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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 29, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CET

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we're not totally safe as p.c. . this is to give you news live from berlin trapped in no man's land with nowhere to go migrants in turkey head through crossings into greece after ankara says it will no longer hold them back but greece is blocking its borders determined to stave off a new wave of refugees. and the world health organization raises its risk assessment for the coronavirus to the highest possible level as
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a pathogen crosses the globe we'll hear how it's already wreaking havoc on the global economy. i'm michael o'connor thanks for joining me turkey has made good on threats to allow thousands of migrants to move closer to the european union they've been a rival's by land and by sea along borders with greece and bulgaria refugee boats have arrived on greek islands closest to the turkish mainland and groups of people have turned up at the land border but greece and bulgaria are not letting anyone in with increased security at their borders with turkey turkish officials announced they would no longer stop migrants from crossing into europe after dozens of turkish troops were killed in a syrian government airstrike in the profits the decision has fuelled fear. as of
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a revival of the 2015 migration concerts. people slip under the border fence from turkey to greece when greek security forces arrive some of them turn around and look for another place to get through. we heard the border is open we took off right away to come here. more and more people have been making their way towards the greek border since the late thursday hoping to cross into europe ankara has made it clear it won't prevent syrians from leaving turkey and heading towards the european union greek authorities have responded to the groups of people arriving at his borders with tear gas leaving many people stuck in no man's land between the 2 countries. our country's borders are impenetrable so there is no reason for unhappy people to start gathering at our borders and crossing points. the decision to open the border came from ankara it
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was an apparent response to an airstrike by syrian forces that killed 33 turkish soldiers in syria's province. in recent months turkey's president right have has repeatedly warned the e.u. he will open his country's western border to refugees if brussels didn't help ankara in its fight. now anchor has made good on its threats flouting a 2016 margaret pact with the e.u. that dramatically slowed migration via that you use eastern border but brussels still says the deal is in place b. have to be notified by our turkish partners that they are changing their holy sea which they apply so far when it comes to. migrant issues this the latest escalation has again showing how quickly the war in syria spills across borders and how easily ordinary people can become caught up in geopolitical conflicts.
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correspondent yulia han. right at the turkish border tell us what it's like on the border today. or right now the situation is a very tense here because of greig border police over there a firing warning shots with that tear gas or pepper spray it's not entirely clear what it is so people there are hundreds of people here right now they keep running towards where we are they have tears in their eyes there are a coughing some people actually look like they're about to faint there are medics around here and 8 teams but this looks very serious for the people who've been closed here gas i'm sure you can hear the noise there of of shooting that's over there let me explain you where we are we are here right at the toughest border with
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greece and there is this border zone right behind me about 200 to 300 meters long and this is where people are this is some kind of no man's land between tuckey angry is and you can see there are the fans and people are trying to actually move in here. this is for the people here a really tense situation so the tops of the. readies have let them in but on the other side of the greek side the border is closed people can see across and the greek border police control is actually acting very tough firing these shots to try and keep people away. literally. what can you tell me about the conditions for the people. well it's been a very rough night for people here at this sport are crossing many have spend the
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nights here in freezing temperatures it's still bitterly cold the air in general is filled with smoke because people have the making fires they're burning woods and whatever they can find there are many families here with small children so you can imagine how rough this is for them and we see new people keep coming i've just talked to one family who's ritually from iran who was the living here in turkey and they told me they had the border was open so they came they took a leap of faith they want to cross into greece and then potentially move on to a scandinavian country that their dream but the reality here as you can see it looks quite different quite desperate and it's very crowded hundreds of people here but as i say the border is closed the border police won't let anybody in here at the moment. is there any sign of
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turkey. changing their stance on the situation. generally what the turkish authorities are doing here by turning a blind eye is is seen as some kind of an attempt to pressure nato allies and the european union over the situation in syria in its live where the turkish army is involved in direct clashes with the forces of the syrian regime and deadly clashes they want international help they want the e.u. to step in so this is what you see in a some kind of a measure a temporary measure. to alert attention to this situation to pressure the e.u. into acting as i said many assume this is some kind of a temporary thing but the refugees the migrants here they have the wasting no time as soon as they hard the border would be open they just came here and now they are
