments to prepare for a possible pandemic this is going to come soon potentially you've got to be shifting to a readiness rapid response thinking we hear from south korea and the doomsday cult that's driven the spikes and infections they are. also coming up a landmark ruling here in germany the country's highest court has overturned a 2015 law that effectively prevented the doctors from helping terminally ill
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patients and their lawyers. a rising death toll in delhi is a good target for sectarian violence in decades as him those and muslims come to blows over a controversial citizenship law. can hillary clinton drops find the berlin international film festival to set the record straight but the documentary about her failed bid to become the u.s. president. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the world health organization says the world is not ready to fight the new corona virus known as coded 19 as the disease continues to spread to more countries outside china the w.h.o. is warning governments to brace for a possible pandemic brazil has reported its 1st confirmed case the 1st in latin america but south. korea remains the country with the highest number of infections
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outside china officials there are racing to contain an outbreak that it's well to almost 1300 cases. south korean children will be cooped up in their homes as schools across the country remain closed to combat the spread of covert 19 gun me race office also closed leaving her to look after her 2 sons and try to keep them busy. the kids study cook for them at home watch t.v. and sometimes play board games together and spend time reading books i won't let them keep the ball around in here but they will get bored. as a child psychologist ms khan worries about her children's wellbeing she says that relatives of those afflicted are more likely to develop phobias but her main concern is the virus itself south korea's recorded near a 1000 cases and more than 10 deaths. virus has spread around hospital place so i was worried about getting it when i went to work and because they can
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stay at home all the time sometimes they meet friends but again i've already about them catching the virus at anyone along the road i have the virus 1000 cases have been reported in all major provinces kindergartens elementary middle and high schools have been shattered by the government for 2 weeks many universities have postponed the beginning of the spring semester and chinese students returning here face a 2 week quarantine. 1000 cases in south korea spiked after a 61 year old woman now called patient number 31 attended several meetings over fringe religious group. in early february despite suffering a fever and cold like symptoms and evading quarantine mainstream pastors now suspending services to their congregations blame the group viewed by many as a cult and its lack of civic duty for spreading the virus. church and super
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spreader patient number $31.00 have been identified as the source of more than half of the country's known coded $900.00 cases a special force including health officials are racing to locate church members for testing as concern grows the virus may spread nationwide that report from correspondent frank smith and he joins us from seoul for more on the story hi frank south korea does have the highest number of infections outside of china are thought is they're worried that they cannot contain this outbreak. certainly they are they've floated ideas about how they might isolate. itself but again generated more worry about that potential mim measure there are now $284.00 new cases here in south korea with a total of $1261.00 that's up from just 51 last week and now we have 12 deaths reported here in the country the outbreak is centered around daegu in that sort of church like cult but i mention. tell us more about that
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cult frank and who is this group are they cooperating with authorities. ok well it's in judge's official name is the church of jesus temple of the tabernacle of the testimony $88.00. year old leader and he claims to be the 2nd coming of jesus. you don't new recruits to the group often give up their entire lives and neglecting their family and neglecting their work in order to join initially there was a lot of criticisms because the group apparently posted on their website instructing members not to cooperate with authorities and continue cross with ties and actually on the presidential website here in south korea there's a petition to disband. in the country entirely. and frank as we
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said this comes as this outbreak continues to expand i mean what impact has this had on life in south korea. well i mentioned in that report schools and churches but it goes far beyond that all kinds of public institutions of across the country have been shuttered including sports venues theaters museums it's really the impact is across all social life here in south korea additionally rallies in the capital have been banned although there is apparently another rally scheduled to happen this sunday and they intend to go ahead and again have a large demonstration although there is also another petition on the presidential website calling for a banning of chinese from entering the country because of course
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the center of this contagion is china and south korean government has been hesitant really to prevent visitation from from all over china and just prevented visitors and travelers from that one hugh bay province all right correspondent frank smyth reporting from seoul thank you very much. well italy has now confirmed that 11 people there have died from the corona virus 323 people have been infected a one day increase of almost a half it comes as other european countries are recording their 1st cases experts believe travelers are carrying the virus from italy which is the epicenter of the outbreak in europe they include one of 2 new cases in germany italy's health minister has been hosting emergency talks with ministers from neighboring countries and germany to discuss a joint response here's what he had to say. we shared some important points to strengthen our cooperation and stick together. among these the
