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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  February 29, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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stands players using too much water and moving slow but modern movies and life. claiming one thing cold water supplies will last forever. but they play when the rain stops plenty of stores march 20th on t.w. . such. a. welcome to another special edition of czech and we're heading off to one of germany's favorite travel destinations but darien. not present his name call it
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clearly and look a state it will be taking in munich hagen's book and past all 3 cities with a lot of history and rich in tradition. and we won't be missing out some of the very includes the na is that. the. best stop in the capital of the dariya. because the games is to at the sissies monkey and shops or alley ladies. i'm in munich and i want to get up there are. plenty of feature as the bell tower of the city's oldest parish church is called is known for its spectacular view but. 360 that's. that's kind of exhausting. it's worth the effort though.
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up here the whole city is spread out before you. think that's the perfect view down there you can see that square that's the town hall and right behind it the phone queue here. now that i've gotten an overview of the city i could start on my tour it is said that travelling is the best education so i should learn a lot here in munich this city has lots of art history and culture that spans the range of several centuries i have decided to go to an art museum 1st the idea. of a good 700 paintings by european artists from the 14th to the 18th centuries are exhibited here. i'm getting a private tour from our to story in cali not long she'll be revealing some of the
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secrets of the i.d.p. narcotics treasures. to have with us once again from invest let's have a look at this world famous self-portrait of i steal even i know this one more thing it is the self-portrait with fur trimmed robe why did i do a page himself in this post the pores of the mind. vi and the fact that time artists we're more or less unknown nameless they were considered craftsman and the ideas have represented himself it was something completely. new for the year 1500 that is this reprint ation of himself bears a resemblance to christ for whom until better point frontally perspectives like this have been reserved. to be could you take a picture of me with conceited steger with a conceited. next comes this huge painting
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the last judgment by peter paul rubens. is innocent it seems you know not now in the 17th century of the 30 years war this was the tallest way and it determines the proportions here if the fake let's read is the most magnetic self-image you hear in the funeral take been with me here in the pinnacle to go to imagine how many people pose in front of it all of the last judgment of all things. that's my cue. now it's time to delve into munich's history i want to learn more about the city's role in the nazi era. a good place to do that is the documentation center for the history of national socialism
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. historian the beetle walks me through the exhibition. the how was munich important to the nazis to the nuts and other to the winston of. munich was at the center of the national socialism this is where the nazi party was founded here i'm going from here we have a photo from 1023 a few years after the party was found that it was the party leader by that and it was here that he gave them it's righty became more and more popular here he's speaking to 1800 people in munich. be a whole. those beer halls which are still popular today offered hitler a forum and audience for his speeches. it's where he spoke to the masses and spread his racist and anti-semitic ideology. he didn't mention how does munich. deal with all this today the fact that this is
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where it started and before. you do stuff in the meantime i mean it takes a very critical approach this house is financed by the city of munich but the fact that munich was the birthplace of the city that gave rise to the nazi party is a topic that wasn't talked about for a long time before. this documentation center has played a key role in breaking that silence it is situated on the very place where what was known as the brown house once stood that was the party headquarters in the 1930 s. an entire nazi administrative district was constructed in the area it had 68 buildings and 6000 workers. to allow me to fully understand the scale of things needed shows me other places in the area which are also connected to the nazis sorites next door is the former through which housed hitler's office and those of his staff today it houses the university of music and performing arts munich.
