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this is the deputy news live from berlin and migrants in turkey begin moving towards europe after turkey opens its borders in a reversal ankara says it will no longer block migrants from entering the e.u. the exodus is being fueled by soaring tensions in the region after dozens of turkish troops were killed in a syrian government airstrike also coming up. the coronavirus is crossing borders and creating chaos as global titans of the infection small markets around the world are plummeting to find out just how much damage could be in store for the global economy. and today is the final day of screenings at the 70th birthday in film festival and me in s.f.
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and scott broxburn join us from the red carpet. to belittle it closes its 2020 competition with a pair of powerful political movies spoken about in documentaries or radiated to the reigning film there is no it that's coming up later in the show. i'm of accurate as welcome to the program hundreds of refugees in turkey have begun moving to the country's borders with the e.u. after turkish officials declared they'll not be prevented from crossing into europe greece and vogue area both members of the european union say they're stepping up border controls to prevent the migrants crossing turkey's decision to allow the migrants to leave came after 33 turkish troops were killed in an airstrike by syrian government forces in the region of 8 live. well for more let's bring in
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david correspondence but ray get in brussels and dorian johns in istanbul but i'd like to start with you we've been saying migrants moving towards turkey's border with you in quite substantial numbers today how concerned is the. the commission in brussels is certainly on high alert but officially they say the spokesperson said they expect turkey to stick to its commitments there's no official declaration by the turkish government yet that they will leave the e.u. and all refugee deal and let people just go and we heard from the turkish ministry that this is also not the case the only room was that especially in turkey and the euro commission says as long as the new rules we stick to the official line but in any case they you would be prepared if the borders would be opened and i'm
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we have vivid and present specifically said that the deal is over but what's the feeling there from turkey is that a deal all that stuck out. well you're right there hasn't been any official announcement of the ending of this deal although the spokesman of turkey's ruling party the a. chilling said that they were opening the borders but only for 72 hours now on the ground we understand there's been widespread reports of took your forty's have been facilitating the refugees to get to the border he's been providing free buses and buses so the greek carry in boulder and buses 2 crossing points on the they bring sea between turkey and greece all efforts i think to put pressure on europe now this isn't seen as necessary the ending of the deal but this is seen as a warning to europe or is serious in its threat that if it doesn't get the support it wants over syria it is prepared to use the refugee card against europe in many
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ways i think this is seen as a final message a warning that is serious about its for it burn and die and we'll come back to moments of play stay with us but 1st a look at what prompted the turkish decision to open the border with europe the heavy fighting in syria's province. a major escalation and dozens of texas troops dead their wounded taken back to taki for treatment. of result of the airstrikes $33.00 soldiers are martyred. none of our wounded soldiers who are being treated in hospital are in critical condition. this martyrs rest in peace. turkey's response was swift turkish officials released footage showing their retaliatory strikes saying they have fired on all known syrian government targets. hoping for a u.
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and nato support in this are they going to get it. well turkey will. get some money from the un that's for sure if they prolonging the 4 year old refugee deal but with nato are not so sure nato is split down in the middle you have to know when it comes to turkey because turkey's operating on the syrian soil and nato is saying this is illegal on the other hand the nato ambassadors also already declared today that this attack by the syrian army of cause is not ok and they call on syria and russia to hold the aggression and nato secretary general. back did not offer any concrete and you have for turkey so far let's have a listen to a bit more of what you and stoltenberg said today in brussels. nato allies provide support for turkey today we all dement their air defenses we have
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a works plane helping to patrol the skies and we also have port to be sits on the support in all the ways but allies are constantly looking into what more they can do to provide further support for turkey and just a meeting we had today a sick clear demonstration of nato saluted to an expression of support from all the nato allies to our nato ally turkey. while support but nothing concrete there from . 90 darrien turkish president and russian president vladimir putin have spoken on the phone today they say they now want to meet in person as soon as possible how likely is it that they can hide down these tensions. well if anyone can do it it can be the. putin now these 2 men even though they have been backing rival sides in the syrian civil war have built up a very strong relationship by agreeing to work together to bring an end to the
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conflict as there was an understanding that it was in both countries interests now that personal chemistry that is widely believed to exist between the 2 men has facilitated a far greater deepening of relations between the countries much to the alarm of nato but this situation if you need is seen as the greatest test for this new relationship and it's very unclear how it can be resolved given that moscow is unequivocal in its backing of the damascus is offensive into it its effort to retake the whole of this province and encore is equally strong saying it will not let that happen and we have the major flashpoint go on this weekend with turkey's ultimatum saying if the market forces don't with it will launch an offensive to force them to withdraw this is a major flash when it's unclear whether turkey will carry out that threat this weekend before meeting between one and putin but if that meeting does take place it is seen as key to resolving these tensions one way or another and ultimately possibly the way the syrian civil war will end itself daryn johns for us at reagan