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most important point is to keep the borders open. closing borders would be inappropriate disproportionate and wrong. all countries bordering italy have committed to share and standardize information and to share epidemiological and medical information. as the number of cases of the coronavirus increase around the world so do efforts to develop a vaccine against it but it is a time consuming process a number of labs around the world are working on developing one including the university of hong kong back in 2003 it was the 1st to isolate the sars virus is trollish else impel visited the researchers there to see firsthand how they are trying to help this time. so what we're looking at cells which have been grown in
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culture and on the surface so there are all these thousands and thousands of small virus particles just weeks ago that this virus was on named to science now understanding these images is key to saving lives professor john nichols and his team that hong kong university studying how the new coronavirus replicates in human cells their work is already shedding light on its mortality rate why it's proving less deadly than related virus. in saas it really started reputation in the lungs and less in the focus or the upper airway but this far seems to be more likely at this stage a wreck in the airways than in the long beach is good to sit back and explain why it's not as dangerous as sars understanding how the virus replicates could ultimately shape the way it's diagnosed and even how it's treated. this isn't the 1st time scientists have been on the forefront of the battle against a deadly virus as specialists in emerging viral infections they found themselves at
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the center of the 2003 cells epidemic here at this university that long just strides were made and the fight for guard dogs is that raw barrier for experts who for its role being harnessed to combat the fire of today the university was the 1st to isolate the virus which cools cells says a manic paris is among those criticized with controlling the outbreak he says while the. mortality rate for covert 19 may be lower it's spreading move rapidly and could even be transmitted before patients develop symptoms there's no question that this is more transmissible than saws and more difficult to control because unless you really get people very early and have them isolated breaking the chain of transmission is challenging but as with sars that was possible the university is what he wanted vaccine bought it still months away back in 2003 candidate vaccines
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for saws were also developes bass funding was cut once the virus was brought under control and a vaccine never produced. professor malik says if work had been able to progress further they'd be better prepared today even if we are able to dodge the bullet this time and i'm not sure that definitely will be another time and i don't think we can keep dodging these bullets forever but one of these days we're really going to have a major epidemic that really disrupts you know global economies global lifestyles and things we take for granted so i think it's time but the global community particularly the economic community. took this very seriously there is a race against time as covered 19 continues its spread around the world as professor manic warning the prospect of a global pandemic is now touching day. let's check in now on some other stories
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making news around the world at the democratic presidential debate in charleston south carolina candidates took aim at front runner bernie sanders sanders has been able to extend his lead over the past few weeks but former vice president joe biden says he is still confident that he will win the state's upcoming primary. and egypt has begun 3 days of mourning for former president hosni mubarak who died at the age of 91 he ruled for 30 years and was a key ally of the west which saw him as a guarantor of regional stability but to others he was a tyrant who bark was ousted in the arab spring protests of 2011. germany's highest court has lifted a ban on assisted suicide ruling it unconstitutional the landmark decision by the constitutional court clarifies the situation after a law passed in 2015 effectively banned doctors from helping patients and their lives critics argue that legislation rob the terminally ill of the right to
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determine their own death for this today's verdict will allow doctors to advice patients and provide them with legal drugs although the doctors will not be allowed to administer the drugs themselves the halls. here's what the judge said in delivering his ruling and. i think an individual decides to end their own life based on their own passionate experience of their life quality in the sense of the meaning of their own existence and of the vietnam this decision cannot be judged on the basis of general religious rulings social models on the way we deal with life and death and considerations of water subjectively viewed as reasonable it needs no further justification and reasoning rather it's an act of autonomy self-determination and must be respected as such by the state and society so to speak or at our chief political editor michelle is following the story for us hi michelle a can you explain to us what exactly that statement from the constitutional court means. well it really means that the interpretation of the inviolability of
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human dignity which here in the constitution is the 1st paragraph on the right to self-determination the 2nd one amounts essentially to a right to suicide and this overturns the very basis of this more restrictive law that see doctors say the very least in the gray zone when they even gave advice over potential suicide and left many patients with no other option than to leave the country many went to switzerland no those rights of patients have been strengthened in fact we saw the constitutional rights here read into the right to self-determination also the right to commit suicide no matter what situation you are personally in the judge saying that we may regret we may try everything but in the end one has to accept the decision of an individual to kill themselves to
