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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is the w's line from migrants in turkey move towards europe opens the border turkish government says it will no longer stop them from entering the e.u. the potential exodus is being fueled by fears of borders turkey strikes back against syria from the deadly gas strike also on the program the world health organization raises its risk assessment for the coronavirus the highest possible level i suppose the don't process the globe you'll hear from the research of wanting to predict radical sufis next. in sports china's limping swimming champion
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just back from 80 years after breaking. time today is the final day off screenings of the seventy's building international film festival i mean a scene from scott rocks from down at the bad cop. well we've seen all the films now it's just up to the jury to pick the top prizes we'll give our tips for which film we think might walk away with the golden bear something political something funny or maybe just something we're find out later in the show. i'm welcome to the program. a turkey has opened its border allowing hundreds of people to move closer to the european union there have been arrivals of points along the land and sea borders with greece refugee boats of arrived on greek
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islands closest to the mainland and groups of people of turned up the land border turkish officials announced they would no longer stop migrants from crossing into europe after dozens of his troops were killed in a syrian government strike a province prompted battalion aid to restructure ankara against syrian targets turkey's decision to open its borders as a fuel fears of revival of the 2015 migration crisis. or a refugee slip under the border fence from turkey to greece when the greek security forces arrive some of them turn around and look for another place to get through. for more and more people have been making their way towards the greek border since late thursday they want to cross into europe and career has made it clear it won't prevent syrians from leaving turkey and heading towards the european union. we heard the border is open we took off right away to come here just in this good is
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this. turkish president richard type decided to open the border late last night as an apparent response to an airstrike that killed 33 turkish soldiers in syria's province in recent months he repeatedly warns the e.u. that he will open his country's western border to refugees if brussels didn't help anchor in its fighting. for weeks syrian troops loyal to president bashar al assad have been attacking turkish backed rebels with russian support in response turkey sent thousands of ground troops to italy province there's been heavy fighting in since last year after thursday's syrian attack on the turkish military anchor our nato for a special session the head of nato has offered verbal backing to nato member ankara and has called for syria to exercise restraint. we also call all new to russia and syria to fully respect international law because we have seen warming over civilian
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targets this latest escalation has again sharon how quickly the war in syria spills across borders escalation is quickly cause ripples far beyond them. let's go to the border then to dublin correspondent julie han is at the edge d.n.a. on the border between turkey and greece where people have been arriving welcome ilya what's going on. well yes i'm right here ad so one of turkey's land border crossings with the agrees during the day many people have a had it here from other parts of turkey basically after they heard news reports that turkey would no longer stop refugees from trying to reach europe people came individually some say they were brought here by buses others told us that smugglers were involved and now people are basically here right behind me in this aboard a zone some say the no man's land between tacky where i am and greets on the other
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side now it's very difficult to say about how many people we're talking we can't really see far into that area but we have talked to other reporters who were here earlier during the day and they sad several 100 people have definitely gathered here during the day and we kept seeing people here actually moving through the surrounding feels towards this border area surprisingly not too many syrian refugees we've talked to afghan people to people from iraq who told us they don't want to stay in taki they want to move on to ward 0 so they are taking this leap of faith by the end of the day it seems there is no way for them to move into greece the border is closed so for people here a lot of uncertainty right now they definitely don't want to go back to turkey
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that's what they told us. out. through the turkish border. well a greek authorities have tightened border controls the security forces here earlier today have been using tear gas basically to keep people away one afghan lady told us that she was beaten that's of course something we can't independently verify but greece has made it pretty clear that they will keep their borders closed the greek prime minister also said illegal crossings will not be tolerated you know all the latest developments for the people here who came here who were hoping they could cross into your robe i mean uncertainty it's sausage raining heavily here it's cold many people will probably have to spend the night here in these temperatures.
