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d.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin the coronavirus drops to another continent as brazil confirms its 1st case and fears of a pandemic grow. this is going to come soon potentially you've got to be shifting to a readiness rapid response thinking. we hear from south korea and the doomsday cult that's driven the spike in infections they're. also coming up a landmark ruling in germany the highest court overturns a 2015 law that effectively prevented the doctors from helping terminally ill
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patients and their lives. india's prime minister appeals for calm after delhi is hit by the worst sectarian violence in decades 25 people were killed as hindus and muslims came to blows over a controversial citizenship law. and at the 70th berland film festival today on the n s s and scott roxboro are at the red carpet it's going to be a crowded night here tonight with hollywood stars selma high again javier bardem gracing the red carpet they're here for the world premiere of the road stock take it from british director sally potter we'll have more on that soon. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with the latest on the corona virus outbreak the virus that emerged in december in the chinese city of. on
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is now spreading across the globe let's look at what we know more than 81000 and factions have now been registered worldwide 30000 of those patients have since recovered but the world health organization is warning that the world is not prepared for a pandemic as more countries join the list of those affected brazil has reported the 1st confirmed case in latin america and 19 deaths have been reported in iran one of the countries that seen a spike in infections in recent days but so far south korea remains the country with the highest number of infections outside of china the outbreak is centered on the city of daegu but the disease has spread from there to infect almost 1300 people. so screen children will be cooped up in their homes as schools across the country remain closed to combat the spread of covert 19 gun me raise office also closed leaving her to look after her 2 sons and try to keep them busy busy the kids study cook for them at home watch t.v.
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and sometimes play board games together and spend time reading books i won't let them keep the ball around in here but they will get bored. as a child psychologist ms khan worries about her children's wellbeing she says that relatives of those afflicted are more likely to develop phobias but her main concern is the virus itself south korea's recorded near a 1000 cases and more than 10 deaths. the virus has spread around the hospital it's now my workplace so i was worried about getting it when i went to work and because they can stay at home all the time sometimes they meet friends but again i've already about them catching the virus at anyone along the road i have the virus 19 cases have been reported in all major provinces kindergartens elementary middle and high schools have been shuttered by the government for 2 weeks many universities have postponed the beginning of the spring semester and chinese students returning
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here face a 2 week quarantine. 1000 cases in south korea spiked after a 61 year old woman now called patient number 31 attended several meetings of a fringe religious group. in early february despite suffering a fever and cold like symptoms and evading quarantine mainstream pastors now suspending services to their congregations blame the group viewed by many as a cult and its lack of civic duty for spreading the virus vision junji church and super spreader patient number $31.00 have been identified as the source of more than half of the country's known coded $900.00 cases a special force including health officials are racing to locate church members for testing as concern grows the virus may spread nationwide that report from correspondent frank smith and he joins us from seoul for more on this story hi frank south korea does have the highest number of infections outside of china are thought is they're worried that they cannot contain this outbreak. certainly they
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are they've floated ideas about how they might isolate. itself but again generated more worry about that potential men measure there are now $284.00 new cases here in south korea with a total of $1261.00 that's up from just 51 last week and now we have 12 deaths reported here in the country the outbreak is centered around daegu in that sort of church like cult but i mention. tell us more about that cult franken who is this group are they cooperating with authorities. ok well it's in judges official name is the church of jesus temple of the tabernacle of the testimony $88.00. year old leader and he claims to be the 2nd coming of jesus. you don't new recruits to the group often give up their entire lives
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neglecting their family and neglecting their work in order to join initially there was a lot of criticisms because the group apparently posted on their website instructing members not to cooperate with authorities and continue proselytizing actually on the presidential website here in south korea there's a petition to disband. in the country entirely. and frank as we said this comes as this outbreak continues to expand i mean what impact has this had on life in south korea. well i mentioned in that report schools and churches but it goes far 'd beyond that all kinds of public institutions are across the country have been shuttered including sports venues feeders museums it's really the impact is across all social life here in south korea additionally
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rallies in the capital have been and although there is apparently another rally scheduled to happen this sunday and they intend to go ahead and again have a large demonstration although there is also another petition on the presidential web site calling for a banning of chinese from entering the country because of course the center of this contagion is china and south korean government has been hesitant really to prevent visitation from from all over china and just prevented visitors and travelers from that one hubie a province all right correspondent frank smith reporting from seoul thank you very much let's check in now on some other stories making news around the world candidates took aim at front runner bernie sanders at the democratic presidential
