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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2020 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin and governments around the world ramp up their response to the threat of the corona virus we believe the risk of a global pandemic is very much upon us and as a result as a government we need to take the steps necessary to prepare for such pain didn't. mean while experts warn of another scourge spreading as fast as the corona virus itself misinformation the world health organization is urging social media trying to counter what it calls an info down. and there's an uneasy calm in the indian
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capital delhi after 3 days of 6 checks sectarian violence leaves $32.00 dead but will it last. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us governments are ramping up their moves to contain the coronavirus sense it spreads globally japan is one of those governments prime minister shinzo abbay has called for all public schools to close from next monday until the end of the spring break in april and this is new infections of the virus outside china outnumber those in china when you take a look at a map that shows a suppressive varity of the epidemic in the countries that are most affected at the deeper the blue on this map here of the larger the number of reported cases china still has the highest number more than 78000 infected cases there altogether 50 countries are territories have can. cases of the virus and that total stands at
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more than $82000.00 south korea has again seen its biggest one day jump in infections saudi arabia stop travel to religious pilgrimage sites due to fears over the virus in europe italy's outbreak has worsened while romania denmark and estonia are the latest countries to confirm cases and australia is taking emergency measures to stop the disease from spreading well numerous international flights have been cut back or cancelled here's a closer look at how countries around the world are fighting to ward off a pandemic. street as infection set in italy several new cases across europe more deaths reported in south korea and many global events from sporting matches to conferences canceled. around the world preparations are ramping up as fears of the virus turning into a pandemic grow australia has kicked off emergency measures wall
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that. is yet to declare. the night of the corona virus and its move towards a pandemic fries. we believe that the risk of a pandemic is very much upon us and as a result as a government we need to take the steps necessary to prepare for such pandemic. as the number of cases in the middle east to rise travel to holy sites in saudi arabia has been halted months in advance of the annual pilgrimage. even north korea yet to report a single case is taking preventative measures closing its borders and postponing the new school term. the virus is at the center in moulin in china remains the west hit most of the reported deaths and cases are in the city and the surrounding who
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bay province but this china's infection rate slow the virus is now spreading faster elsewhere more and more countries are reporting cases and upping the efforts to contain outbreaks we can speak now to and then maya he's a spokesman for the world health organization and he joins us from geneva kristen good to have you here on d w this outbreak has now is now global it is affected nearly every continent 82000 cases where does your organization the w h o put its focus and tackling this outbreak. and focuses the one is of course in china the source of the outbreak as we know. here as the report also said we have actually good news that means we have declining cases and we have less the 2nd time in a row now less cases inside china than outside. the flipside of that coin is
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exactly the other side that we have now more cases outside of china and we have inside china which is our 2nd priority to look at and we have been calling. on the countries of the world since weeks to vamp up their response and to prepare for exactly that scenario and preparing means a lot preparing means getting your health system ready getting your health care workers ready and protect them those these are the 1st would normally have to feet killed any sick patient or any pick patient with symptoms and we need countries of the world need to protect their health care workers that step one second is preparing for protecting the vulnerable population that's the patients with underlying conditions or the elderly the weak and 'd of course it is a lot of information and helping those countries who are not as strong in responding to this outbreak chris and i want to ask you about the flip side because this is extremely worrying i mean why are we seeing this spread in infections to places where there doesn't appear to be a direct link to the epicenter in china to the point at which we still have to
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understand more so most and the vast majority of all infections come from symptomatic people and from those. who we can trace back the link but it seems all we still have to understand more about possibly asymptomatic people have been transporting the virus. and then. trees or effecting others without a direct link yet back to the origins of these tests and is looking into history all travelers of infection history is ongoing because we need to understand that how these infections are possible how they come about. if there is a link or if there's no link and if there's no link where these infections come from ok we are seeing people to people transmission of course we're seeing deaths from these cases should this be declared a pandemic i mean what would that provider organization. so the world health organization has already rang the highest alert that is possible in our system that