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how those opening. fight. well right now at the turkish authorities are basically looking the other way and they know very well what kind of an effect these pictures all of the people on the move a refugee moving towards europe what kind of an effect they have with that european governments now taki the president president ed one is a under a lot of pressure they're in is live with a humanitarian catastrophe right it is border this said direct deadly conflict there with syrian regime forces with moscow as well so now he wants and he needs international support he wants to establish an international no fly zone over syria so for all of this he needs the europeans he needs germany for example he needs of france so what we are seeing now is being widely interpreted as
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a move by taki to increase pressure on the europeans to act and help turkey and it lip. yulia han army on the border between turkey and greece thank you so much. and to the corona virus in the world health organization says there is now a very high risk of it spreading globally and warning that it could reach most if not all countries in the world at least 57 countries or territories have now reported infections or thors as of also confirmed the 1st death the 1st death of a british citizen a man who'd been quarantined aboard a cruise ship anchored off japan south korea has seen a sharp rise in infections with more than $500.00 new cases bringing the total there to more than $2300.00 and nigeria has registered the 1st case of the virus in sub-saharan africa. so let's take a closer look at south korea where as we've seen infections shut up shop play. struggling to keep the illness from racing further out of control fear is also
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putting a damper on the country music industry. snaking around the block queuing up for face masks south korea has the highest number of coronavirus cases i cite mainland china this store is packed with people trying to get their hands on masks nearby the streets are almost empty as the general public take precautions but he would say what are you doing i work for a welfare organization but it has shut its doors for the time being and says it will remain so until the corona virus outbreak has subsided so i have to find another place to work but i'm finding that difficult because of the outbreak. my university is forcing me to go home who i've only been here for a week so i mean better than nothing but i'd rather not go back one woman square here in the center of the south korean capital seoul usually it functions as a hub of activity including cultural events and rallies but demonstrations in
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public yeah the rings here have been banned schools museums theaters and sports venues have all suspended operations as the government tries to stem the spread of covert 19 and that government is now coming under increasing pressure. and the cape scene is also taking a hit megastars b.t.s. have cancelled 4 of their so-called searched you to i break they're the biggest boy band in the world right now i and are seen as an emblem of south korea's cultural and economic power. the country exports entertainment world white abroad to say koreans and people from other reason countries say they're facing discrimination as a result of the virus. i wish people around the world will come to realize that the problem is with the spread of the virus itself. and that it has nothing to do with asians in general. public. hospitals in
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south korea are stepping up their efforts to contain the virus as the continues to affect more and more countries around the world. well as we wait and see where coronavirus goes we could not talk to a professor dirk brockman who is a computational epidemiologist from the institute of theoretical biology a bird in soho both a university is researching clues computer modeling of the spread of infections welcome to d.w. so what does that data tell you will this corona virus outbreak become a pandemic it's certainly going to go on to a global scale in our models predict to diminish lee there was like an outbreak in china and then other countries would be affected and now we're in the 2nd phase where countries like italy and have circulation and so it's very likely that this is going to become a global scale event what are you looking at when you determine when you try to
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work out where it'll spread so one of our main models that we use is it's a computational model that incorporates almost the entire transportation network so that's like 4000 airports 51000 direct connections and all the passengers traveling between these have also during an onset like in china and. then we apply this model and then we predict what the import risk is a different ports or different countries and and that gives us a measure of when the epidemic is going to get to us or. place ok so you're models that they're predictive as well as reactive yet mostly predictive like weather forecast in terms of saying you know we expect this to happen in the u.k. or in germany or in friends at that time ok do you does it does it does does the data tell you when this is likely to pick and indeed. it did in
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china but we cannot do this on a global scale because what is very generic for these spreading phenomena there's an outbreak in the in the confined area and then it spreads locally and then there are other outbreak break locations like in italy their circulation and now we have to incorporate this so looking at the numbers we cannot say when this is going to peak but it looks like this is going to occupy us for the next months the eventual child support and that's really interesting nigeria's 1st cases wouldn't register today i need tally and coming home but coming back to nigeria from italy flying in and there is but so would one of the most effective ways of controlling this just be to shut down for the airports well that's that's a good idea one would think that you shut down airports or you reduce traffic and the models show or they indicate that if you reduce traffic by