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debate in the u.s. state of south carolina on tuesday sanders has been extending his lead in recent weeks but former vice president joe biden says he is still confident of winning south carolina's primary on saturday. protesters on the greek island of less posts have clashed with riot police for a 2nd day they're objecting to plans to build a camp for up to 7000 migrants the regional governor's office is on the protesters side it has called a 24 hour strike. more residents in parts of shropshire in western england have evacuated their homes due to flooding river levels continue to rise after weeks of stormy weather authorities say more rain could bring the risk of further significant flooding in the coming days and a doomsday vault in the arctic has received 60000 new seed samples to guard in case of a global disaster the facility on norway's spitzbergen island now holds over a 1000000 a variety of food crop seeds new additions include offerings from india mali peru
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as well a specimen square owned by the native american cherokee tried. germany's highest court has lifted a ban on assisted suicide ruling it unconstitutional the landmark decision by the constitutional court clarifies the situation after a law that was passed and 2015 effectively banned doctors from helping patients and their lives critics argue that that law robbed the terminally ill of the right to determine their own death today's verdict will allow doctors to advise patients and provide them with lethal drugs although doctors will not be allowed to administer the drugs themselves and here's what the president of the court said in delivering the ruling inside this einsteinian an individual decides to end their own life based on their own passionate experience of their life on the sense of the meaning of their own existence and of yet this decision cannot be judged on the basis of general values religious rules social models on the way we deal with life and death
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and considerations of water subjectively viewed as reasonable needs new further justification and reasoning rather it's an act of autonomy self-determination and must be respected as such by the state and society so to speak or write our chief political editor michelle is following the story for us hi michelle a can you explain to us what exactly that statement from the constitutional court means. well it really means that the interpretation of the inviolability of human dignity which here in the constitution is the 1st paragraph on the right to self-determination the 2nd one amounts essential to a right to suicide and this overturns the very basis of this more restrictive law that see doctors say the very least in the gray zone when they even gave advice over potential suicide and left many patients with no other option than to leave the country many went to switzerland now those rights of patients have been
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strengthened in fact we saw the constitutional rights here read into the right to self-determination also the right to commit suicide no matter what situation you are personally in the judge saying that we may regret we may try everything but in the end one has to accept the decision of an individual to kill themselves to commit suicide no matter what the circumstances are what is the impact of this michel or what does this mean for people who want to help want help by ending their lives here in germany. well it means that it will get easier for them to get access to doctors that doctors and there aren't that terribly many doctors who are willing to go that step to actually assist in suicide even when patients are in a very dire situation but at least they will be decriminalised they won't have to fear punishment up to 3 years in prison any more in the future at the same time
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this will most likely go back to lawmakers who very well can impose restrictions and one thing was clearly also ruled out today that from this liberty to take your own life that any right to be receive any assistant can be deducted so patients don't have the right to receive the medical treatment that they seek if the intention is suicide well there are certainly strong voices opposing assisted suicide as well however they reacted. well of course this is a bad day for those who saw a duty to protect people from their own decision but this is a very essential basic decision and that leaves no doubt that in the end as long as people are in the clear mind and can take this decision they will be able to in the future are at our chief political editor michel because and i thank you. egypt has been holding a military funeral print presided over by president of the fattah el-sisi for
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former president hosni mubarak he died on tuesday at the age of 91 who barks coffin was escorted to a mosque and then to the burial ground for a private family ceremony goold egypt autocratically for 30 years before being ousted in the arab spring protests of 2011 was a key ally of the west which saw him as a guarantor of regional stability but to many he was a tyrant and he still divides opinion in egypt. more for him and that he'd better get them to know it's sad news you know and he must have a proud funeral. about it because he did such a lot for egypt. it's enough that he returned sinai to us in a fever leaves you could say we also have some bad memories including the privatization of public companies the illnesses that spread during his time in the rampant corruption unfortunately these are the memories as affected his tenure. we
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can get more on the funeral now from correspondent ruth michelson she joins us on the line from cairo hi ruth apart from the funeral with full military honors how is egypt officially honoring mubarak. well you're right wishing plenty of pomp and circumstance and the funeral of full military honors as hosni mubarak is is buried we also saw the various state institutions know to be the presidency in egypt. really statements about honoring mubarak's time in the egyptian assholes and honoring him as a war hero but doing little to acknowledge his record as a political leader despite the fact that he was in office but that he is. what is the mubarak legacy in egypt i mean how is he being remembered by just shien's well that's a good question i mean i think it's fair to say that there are 2 kinds of memories that are happening here that is the 1st is the image that is being put forward by