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is declination of the public health emergency of international concern this is a mechanism which was declared already a month ago. endemic would mean that the outbreak has reached levels where it's in multiple countries outside of the origin not containable or widespread community transmission so we believe we haven't seen this that we have seen many countries in it but a virus that is for sure but most of these countries still have a good grip on these individual outbreaks they contain the people they contain. they treat the patients they they trace their contacts and trace all the people who are possibly been infected on the way they quieten people or and struck them to cells monitor for a while so as long as this is under control this is good news but there is a very high potential as the colleague also just mentioned of this reaching pandemic levels and once it reaches we will certainly talk and in those terms. but
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let's not make this mistake here the effort of response is not limited or related to whether we call it a pandemic or not or whether the world comes as a pandemic or not the efforts a country can do the efforts the individual can do the efforts every health system can do are there yet and will be all right we'll have to leave it there chris and then my a spokesman for the world health organization thank you for joining us. well here in germany the government has set up an emergency task force to deal with what the health minister says is the beginning of an epidemic the country a see 10 new cases since tuesday a couple is being treated at a hospital in schools and kindergartens in their town have been closed while officials try to trace a chain of infection and the health minister again spahn is urging regional authorities to review their emergency planning if. we are at the beginning of a coronavirus of the damage in germany the cases in north rhine-westphalia are a further sign of this change of infection are partly and this is
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a new aspect not traceable there are multiple persons who have had contact with the infected patients act. for that and that's a qualitative difference to the 16 infectious cases we've already had in germany where in each case the chain of infection could be traced back to the art break in china. while the w.h.o. is also calling on social media giants to help stem misinformation about the coronavirus health officials are calling it an info demick fake news about the corona virus is making it difficult for people to keep themselves properly informed . as the corona virus spreads around the world there's another outbreak going viral misinformation online from scammers angling for a quick buck to shadowy actors so when chaos manipulators lie in wait. here a website with wild exaggerations of the number of dead and infected false hype
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from a notorious american white supremacist and another conspiracy theory and the right wing washington times linking the corona virus to china's bio warfare program a rumor rejected by public health scientists. online peddlers are looking to profit from public panic selling products with unproven claims this influenza that is now circling the go so you're saying that silver solution would be effective well let's say it hasn't been tested on this strain of the coronavirus but it's been tested on other strain of the corona virus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours another site advises people to ward off the corona virus by drinking chlorine dioxide a form of industrial bleach the u.s. food and drug administration says is dangerous. public health experts warn such
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false claims can cause the virus to spread further and faster distracting people from proven prevention techniques. the world health organization is fighting back putting pressure on social media giants to place reliable sources about the coronavirus higher in search results. and the w.h.o. has launched its own public information task force. there are several measures. to protect yourself and others from getting the new coronavirus the appropriate use of man their top countermeasure to dissent from ation is simply putting the truth out there with soap and water for more on the story peter giles from d.w. social media team is with us he's been looking into the story for us hi peter this is extremely worrying and dangerous i mean why would people. want to willfully spread misinformation well there are number reasons obviously we saw some of the
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report ones like stone cold greed so basically trying to make a quick buck off of you know other people's fears. more worryingly i think is that they're using the misinformation to really as a political weapon so it's to destabilize governments it's to sow distrust in authorities at a time when a lot of people are really counting on officials to tell them how to how to go about this situation how to handle deal with a crisis. in the us for instance we've seen the religious right really mobilized to you know race doubts and call into question the effectiveness of science we've seen right wing populist jump on this to really stoke anti immigrant sentiment spoke to a number of people from several asian countries who've described you know racist attacks physically and verbally and just last week u.s.
