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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 29, 2020 6:00am-6:16am CET

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this is b.w. news live from berlin migrants in turkey move towards europe and grab opens the border the turkish government says it will no longer stop them from entering the e.u. the action has been prompted by fears of all out war as turkey retaliate against syria for a deadly airstrike also on the program the world health organization raises its risk assessment for the coronavirus to the highest possible level as the pathogen crosses the globe we hear how it's already wreaking havoc on the global economy.
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i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program turkey has opened its border allowing thousands of people to move closer to the european union they have been arrivals at land and sea borders with greece refugee boats have arrived on greek islands closest to the turkish mainland and groups of people have turned up at the land border turkish officials announced they would no longer stop migrants from crossing into europe after dozens of turkish troops were killed in a syrian government s track and it led province that prompted retaliatory attacks from ankara against syrian targets turkey's decision to open its border has fueled fears of a revival of the 2015 migration crisis. that people slip under the border fence from turkey to greece. when great security forces
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arrive some of them turn around and look for another place to get through. we heard the border is open we took off right away to come here just. more and more people have been making their way towards the greek border since late thursday hoping to cross into europe ankara has made it clear it won't prevent syrians from leaving turkey and heading towards the european union greek authorities have responded to the groups of people arriving at his borders with tear gas leaving many people stuck in no man's land between the 2 countries. our country's borders are impenetrable so there is no reason for unhappy people to start gathering at our borders and crossing points. the decision to open the border came from ankara it was an apparent response to an airstrike by syrian forces that killed 33 turkish soldiers in syria's province. in recent months turkey's president right
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to one has repeatedly warned the e.u. he will open his country's western border to refugees if brussels didn't help ankara in its fight. now anchor has made good on its threats flouting a 2016 margaret pact with the e.u. that dramatically slowed migration via that you use eastern border but brussels still says the deal is in place we have not been notified by our turkish partners that they are changing their holy sea which they are blind so far when it comes to . migrant issues this the latest escalation has again showing how quickly the war in syria spills across borders and how easily ordinary people can become caught up in geopolitical conflicts. correspondent is on the border between turkey and greece where she says
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a couple 1000 people are trapped in norman's land of the border crossing near the turkish city of add in a but we kept seeing people here actually moving through the surrounding fields to wards these border areas surprisingly not too many syrian refugees we've talked to afghan people to people from iraq who told us they don't want to stay in taki they want to move on to wards your rope so they are taking this leap of faith by the end of the day it seems there is no way for them to move into greece the border is closed so for people here a lot of uncertainty right now they definitely don't want to go back to turkey that's what they told us. the world health organization says there is now a very high risk of the corona virus spreading globally warning it could reach most if not all countries in the world at least 57 countries or territories have now reported infections of origin as a whole the 1st death of a british citizen
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a man who had been quarantined aboard a cruise ship off japan china is reporting 47 new deaths more than the number on friday of the u.s. is supposed owning a summit with leaders of southeast asian countries due to fears of the virus it had been set for las vegas 2 weeks from now. in just 2 months more than 50 countries have reported cases of corona virus beginning in china's hu bay province the disease has now reached every continent except antarctica prompting the world health organization to upgrade its global risk assessment we have no increased assessment of the risk of spread and the risk of the impact of 192 very high global. italy has registered the highest number of cases of the virus in europe so far with the tourism industry already feeling the impact. iran meanwhile
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has seen the highest death rate from the outbreak outside of china but reports differ from within the country with the b.b.c.'s persian service reporting $210.00 deaths and the country's health ministry putting the number at 34. the spread of the virus is most rapid in south korea however where the number of infections has surpassed 2300 even sub-saharan africa has or saved its 1st case yet to be to announce. the. presence of the 1st case of. disease the niger. w.h.o. has so far refrained from calling the global situation a pandemic saying the label would be unhelpful we need to start from containing aggressive containment. why in preparing for any eventualities why david we have a no it doesn't dictate that we move into anything it should not look it will be
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a mistake big mistake while more than 20 vaccines are in development globally the 1st results are still weeks away and the final result could take over a year. for more i'm joined by stephen beardsley from business desk i see even now we've just had that the i t v 1000000000 us the world's leading travel train show has been a council because of the virus how does the current of virus influence the mood on the global stock exchanges i mean it's been the main driver of stocks this week across the globe and as we've seen they've plummeted for most part because of announcements such as the i.t.v. closure they've also been other major shows have been cancelled those are serious hubs for business believe $7000000000.00 in deals last year and i t v that might not happen obviously this year if there's no i t v there so business is changing and the markets are reflecting that you know actually the dow had a bit of a bounce at the end of its session today in the last 15 minutes actually was down