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the egyptian state which focuses entirely on him is that a figure of stability and military honor that gives very little mention to the brutal autocratic was he regime that he kept in place that he is and so for many egyptians they will remember him as a sacred cruelty of figures who. strengthen state institutions like the police and security against the egyptian people and of course they will remember him for his overthrow in 2011 that he was a symbol of a regional dictator that could be toppled by popular movements with that a tight fisted rule how much of that still remains in today's egypt which is we should say again under the rule of a military leader. well i mean i think it's fair to say that these 2 leaders to halt they are 2 also at the same cult there are many egyptians that see a lot of continuation in the rule of sisi from the time of mubarak but the state
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institutions like secret services parts of the state while they're at the designed to spy on the egyptian populace of stronger than ever these are the parts that most egyptians experience in the everyday lives and social many mopar chula in some ways never ended. right correspondent ruth michelson speaking to us on the phone there from cairo thank you so much for joining us. now indian prime minister narendra modi is appealing for calm after 3 days of sectarian clashes that have rocked the capital delhi authorities have deployed riot police and paramilitary forces to areas where violence erupted during demonstrations for and against a new citizenship law at least 20 people have lost their lives critics say the legislation introduced by modi's hindu nationalist government is biased against muslims and undermines the country's secular constitution. and local residents told
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they didn't know who had instigated the violence and they criticised the police response yeah well if i can understand what's happening there are people provoking riots i think they're outsiders i don't know where they're from if we recognise them we would have stopped them the minute the moment got out the border but the police should support hindus and muslims equally it shouldn't be like yesterday when policemen were standing with the rioters even throwing stones provocative we know we supposed to. shoppers here it's been burned i've no idea you did it but they've been burning shops everywhere they've been throwing stones for hours now for days. now the real carnival usually features a flamboyant floats feathers and fun but this year it's taken on an unusually political tone may floats are taking aim at the right wing populist government. who has divided the country by targeting causes close to the heart of the rio carnival . the highlight of this year's controversy will convoluted rio jesus on the cross
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in the form of a young black man from a full veil or a poor neighborhood riddled with bullet holes the monkey into somebody's school wants the world to know today jesus would be one of them. because it is just that he would be born in the man gear of $58.00 he would be black and he would definitely be killed by rio's police force their message was directed at the brazilian government jesus is a gay man and indigenous person or as a woman minorities would feel threatened by joe you have bows and arrows government it is impossible i represent the women of the world who are attacked it. even before the festival got underway conservative christian groups had already protested against the parade. this year's canova was the most political and years taking pain with corruption racism environmental destruction and the murder of indigenous people were bored by the fall out here we can say what we want and this
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is our way of protesting. as always at the protest contains in the competition which consists of color contours and plenty of fantasy. police investigating monday's carnival car ramming in germany are no closer to uncovering a motive a 29 year old suspect remains in custody and faces attempted murder charges residents in the small town us for muslim held a church vigil on tuesday in a show of solidarity with than 60 people were hurt in the attack about a 3rd of them children some of those affected have life threatening injuries. and let's bring in reporter aaron tilton he is in that attack took place 2 days ago hi aaron good to see you officials say that the suspect that drove into this crowd in order to kill but they still don't know why what avenues are they looking into at this point. well as you just said there the investigators don't really appear to be
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have may have made much progress and their investigation in that we seem to be much more were in the early hours after the attack there were some initial rumors that there may have been some. terrorism type motivations that may have caused this or even sins you know phobia or some right wing type violence we're not really seen that so far it seems that investigators are focusing on focusing on possible psychological motivations that may may have been behind the attack now from what we're told their investigations are being hampered by the fact that the suspect refused to make any type of statements he's not cooperating with police which makes ascertaining the motivation really quite difficult and they are and how is this all affected that this small town people living there. well as you can see behind me the police cordon was actually removed yesterday and life as much as it can has returned to normal people are going about their daily lives and kind of getting back to the business of just getting on with their lives the people i've been speaking to have of course said that an attack like this would leave
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a deep mark in the community however they all expressed the hope that life would just kind of get back to normal as quickly as possible. davies aaron reporting for us from thank you so much. now the 70th berlin film festival is screening a world premiere today a remake of the 1920s novel for lynn and except that's but director. adaptation puts the film squarely in the here and now take a look buzz or if you do know. that if you can you know i got a 2nd chance. real good sign. this one is. that. you could be on the board this person. all right let's go right down to the red carpet data because i mean as if and scott roxboro are there for us hi guys so this is a 920 s.