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a certain amount say by 50 percent or by night percent you're just going to delay the event when you approach the system by reducing traffic you really have to shut down entire places or like the entire and then tie up all that works a little bit. ok so if you were advising the w.h.o. and they said ok we have a we you've got to do this one thing what would it be one thing that seems to be most effective from our models is to reduce the number of people that can actually acquire the disease so that may call them the susceptible people that can just be infected by others if they change their behavior on a global scale or on a country wide level not going outside or like hi gene washing hands that's an action that reduces the transmission likelihood and the vet is done effectively then you can contain such an event it's very interesting that thanks for joining us
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professor breaux professor from bowden's humble thank you. you watching the data when you fly from now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a major fire has broken out and i want to paris's biggest relic stations police evacuated the guard leo as a precaution but said the place was under control it's believed to have been started by opponents of a kong lee singer in protest at his concert taking place in the air. german car make a volkswagen has struck a deal to compensate car owners affected by its diesel gate scandal rocked by a total of 830000000 euros in damages to movement quarter of a 1000000 drivers into new outfits into cars with software that manipulated emissions reagan's. teenage climate activists gratitude because appeared at a rally in the english city of bristol where she denounced politicians for failing a generation she told the rally tended by thousands that she would not be silenced
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while the world is on fire. with her nazi data which is struggling to return to normal after days of villages violence that have left at least $38.00 people dead the rising began last week in protests over a controversial law that critics say makes it difficult for muslims to gain citizenship authorities say no fresh incidents have been reported over the last 2 days and despite the quiet. fear prevails amidst amongst the best investments who allege that they were targeted by hindu mobs d.w. has been to visit one of the neighborhoods hit by the violence. shock and loss this is all new is left with a few days ago she fled for her life when rioters set fire to her home in the fight if well let me if they are looking at me. and with that i'm not on her to do our
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side is i think is that if they knew that i if they see any of us out any move the market up that we have attacked this is. similar stories of grief filled this house in delhi's time do not go to neighborhood. lost her home or for decades to see the whole wedding clothes and jewelry arisa hasn't slept for a week they're getting by on the primacy of neighbors who have offered food and shelter after 3 days of arson and rioting and an easy quiet has settled over this neighborhood due to the heavy presence of security forces yet those dogs are to do not feel secure enough to return to their homes. this is what home looks like now muslim residents point out that while their houses were selectively gutted. hindu
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home stand unscathed mohamed barber had lived in this house for 10 years. now he cannot go in to salvage his belongings as the structure is on the brink of collapse. was really. it's a big old audio police really are it was disarming our look at our top target audience is because. this is the mosque where these men would have offered friday prayers today. i have witnesses fade this is where the rioting started. a little on. the m i did go but. are a. bit out of here then. even as they mourn the damage they are grateful to be alive. but as they pick up the pieces the north that this quiet does not mean the peace has been restored.
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and the court of arbitration for sport has found chinese swimmer so in the young guilty of a serious doping offense in the destroyed his own blood samples in 2018 the reigning olympic champion will now be banned for 8 years for breaking anti doping rules which will probably and the 28 year old's international career. soon young says he's innocent and the guilty verdict handed down by the court of arbitration for sport is unfair the chinese olympic swimming champion plans to appeal the decision to quote let more people know the truth the truth is youngest roit blood samples after testing authorities visited his home in 2018 young sets of occasion for doing so was based on the fact that some of the testers did not have proper accreditation young was supported by fien at the international governing body for swimming who agreed the test was invalid but the anti-doping agency wada disagree
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and claim that destruction of samples is a form of tampering the court of arbitration for sport agreed with wada banning young for the maximum 8 years the athlete fails to establish that he had a compelling just if occasion to destroy his sample collection containers it was not for the athletes to decide alone that the night i don't think test shall be invalidated shyness swimming association continue to support young in his version of events despite the guilty verdict. but for now china's greatest swimmer is out for 8 years a lifespan for many athletes and his peer paul stretches back horton who refused to share the podium with young at the world championships has been vindicated for the stance he took in 2090. is it let's get this incident from under me how to do w. sport welcome let's start with the court's reasoning so why guilty.