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in brussels thanks very much for your insights. the world health organization says there is now a very high risk of the corona virus spreading globally speaking at a daily press briefing the head of the w.h.o. warns that the virus could reach most if not all countries in the world the w.h.o. says the increase in cases and countries affected is worrying and that much of the global community doesn't have measures in place to contain the virus. here in germany the country's health minister has confirmed almost 60 cases of the virus that's a significant jump from the 16 at the beginning of the wake at least 57 other countries or territories have reported cases of the virus as well a short while ago authorities confirmed the 1st death of a british citizen a man who had been quarantined aboard a cruise ship anchored off japan south korea has seen a shop rise with more than $500.00 new infections bringing the total lead to more
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than $2300.00 nigerian has registered the 1st case of the virus in sub-saharan africa and iran which has same the largest numbers of deaths outside china called off friday prayers in some major cities in a bid to stem the spread of the virus. well let's take a closer look now at south korea where as we've seen infections have shot up shop play all far he's there struggling to keep the illness from rising further out of control fears over the virus are also putting a dampener on the country's pop music industry. snaking around the block queuing up for face masks says korea has the highest number of coronavirus cases i cite mainland china this store is packed with people trying to get their hands on masks nearby the streets are almost empty as the general public take precautions pretty much what the group will work for a welfare organization but it has shut its doors for the time being and says it will remain so until the corona virus outbreak has subsided so i have to find
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another place to work but i'm finding that difficult because of the outbreak. and then. my university is forcing me to go home who i've only been here for a week so i mean better than nothing but i'd rather not go back one woman square here in the center of the south korean capital seoul 'd usually functions as a hub of activity including cultural events and rallies but demonstrations in public yeah the rings here have been banned schools museums theaters and sports venues have all suspended operations as the government tries to stem the spread of 19 and that government is now coming under increasing pressure. and the cape scene is also taking a hit megastars b.t.s. have cancelled 4 of their so-called searched you to i break they're the biggest boy band in the world right now i and are seen as an emblem of south korea's cultural
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and economic power. the country exports entertainment worldwide abroad to save koreans and people from other region countries say they're facing discrimination as a result of the virus. i wish people around the world will come to realize that the problem is with the spread of the virus itself. and that it has nothing to do with asians in general. sometimes it's the. hospitals in south korea are stepping up their efforts to contain the virus as the rate continues to affect more and more countries around the world. and back here in germany the health ministry says the world's biggest travel say the international tourism fair oh i see baby to be held here in berlin starting next week shouldn't take place that's according to a report in the german tabloid built a spokesperson for the itay bay says a decision on whether to cancel the fare has not yet been made it would be the 1st
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major event in germany cancelled due to the virus and from all i'm joined by new financial correspondent chelsea to leonie at the frankfurt stock exchange chelsea thanks for joining me eva the i.t.v. really is cancelled how much of an economic shock that they. will so obviously be very painful for ferber lamb and particularly for the industries that service that fair and benefit from it so. hotels other tourism industry things and this could also have a pick and parked on the airlines that have already seen a wave of cancellations but it could also have a signaling a fact and sort of imply that there will be other epic cancellations throughout germany we're already seeing this at an international level and switzerland today they cancelled the geneva international auto show which is a huge source of tourism for a lot of the for that for that city but i think it public health officials are
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really struggling with this question of how do you deal with that of outbreak and we'll see more of these. when the worldwide financial impact of the corona virus outbreak is spreading just as much as the virus is and global markets are heading for the worst week since the financial crash in 2008 invest as ditching risky assets on fears that the coronavirus could trigger a worldwide recession germany's dax plummeted by more than 5 percent in morning trading asian markets closed well down on friday with the nick i index ending the week almost 10 percent lower and u.s. markets continued a dramatic tumble on thursday the dow suffered its worst one day drop in history. and it's bring chelsea to lenny back in at the french frankfurt stock exchange so why exactly is the coronavirus heating these financial markets so hot and. well i think for investors this is really a global risk if this does become
