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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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here in germany and in california doctors are now treating people with the corona virus and for the 1st time they say that they have no idea how some of the patients became infected tonight the world health organization says that the fight against the virus has reached a decisive point despite what we don't know the steps we take today will most likely have consequences far beyond tomorrow. this is the day.
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our message continues to be that this virus. we're facing a crisis an epidemic is on its way. stay clean you don't have to necessarily grave every handrail or as you have strokes i mean it's the same as the flu and most of all since the outbreak of infections in europe and germany the situation has worsened considerably. besides the point. also coming up at the berlin film festival alewife time achievement award goes to a woman known as the queen of british cinema. it's helen mirren we did all of the
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act is triple an author and emmy attendee now she can add a cult and that at least that's coming up on the day. to our viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with new cases of the coronavirus that have doctors puzzled in california and here in germany the 1st cases have been reported the people who became infected but not by any known means of trans mission now that is an unsettling new mystery as the world prepares for more corona virus outbreaks germany and california are now reporting as we said the 1st cases of the coronavirus that have no obvious means of transmission today the world health organization said that efforts to stop the virus have never been as important as they are now and this is what we know tonight new infections outside china now outnumber those inside this map it shows the
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severity of the epidemic around the world the deeper the blue the higher the number of reported cases china which is you know ground 0 of the 1st outbreak is still well out in front with more than $78000.00 recorded infections it's followed by south korea iran and italy all together 50 countries and territories now have confirmed cases the overall global total is now and more than 82000 in a moment will go to the w.h.o. coronavirus headquarters in geneva and i'll ask about these new cases of mysterious infections but 1st here is more on the virus that is showing no signs of slowing. the south korean city of daegu has been hit by these virus containment measures are in full swing the streets there are being fumigated and medical stuff and collecting samples from people in self-imposed quarantine. south korea has the most
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number of diagnosed coronavirus cases outside china and it's desperate to stop those numbers from rising mosques are in short supply with huge lines of places selling them. i only have 5 or 6 masks left at home but i think the current virus outbreak will last till the end of much there's never enough masks and i will certainly need more. across the korean strike japan too is getting serious about stopping the virus in its tracks schools will be closed from next week that means almost 13000000 students will be staying at home. graduation ceremonies coming up soon so it's quite a hectic time of year but most important thing is preventing infections so there's not much else we can do. in the middle east and the outbreak in iran is intensifying and so i need by saudi arabia is not taking any chances either the kingdom of pilgrims from entering the country and visiting the holy sites in mecca
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and medina when. there's an increased presence of this disease in several countries including those near saudi arabia increases the risks so protecting pilgrims and the 2 holy mosques and god forbid the sacred sites from the arrival of this disease is very important. the decision will affect muslims well wide millions by the annual pilgrimage to mecca during the holy month of ramadan which begins in 4 wakes. and for more now we want to go to margaret harris of the world health organization she is working with the w h o's coronavirus team in geneva switzerland good evening to you margaret we've got to these new reports here in germany and in the u.s. state of california the the 1st reported cases with no obvious sources of transmission of the virus in other words we don't know how these patients caught the virus what more do you know about that tonight so when you have
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a report saying that the sun has no idea where it came from quite often you find really deep investigation and then this happens quite often weeks later you do find the link so at this stage it's too early to say ok we don't know because there's more to find out so it's not a reason to be alarmed that you can say that this is a a new turn in the corona virus saga no i mean obviously we always like to know where that action came from so we can follow the link follow the causes help contain it but usually we do find sort of longer and deeper conversations generally or sometimes up to investigate some of the people around generally you do find the lines let me ask you the jerusalem post is reporting that israeli scientists will have a coronavirus vaccine available in just 90 days in the newspapers citing
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a government minister in that article can you confirm that tonight. we have heard lots of different reports what we do know is that there are least 4 very good potential bechstein candidates the problem is you need to do extensive testing on human volunteers that tell the people who say yes i willing to have it tested on me to see if it's safe and you need to do that for at least 6 months so even if this promising science and there are some very promising sites around the world that testing needs to be done to make sure it's safe to use on everyone but more isn't it it's troubling though when worrisome isn't it when you have a government ministry in this case israel telling the public that in the span of 3 months a vaccine is going to be ready for the public because that just can't be possible right well i haven't seen the reports and you know you might remember the ministry
