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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a dramatic escalation in syria more than 30 turkish troops are killed in an air raid launched by president assad's forces in the northwest now turkey is vowing to retaliate putting on iran a potential collision course with syria's backers in moscow. also coming out south koreans rushed to protect themselves against a coronavirus as officials report another huge jump in cases infections are increasing they're faster than anywhere else. plus reigning olympic swimming champion swim yang is banned from the sport for 8 years after breaking anti-doping
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worlds and today is the final day of screenings at the 70th berland film festival in s.f. and scott wrecked roxboro are down at the red carpet. billing all of closes its 2020 competition with a pair of powerful political movie spin cambodian documentary radiated the rain in film there is no evil that's coming up later in the show. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us nato has condemned a syrian air strikes that killed turkish troops in the northwest of the country the alliance held an emergency session today as tensions mount between turkey and the russian backed syrian government is vowing retaliation after syrian forces killed at least 33 turkish soldiers in an airstrike it is also calling for an
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international no fly zone to protect its lives a civilian population a further military action threatens to put ancora on a collision course with moscow. a major escalation in dozens of texas troops dead the wounded taken back to turkey for treatment. of result of the airstrikes $33.00 soldiers are martyred. none of our wounded soldiers who are being treated in hospital are in critical condition. rest in peace. turkey's response was swift turkish officials are released footage showing their retaliatory strikes saying they have fired on all known syrian government targets. meanwhile takesh officials say that opening the borders to the millions of syrian refugees who want to go to europe reversing a pledge turkey made to the european union and 2016. and near the turkish greek
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border refugees are ideal waiting to cross into your. i heard the news and that's why i came. i want to go to europe. on the way for over $22.00 and a half hours. we were living in istanbul we want to go to greece the international community is scrambling to respond to these developments with the fate of these refugees still unknown. let's get more on the story now we can speak to military analyst pavel felgenhauer in moscow and correspondent yulia han in istanbul good to have you both yulia let's start with you there what more can you tell us about the latest developments. well we've seen a number of clashes that between takesh and russian backed syrian regime forces in
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recent weeks and it led but from what we understand this airstrike a yesterday has caused the largest death toll for turkey in a single day since it 1st intervened in syria 4 years ago now turkey has been retaliating against syrian regime positions that's according to the presidential palace in there has been a national security meeting last night chaired by present themselves this gives you an idea of just how serious of an issue this is for turkey so there are no signs of backing down here from remember the present add on has given damascus a deadline to retreat to previously agree cease fire lines in the it live by the end of the months which is today or tomorrow there has been also a phone call as we understand between present to everyone and present protein with no immediate outcome they have reportedly agreed on setting up a top level meeting sooner or later but considering the situation on the ground
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right now there are no signs that bush will back down that he will retreat so it's safe to assume that we are going to see rather more confrontation than less in the coming days so the situation in puzzle let's come to you in moscow now as we just heard there has apparently been this phone call between presidents area one and putin talking about the need to normalize the situation but at the same time russia is very clearly supporting the syrian government here is also sending additional warships to the region what message is moscow sending. well the message from moscow is be the same for the last. moments maybe a bit more and this is not the course the 1st time there. was you know where on the phone. from moscow saying that they had no terrorists threat and that
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egypt should be dealt with and who is a terrorist they would decide the said together with the asset government and anyway this is a sovereign syrian territory and the syrian government internet which they believe is the legal syrian government or us that is free to do what it wishes on its own territory and should not be opposed by outside turkish forces so that's a guy so it's a basically state that would draw a patently in the talks that continued for some time between our russian answer to shed spares russian rules of new maps were put forward for redrawing the soco the escalation zone to take into account the late the successes of the syrian arab army the s.s. forces so cut a much smaller the area they don't not do not control the most likely leaving
