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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is the w.'s life. of the world health organization says we are at a decisive point in the fight against coronavirus. this is not the time for fear. the time for taking action now to prevent infection and save lives now as the number of new infections saul's governments are taking increasingly drastic action to prevent a pandemic. as the tough as it crosses borders experts are warning of another
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problem spreading almost as quickly information the w.h.o. asks social media companies to help counter a flood the fake news of the. british settlement is here in the german capital. to perceive. a lifetime achievement at the 70. first. time for welcome to the program governments around the world are ramping up efforts to contain the coronavirus of the world health organization warns them to prepare for a pandemic new infections outside china now outnumber those inside this map shows the severity of the epidemic around the world the deeper the blue the high of a number of reported cases. china the epicenter of this outbreak is still well out
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in front with more than 78000 recorded infections elsewhere the situation is most serious in south korea iran and italy all together some 50 countries or terraces now have confirmed cases bringing the overall number of cases to more than 82000 and the w.h.o. has issued a new warning to governments everywhere to get ready for a pandemic our message continues to be that this virus has pandemic potential and is providing the tools to help every country to prepare accordingly this is not a time for fear this is a time for taking action know to prevent infections and save lives no say w.h.o. director general speaking in geneva so let's take a look at how people in countries around the world have been reacting to the
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outbreak. the south korean city of daegu has been hit hard by this virus and containment measures are in full swing the streets of being fumigated and medical stuff the collecting samples from people in self-imposed quarantine south korea has the largest number of coronavirus cases outside china and it's desperate to stop those numbers from rising mosques are in short supply with huge lines of places selling. i only have 5 or 6 masks left at home but i think the corona virus outbreak will last till the end of much there's never enough masks and i will certainly need more. data. across the korean stright japan too is getting serious about stopping the virus in its tracks all schools will be closed for next week that means almost 13000000 students will be staying at home. our graduation ceremony is coming up soon so it's quite
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a hectic time of year but most important thing is preventing infections so there's not much else we can do. in the middle east and outbreak in iran is intensifying and sunny by saudi arabia is not taking any chances the kingdom has pilgrims from entering the country and visiting the holy sites in mecca and medina. there's an increased presence of this disease in several countries including those near saudi arabia that increases the risks so protecting pilgrims and the 2 holy mosques and god forbid the sacred sites from the arrival of this disease is very important. the decision will affect muslims worldwide millions travel to mecca during the holy month of ramadan which begins in 4 wakes. also calling on social media companies to help stop the spread of untruths about the
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corona virus outbreak a deluge of information is making it difficult for people to keep themselves properly informed. as the corona virus spreads around the world there's another outbreak going viral misinformation on line from scammers angling for a quick buck to shadowy actors so when chaos manipulators lie in wait. here a website with wild exaggerations of the number of dead and infected false hype from a notorious american white supremacist and another conspiracy theory and the right wing washington times linking the corona virus to china's bio warfare program a rumor rejected by public health scientists. online peddlers are looking to profit from public panic selling products with unproven claims is influenza that is now circling the go so you're saying that silver solution would be effective well
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let's say it hasn't been tested on this strain of the corona virus but it's been tested on other strains of the corona virus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours another site advice is people to ward off the corona virus by drinking chlorine dioxide a form of industrial bleach the u.s. food and drug administration says is dangerous public health experts warn such false claims can cause the virus to spread further and faster distracting people from proven prevention techniques. the world health organization is fighting back putting pressure on social media giants to place reliable sources about the coronavirus higher in search results. and the w.h.o. has launched its own public information task force. there are
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several measures. to protect yourself and others from getting the new coronavirus the appropriate use of math their top counter measure to descend permission is simply putting the truth out there with soap and water or alcohol based. reporter alex forrest why single alex so why board people spread disinformation about something as serious as this well i mean there's the obvious one we saw in that report to make a quick buck buck if you can make a quick sale but i think what's more concerning is how this decision from ation is being used as a political weapon to destabilize governments to destabilize authorities particularly health authorities and spread fear and panic across the world not just this week we heard from u.s. officials saying that there been an increase in russian trolls thousands of russian trolls trying to spread conspiracy theories such as it was the us who were behind