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may have saved the can that that scene is good the science is good so sometimes the process does not is misunderstood so until i'd like to see. the the data on that i couldn't give you an opinion either way but you know we know that countries are attacking this virus with different approaches in the united states for example the vice president is now heading america's coronavirus program are you concerned about a politician with no medical training being in charge of a program like this. again these are decisions that different countries make but it is important political engagement in every country because it is the leadership that makes a decision to get on it truly ready 40 so the important thing is to understand that this is going to come to your community and make the decisions you need to make about who's going to look after the sick who's going to bring in the extra health
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care workers who's going to look after the health care workers make sure they've got supplies have you got your largess ready all these ringback things so that the the questions that need to be almost in the us need to be found today not tomorrow or. the w.h.s. marketeer is joining us tonight from geneva switzerland with the latest on the battle against the coronavirus market as always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you. chances are you are watching the day online perhaps on demand or streaming it on social media social media is the same place where misinformation about the virus is spreading the world health organization is calling on social media giants to do more to stop what is being called an inflow demick fake news about covert 19 is dangerous because it can prevent people from getting the facts that they need to protect themselves. as the corona virus
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spreads around the world there's another outbreak going viral misinformation on mine from scammers angling for a quick buck to shadowy actors so when chaos manipulators lie in wait. here a website with wild exaggerations of the number of dead and infected false hype from a notorious american white supremacist and another conspiracy theory in the right wing washington times linking the corona virus to china's bio warfare program a rumor rejected by public health scientists. online peddlers are looking to profit from public panic selling products with unproven claims is influenza that is now circling the go so you're saying that silver solution would be effective well let's say it hasn't been tested on this strain of the corona virus but it's been tested on other strain around of the corona virus and has been able to eliminate it
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within 12 hours another cited by says people to ward off the corona virus by drinking chlorine dioxide a form of industrial bleach the u.s. food and drug administration says is dangerous. public health experts warn such false claims can cause the virus to spread further and faster distracting people from proven prevention techniques. the world health organization is fighting back putting pressure on social media giants to place reliable sources about the coronavirus higher in search results. and the w.h.o. has launched its own public information task force. there are several measures you care about to protect yourself and others from getting the new coronavirus the appropriate use of math their top counter measure to descend
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permission simply put in the truth out there with soap and water or alcohol based and putting the truth in a lot of other things out there to talk about that i'm joined here in the big table by my colleague alex forrest why do you know we just saw a televangelist there jim baker so in part he knows that it's not going to heal people from the coronavirus you why would anyone want to spread misinformation about this virus well that's an example to make a quick buck a bit of money even a preacher but i think what you know is more worrying in this in this case is the fact that it's being used as a political weapon so not just misinformation but this information in so many guises spread across the world to worry people create fear and no trust in governments in authorities particularly healthful sororities so for example we had health officials in the u.s. just this week saying there's been a huge number of russian trolls that have suddenly emerged over social media sites
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and they have been promoting some rather disturbing stories such as for example for the us they were the ones behind the coronavirus because they want to wage economic war on china that it was in fact the sea. the ira because they want they wanted to create a biological weapon or even on the other hand that it was china that created this for the same reason so all these different guises all these different posts out there none of none of them functionally correct but still out there over social media and the internet to think today about facebook we knew things but refuses to turn any political ads away even if they're full of wall is so i'm wondering what are social media companies doing now to control the spread of whines about the rule of one yeah and i think they're very aware that this is become an info demick that they have to do something so just last week they met with the world health organization facebook's head coaches in silicon valley where they tried to come up
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with a strategy and there's no doubt that they have now been trying to promote factual content on the front of of their site so for example i was on facebook today and this came up i typed in corona virus at the very top of the post it was asking if i was looking for information and it was linking to the german federal ministry of health and even you know it would be the same and would have a country over him we're obviously live in but even if you just scrolling on facebook you might get a message like this suddenly popping up help prevent the spread of corona virus with some information about what you can do it on twitter it's similar google it's them if you put in the search the 1st thing it often pops up his information from the world health organization and also all these sites particularly facebook are using more fact checkers at the moment that all looks and sounds good but we have to remind people unfortunately that once something is put on social media once it's
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on the internet it's there forever it is and of course these posts end up skipping platforms so you may decide your facebook take it down but it appears on twitter on to whatever it is and then the whole process starts again somebody could take. they can then share some private messaging such as well facebook messenger and remember these social media sites rely on people like you all make to flag out the posts that aren't official posts they then decide whether they should be taken down on them and so it goes on and on and on just like the virus at least for the moment it's always the reporter. it was one week ago when a far right extremist with a gun killed 9 people from germany's immigrant community in the telling of honey he also shot dead his mother before killing himself today german lawmakers were briefed on the investigation in