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a bit at that there is border still without the mostest control but these are all those are not good enough for the turks ok so you see i want to come back to you to ask you about the hundreds of thousands of people who are on the move here not just only fleeing the fighting in italy but also those refugees who are in turkey heading towards europe what does all of this mean for them. well 1st of all the hundreds of thousands of refugees currently stuck in it live near the turkish border staying there in the overcrowded refugee camps and the very very horrible conditions that these people for the time being will remain there because it because turkey has not opened its borders for these refugees what you also mentioned are refugees that are apparently currently on the move here in turkey towards europa turkish official told reporters last night that turkey will no
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longer be able to stop the 4000000 refugees residing in cite turkey already from trying to reach europe and to we are seeing the consequences of this now there are t.v. images of people gathering at takis land border with greece and bulgaria people trying to move to the greek islands in boats and these of course are pictures that will cause quite some concern in europe they might also force europe to act when it comes to bring our correspondent yulia han in istanbul and our in moscow thank you both for joining us. here in germany the health ministry has confirmed almost 60 cases of the coronavirus that is a significant jump from just 16 at the beginning of the week at least 57 countries or territories have reported cases of the virus a short while ago authorities confirmed the 1st death of a british citizen a man who had been quarantined aboard a cruise ship anchored off japan south korea has seen
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a sharp rise with more than 300 new infections bringing the total there to more than 2000 nigeria has registered the 1st case of the virus in subsaharan africa and iran which has seen the largest number of deaths outside china called off friday prayers in some major cities in a bid to stem the spread of the virus let's take a closer look now at south korea where as we've seen infections have shot up sharply authorities there are struggling to keep the illness from racing further out of control fears over the virus are also putting a damper on the country's pop music industry. snaking around the block queuing up for face masks south korea has the highest number of coronavirus cases i cite mainland china this store is packed with people trying to get their hands on masks nearby the streets are almost empty as the general public take precautions but he would do what works for a welfare organization but it has shut its doors for the time being and says it will remain so until the corona virus outbreak has subsided so i have to find
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another place to work but i'm finding that difficult because of the outbreak. my university is forcing me to go home who i've only been here for a week so i mean better than nothing but i'd rather not go back one woman square here in the center of the south korean capital seoul usually it functions as a hub of activity including cultural events and rallies demonstrations and public yeah the rings here of been banned schools museums theaters and sports. all suspended operations as the government tries to the spread of. and that government is now coming under increasing pressure. and the cape scene is also taking a hit megastars b.t.s. have canceled 4 of their so-called search due to the i agree they're the biggest boy band in the world right now i understand as an emblem of south korea's cultural
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and economic power the country exports entertainment world white abroad to south koreans and people from other region countries say they're facing discrimination as a result of the virus. i wish people around the world will come to realize that the problem is with the spread of the virus itself. and that it has nothing to do with asians in general. sometimes it's the. hospitals in south korea are stepping up their efforts to contain the virus as the continues to affect more and more countries around the world. global markets are heading for their worst week since the financial crisis in 2008 investors are ditching risky assets on fears that the coronavirus could trigger a global recession germany's dax plummeted by more than 5 percent in morning trading asian markets closed down on friday with the nikkei index ending the week
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almost 10 percent lower u.s. markets took a dramatic tumble on thursday after the world health organization warned the epidemic was now at a decisive point. let's catch up now and some other stories from around the world one of hong kong's most high profile entrepreneurs has been arrested on charges of illegal assembly and intimidation the pro-democracy media tycoon is accused of taking part in a band anti-government march that took place in august 2 veteran pro-democracy activists were also arrested. indian police have arrested more than 500 people following religious riots in the capital delhi that claimed at least 38 lives clashes broke out early this week over a new citizenship law that is widely viewed as anti muslim. the city of prague has renamed the square in front of the russian embassy after murdered russian opposition leader boris nemtsov the squares renaming marks the 5th anniversary.