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a tent america it could really impact such a wide variety of businesses as they could it is it leads to more shutdowns that businesses that could disrupt supply chains that could lead to consumers not wanting to go out and spend money that could all have a significant financial impact on the global economy a lot of a lot of economists today are talking about a global recession but i think there's also the spread of cases outside of china has really caught a lot of investors off guard and that's why we're seeing such a dramatic market reaction this week because investors had really thought this this virus that its economic impact were going to be contained within china and that's turned out to be very very untrue and they're having to really reassess. their and entire market portfolio at this point. chelsea delaney speaking to us from the frankfurt stock exchange thanks very much. let's turn now to some of the other
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stories making news around the world muslims in india's capital new delhi held friday prayers under heavy security after a week of deadly violence the religious riots have claimed at least 38 lives broke out early this week over a new citizenship lol that's widely viewed as anti muslim. to news is new government has been sworn in else to winning a vote of confidence in parliament the backing for a prime minister has fox fox cabinet ended more than 4 months of political wrangling since the election the coalition includes parties from across the political spectrum continues to disagree on major policy issues. the city of prague is renamed a square in front. russian embassy after the murder of murdered russian opposition leader barson and solve this quiz re naming marks the 5th anniversary of them self's death by shooting in moscow. a teenage climate activist predator in burgers appeared
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a rally in the english city of bristol where she denounced politicians for failing her generation she told the rally which was attended by thousands that she would quote not be silenced while the world is on fire. now to the u.s. where african-american voters will become the focus of attention when the race for the democratic presidential nomination turns to south carolina this weekend deputy correspondent alexandra phenomena traveled to the state to meet some of the voters who will be helping decide who takes on president trump later this year. for. a typical southern breakfast in a church in the city of north charleston and one brown is one of the religious leaders gathered here there are eager to hear from the democratic candidates have about how they intend to address issues important to their communities their community are sure there are 3 main issues that affect that we're focused on health care economics and education and if you're not speaking to those issues how can you
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reasonably expect our people to come out and vote for you worse some don't seem happy with what they've heard so far i am a supporter. but but but. joe biden has not. engage millennial and young folks we need to come together in the unified front and have the best candidate to move forward in south carolina african-americans are a force to be reckoned with they make up almost 30 percent of the state's population and the majority of the democratic electorate but that doesn't mean that black voters are a monolithic bloc while older american seemed to back former vice president joe biden younger voters who hope for real change prefer more progressive candidates and music born in downtown charleston benny star as a hip hop artist starting his career he says he found many doors closed only
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because he's black that's why he's become politically active ideas that aren't seen as progressive. as viable to us because we're living in a time now where the wages are going up it's harder and harder and harder to get the things we need just for a race like level and that doesn't mean the majority of black voters are. just struggling right. but we can feel the struggle we know the struggle because of our experience. it's very close to. the one benny starr takes us to an exit bishan devoted to his 2nd album a water album climate change is an important topic of his songs and an issue he bonded over with candidate senator elizabeth warren found her to be extremely thoughtful extremely empathetic and willing to listen willing to listen in a way willing to learn or willing to learn new things because he doesn't have the
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lived experience of black people right. and one brown is still on the side of home to support we meet him again in his church preparing meals for people in neat his main concern while the candidates keep their promises once they win the nomination i don't see any of the candidates coming to talk this to me or the people in this community and soul will come they'll drop in to solicit all these votes get the crowd riled up for the primary on saturday and they will never see it again what they want to see in south carolina is a candidate who doesn't forget them and whose policies speak to the people here. the court of arbitration for sport has found chinese women sonia and guilty of a serious doping offense in that he destroyed his own blood samples in $28.00 taking the reigning olympic champion will now be banned for 8 is for breaking
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anti-doping rules most likely bringing an end to the 28 year old international career. soon young says he's innocent and the guilty verdict handed down by the court of arbitration for sport is unfair the chinese olympic swimming champion plans to appeal the decision to quote let more people know the truth the truth is young destroyed blood samples after testing authorities visited his home in 2018 yon's justification for doing so was based on the fact that some of the testers did not have proper accreditation young was supported by thena the international governing body for swimming who agree the test was invalid but the anti-doping agency wada disagree and claim that destruction of samples is a form of tampering the court of arbitration for sport agreed with wada banning young for the maximum 8 years the athlete fails to establish that he had a compelling just if occasion to destroy his sample collection containers it was