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a special session of the parliamentary home affairs committee it cheerier minister horse does a whole for calling the killings the latest in a trio of 4 right terrorists in an open letter to germany's chancellor representatives of germany's immigrant communities politicians to do more against right wing extremism and racism they stress the lack of ministers with an immigrant background in the german government they say a fundamental debate about racism needs to take place in german society that in my mind that this could have happened to my brother my family my friends it could have happened to hundreds thousands or millions of immigrants or racialized individuals the message was very clear there is no safe place anymore in germany what is. the home affairs committee met thursday with national security chiefs to discuss the what's hack this is spectator appears to have acted alone the committee discuss possible stricter gun ownership laws the alleged attacker held illegal permit for
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his weapons. who did he turn to was there anything unusual the authorities knew but. in cases like this do we not have to make sure that the gun permit is withdrawn if there are reasonable doubts about high stable about person is. there was cross party agreement that german society needs to do more to tackle racism. security risk for the population is extremely high and there's a lot of uncertainty and there are simply people in this country who are afraid and this country this state the federal government needs to react decisively to that germany's immigrant communities are clear about one thing words alone will not be enough. i would join me now the big table is patrick symmes working as a member of the german parliament and he's a member of the committee on internal affairs the committee that had that special meeting today it's good to have you back on the show so what can you share with us
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from that meeting so after all it's quite clear that this is something that is a racist try him it's not just an ill person of course he is somebody who is doing such a crime must be mentally ill but he is a racist but he planned it he planned where he wanted to shoot people with a meager and background so this is a racist try and our minister of home affairs pointed out the very clear was there a sense of a warm in the meeting you know hoarsely over the countries in syria minister so you're saying that this is the latest in a bloody line a big stream used crimea what was your what was the bit like in the media yes of course we were shocked we were shocked when we when we saw this crime and we're still trying to find out their connection to other people diddy a planet the crime alone or maybe he had a connection or access to
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a network maybe in the internet so we'll look in to the background what kind of gun . he used to use this one gun that's called a cheska known with this type of gun also in the. killing so we're trying to look at all direction to find out what's behind this investigators they say that the gunman was part of a radical wired far right community online i mean you told me last week that fighting radicalization online is probably one of the hardest things to do right now that's true it's not like in former times that people meet each other they use the same platforms they go in the same chat groups so we have to get more access to the spaces where they are and then find connections and schemes will be can see a little bit early on when people drift away too to the extreme parts what about the
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criticism is just that police and security forces in germany that they haven't taken the far right extremism threat seriously was that discussed in today's meeting yes it was discussed and i think we have to get more policeman to to fight against right wing crimes and of course we looked in the islamistic. sectoral we looked in the in the left sector we looked in and many other fields but but we also have to look more in the really right extreme extremists part and i'll be doing that can you foresee that that this issue or this topic is going to be a major issue in the election next year of the national election i think it will be because we have a mood in the country that one party of our parties in the parliament if he is pushing it with words and after words that come actions and people are afraid that
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more and more of these crimes will happen in germany we're trying our best that it won't and we're employed. for example more policemen more in the intelligence sector but in the end we have to fight also against these mood this feeling in the society and. the 1st step and then crimes follow you are a member we have to tell or viewers you're a member of the conservative c.d.u. party that's the same party of the german chancellor angela merkel we know your party is now looking for a new chairperson and that chairperson could become a chancellor candidate could become the next chancellor of germany are you willing to endorse a candidate now we've had several announce in the last week. and he named you what you would like to sit through your support behind so we have got 3 good candidates right now i think it will stay with 3 good candidates so in the end of the parties would be happy if they would have just one good candidate like these and we'll see in the next week that these candidates will introduce themselves of course they are
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well known but to the party members and then at the 25th of april i think we'll see who will lead the c.d.u. in the future i have to ask you about friedrich we've talked about him before he once he's announced his candidacy is he in your opinion is he going to be the candidate who can you can get the most political capital out of this situation now and it is there is a call in the country for for more rule of law and for sure enough the police for example i don't know because all of the 3 candidates have got lots of experience and they know that integration bringing the society together is the most important thing of course we have to. fight against the right extreme but also we have to bring people together and that's also important because always business is good to see you and to talk with you thank you.