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by as much as a 1000 points it ended $350.00 points down and that was after a federal reserve chairman jerome powell made comments that he will act as appropriately act appropriately to the economy which is a signal for further interest rates cut rate cuts that's what people want to hear but there is still an air of uncertainty and as we saw in most major indexes were down by double digits this week it was across all sectors investors flooding into areas that are considered considered safe havens bonds gold things like that why is the current of ours hitting the financial markets so hard was that was the correlation what's important member is is that it's not necessarily a reflection of how dangerous this disease is but how much it curbs economic activity think about what we're seeing across the globe is groups of people being isolated told not to go out told not to. events like i t v that means they're not going to factories where they're producing things so we see companies like apple for example whose major suppliers are in china that means
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that those suppliers are producing the components for apple apple will have the products to sell they've adjusted their earnings forecasts just like many other companies have and so investors see that they take that they say this is not good and they react they also react to consumer sentiment and if they believe that consumer confidence is down then consumers are going to go and buy obviously their quarantine they're not going to go out and buy and so they're watching that carefully the question is are they going too far is there panic and that's what people are watching carefully because also the markets can influence public sentiment as well so you don't really want to sort of create this spiral where you have sort of fear driving everything ok are we looking at a global recession it's too early to know we don't know how long this is going to last we do know that for this quarter all the signals are the profits are going to be down and it will be a problem it could be a technical recession but if you believe that the economic fundamentals in many nations like the u.s. are strong just have to hope that the fear doesn't drive everything in a different direction ok thank you stephen. let's not take
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a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. as the a b b the christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy in pakistan has met with french president emmanuel mccraw after she was offered asylum in france bibi who has been living in canada since her acquittal last year said she needed time to consider the french off. muslims in india's capital new delhi health friday prayers on the heavy security after a week of deadly violence the religious riots have claimed at least 38 lives clashes broke out early this week over a new citizenship law that is widely viewed as anti muslim. the court of arbitration for sport has found chinese soon young guilty of serious doping offense in that he destroyed his own blood samples in 2018 the reigning olympic champion will now be banned for 8 years for breaking anti doping rules which will probably end the 28 year old's international career. soon young says he's innocent and the
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guilty verdict handed down by the court of arbitration for sport is unfair the chinese olympic swimming champion plans to appeal the decision to quote let more people know the truth the truth is young destroyed blood samples after testing authorities visited his home in 2018 young's justification for doing so was based on the fact that some of the testers did not have proper accreditation young was supported by thena of the international governing body for swimming who agree the test was invalid but the anti-doping agency wada disagree and claim that destruction of samples is a form of tampering the court of arbitration for sport agreed with wada benny young for the maximum 8 years the athlete failed to establish that he had a compelling just if occasion to destroy his sample collection containers it was not for the athletes to decide alone but then i don't think just shall be
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invalidated china's swimming association continue to support young in his version of events despite the guilty verdict. but for now china's greatest swimmer is out for 8 years a life span for many athletes and his peer all stretches mack horton who refused to share the podium with young at the world championships has been vindicated for the stance he took in 2019. the countdown is on at the international film festival as the jury gets ready to award the top prize and the top prizes on saturday evening 18 feel most in and contention for the coveted golden bath for best picture and as the custom hill found out some big names have come to berlin to see which one will win i know them and the hat yes that's johnny depp. and yes that sigourney weaver. along with sam hired harvey about
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them and even hillary clinton who brought a 4 hour documentary with her to berlin the subject clinton herself. plenty of star power on the red carpet despite mutterings that the new co-heads of the berlin allah. had his'n bake want to downplay clits and glamour. but that euro was 1st festival which is also the 70th 1000000000 dollar has been a success by the topics and themes may have been docked the films have been very good. one favorite stand positive film there is no evil from iran it deals with the question of how people can hold on to their innocence living under a repressive regime or thought into a new film. director who for could not attend the berlin allah it rainin authorities denied him
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permission to travel a golden bear would be modern a well to stuff prize it would also be a powerful political statement. it's been striking this year how many high quality films were by women often centered around strong female characters. the american film never rarely sometimes always insidious was abolished i went to the dr. maya and performed well from argentina is a feminist thriller starring in a cathy bass as a woman driven. into the bass as a favorite for the silverback for best actress. best actor could go to a place show when the film beilin alex and plats he plays a nasty gangster who is diabolically aggressive and yet vulnerable. one issue a win of this year the audience $340.00 films in 11 days an estimated 300000
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tickets sold by the end of the festival prove that by then it's one city that is crazy about movies. you're watching news up next it's well stories i'm told me all logical and the news continues at the top of the hour thanks for watching. they were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies to. the history of the slave trade is of africa's history. describes.


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