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all stratas mack horton who refused to share the podium with young at the world championships has been vindicated for this stance he took in 2019. you're watching news from berlin up next is our technology program shift living in the digital age more news at the top of the hour as always thanks for joining us. is the human race destroying itself. we are ruining the basic elements of our existence. refusing to push water and moving. water using life.
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we may think our water supplies to last forever but. when the rain stops it starts march 20th on t.w. . whatever the fact that. the shooting stopped to talk is currently the most downloaded social f. what type of videos work on take talk how can you make money with it and how open is the chinese app i want topics today on shift. today to take stock has been downloaded more than 1600000000 times worldwide and 44 percent of those downloads were in 2019 the at the successful in all major markets europe the us india and under the name do you in also in china its success is
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largely due to its dedication to. especially take the challenge as crowd jesus. now look at me. is the success of the popular lip sync up music ali and 2017 the chinese tech grew by dance but musically for one. according to reports that's more than $995.00 dance develop the app. you can see the similarity. ticked up is brimming with clips of stunts jokes and friends having fun or lip sinking these days the app offers more than dance videos over music still plays the leading role. vice president of content strategy yasmine a kind activity move an online video agency says anyone can go viral if the content is well made to talk talk
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a short snack sized content that's entertaining that's distractions that makes you feel good it's the perfect diversion showing those moments when you don't have that much time but want to consume something. perfect up. challenges like this emotive dance are especially popular antic talk videos with challenge hashtags often go viral videos mean says it isn't surprising challenges and challenges are well known engagements people have always liked comparing their performance to someone else's we want to prove ourselves to grow our audience or increasing gauge meant the nice thing about challenges is that you don't do them alone others join the wave and in the best case the wave moves on to other countries and. i'm ticked off failure isn't shameful especially funny failed attempts are posted regularly instagram celebrates perfection but tick-tock is also present there for a fact that's brought the young platform praiseful being an anxiety free space for
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creativity. there's a lot of user generated content and a lot of it has been made because of the respect of content creators passion this doesn't have. that's a glossy consumerism sleekness it looks more authentic which connects people in a completely different way and people want to follow others and the more genuine someone seems the more i consume their content there's also room for informative content as long as the tone is light us doctors provide info on the coronavirus out in germany mr lawyer is getting views with this format one minute in which he answers users questions with flair of course. countless media outlets post on tech talk including straight bro news programs like the german target show take talk to more than react to content the past sharing here copy scary. they victim clips users love content creators like zach king and baby arya live from the united
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states or you know from india entertain millions they pose creative funny and sometimes elaborately produced videos. come on. tips and tricks for tick-tock using popular hashtags sounds and challenges for. the real martin baby ariel even made it onto times most influential internet personalities list in 20172018 these days she's working as a singer and actress. punj from germany has 7500000 followers on tick tock. does it have very loyal that's hardly any criticism or any constructive criticism considering most users are 1213 or 14 that's really impressive. spend several days making one of his videos and seems to have understood what works and to.