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cast decided that some did not have the right to destroy those samples with the hand of whatever led up to it how protocol was followed and took to what extent he did not have the right to take a hammer and take matters into his own hands and destroy those samples that's with the case hinged on the 4 people that entered his house in the in the middle of the not. only one of them. and have to cough if i'm a. very sore. only one of them had the correct. accreditation and that was where it all hinged with and i followed that with i followed the wrought steps and with a saw and felt that he could then trust those people taking the samples now the landmark decision part of excuse me is that thena heard the sign evidence that was presented to cas then phina when i heard the same evidence about the protocol and
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who came into his house and how the testing was my was that. i come up with the answer that he had no case to answer i heard exactly the same if events and cleared him to compete and keep winning when he went to the games after being cleared and won and went to the world championships and won as well both people heard the sign if it ends the landmark decision is that once it swimming spic body could come up with a case of 0 no case to answer he's free tickets when swimming pardon me and then the case goes to the court of arbitration for sport who are fighting with wada against phina and i come up with a decision that is. that's the land how can there be such a disparity between the 2 bodies and 8 years of a presumed because he's not his 1st offense he's used he's done this before so. shut the chinese the chinese swimming all forces and he did so and young what have they been saying today so himself has told john that he will appeal this decision
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that's what he said himself he is now a superstar fighting for his career he's 28 years old phil and must think that really is the end he can't shut down for 6 years and not be a professional athlete and then come back he has to fight this and fight this now tokyo is just on the horizon so he and his lawyers need to sort this out quickly and get it to a higher body fema side they will implement the ban as it stands pending further legal action the media and fans in china a sign that this has been singled out. and treated unfairly a pretty typical view that in that there's one view in china and there's one view outside and 8 years of course is that that's at least to a lympics he is a controversial figure our is the it's reacting this almost universal again we're talking about one world inside of china and one world outside of china almost a universal saw of relief of relief from athletes i'll give you
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a couple examples lizzie simmons is a. an olympian from the great britain i once called this man the harry houdini of doping but it seems like justice has been served a lot of that type of thing going on max cotton who you model seeing in the pace is an australian who during the world championships didn't type the diets with so and refused to stand next to him on the grounds that he'd previously called him a drug cheat to his face. and wouldn't take that the diocese as my stance has always been about clean sport it's not and never will be about individuals or nations athletes feel the living the playing field has been leveled and allowed mr message been sent but it's already political mac horton 2 weeks ago is due to have his name put on a new swimming pool in melbourne at his former school who feel grama we're going to call it the mac cotton swimming pool until the chinese parents of students going there who pay $100000.00 a year said not so fast not so happy with that decision so he thinks it's not
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getting political or would wish that this is not getting political it is we'll and truly political in australia where i make a lot of money out of chinese students coming to australia to study and pay a lot of money you say that they don't even want mack orton's name on the pool because it's going to cost them money this is still got $1.00 round to play out if mack orton gets in the pool with some young at the olympics and he's cleared to do the water might just about oil it might not be pleasant a bit of lead must say to you and to the house vote thank you. today is the final day of screenings at the 70th made international film festival the doubler's i'm going to see from school rocks i've seen. films in competition and sentence that predictions as to what might grab a golden bat. seen a lot of great films at the festival so far but the my tip would be for the iranian film there is no evil that takes on the issue of the death penalty in iran and the
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psychological toll that takes on the executioners and that's why iranian filmmaker mohamad russ move was not able to make the premiere because he's not able to leave iran he was even banned from making films but he went ahead and he made a film anyway and i think the courage of the filmmaker combined with the issues that this film takes on really gives it a good standing at the bare than all of which prides itself for being a political festival but i think what put it over the top for me was just the great storytelling there's moments in that film that are just heartbreaking and i definitely would see that film again you know and i was also one of my favorites i think it's also one of the topics but i think there's another look just could have the edge over another political theme but from an american director. never really sometimes always now this is a film about the subject of abortion follows a 17 year old girl who wants to have an abortion without her parents' consent crosses state lines with her cousin to do it goes to new york to try and get get a termination it makes it sound like that's a very politically divisive film it definitely is and it's
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a very subtly told story very very delicately drawn i think could win over the jury especially with the emotional aspects of it and i think combination of the political themes the fact that is a female director that maybe just could give it give it the edge come saturday night i definitely wouldn't mind seeing that win as well and we'll have more on that coming up in the day. this is that day doubly news i'll be back in just a few members to take you through the day don't forget you can get all the races news and information around the clock on the website w dot com i'm going to. beethoven
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is for me. is for you. as for have. been just. beethoven is for the.
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beethoven is for cars. is for embryonic. beethoven 202250th anniversary year on deep down you know. they were forced into a nameless mass of. their bodies mere tools. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. he describes how the need for power and profit plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence. the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that point to. this is the journey back into the history of slavery.
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i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. m korea has retaliated for the deadly gas trike against its troops in syria i'm he's calling on nato for support and it's also made good on previous threats to open the floodgates by allowing migrants to cross its border with the e.u. a grace so what does read it on what i'm phil galen beilin this is the day. follows from them.


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