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this coronavirus because they want there to be to inflict economic pain on china all that it was the cia who manufactured it as a biological weapon we've even seen reports that it was the microsoft founder bill gates who is now the billionaire philanthropist who for some reason invented a manufactured this and of course of so in that report also some far right extremists who want to prove that this shows why immigration must be stopped and people shouldn't be allowed into certain countries so it's a whole range of different reasons and what a social media company is doing about this well i think they're very concerned about this becoming now what what we saw there was an info demick so they have been teaming up with governments and with health organizations to try to stop this and last week the w.h.o. the world health organization held a meeting with many of these companies at facebook's h.q. in silicon valley where they tried to work out what they could do and facebook
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today for example when i went on and putting corona virus into my facebook page right at the top you can see that there was a are you looking for more information and a link to in this case the german health minutes. because we're in ballin but it would be wherever you are in the world the same on twitter and even on google in their search engine the 1st thing that's coming up is the w h o website so i think they really trying to prove that they are doing what they can they've employed more fact checkers bot the problem is once that information is out there it's very difficult to pull it back and it's very difficult for it to be removed unless all the users frankly don't to those companies and say you've got to get it off and then it's up to them to do so i would force watson thank you. and of course you can find reliable information about the spread of the corona virus on our website that's the w dot com and that will take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world syrian rebels say they have recaptured a strategic town in northwestern it led province and cut off a key highway just days after it was reopened by the government meanwhile government troops have moved to control almost the entire southern part of it live which is regarded as syria's last rebel strong. demonstrators on the eastern greek islands last boss and have protested for a 4th day against plans to build a new migrant migrant detention centers to replace the existing hopelessly overcrowded camps and civilians the forefront of the e.u. migration crisis for the past 5 years and has tens of thousands of his. british court has ruled in favor of counseling plans to build a 3rd runway at london's heathrow airport though the government approved the project in 2080 vironment of groups have been fighting legal battles against it
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claiming that another runway violate the u.k.'s commitment to the paris plyers agreement. there's been said that oscar winning performance in the 2007 film the queen proved that helen mirren is acting royalty and she's no one film wonder of course with half a century of powerful patrols on screen and on stage this year she's being presented with the burnet international film festivals on or a golden bear award for lifetime achievement. helen mirren has made a career out of playing strong women and often standing up to men. do such a. if you. feel but she's a lot more relaxed in real life so what's the secret behind her stellar career. i was very lucky. and that was the truth for me but.
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my. honestly is beyond time and. to anyone at any time. one of the roles was in the london gangster flick the long good friday but she was no ordinary gangsters mall. this was the early 19 eighties when strong female roles was still a rarity for many fans a career high was her majestic performance in the queen she won an oscar for her portrayal of elizabeth the 2nd dealing with public anger at the royal family's response to the death of princess diana. despite the quintessential englishness of many of her roles in views herself as a european it's hot i love to europe and i it was the best thing to me the
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best thing that we were a part of europe as opposed to. sort of appendage to america you know and never felt comfortable with myself. and i will continue. you know. thing it's a cultural thing. and that's why she's especially happy to be receiving the golden bear at this year's palynology it's a great. coming especially coming from you know this is a very substantial. town mazing history of german film obviously but also. the. audience is notorious famous let's say for its critical eye but no criticism right now just a celebration of a stellar career that has spanned more than half a century. this planet. from
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golden bass to wide today is international pole a bad day. the polar bear copenhagen zoo has marked the occasion by taking its 1st tentative steps outside named it's been holed up and since it was born in december. in the next few weeks to find out whether it's a boy or girl. i here's your 100 top story the head of the w.h.o. says the world is at a decisive point in the fight against corona virus the pathogen is sweeping the globe prompting governments to take increasingly drastic action to prevent to calm down 50 countries or territories now have confirmed cases of cold it might take.
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this is that d w coming up in just a moment business africans with ben facility amongst the stories yemen's coffee renowned for its high quality but amid the country's civil war pharmacist struggling to harvest and sell. the world news of the top of the top wouldn't. touch. it i'm david and this is climate change. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you. smarter for free to go where you go on you to. have fun in. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself.


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