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commit suicide no matter what the circumstances are what is the impact of this michel or what does this mean for people who want to help want help by ending their lives here in germany. well it means that it will get easier for them to get access to doctors that doctors and there aren't that terribly many doctors who are willing to go that step to actually assist in suicide even when patients are in a very dire situation but at least they will be decriminalised they won't have to fear of punishment up to 3 years in prison any more in the future at the same time this will most likely go back to lawmakers who very well can impose restrictions and one thing was clearly also ruled out today that from this liberty to take your own life that any right to be receive any assistant can be deducted so patients don't have the right to receive the medical treatment that they seek if the intention is suicide well there are certainly strong voices opposing assisted
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suicide as well however they reacted. well of course this is a bad day for those who saw a duty to protect people from their own decision but this is a very essential basic decision and that leaves no doubt that in the end as long as people are in a clear mind and can take this decision they will be able to in the future are at our chief political editor michelle because and i thank you indian prime minister narendra modi is appealing for calm after 3 days of sectarian riots that have rocked the capital delhi authorities have deployed riot police and paramilitary forces to areas where violence erupted during demonstrations for and against a new citizenship law at least 20 people of lost their lives critics say the legislation introduced by moody's hindu nationalist government is biased against muslims and undermines the country's secular constitution. for more on the story we
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can bring indeed abuse many to child and she joins us from delhi how many to what is the situation there in jelly today. well so me after 3 years of violence the situation seems better to do there have been or major news reports since the morning of any for the while it's breaking out all of the area the northeast of delhi where which was right affected is still tense there is still heavy police presence in the area they're going door to door to assure people of their presence to tell them that they are there to prevent any further weiland from breaking out so far as you mentioned there are confirmed reports of over 20 people have been killed and at least 300 people having been injured in this we've seen extreme scenes of violence on the streets of delhi how is the government dealing with. the government have started to take notice the home minister has had multiple meetings with his team regarding the situation in delhi and how to
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control it the prime minister not in the more the to be in a statement of political peace he appealed to the people of delhi to assure that the area could return to a sense of normalcy at the moment the government says that there is no one need to call the army and that that is enough when you spend this in the area to control the situation so most of the is appealing for peace and calm you're saying but the protests have been going on for weeks now so where is this happening. where the projects have been going on for a long time but it is also important to remember that what unfolded over the past 3 days even though they started on the issue off the controversial citizenship amendment law but it took the widens that happened in the religious overtone and at the moment the focus is entirely on bringing me back to a sense of normalcy as part of the protest against the act of concern in certain other areas of delhi the protests are ongoing after what happened in the northeast
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after the wyland violence the protesters say that they will continue their protests that they're setting for peaceful protests and they will not indulge in any kind of violence and that they will not back down till the act of george backed by the government. reporting for us from delhi thank you. police investigating monday's carnival car ramming in germany are no closer to uncovering a motive a 29 year old suspect remains in custody and faces attempted murder charges residents in the small town of funk mohsen held a church vigil on tuesday in a show of solidarity more than 60 people were hurt in the attack about a 3rd of the children and the some of those affected have a life threatening injuries. and let's bring in a reporter aaron tilton he is in the 5000 where that attack took place 2 days ago hi aaron good to see you officials say that the suspect that drove into this crowd in order to kill but they still don't know why what avenues are they looking into
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at this point. well as you just said there the investigators don't really appear to be have major to have made much progress and their investigation in that we seem to be much where we were in the early hours after the attack there were some initial rumors that there may have been some. terrorism type motivations that may have caused this or even sins you know phobia or some right wing type violence we're not really seen that so far it seems that investigators are focusing on focusing on possible psychological motivations that name may have been behind the attack now from what we're told their investigations are being hampered by the fact that the suspect refused to make any type of statements he's not cooperating with police which makes ascertaining the motivation really quite difficult and they are and how is this all affected that this small town people living there. well as you can see behind me the police cordon was actually removed yesterday and life as much as it can has returned to normal people are going about their daily lives and kind of