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classic novel that's being remade a century later what parallels of a drawing. yeah high of just quickly behind us now right now we can still see i think the stars of bill and alex other plots are just saying it's probably the best looking red carpet that we've seen for a while here in berlin but to your question this course is a classic german novel it's sort of like the equivalent of james joyce's dubliners for for for berlin. in bringing this film into the modern day i talked to the director of the film for uncle bonnie and he said when he looked at the book again he found that the saturday 920 s. berlin was a time when that incredible disparity between rich and poor when you had this sort of underclass living peril of her in a parallel world to a world of extreme wealth and privilege and he said he saw a direct parallels to the to the modern day and what berlin is like nowadays but to
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take the main character french people called who in the original book is a criminal he sought to make it more accurate to the realities of the day he should take someone from the from the lowest class in berlin society and so we thought an african refugee should ship to play that role which is what happened in this film had a patient. all right and director sally potter will be presenting the roads not taken in competition a little bit later what is that film about. that's where that's a star studded film starring have you bardem as a man who is not there really he's suffering from early onset dementia being taken care of by his daughter who is played by elle fanning and it goes back into his memories when he's seems to not be there in the present he's reflecting on his memories and the roads that he could have taken throughout his life a very melodramatic film you might want to say a word about sally crothers another daughter of course as she's she's a sort of iconic figure in the independent scene because she managed to make these really star studded films on
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a street solution to shoestring budget this film was made over 4 days shoot over 2 continents the fact that they managed to even put it together to bring her into. it is almost a mini miracle. talking about another film in the competition dow natasha i've seen that it's been called house film half happening what does that mean what is this exactly. yeah this is this is utterly bizarre just the whole concept of the film it was basically comes from an art project that was done in ukraine where they did a sort of a real life version of the truman show they took hundreds of actors and put them in a reconstructed version of what was supposed to be a soviet institute and they kept in there for 3 years shooting 247 with story lines that they created for them. out of this incredible project they've had various art work sort of come out of it installation works and they want to make several films the 1st english is this down the tashi just having its premier here berlin this basically a 2 hour excerpt from the project opposed natasha who works at
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a canteen at this research institute has a romantic affair with one of the research is there and comes under scrutiny from the authorities because of that and i just want to see it does challenging to the viewer brutal especially because you know when you see things happening to these characters that they don't have a warm bed to go to afterwards they're stuck on the set where they've been living for 3 years and that affects you as a viewer you know there's no one there to say cut right our correspondents i mean as if it's got rocks thrown down at the red carpet for us thank you both. to sports now in champions league football germany's byron munich could be chelsea 3 nil away in their last 16 1st leg very scored the 1st goal early in the 2nd half he struck again with a fine finish soon after about robert love and off he then put the bonus legal club in complete control byron famously lost the shall see in the 2012 final in munich the 5 time winners are now set to complete their revenge in the home leg on march
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18th. a reminder now of our top stories we're following for you here on d w iran has reported 19 deaths from the corona virus in the wake of the diseases rapid to spread there it makes it the highest national death toll for the virus outside of china latin america has also reported its 1st confirmed case in brazil. and germany's constitutional court has ruled the other 2015 law affectively banning doctors from assisting patients of dying is unconstitutional the ruling hands back the right to terminally ill patients to determine when and how they died. coming up next on that either of you news asia more on the sectarian riots engulfing parts of delhi after protests over a new citizenship law turned violent. and the thai activists mourning their country's popular opposition force now but the future forward party still banned what is the future of democracy in time. she has those stories and
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more coming right up on d.w. news asia and don't forget you can always get the latest headlines by following us on twitter at the w. news thank you for watching.
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what's a big what's able. to be a book. this is the day after news are coming up sectarian writes in the indian capital at least 20 are dead and hundreds enjoyed off the protests. roll descend into violence. on a tuesday called off god plus. they. try activists protest the bombing of the country's opposition forces now that the future of old boss is gone what's the future of democracy in thailand.


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