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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 29, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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creators have had their share of clashes the moving story of the comic. stores march 10th. this is state of the news line from berlin trapped in no man's land with nowhere to go migrants in turkey had 4 crossings into greece after ankara says it will no longer hold them back to greece since blocking its borders determined to stave off a new wave of refugees. and the world health organization raises its risk assessment for the throne of virus to the highest possible level as
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a pathogen crosses the globe we hear how it's already wreaking havoc on the global economy. i'm michael okwu thanks for being with us for turkey has made good on threats to allow thousands of migrants to move closer to the european union they've been of rivals by land and by sea along borders with greece and bulk area but both countries are not letting anyone in with increased security at their borders with turkey turkish officials announced they would no longer stop migrants from crossing into europe after dozens of turkish troops were killed in a syrian government airstrike in the province. d.w. correspondent. at the scene. right at the turkish border this is how she
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described the situation about. the situation is a very tense here because of greed border police over there a far earring warning shots with that tear gas or pepper spray it's not entirely clear what it is so people there are hundreds of people here right now they keep running towards where we are they have tears in their eyes there are coughing some people actually look like they're about to faint there are medics around here and 8 teams but this looks very serious for the people who've been closed here guys i'm sure you can hear the noise there of of shooting that's over there let me explain you where we are we are here right at the turkish border with greece and there is this border zone right behind me about 200 to 300 meters long and this is where
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people are this is some kind of no man's land between turkey and greece and you can see there the fence and people are trying to actually move in here. this is for the people here are a really tense situation so the turkish authorities have let them in but on the other side the greek side the border is closed people can't cross and the great border police control is actually acting very tough far in these shots to try and keep people away. literally. can you tell me about the conditions for the people. well it's been a very rough night for people here at the sport of crossing many have spent the night here in freezing temperatures it's still bitterly cold the air in general is
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filled with smoke because people have them making fires they're burning woods and whatever they can find there are many families here with small children so you can imagine how rough this is for them and we seeing you people keep coming i've just talked to one family whose ritually from iran who was a living here in turkey and they told me they had the border was open so they came they took a leap of faith they want to cross into greece and then potentially move on to a scandinavian country that's their dream but the reality here as you can see it looks quite different quite desperate and as it's very crowded hundreds of people here but as i say the border is closed that border police won't let anybody in here at the moment. is there any sign of turkey. changing their stance.
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generally 6 what the turkish authorities are doing here by turning a blind eye is is seen as some kind of an attempt to pressure nato allies and the european union over the situation in syria in the turkish army is involved in direct clashes with the forces of the syrian regime and deadly clashes they want international help they want the e.u. to step in so this is what you see in a some kind of a measure a temporary measure. to alert attention to this situation to pressure the e.u. into acting as i said many assume this is some kind of a temporary thing but the refugees the migrants here they have the wasting no time as soon as they have hard the border would be open they just came here and now they are determined to wait until this border will be opened but as you can imagine the
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frustration is also running high here because people are seeing there is no way they can pass over to greece at the moment. yulia han in the turkish greek border thank you so much for that report the world health organization says there is now a very high risk of the corona virus spreading globally warning it could reach most if not all nations on earth at least $57.00 countries are territories have now reported infections and the total number of confirmed cases stands over $80000.00 the spread of the virus is most rapid in south korea where the number of new infections reach around 800 within the space of a little more than a day new data from china reveals the economic fallout with the country posting its weakest factory activity on record and the u.s. is a summit with leaders of south east asian countries due to fears of the virus that had been set for las vegas 2 weeks from now the virus continues to spread to new
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regions the latest continent to report cases of the krona virus is now africa. in just 2 months more than 50 countries have reported cases of coronavirus beginning in china's hu a province that is he says now reached every continent except antarctica prompting the world health organization to upgrade its global risk assessment we have no increased assessment of the risk of spread the risk of impact of 19 to very high global level italy has registered the highest number of cases of the virus in europe so far with the tourism industry already feeling the impact iran meanwhile has seen the highest death rate from the outbreak outside of china but reports differ from within the country with the b.b.c.'s persian service reporting $210.00 deaths and the country's health ministry putting the number at 34 the