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well it's been said that her oscar winning performance in the 2007 film the queen proved that helen mirren is indeed acting royalty for now and she's being presented with the berlin film festivals on a very go to their own board for a wife time achievement and she is no one film wonder with half a century of powerful portrayals on screen and on stage. most take the story now to the humphrey and scott you're on the red carpet for us tonight going to be going to you too so we've got this honorary bearer for lifetime achievement for helen mirren what is it about her that makes are so special. yeah. it's sort of helen mirren she's such an iconic figure i mean i can't think of another actress with within range i mean she's the queen of england in the queen and then she makes a fast and furious movie i mean i don't know any other actress who could who could cross those valerie so easily and so effortlessly i mean you saw in the piece and
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in the short clips that we heard from her she often takes her acting or her craft incredibly seriously but just seem to take herself that seriously plus it doesn't hurt that she's actually gorgeous i mean you know just just you know by the by i think she's royal and racy that's how i somehow or other you know she played the queen so memorably in 2006 receiving it off and also if it out before maids apparently queen elizabeth did watch that film as well and despite the fact it wasn't the most flattering depiction of elizabeth the 2nd she said she didn't mind it too much which is perhaps high praise from you know they have to be 5 i wouldn't mind if you paid me today and of course you will need a credible c.v. going for a bad behavior they've never vary from the royal shakespeare company the youngest member you know to playing the queen which we'll see at the film which is being shown tonight i mean as a scot says she's just got this incredible range and she also holds that coveted 3 awards true. it's he of getting the tony as well broadway as one isn't anything i
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work in t.v. series and the oscars we just mentioned now tonight a golden bear and now the golden bear let's talk about the films in competition you saw the latest one the day and i understand that that one was met with silence during the screening. what has to be said it was a fairly side in defense of the game without you i mean it's not a sign of film there's an incredible soundtrack which mostly teaches condition isn't refrigerators but i mean this is of no dialogue no dialogue and it's a film about 2 men who have an encounter one night in bangkok and then drift back into the everyday fairly mundane lives it's a taiwanese story time when his film set in thailand and i think it's fair to say that we just reached a peak on how to show us that we don't take that as a criticism at least not for my side it's some milling you see the director he create he's created this almost this new genre of cinema slow set about these been doing for decades now and it goes against all the conventions of hollywood to get
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through the narrative to get through dialogue and this is this film long slow shots but really invite you to slowly ease yourself into into a film i think that's an amazing achievement and i recommend it but it's a long long slow look ok we've got 20 seconds max interview which do you think is going to win the golden bear the top award ok american film is going to be never really sometimes always allies and it meant phenomenal movie about abortion on going forward. we'll see you tomorrow.
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enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian 16 months of gone by isis a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was killed by agents of his own state's largest news i will i'll just read the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs while there's still so many unanswered questions about the murder and more of the massive
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crackdown on human rights activists inside saudi arabia conflicts of the will of the saudi minister mom d.w. the for. bread the real talent resides. i come from get lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 pieces of blood not just democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations i am a consensus. the television the book is fried chicken the names onto the floor of the funny one i remember thinking at the time if the bomb in broken hill was anything to happen to seem to come together and unite for a full length but i do the news i often confronted the situation with more conflict between disaster and i see to sponsor my child to confront was does on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most congo to security
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marshall nicely assumes. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be accountable solutions my name is on me and i work at a downhill. slope. stay up to date don't miss our highlights w. program online w. dot com highlights. look closely. placed carefully and don't love assume the least to be a good. place to discover the. place.
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subscribe to my documentary on you to. play . this is g w news wire from berlin tonight the world health organization says we are at a decisive point in the fight against the. this is an alt a time for free is. a time for taking action no to prevent infection use and save lives.


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