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intelligence warned that. basically an army of trolls linked to russia has created thousands of fake accounts that are spreading. if actually these wild allegations like this cia created the virus in order to you know wage war on the chinese economy all of these things you know effectively call into question or raise doubts about whether or not we can trust our governments a lot of reasons for misinformation none of them are good ok with that see event misinformation out there what can people do to find out what information is reliable right i mean the good news is that we're seeing especially health ministries really stepping up they've done a pretty good job at providing providing easy to understand guidelines so definitely check out your local or your health ministries home page a lot of them have also taken the social media to actively fight back against
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misinformation debunking myths but also you should commonsense if you see some of the numbers that we saw in that report right there hundreds of thousands of deaths well check other outlets check other major news sources are they reporting similar figures if not well but it's probably not true ok and we seem to w.h.o. else on that report to set up this public information task force do you think that's going to be effective well i think it's awfully a step in the right direction but i think the problem is also much bigger then the w.h.o. one is a problem that they can't really contain and that is the fact that it remains too easy to abuse the social media platform to weaponize information they still facebook and twitter still rely to a to great extent on their users really policing and flacking misinformation as long as that policy continues this threat is going to persist and it's definitely not helping in situations like this rank it at these dollars thank you so much for joining us here in studio. and you can find reliable
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information about the spread of the corona virus on our website d.w. dot com. let's look now at some other stories making news around the world syrian rebels say they have recaptured a strategic town in north western province that comes as the syrian army is pushing to gain control over the last large rebel held region a syrian human rights group says government troops have seized full control of southern is live and the adjoining hama province in the last 3 days. in the u.s. 5 people have been killed in a shooting at a brewery in while walking according to police reports the gunman took his own life he's been identified as a 51 year old employee of the brewery. heavy rains have triggered severe flooding in western and northern colombia officials say at least 8 people are dead and 12 are missing after mudslides left a trail of devastation major roads are blocked hampering rescue efforts. the
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death toll from religious riots in the indian capital delhi has risen to $32.00 police say sporadic violence has continued in the aftermath of the unrest that left northwestern parts of the city badly scarred the clashes broke out earlier this week between thousands protesting for and against a new citizenship law riot police and paramilitaries have been deployed in the affected area let's bring in missions as well from delhi for more on the story behind them isha what is the situation like in delhi today. it's already the situation continues to be tense there aren't the shocking visuals of running dry it's that people seeing coming out of the location on monday and tuesday and so it has been carmel yesterday the police took out a massive flag marches through the area to reassure people that there is police presence but once again in the evening we heard reports of targeted violence against muslims the death toll has risen over the last day and reports say that it
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could be much higher going forward there's a lot of fuel in muslims not only living in the neighborhood but in other parts of the league as well as that are rumors flying around of mob trying to attack muslim neighborhoods but it's also heartening to see that there are other me of the hoods where hindus and muslims are taking our peace marches together to say that they have will stand against such violence and they're also save spaces and and and and shelter being offered to muslims who are trying to flee from their neighborhoods which is also happening so the situation will have to continue being one of the riots and not quite over yet what caused these riots i mean what led to this outbreak of violence we've seen politicians are accused of sparking the rights with inflammatory speeches is that true. well definitely assume the 1st attacks have not been documented so we're not exactly clear what was the 1st thing that provoked the drives but one piece of information that has been coming out is that there was a blue chip people edition of the g.o.p.
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leader who had come out in front of police threatened to protest those against the citizenship law saying that if the police doesn't clear them he will take matters into his own hands now a deadly hot of the delhi high court has called for the police to take action against other political hate speech me good me because this is not new and hate speech has been spiking from the ruling b.g.p. and this has also of course been the cause of concern because this is now it looks like i'm going to do instances a while and but of course once again. and the opposition is calling for the homeowners to step down that's the lot of criticism of the g.o.p. but the party itself has not taken action against these leaders even though the delhi high court has called for such action to be taken right to. reporting from delhi to michigan to talk to you. you're watching news still to come on our show actress helen mirren talks showbiz brags that what it means to be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the berlin international film festival.
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but 1st your secrets might not be a secret as you think if you use what sounds i did i mean use investigation has discovered that private group chats on the messaging app are sometimes private in name only t.w. found that links inviting people to join private whatsapp groups can be a door for anyone to come in if the links were shared publicly on line the whatsapp groups were easily accessible through specific google searches and those groups have not been removed by google but they remain visible in several public internet archives and jordan broke this story he joins us to tell us more hi jordan can explain how this works exactly does this work i mean how can a link that invites me to join a private whatsapp group provide a way for anyone else in if they're using google we'll see ultimately anything that shows online anywhere can be indexed by google so i both google on what's often
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facebook has been very clear about this if a link has been shared anywhere google can see it so i would have a private chat groups what kind of groups are these sort of this all the kind of things you would expect this family and friends groups we found some things which were study groups of school groups of doctors students but there's also been some things that are a little bit more sinister so we found some revenge porn there's a lot of things that are indicating a lot of like illegal pornography on some violent content as well. this is clearly a breach of privacy jordan but explain to us what that what the real danger is here i mean how can this information be used i mean there's 2 points here one of them is that some government groups were found and obviously that could be potentially dangerous information leaks not like the other is we found one group which was in a lot of our country where homophobic killings are quite hard ons once you enter these groups you can see all of the phone numbers which is naturally quite dangerous you know that is dangerous jordan and a serious lapse i mean how have whatsapp and google responded to this. so google is
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essentially just. this is normal behavior so anything that is posted online will be visible what's up of kind of reiterated that but they flipped back a bit 1st they said this was an intentional project decision basically to make it easier to join groups then they've gone and removed all of these searches now so you can't find them so it's kind of unclear and i won't comment further on that what about the fact that what's up is owned by facebook is their c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is is now asking governments to regulate as industry i mean would regulations prevent this type of thing from happening well this is something that i would kind of expect from us because if they get the government to regulate the industry then it kind of takes the responsibility from them to just half like a a moral and ethical decision making process to just protect people so it's a case of maybe there should be government regulation but maybe also companies should just take care of people's privacy and data all right really interesting stuff jordan weldon thank you for sharing your reporting with us thank you. now
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many would say it was her oscar winning performance in the 2007 film the queen that proved helen mirren is acting royalty but she's no one film wonder she has half a century of powerful betrayals on screen and on stage this year marin is being presented with the berlin international film festivals honorary golden bear ward for a lifetime achievement. helen mirren has made a career out of playing strong women often standing up to men. to such a show to lead. thank. you. thank you. but she's a lot more relaxed in real life so what's the secret behind her stellar career as i was very lucky and that was the truth for me but.