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not for the athletes to decide alone that and i don't think tests shall be invalidated shine a swimming association continue to support young in his version of events despite the guilty verdict. but for now china's greatest swimmer is out for 8 years a life span for many athletes and his peer paul stretches back horton who refused to share the podium with young at the world championships has been vindicated for the stance he took in 2090. as it has over to the berlin international film festival now a date of any correspondence i'm in s.f. and scott rocks for a down at the red carpet thanks for joining me today is still the last screenings of films in the competition and you've both had a sneak pe can you tell us some about them well we began the morning with a radiated that's a cambodian documentary film that takes on the destruction of war so it's almost an
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abstract collage almost a museum piece of images from world war 2 world war one it focuses on 2 specifically the holocaust of world war 2 and also the american bombing atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki that ended that war and looks at these images of evil and it's it's kind of hard to get through i think it was maybe a little bit too much of the same images over and over again there's one line in the film where it's narrated by a kind of french poetry and there's one line about criticizing the images of war as being a spectacle and i thought to myself that's kind of what we're watching now a kind of a spectacle of destruction you know i think actually even go further i thought it was more genocidal porn i really thought it was kind of upsetting the way this film . made light of actually in my mind the the actual atrocities it was betraying. quite different in tone is the 2nd film which screened today there is no evil by
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iranian filmmaker muhammad. and this film is quite interesting not just for a subject matter which is about the death pen. in iran and how the regime executes dissidents but also because how it was made because the director is banned from making films in iran's we had to make this film entirely in secret and he did so by sort of tricking the authorities and making for short films using friends of his to apply for the filming permits and then call them the film together afterwards i think it's a very interesting compelling story and will be interesting to see what the jury thinks of it saturday night's awards says in pretty challenging films today but there's been lots on the show 9 days of films and styles and posses and tough job but someone has to do what you want to be but what's been your personal well highlight for me i would like to say it was the time i got to party with johnny depp but of course that didn't happen. part is we're not the highlight for me i'm
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going to have to go the movie on this one and that would be down the tosh this is a very experimental film because it came out of a very controversial project called tao where russian director india christian off build a replica of a soviet era research institute in the ukraine and she hired hundreds of thousands of people to act there to act out their lives as if they were living in soviet russia this is the 1st cinema cinematic film to come out of that the premiere in cinemas follows the story of a woman who works at this research institute as a kind of barmaid and the film was traumatic it was something between reality t.v. happening a social experiment in a film i would say so even though i don't know if it's highlight in the sense of i had the most fun with that i still think it kind of changed me more than the other experiences very very we saw the film together and see is quite impressive experience if nothing else if you want me to mention a party i was at the johnny depp party. that actually was my highlight though i was
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at another party. for mobile mowgli which is a panorama film with pakistani hip hoppers that was my absolute no one film highlight of this year's valladolid got that show it sounds like fun i'm innocent and scott rock's friend thanks very much. and as a reminder of the top stories we're following for you reversing a deal with the e.u. turkey says it will no longer block refugees from entering to europe the exodus is being fueled by soaring tensions in the region after dozens of turkish troops were killed in a syrian government as strike. and the head of the world health organization has raised the risk to the coronavirus warning there's now a very high chance of the virus spreading to in parts of the lloyd's so far at least 57 countries have confirmed cases fears over the virus are intensifying for a global stock sell off. coming up in data of
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the news asia ahead of an unexpected u.s. deal with the taliban on saturday we look at want to afghanistan to going from it. and china silence the doctor who 1st want about the corona virus outbreak will meet an activist who says that he says to fight the disease free speech is essential. and coming up and think of the news and don't forget you can always get data news on the go just download our app from google play also on the app store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the day w app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. thanks very much for watching our banker it is in berlin stay tuned for the day's news asia.
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beethoven is for me. is for. children is for. me to. handle beethoven is for. beethoven is for embryonic by beethoven 2020. the 50th anniversary on d w. they
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were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies near tools of. the history of the slave trade is of africa's history. it just shows how the greed for power and profit plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment. from its very beginnings until this very day she mn traffic has shaped up. this is the journey back into the history of slavery i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history.
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our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on t.w. . this is it up there is asia coming up is america's longest war drawing to a close for 2 decades the u.s. has tried to almost the thought of god into submission but now they're close to signing a deal with them what would it mean for the afghans who faced violence and death on a daily basis plus. china silence the doctor who 1st warned about the outbreak we meet an activist who says to fight the disease free speech is essential .


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