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getting back to the business of just getting on with their lives the people i've been speaking to have of course said that an attack like this would leave a deep mark and thank you so much. now hillary clinton is here in berlin for the belly nala film festival where a 4 part documentary about the former 1st lady secretary of state and presidential candidate is celebrating its premier take a look. few people polarized public opinion more in the usa than hillary clinton but not the berlin she's got plenty of supporters many here believe she should be in the wise highs 2016 was a tough election campaign with donald trump's vilification off her and russian interference clinton fears moscow is still meddling we are at a stage right now where we better get clear in democracies like yours and mine that it's the people of our country choosing our leaders not foreign intervention or
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dissin from ation on social media the 4 part documentary hillary gives the former presidential candidate 252 minutes to set the record straight yes the film details how she was demonized initially by republican politicians back when she was the us 1st lady it portrays the 2016 election campaign as a continuation of this conflict but it also takes a look back to when the clintons were studying law at yale. one day i was up in the library and he was watching me and i could tell he was watching me and she. walked all the way. who were with him and i said if you want to keep looking at me and i'm going to keep looking back we are to know each other's names i'm hillary rodham who are you. the goal was also to shed some light on those behind the scenes says the director in an asperger's steen she asked why hillary is always
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greasewood with either admiration or abuse but never anything in between clinton says she was often simply the 1st in 2016 she was the 1st woman from a major party to run for president i hope that more women would run so that it would be more normalized and there wouldn't be you know the kind of talking dog syndrome oh my gosh look at that she's a woman she could talk she can run for office. i'm walks next more films by with or about if hillary clinton the former 1st lady refuses to comment she says there's something more important to get done 1st namely pushing the current u.s. president into retirement. more headlines now from around the world greek riot police have fired tear gas to disperse angry locals on the islands of les pauls and shields the residents were seeking to block access to construction sites for new migrant detention centers which are meant to replace temporary camps many
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many residents are worried that the new centers will leave the islands permanently overcrowded. and italian police have arrested $65.00 people with allegedly is $210.00 mafia at the latest of hundreds of arrests in a 3 year operation against what is considered italy's most powerful crime syndicate . sports now in champions league football germany's byron you know can beat in chelsea 3 no away in the last 16 1st leg said she can operate scored the 1st goal early in the 2nd half he struck again with a fine finish soon afterwards robert levin dusty then put the bundesliga club in complete control fired famously lost a shelf in the 2012 final in munich in the 5 time winners are now set to complete their revenge in the homelike on march 18th. now the tokyo paralympic games begin in 6 months a limp dick and paralympic officials are worried that their events will be affected
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by the corona virus but tokyo schoolchildren hope they will go ahead as planned they've been getting a 1st hand experience of the challenges of being a paralympic athlete. i prefer not to pity but with a serious message these japanese schoolchildren are experiencing what it is like to be a blind paralympic athlete the event begins in tokyo on august the 25th just over 2 weeks after the olympics some children are wearing masks the coronavirus could spell major problems for the 2 tokyo games but officials say it is too early to consider drastic measures. for now the children are learning all about the paralympics from a blind japanese long jumper. i'm going to stand at the top of the podium at the tokyo paralympics i won the gold medal in my hands expose the last 22 schools will feature with badminton and taekwondo having been at it. all i like to
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go and cheer for our paralympians but i know i'll be difficult to get to look at it but at least i want to cheer for them one t.v. and in all my dimly. that the line was that. 6 months to go and the excitement still outweighs any fear. or let's get a reminder now of our top stories here in the w. the world health organization says the world is not ready to fight a new coronavirus as the disease spreads to more countries it's warning governments to brace for a possible pandemic. and germany's constitutional court has ruled that a 2015 lot of sect of league banning doctors from assisting patients to die is unconstitutional the ruling hands back the right to terminally ill patients to determine when and how they died. coming up next our show made in germany looks at why water is one of our most precious resources and ask whether we need to rethink the water business thank you for watching to give you.
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c. . are we about to run dry. no. water is a very big business that it's getting gas. what do we have to do not too high and dry. do we have to rethink the water industry. made into a. couple years. ago in.
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the south african saying better environment. to man or taking a look closer. a waste recycling players garbage was polluting their community but nowadays to all have become recycling experts and they're planning a great future of south. africa. in 60 minutes on d w. have fun in finding. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself but only a few people can enjoy the benefits of. an insidious reward system coerces people into loyalty towards the regime and. those who don't make it into the fun the
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trouble is live in poverty. in pyongyang starts february 28th launching w. the world's most important resource a given for many regions but experts warn 2 thirds of the.


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