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shooting death in moscow. teenage climate activists gratitude bird has appeared at a rally in the english city of bristol where she denounced politicians for failing her generation she told a rally attended by thousands that she would not quote be silenced while the world is on fire. to the u.s. now where african-american voters will become the focus of attention want to when the race for the democratic presidential nomination turns to south carolina this weekend aleksandr phenomena traveled to the state to meet some of the voters will be helping decide who takes on president trump later this year. i typical southern breakfast in a church in the city of north charleston and one brown is one of the religious leaders gathered here there are eager to hear from the democratic candidates about how they intend to address issues important to their communities their community are sure there are 3 main issues that are folks that we're focused on health care
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economics and education and if you're not speaking to those issues how can you reasonably expect our people to come out in full frame was some don't seem happy with what they've heard so far i am a supporter. but. joe biden has not. engage. in young folks we need to come together in the unified front and have the best candidate to move forward in south carolina african-americans are a force to be reckoned with they make up almost 30 percent of the state's population and the majority of the democratic electorate but that doesn't mean that black voters are a monolithic bloc while older flick an american seem to back former vice president joe biden younger voters who hope for wheel change prefer more progressive candidates and music born in downtown charleston bennie starr is
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a hip hop artist starting his career he says he found many doors closed only because he's black that's why he's become politically active ideas that aren't seen as progressive. as viable to us because we're living in a time now where the wages are going up it's harder and harder and harder to get the things we need just or a basic level and that doesn't mean the majority of black voters are. just struggling right. but we can feel the struggle we know the struggle because of our experience and it's very close to us. one benny star takes us to an egg the bishan devoted to his 2nd album a water album climate change is an important topic of his songs and an issue he bonded over with candidate senator elizabeth warren found to be extremely thoughtful stream we empathetic and willing to listen willing to listen in
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a way willing to learn or willing to learn new things because he doesn't have the lived experience of black people right. there and one brown is still on the side of home to support we meet him again in his church preparing meals for people in neat his main concern while the candidates keep their promises once they win the nomination i don't see any of the candidates coming to to talk this to me or the people in this community and so will come will drop in to solicit all these votes get the crowd riled up for the primary on saturday and they will never see it again what they want to see in south carolina is a candidate who doesn't forget them and whose policies speak to the people here. you're watching news still to come on our show serving up a tree after a 7 year restoration dressed in from paris to reopen the doors of its old masters
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gallery to the public. streets. but 1st the court of arbitration for sport has found chinese swimmer son yang guilty of a serious doping offense and that he destroyed his own blood samples in 2018 the reigning olympic champion will now be banned for 8 years for breaking anti-doping roles most likely bringing an end to the 28 year old's international career. assuming young says he's innocent and the guilty verdict handed down by the court of arbitration for sport is unfair the chinese olympic swimming champion plans to appeal the decision to quote let more people know the truth the truth is young destroyed blood samples after testing authorities visited his home in 2018 young justification for doing so was based on the fact that some of the testers did not have proper accreditation young was supported by pheno the international governing
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body for swimming who agreed the test was invalid but the anti-doping agency wada disagree and claim that destruction of samples is a form of tampering the court of arbitration for sport agreed with wada benny young for the maximum 8 years the athlete fails to establish that he had a compelling just if occasion to destroy his sample collection containers it was not for the athletes to decide alone but then i don't think tests shall be invalidated shyness would mean association continue to support young in his version of events despite the guilty verdict but for now china's greatest swimmer is out for 8 years a lifespan for many athletes and his peer australia's mac horton who refused to share the podium with young at the world championships has been vindicated for the stance he took in 2019. 0 it is it's insulation but it.
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all right over to the berlin international film festival now belinelli where our correspondents i'm in s.f. and scott roxboro are down at the red carpet with the latest for us hi guys today you saw the last screenings of films in competition tell us a bit more about that. well the 1st one we saw this morning was a radiated cambodian documentary which is a kind of abstract collage of images of war the devastation of 4 it focuses on 2 things the nazi holocaust and also the atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki in japan by the u.s. military it really shows a lot of these images some of the images that you have probably already seen from the holocaust and it's overlaid with french poetry to voices that are talking about evil a very hard film to get through i might say and it's by cambodian director richie pun who himself was born in cambodia and had to flee flee the camaro rouge and go
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to paris and became a filmmaker there so a very political film to start off the day with and the the other film is just as political and also just as personal it's in a rainy and film there is no evil from mohamed. and this film it's interesting because just also how it was made. has been banned from filmmaking in iran he's actually been given a one year prison sentence for suppose a crimes against the state so he had to make this film entirely in secret and he did it by making this for short films and then combine them into one into one movie and submitting all his applications to the state in secret to using other people to do it for him the film itself though is a very direct look at iran and. how it is possible to live a moral life and then more in the moral society i think it's going to have a huge impact on people when it airs tonight at the premier all right well as