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we continue along b. and i started to what is now the by the charlatan is by the very end state bank. and there i think was when it does work with the finkelstein originally stood on the spot. that was a small palace for the vacant smart family. and then october 19th 33 it became the guy stuck her head quarters. here the nazis planned the persecution of political opponents and jews a few steps away a memorial commemorates the victims of national socialism. art and history now i'd like to learn a bit more about munich's traditions and one that is centuries old here is beer brewing it and drinking. it brewing seminars are offered here regularly this one is
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being led by davido steven of the munich brew mafia. first we hear what beer is made of water hops malt into east. smells a bit rancid doesn't it. get off my ok now let's fill it up then we start grinding our malt we've got 3 kilos here and we need a strong muscular guy. that's me right. ok so this is easy. the ground malt is then steep in hot water it's a process known as smashing. the. so beer beer i would say so. it's
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a tart. this is. after a while the mashing is done. then comes the lottery which means separating the liquid from the grain residues we can give it a taste there still no alcohol content at this point. was. as simple as it is this is the multi residue this. is the most i don't want or sweet. go ahead and try it. about what is it and you'll notice that all the sweetness of them washed out. the next step would be to add hops to the liquid they give periods taste and then yeast is added for fermentation that makes beer an alcoholic beverage but it's a long process so we only learn the theory but it would be a shame to go home without wetting our whistles so the seminar. ends with
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a tasting of the many different varieties of beer made by the munich group. let's start with the munich classic on a munich pale lager in which. we can hold the beer up to the light this one has a relatively light colored some cloudiness to it. and the beer has a flower recent citrusy. is going to drink it in the. the 1st step is delicate and sweet. there's not a lot of carbonation. when you swallow but there's a bitterness that reflects the moment that's in it but it was with. my visit to munich proves beyond all doubt travelling can be educational even for your taste buds unfortunately my visit to munich is over but it was fun and i have learned a lot arts culture history of all there i have to admit munich's really got
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something. next we turn to one of the oldest cities in bavaria indeed in the whole of germany. we call this going to show us. i'm standing above the dam over on the shore you can see the beautiful old town and this bridge is the stone bridge built at the beginning of the 12th century it's believed to be the oldest surviving bridge and germany. to be honest the bridge doesn't look that old that's because it's been completely restored over the past few years after all reagan's work has a title to defend and since 2006 its old town including this bridge has been a unesco world heritage site today i want to get to know regensburg what attracts is interest to this unesco world heritage site and what does the constant influx of tourists mean for the city this much is certain it's going to be
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a journey through 2000 years of history. the fact that reagan's burn is such an old and well preserved city is largely thanks to it not having been destroyed in the wars and its importance as an imperial city in past centuries. a testimony to its former significance is the gothic cathedral. construction began in the 13th century and the cathedral tells us a lot about that time. next to the one in cologne reagan's were a cathedral is considered to be germany's most extraordinary gothic cathedral. reagan's burg was not only important because it became
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a bishop seems fairly early on the danube was a significant trade and traffic route. and here on its banks in the old town hall the perpetual diet was held for over 140 years. from the 17th to the early 19th century and reagan spoke was actually the capital of europe a bit like brussels today. the natural diet was convened in $1663.00 just a few years after that that she is. the representatives from all countries from all cities gathered here they were supposed to discuss taxes and military issues but the talks then dragged on for so long that they never came to a final agreement until the horror at least not for 143 years until 1806 is to someone that 6 the one that the. next i have an appointment with my ts fi tak at the noise plots where he shows me
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the outlines of the former jewish synagogue. dragons' burg is like many mediæval cities if you dig here it's likely you'll discover something in 1905 traces of the 2000 year history of the city were uncovered during construction work on 9 far plots. with her. work and as you've probably noticed we're underground now about some version with the wall with the ark that's classical middle ages about 700 to 800 years old. it's now if you take a step forward and look down over the parapet you see those stones. they may not look that special but they're from roman times 2000 years ago. and if we go through this arc we come to a 2nd cellar. what's
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interesting here is that all the cellars in the documentation center come from the former jewish quarter in reagan's borg. and so what we're seeing here are traces of the jewish families in the reagans. the excavations took 3 years and archaeologists even found a gold treasure the documentation center doesn't have signs or a big maze on sen the structure can only be accessed on guided visits but don't let that scare you off it's really worth it. next to the historic stone bridge you'll find the cool clothes the sausage kitchen a true reagan's work classic in the 12th century the building was used as a storage room for construction equipment later it was turned into an eatery and since the beginning of the 19th century it's where reagan's bergs most famous bratwurst or charcoal grill sausages are made.
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the. next hour couch 6 on sauerkraut is the name of this typical dish simple bud really good. just right if you're feeling package on your tour. on the banks of the danube during peak season as line with cruise ships i meet with paid. he has the organization friends of reagan's birds old town it's one of the oldest citizens initiatives in germany and as the name implies is concerned with preserving their city's historical heritage their most recent coup was to prevent the construction of a convention center and the old town to hide from the rain we seek cover and a former royal villa which today houses the bavarian monument office. and was by
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midnight most about you previously worked as a tourist guide and regensburg yourself what's your take on this tourism boom i think it's very positive experience of the humble beginnings when there were 600 guided tours in the year and now we have more than 6000 guided tours before it makes me happy every time i walk through the city and see people from all over the world enjoying drakensberg and it does do you also understand more critical voices those who say it's too much for regensburg he can do you know these voices but i don't quite understand them because as in many cities tourism here moves along specific paths just as in prague where it goes from the old town square to the charles bridge to prague castle here it's just over the stone bridge to the cathedral to the old town hall to the left and right of this it's called i don't have to walk right through the crowd when it's busy i can also choose a side street and so i can go survey and. if you're ever in reagan's burg and looking for a really great place to eat this is the spot our face located in the very heart of
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the city it's a reagan's burg institution the former brewery was taken over by students in 1977 and turned into a french style beast. what i loved about reagan's very is the fact that there is an interesting story waiting around every corner from the romans in the middle ages to the efforts of solving early european conflicts and the right stack plus the regional specialties are delicious no wonder really the very after all. our 3rd and last stop is the city lines on the banks of 3 with this.