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spread of the virus is most rapid in south korea however where the number of new infections neared 600 within the space of just 24 hours even sub-saharan africa has received its 1st case to announce. the. presence of the 1st case of. disease the niger. w.h.o. has so far refrain from calling the global situation a pandemic saying the label would be unhelpful we need to start from containing aggressive containment while preparing for any eventualities what they are but we have no it doesn't dictate that we move into mitigation. it will be a mistake big mistake while more than 20 vaccines are in development globally the 1st results are still weeks away and the final result could take over a year. the united states and the taliban are set to sign an agreement on
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saturday aimed at ending nearly 2 decades of conflict in afghanistan and sending american forces home it follows around a year and a half of talks between the u.s. and the taliban in doha qatar and comes after a week in which both u.s. led forces and the taliban committed to a reduction in violence the details of the record have not been published but at its heart is a commitment by the u.s. to start a phased withdrawal of its remaining troops from afghanistan said to number between 12 and 13000 in return the taliban has promised not to allow afghanistan to be used as a base for terrorist attacks against the west the deal also in visit is the start of peace talks between the taliban and the afghan government something the taliban has refused to take part in up to now. the 1st bombs
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rained down on afghanistan on the night of october 7th 2001. the opening salvo in the war of attrition that would last almost decade. on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime. an international alliance followed in the subsequent weeks carrying out an intensive a result taliban training camps. underpinned by advancing taliban forces on the ground the taliban stronghold kandahar fell in november. celebrations as locals america from the york of repression. that i was so happy that until now it was like a prisoner of my beard and i'm free meanwhile so was osama bin laden the man the u.s. desperately wanted remained elusive escaping from the tora bora cave network but
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between the battle lines the violence unleashed on anniston afghans was beginning to a marriage of family homes bombed in the chaos of war. when we're in a situation. where we're in a combat zone. unfortunately sometimes mistakes are made. and 2014 most foreign troops withdrew into the vacuum step to result in taliban who mounted a ruthless guerrilla campaign retaking territory and stepping up its use of suicide attacks by the end this long war had left 40000 civilians day. after the blast it was a horrific scene many people were on the ground and i managed to get myself to the ambulance. i don't know what happened next no phone from from when the far end of a truce were revealed enemy fighters on the street.
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after so many years of violence and vengeance. for more let's bring in correspondent. in kabul. for tween the u.s. intel a ban is expected to be signed shortly how hopeful are people in kabul that this will finally lead to peace. well i think we have to separate were ate a lot of kabul from the rest of the country there in general i think i think people want peace i know people want peace they absolutely want peace but there's sort of a disconnect in the interpretation of this agreement there are some people who feel that the way of life that they've gotten accustomed to going to cafes and coffee shops and she should bars and things like that will come under attack and sort of like the t.v. shows that they watch and you know sort of just freedom of expression and the right
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to live your life or a life that that may once again be really restricted but for people in more rural areas who were really victim to this war you know who are suffering from drone strikes and night raids and taliban presence landmines things like that they just really want peace you know what the last week with the last 7 days this reduction in violence has shown people especially in areas that we're told on strongholds is that you know it's possible to go out to out at night and not to worry about not have to worry about a drone possible to go out to the market and not have to worry about a landmine these are you know the kinds of this is the fear of this operation societal enough honest on right now some people feel like you know peace is pry primary and politics can cut can come later and other people feel as if you know the political issues the societal issues issues have to be resolved before we find ourselves in a situation like 1906 again. in kabul afghanistan for us thank you so much thank you the top prizes at this year's berlin international film festival are set
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to be awarded this evening the final competition premiere was for there is no evil a production from iran the film combines 4 stories that deal with the death penalty and resistance to the regime director mohammad was not allowed to travel to berlin at the press conference he was represented by an empty chair. some sports news now sadie's driver valtteri bottas ended the final day of formula one pre-season testing on a high note by setting the best time in barcelona on friday but us finished just ahead of red bull driver max for stopping well knows that daniel ricardo came 3rd having earlier set the fastest time in the morning the australians improvement for you know is boosting hopes he can break the mercedes stranglehold than formula one the new season begins with the australian grand prix in melbourne next month.
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you're watching the news from berlin up next this evening hours of sports in the fight against cancer more news coming at the top of the hour as always and don't forget you can get all the latest news in information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com i'm michael o'connor thanks for joining d.w. more news in 45 minutes. i'm scared that of a war not hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers one liners and. what's your story.
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'd 'd on what numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part.


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