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what is to really make content that fits the platform to make sure every line fits perfectly. unlike the german rep the khyber who unintentionally became a take talk hit thousands of takes up here's a sample of his song overdose in their clips. this guy on instagram messaged me and said hey your song overdose is going viral on tick tocks i didn't want to talk was so i downloaded the app and saw wow 30000 videos have my song and then like a 1000 labels contacted me and my song passed the 1000000 play mark on spotify but if i could. wear the insect hairdresser videos overdoes seems to work with many contexts. showing you can tailor songs for tiktaalik a good song needs
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a shorter crispin track drums and strong banks. but i think you can use any song to create any vibe on take i wouldn't say i make my songs for that specifically. about if i hear a b. time i coul take it and write something. by now has a record deal and is actively using tick talk to promote his music and the. stars are born on take stock but they don't dominate the platform yet like they do or instagram that's because tick tocks algorithm evaluates each video individually we got a list of who posted it so in. theory everyone has an equal chance at 15 seconds off . tick tock has an estimated 800000000 active monthly users worldwide on average they are younger than users on the other social networks and it goes without saying that take talk is extremely attractive for brands. in germany tick-tock still has
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relatively little advertising compared to other social media platforms but the ad industry is becoming aware of the ups potential. reach and creators are seeing the possibilities and the brands are seeing the possibilities so we're at the threshold where product placement and product presentation is being integrated into the content with. companies can buy it space and appear for instance when you launch the tick tock. advertising videos also that here in the users feed like this fast food chain ad the hash tag breakdancer is supposed to encourage participation meanwhile unboxing videos are also being posted. and the american influence is that king found this clever way of promoting a food delivery service. nobody actually wants to see advertising on the call the branded content still has
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a very strong entertainment factor which makes it easier to consume. challenges like this one for an american movie are currently the most popular form of advertising on tech talk to help launch companies such as the german common effect millions of users to engage with their brand. companies are also posting entertaining content on their own channels. but they might also have a completely branded channel let's say if you have a creator that's a great fit for a product then that to make. money also flows directly from fans to influences in some countries. users can send money through the platform putting creasing into action means more advertising revenue in 29000 tips up was able to increase its revenue 5 fold to more than 160000000 euros picked up a book length individuals use it data says this could be valuable in the future yes
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the nakai courage has privacy when this all social media. i think that's the biggest problem platforms lack of awareness and transparency versus the lack of awareness and caution of users and this is true for all platforms not just protect talk although the fact is from china does add another layer we also have to hold facebook and instagram to count. all the new. facebook and instagram users bear pretty much all the responsibility for safeguarding their privacy on take talk so it's definitely worth taking a look at the apps privacy settings is specially for parents whose children use the platform not least because the s.p.d. says it musically was criticised for cyber grooming. says international user data is saved in the united states and backed up in singapore. the new york times tick-tock head. of china's president xi jinping personally asked him to delete the video or disclose user data is so was i turn him down but recently the account of
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american for rose a was temporarily suspended a video 1st had gone viral on take part in which she cleverly come of last her criticism on the situation of the weakest a muslim minority in china in to make up to tauriel and that's not the only indication the chinese authorities have a say in what does and doesn't go on to talk. several recent press stories warn that tech talk suppresses certain content including criticism of the chinese government. among those researching take a journalist because coover and marcus closer from the german news website knits politico dot com with the help of a covert insiders source they've been able to shed light on how the company controls content. to talk reportedly classifies unwanted content into different categories such as videos of political demonstrations there are also regional
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differences so that for instance clips dealing with homosexuality are kept from going viral in muslim regions. but. what's interesting is that limiting the visibility of certain content on take part is not so much about deleting it as it is about limiting the reach of certain posts . by people. it's clumsy to just delete a video immediately noticed that as a user and see it is censorship but here i just think something isn't going viral you know it's not getting clicked on peaked at around 600 clicks the. creator tries making something out as well as after the source told its creators do take note when something isn't popular and try making different content instead what went under in the tick tock says its goal is to create a positive environment for creativity free from bullying and hateful comments that
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sounds good but tick tocks methods are questionable for instance it limited the reach of videos of these able people saying this was to protect them but this also kept these users visible and china content is censored much more the chinese version of the app called the un is separated from the rest of the world by a fire wall users in china offer the extra features they can use face recognition to. videos with a specific person or skin outfits and all of the same style online do you use take talk does the fact that it's a chinese at affect your trust levels and what do you think of it limiting critical content let us know on you tube or facebook c.e.o. suing.
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hi guys it's manuel been here on the racetrack with a porsche cayman ciccio. the perfect place to test this high powered vehicle. flashy but is it somehow a bit behind the times and like so mobility in sports cars of coal so it's a nervous question rev. w. . e. coal india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and violent when there are doers and look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create
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a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india equal to. the d w. stories that move people of the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter to date and in touch follow us. we are living during the most extraordinary time mr.


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