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this is where the danube and is reversed meet. and right in the middle of it all is a beautiful old town. the rivers are both a blessing and a curse they may pass all prone to floods but for centuries the waterways were important treaty routes the wealth brought to the city is reflected in its architecture. for example the festool bios it's almost 800 years old and one of the largest surviving mediæval fortress complexes in europe. from the top there is a great view over the city of 3 rivers i've always wanted to visit possible because of its special location and of course when i'm here i'll do a hike in the bavarian forest a popular destination not too far from possible. possible it's not only been shaped
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by its 3 rivers the city's former rulers also left their mark with their magnificent churches and castles their story is told in the 1st over hours museum it's closed during the winter and reopens in mid march but they let me inside for a look. this is where in 1217 bishop will rick the 2nd was given the title of prince bishop by the emperor of the bishops of possible became the spiritual and secular rulers over the city for generations the 1st oboes was home to the prince bishops. in the museum you can find out how passages old town was built in the 17th century most of the houses burn. don't so tell you architects were called to rebuild the city in baroque style and that's how they designed possible. possibles publicity
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brochures described it as the very in venice and it's true with its italian that flair and narrow lanes it's one of the prettiest cities in bavaria. it has many striking churches atlanta streets there are about 50 in all the bishopric of possible once extended as far as hungry. st stephen's cathedral is in the middle of the old town the fact that it's one of germany's largest parag churches becomes especially evident once you're inside. everything here testifies to the wealth and power of possibles prince bishops. the cathedral organ is famous with its $17974.00 pipes it's the
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largest of its kind in the world. the town hall is also designed in italian baroque style but the block definitely sounds very and. on the tele there are markers showing flood levels over the past centuries it's hard to imagine. now and meeting in the vision from the ongoing are just association you'll be giving me a tour of her augusta a narrow street parallel to the danube it's where many. artists have their studios . fergus is very popular with visitors specially in the summer.
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all the houses here date from the middle ages and our list of buildings. and. the what's special about inventor says i gotta this is not really the architecture of course but we artists also might to add a bit of color you know tourist walks are here and we want to attract their attention we have lots of studios and we want to try to make art more accessible this week so we make an effort painted on all those times of aerial installations and all these nations in one small space and it works beautifully on this one of. my journey continues i've left paso and i'm on my way to the very end forest just an hour away from the city the region is a popular destination for hiking skiing and relaxing.
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on. the ferry and forest is a low mountain range a 100 kilometers in length on the border between the various and the czech republic the national park is in the south of the forest here it's allowed to grow as nature intended without schuman intervention. the tree top walk is one of the highlights of the bavarian forest it's open all year round. the walkway extends through the forest between 8 and 25 meters above the ground.
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what does the forest sound like what animals live here at 7 learning stations you can find out more about the life and habitats of the forest for extra fun there are other activities like balance beams and adventure trails. but the highlight with the emphasis on high is the tree tower. this part of the wall rises in the spiral circling around 3 ancient trees. at the top there is a beauty platform 44 meters a book the ground. in general you have a great view from up here over the bavarian forest unfortunately not today anyway i enjoyed coming up here and this is where my tour of the bavarian forest and if
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you're a travel fan like me and like to check out new this every day please take a look at our instagram account d w travel see you next time. cut
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. from a world class cinema. political. song the 1st . topic i. look back at some of the greatest moments. the
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playoffs trying to. play. landed in the blood. in latin america sing silver and lead our dog up the ground to every. mining operations are taking a heavy toll plaza some even came with her mileage the but as long as her national command resources future president bush child america's mining looking to. the game 75 minutes on d w. staying up today don't miss our highlights. program mind d.w. dot com highlights. closely.
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carefully. soon. to be a good. discover . the i. subscribe to the documentary on. the on a mission. to save the lives of the comics from started in $1039.00 since then they've created a vast empire of superheroes the also have human weaknesses. the creators have had their share of clashes the moving story of
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a comic giant marvel stores march tell a. love . this is d.w. news live from berlin trapped in no man's land with nowhere to go migrants in turkey gather at a crossing into europe after ankara says it will no longer pull them back but greece is blocking its borders determined to stave off a new wave of refugees also coming up south korea sees its biggest surge a new coronavirus cases could be.


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