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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2020 10:45pm-11:01pm CET

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discussions about the best movies this year a look at one screening out of competition a world premiere the last. was hitler's favorite architect some parts of his office of the wall he tried to distance himself from his nazi past in his memoirs which nearly became a hollywood movie bought it never happened this documentary explains why. he was one of hitler's closest accomplices architect. appointed minister of armaments in 1902 his job was to help nazi germany win world war 2 as we all know that didn't happen but the story belgian israeli director vanessa tells in her new film is one that most people don't know. while in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity wrote his memoirs. became a best seller and then hollywood came calling paramount pictures hired screenwriter
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andrew burkett to turn story into a movie. meticulous recordings of their conversations are the basis for his new documentary. a hollywood screenplay. defeated. their. deconstructs fair in his own words. because i was only intensity. and said of course i said it well i need so many 100000 votes is so many 100000 votes said in me audio recordings are often tries to whitewash his war crimes or the director uses archive footage to show what the reality once. maybe i told you so it's a number of workmen i took a degree in 42600000. in spain 43.
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point 2000000 tackles shapiro speaks of the huge waiver force his projects require but he leaves out how many people were worked to death under horrific conditions others perished on forced resettlement margins the film shows what here omits was 14000000 men. a human life is something that has no value for him. so if you need millions. tens very you will use them to build a new chance very if he needs millions of people. to improve. a war industry who will use them if under way millions of people are dying it's ok it's serving his. well. paramount eventually canceled the project he said it was too flattering a portrait of the war criminal so often seen it hitler side. got off the top of the
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top but in the early 1980 s. memoirs were made into an american mini city once again with him starring rutger hauer as. despite his crimes at the nuremberg trials was spared the death penalty handed down to other nazi leaders such as how much grooming the film goes to hollywood is also a tale of punishment and atonement the failings of justice. straight over to the red carpet a. film critic scott. hi scott a 1st of all what did you make of the movie. yeah i thought it was really really good i mean the interesting thing about the stuckey mentary is it's sort of central technique of having. worked through his life story with a screenwriter who's trying to make a movie out of it is really interesting because it really pokes holes in the count
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and shows how incredibly implausible is whitewashed version of his own history is definitely worth a worth a look. it looked interesting actually let's get into the competition now 2 of the last films to be shown 1st of all a cambodian french film called it radio. yeah this is a pretty penny who's cambodian born lives in paris and it's more of a of an art documentary something you maybe see it in an art installation more than you usually see in a festival it's a series of images of war an atrocity from. from the holocaust to 1st world war 2 the bombings in cambodia and the atomic bomb a lot of images and then read over it french poetry it might have worked in a museum piece here in film context doesn't really work for me in fact i think it gives such a gloss to these horrific images that it almost feels like genocide porn if i could
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use the term not really one of my favorites and ok ok let's leave it there i want to look at a film you know a lot about this is the arraign in film there is no evil made in secret by the director mohammad russell off 1st of all a clip. let's. listen again let's. see. you know just seeing the film you know you know the director you've interviewed the director. who cannot leave iraq so the authorities the said couldn't make this film so how did he do it. yeah it's
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a really incredible story he says he's been banned from making films in iran so he made this film and secretly did it by making it as for short films because he told me the authorities don't pay as much attention to short films as they do a longer features and he got friends of his to apply for shooting permits in his name where none of his name appeared on him to the official paperwork he was able to make this film completely in secret and bring it together and of course have it's shown here at the world premiere in berlin even though he is still stranded in iran briefly it's not the usual time to reign in film. no not almost reign in films as most don't mean undertaker ships are quite allegorical they don't address political issues directly this one definitely does i asked the director why he did that and he said he has to speak truth to power whatever the consequences and he's willing to accept those consequences incredible great and if i have to if i could ok stay with. again a film outside the competition there are so many diverse films. look at
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a japanese movie now called voices in the wind made in just 3 weeks it's about a 17 year old girl dealing with grief and despair after she loses her family in the tsunami of 20 left. voices in the wind tells the story of her of a young woman who's lost her family in the 2011 tsunami she had charts from her russian where she lives with her aunt to her former home in the north across country journey through japan. perilous played by serena mottola who's well known to audiences in japan as an actress and model she says this film posed a special challenge. with this in the end there was no script we had to improvise but so i tried to adapt myself to each location and situation and what does it smell like there what people am i meeting what objects are there i worked
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it all out through empathy couldn't see when they. didn't know. the film deals with grief and the feeling of being left alone but how are you also has beautiful experiences on her journey. she meets a kurdish family who invite her to eat with their migrants some living in japan with no settled status becomes friends with their daughter who's her age. but. their connection helps her get out of her depression voices in the wind deals with japanese national trauma the atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki the tsunami and resulting nuclear disaster in fukushima director noble hero sue us sees a political dimension in keeping alive these memories of catastrophe and then when . it's barely reported on in the media especially now leading up to the olympic
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games this year people would rather forget all of it so that's an attitude you find throughout japanese society. this is a quiet deeply moving film and it shows a very special day of dealing with grief. haru takes in the ruins of her former home and then a boy tells her about something called the when telephone. books you got to. see when you want to know that then i can. look into. the scene is based on a real phone booth in japan that's become a place of pilgrimage for the grieving. think. more on that and everything about the balance on a very special edition of art's 21 this weekend on d
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w but now to scott the 1st full stop you see all the movies in the competition so it's the moment of reckoning which wrongs in your opinion the one that's going to win. yeah i think i could be a sensation this year i think could be the 1st time in 20 years 11 american director when the golden bear my favorite film banal is never rarely sometimes always by a live hit man merican filmmaker and this is a very sort of small quiet drama with a very strong political subject it's about a 17 year old girl who crosses state lines in order to get an abortion without telling without telling her parents and that plot sounds makes it sound like it's a real political polemic it definitely isn't instead it's very delicate very subtly told and it's really quietly devastating and i think the combination of the style this movie the political message and maybe even the fact that a female director could sort of put it over the top come sunday night i've been
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hearing a lot about palin alexanderplatz as well what's the buzz about there's quite a buzz about. yeah this is a german film bonnie is the director it's a modern day out of patient of the the classic german novel which was also adapted by run of at a hospital as a t.v. series in the eighty's this people went crazy for this film when it were has will premiere it's the master stroke of the director is to make the main character an african refugee to germany i think that works incredibly well i wasn't as blown away by it as many others were but i think it's political subject it gives a really good chance to win the golden bear skull thank you so much for all your insights over the last and. get do get some sleep much bob i now have a jury to decide and you will hear it 1st of all here on the on my web site at v.w. dot com slash i leave you with freshens barely 2020 until next
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time. just such.
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport c d managed by from bought. this is news and these are our top stories hundreds of migrants in turkey have begun crossing into europe after turkish officials open the border the decision came after turkish troops were killed in an abstract in syria ankara says europe is not doing enough to support its fight against the syrian regime. the world health organization says there is a very high risk of the corona virus spreading globally it warned that many countries don't.


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