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determined to wait until this border will be opened but as you can imagine the frustration is also running high here because people are seeing there is no way they can pass over to greece at the moment. yulia han live in at the turkish greek border thank you so much for that report. the world health organization says there is now a very high risk of the krona virus spreading globally warning it could reach most if not all nations on earth at least 57 countries are territories have now reported infections and the total number of confirmed cases stands at over $80000.00 the spread of the virus is most rapid in south korea where the number of new infections neared $600.00 within the space of just 24 hours new data from china reveals the economic fallout with the country posting its weakest factory activity on record and the u.s. is for spawning
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a summit with leaders of southeast asian countries due to fears of the virus that had been set for las vegas 2 weeks from now the virus continues to spread to new regions the latest continent to report cases of the krona virus is africa. in just 2 months more than 50 countries have reported cases of coronavirus beginning in china's hu a province that is she says now reached every continent except antarctica prompting the world health organization to upgrade its global risk assessment we have no increased assessment of the risk of spread the risk of impact of 19 to very high global level italy has registered the highest number of cases of the virus in europe so far with the tourism industry already feeling the impact iran meanwhile has seen the highest death rate from the outbreak outside of china but reports differ from within the country with the b.b.c.'s persian service reporting
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$210.00 deaths and the country's health ministry putting the number at 34 the spread of the virus is most rapid in south korea however where the number of new infections neared 600 within the space of just 24 hours even sub-saharan africa has received its 1st case to announce. the. presence of the 1st case of disease in niger. w.h.o. has so far refrain from calling the global situation a pandemic saying the label would be unhelpful we need to start from containing aggressive containment while preparing for any eventualities whatever we have no it doesn't dictate that we move in to meet again. it will be a mistake big mistake. while more than 20 vaccines are in development globally
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the 1st results are still weeks away and the final results could take over a year i'm joined now by. moscow associate professor of cellular and molecular sciences at nothing but a university in newcastle a professor moskos so thankful that you made some time for us today the w.h.o. has upgraded the global virus spread rist a very high what does that mean oh we at the point where the virus is essentially out of control. first of all i would be very grateful if you don't use terms like out of control that would be true for it was a situation where we didn't know how to transmit if we didn't know how to look after the people who get the virus we don't have the facilities 'd to treat the motto so we know if we have thought situation. moving forward. the virus now has the potential of doing human to human transmission in pretty much all
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continents i was you know 'd just stated so this affectively both of these very high risk and tell us. around 15 percent of patients get seriously ill is what we understand why is the why is that 1st of all and what kind of prior diseases or conditions might lead to a severe form of illness after infection. yes so i'm actually looking at the date of it was published from the chinese c.d.c. 'd not a few days ago specifically they are saying in their experience with the chinese population that most impacted co-morbid condition so if you have an additional condition to this would be cardiovascular disease those people are the highest risk the next highest risk group diabetics followed by people with chronic lung diseases after the out people have hypertension as well and the number of terror loss houses
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are a little bit more. you know about sort of understandable because people don't how very well functioning in your system if they're being treated for cancer. it has to be emphasized that the biggest risk a group of the over eighty's which i think everybody would agree generally speaking people over 80 years old particularly good at fighting infectious diseases and the risk tale so quite substantially less would go down the age 'd groups to less than one percent. professor moskos with with the university newcastle thank you so much for joining us you're very welcome a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world the u.s. and the taliban are set to sign a landmark deal today aimed at ending their 18 year war in afghanistan you would see thousands of u.s. troops leave the country in return for security guarantees it's still not clear whether the afghan government will agree to the deal. police in paris have arrested
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dozens of protesters who set fire to scooters in garbage bins outside a concert venue authorities had banned the protest wrecked it against a congolese singer the blaze prompted the evacuation of the guard in the one of the french capital's busiest train stations. the top prizes at this year's berlin international film festival are set to be awarded this evening the final competition premiere was for there is no evil production from iran the film combines 4 stories that deal with the death penalty and resistance to the regime director mohammad russell was not allowed to travel to berlin at the press conference he was represented by an empty chair. don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store that
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