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my advice honestly is be on time and don't be an asshole. to anyone at any time that what they are. one of the early roles was in the london gangster flick the long good friday but she was no ordinary gangsters mall this was the early 1980 s. when strong female roles were still a rarity. for many fans a career high was her majestic performance in the queen she won an oscar for her portrayal of elizabeth the 2nd dealing with public anger at the royal family's response to the death of princess diana. despite the quintessential englishness of many of her roles mirren views itself as a european at heart a love to europe and i it was the best thing to me absolutely the best thing that we were now a part of europe as opposed to sort of a weird sort of appendage to america you know which i and never felt comfortable
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with myself. and i will continue to be a european after bricks it you know it's a geographical thing it's a cultural thing it's a language it's everything. and that's why she's especially happy to be receiving the golden bear at this year's barely knowledge it's a great on. coming especially coming from berlin you know this is a very substantial film town mazing history of german film obviously but also. the film audience is notorious or famous let's say for its critical eye but no criticism right now just a celebration of a stellar career that has spanned more than half a century with unique person on this planet makes me feel that i'm out of.
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his team has been years in the making now david back in interim miami will finally play their 1st u.s. major league soccer match this weekend away at los angeles as c. back in as the team's color after a stellar career on the pitch for many major clubs and influence national team back him is getting to grips with a new set of challenges. that he's one of the most recognizable faces in world football david brand and himself but in a career that sent him millions on and off the pitch his biggest challenge may be still to come 7 years after agreeing to launch a new major league soccer team into miami is finally a reality. i must admit over the 7 years there was moments where i doubted where this was going to happen without a doubt it's been the hardest. thing to get up and running you know it was it was a real challenge but it was one that i knew there was going to happen eventually so
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i knew that my stubbornness would get me that. he's needed to be stubborn since beck i'm signed on to the project there have been numerous teething problems this was the vision for the stadium until red tape put those plans on hold the team will play 50 kilometers outside miami for the time being. declan knows the league well he spent 5 years at l.a. galaxy and at the time was m.l.s. is biggest star now he's hoping some of the sport's other top names will follow his path to the u.s. . i mean every team in the world would want a messy or an hour ago and in that same so if we have the opportunity to bring big name players from europe into this into this city into our city then we will do that. back in the spotlight again off but for once it won't be his footballing skills that determine whether this project is a success if there are a coming up next our show conflicts so when that tim sebastian sits down with idle
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alger beer the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs thank you for watching t.v. . entered
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the conflict zone with tim sebastian 16 months of gone by since the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was killed by agents of his own state my guess is as the algebra the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs why are there still so many unanswered questions about the mudra and why the massive crackdown on human rights activists inside saudi arabia conflict and the diesel. next on the most d.w.
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of the 4. they were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies near tools of. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. it describes how to compete for power in traffic plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence. the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time this is the journey back into the history of slavery . i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery
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as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. this was a global operations that it was not authorized we still don't know what happened to the remains of the most shocking colleagues up possible we don't have a history of murdering of citizens 16 months of go by since the saudis. jamal khashoggi was killed by agents of his own state in istanbul but the issue doesn't go away my guest this week here at the munich security conference is. the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs why are there still so.


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