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bonnie now is wrapping up you've had 9 days of films and stars and parties and what have been your personal highlights. you think i have time to go to parties who have been watching films like i got a party for you go tell it on the corner i'll talk about the films that you know i for me the highlight was this film down the tosh it came out of a. very controversial which we saw together hard film to get through so i don't know if i would use the word highlight but maybe the most traumatic experience later turned into something that i'm glad i had the film comes out of a very controversial project where russian director in the occurs and off ski made a replica set of a soviet era research institute in the ukraine and hired actors to stay there for up to 3 years and play the role sometimes without the cameras rolling so watching this film was somehow between a theater play a film a reality t.v. show an experience a nightmare and i think it really achieved something that i had never seen in film before so i'm going to say that's my yeah they're very very powerful but very very
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disturbing i mean just quickly the parties there was an amazing party for a british movie about a pakistani british rapper called a mogul moakley playing a panorama phenomenal night but that's not really that that artistic experience for in terms of the films that we're showing here i pick a film out of competition which really blew me away it's a documentary about a pig called good into the pig and the movie and it's an amazing feat for a documentary because although it's a wildlife documentary if you know voiceover no music just the sound of the pigs and this couple chickens and a couple of cows and you spend an hour and a half with these animals and it's phenomenal it's beautiful it's funny it's heartbreaking definitely my pick of the festival ok that one's out of competition there are 18 films in competition you guys have seen all of them which ones do you think will win the golden bear. well as i said
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on the top of was my highlight i don't think it will win the golden bear i don't know we might have a jury here that's willing to go the extra step and nominate a very controversial film but i think the film that we saw today iranian film there is no evil kind of checked all the boxes very political the courage of the filmmaker to make a few. like this and still be in iran where he can't leave that mixed with just his another film that's his classic kind of storytelling almost like a greek tragedy it was powerful i think the audience really liked it if it doesn't win the golden bear might win the audience award so i'm going to go with that one you know i think that's actually really good pick but i go for another one i think you can be the 1st time in 20 years when you see an american filmmaker when here in berlin my pick will be never rarely sometimes always by allies a hit man a very sort of small delicate movie about a young girl a teenager trying to get an abortion without a parent's permission who travels over a state borders with her cousin to try and get the nomination it's sounds like it
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will be politically polemic it isn't it's a very delicate story that's really quietly devastating and i think again the combination of a political subject matter a really great movie and also i think also a female director could could put this one over the top but of course we'll see tomorrow when the awards are handed out right we'll see how those picks hold up scott roxboro and i mean as if at the red carpet thank you both. now rafael's tintoretto and are some of the names associated with one of dresses best known art collections the old masters gallery but for 7 years in museums has been closed for restoration now it will reopen its doors to the public on saturday. the sistine madonna headless in a dressed in living she was part of this billboard the dresden state art collections used while their old masters picture gallery was closed for renovations . now after 7 years of reconstruction and refer bish ments it's
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reopening visitors can expect a journey through european art history. idea was to reclaim the sensuality of these works by allowing people to take a kind of stroll through the centuries represented in the collections on the stock is. a new color scheme helps visitors dive into the past red walls for the italian masterpieces raphael sistine madonna or veteran is a cycle a commission from a rich merchant family with a monopoly on a red pigment from mexican cochineal insects having faded over the centuries this work also needed extensive restoration. then he had people in from in seeing her live various shades of red he used to be from a radiant warm red to a cherry red in the robes of the soldier before her a vibrant orange in the coat of this writer he said today by doing all of that he was obliging his patron then. and if i told. of the collections
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$28000.00 sculptures $400.00 can now be displayed some close to similarly themed paintings to demonstrate how many painters took inspiration from sculpture. natural light brings the dresden classics alive including kind of let the scene of dresden historic old town it's one of 36 works by the italian painter who depicted 18th century life in stunning detail from this weekend visitors can once again admired these masterpieces interest. our minder now of our top story that we're following here on new. authorities in south korea are racing to contain the spread of corona virus amid a sharp jump and infections more than 2300 cases have now been confirmed in the country the highest number of cases outside mainland china. coming up next on to give you news asia china silence the doctor the 1st warning warned about
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the corona virus outbreak will meet an activist who says to fight the disease free speech is essential. he responded she has that and much more coming right up on t.v. news asia stay with us. the law.
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in the. cozy isn't it. teal indian designers are turning containers into credit in secret influencing. their big idea is resource efficient and has enough space for everyone. to
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smaller like. in 60 minutes. they were forced into a nameless mass of their bodies near jewels in. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. describes how the greed for power and profit plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence the slave system created the greatest player accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that took her from its very beginnings until this very day she mentioned her game has shaped the most. this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of
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slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. this is it up there there's a shot coming up is a medical strongest war drawing to a close for 2 decades the u.s. has tried to fumble the ball evolved into submission but now they're close to signing a deal with them what would it mean for the other guns who faced violence and death on a daily basis plus. join us silenced the doctor who 1st warned about the outbreak .


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