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time there. was that i the news travels fast. local residents have come to see the funeral procession for a young man killed in a counterterrorism strike by the indian army. i think we have a new martyr his name was donnish he was 18 when he joined the militants. he was a student very much some of those of us is our version that he was my neighbor. on a look at all the people who have come to his funeral was done is died on the path of allah all of emotions are running high. for the same goes for the movement toward the origin joe that's why the children are here to look at the wages of our the french right. from the one receiving their prayers today had spent his
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last 2 months as a resistance fighter with an armed islamist separatist group alleged to have close ties to pakistan i. forgot that you are mr. ambassador was or was that it was. he was one of not even 300 fighters facing the 500000 strong armed indian forces the insurgency in general and kashmir began in the late 1980 s. but the conflict over this territory goes back much further. kashmir is located in the himalayan mountains and is now considered one of the world's most heavily militarized regions in 1947 the partition of british india in 2 separate countries india and pakistan brought an end to nearly 200 years of colonial rule and left
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behind the disputed principality of kashmir both newly independent nations laid claim to the territory and fought out after war over it a demarcation line was established separating the mostly muslim population over the following years kashmiri separatist groups continuously carried out numerous attacks against indian troops including suicide attacks. somebody wipe it out about the democrats make up i'm only what i think you think you know i did ask about you know if you have forgotten what dumbledore fighting fit. in for warmer in southern kashmir residents remember feb 14th 2019 as if it were yesterday that day a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a bus carrying indian troops 40 soldiers died india blamed pakistan pakistan denied responsibility war was imminent.
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the assailant lived in this small quiet village we went to visit his father who makes his living here as a vegetable farmer. also i write my son's name was a deal. he left us one spring day in 20 minutes. it took off on his bike so we thought he was just going for a ride. he was gone for about a month and then he turned up with some photographs. well that's when we realized that he joined the militants. and we could already imagine what was going to happen to him. when i think about it now i still get upset about. what drove him to do that. but i think it all started after he attended a political rally. that.
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the army arrested him and pushed his head into his own spit. out reached him and that anger stayed with him. he felt humiliated that they would do that to him in front of so many people it was then that's their got out there like afterwards he asked again and again why would they humiliate us like that once again. all parents have dreams for their children. to try to raise them right and hope that they'll be successful why did that what happened to him breaks my heart but i think i would have done the same if that happened to me the wrong going to die here anyway we're going to do a lot of good. after india elected a hindu nationalist government in 2014 it crack down hard on kashmiri separatists. this video was shot in a village in northern kashmir just after a militant was reported to be in the area 1000 soldiers were sent him. local
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residents were ordered to stay indoors. the shooting continued for several hours then the troops blew up a house where the alleged activist was believed to be hiding i got in retaliation angry young kashmiris threw stones at the soldiers who responded with gunfire and tear gas. i. had lived. in the south of us to myself what i. thought about that it was it was all i did when i was going to the graph. i let's get going i don't know was going to that. night i that.
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afterwards in the wake of the attack many local young men vowed revenge. shock waves from the explosion destroyed several other nearby homes in the village some lost all they had. was a message on a good deal with others that he was yet the fish that full of fish emulsion the office. hardly anyone dares speak to us on camera they fear what might happen if they do. but one woman does speak up to make good on the economic i'm not afraid to talk to they think that we can smear is a criminals but such as i said to him. go ahead keep arresting us and destroying our prophecy and soon we'll take up arms and defend ourselves. and women will fight
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to independence is near god willing inshallah we're ready to make any sacrifice to win our freedom and you could by getting a good idea somebody that i. if anything india's anti terrorism campaign in kashmir has made a lot of enemies. and yet despite the 10s of thousands killed or wounded and the countless destroyed or abandoned homes and villages one word cannot be surprised. freedom it rings out over the ruins in the hearts of the separatists and in so many of some of the local religious leaders. i. mohammed omar farouk is considered the muslim spiritual leader of kashmir the new wives he enjoys great respect.
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for students fathers moultrie. should. go on the social media oh it's important. because indian media doesn't really code it so we have used social media the internet radio he has 200000 followers online peruke has led kashmir's muslim community since his father was assassinated his grandfather is in jail. we don't want to go in or support that the fact that because we boys should become you know suicide bomb because we don't want to where you want to get killed you know by like this in fact we want them to live with what we feel that you know these are acts of desperation you know what is leading these young boys towards militancy this is the big question you know if you look at the stories you follow this story there. you know they have been had us by the police by the security agencies you know i mean the families have been had us their dependency brothers the fact is that today there is anger against the state there's
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anger against indian policies of oppression and oppression they want to raise posters banners that is banned you can't you are put in jail for that you know the police is off to you the agencies that are there you they feel that nothing is working it's better to get killed and kill somebody on the route is under tight surveillance more than once he's been placed under house arrest i don't want you can kill me and then what go on open the door i love you you want to arrest me right now but then go ahead and do it. today farouk can travel to the mosque in srinagar for friday prayers just 2 weeks back the police had let him go. i cannot be quiet on what's happening in kashmir specially the human rights violations the killings so probably the government if it doesn't like to you know i'm speaking to people because they want to addition be
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minimal and gauge between the leadership and the people. that is the target they don't want people to assemble there and whenever they feel there is anger among the people to lock down the mosque i mean last year in 2018 the mosque was locked down from 4 to 16 weeks so doctors also angering people you know that that that you know abuse anger that you know i would just police are being closed down. oh i need hundreds of people have gathered at the mosque today not only to pray but to hear for rupe so many of the situation in kashmir. i don't know 4 years before the authorities have been banning religious organizations i don't know if over money and silencing students and moms and
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politicians say are you i do have a good idea. or want to see i'm president they want to show the people of india that they rule kashmir with an iron fist. so. here's what we you know what the reality is. that because of this oppression our young people are sacrificing themselves as human bombs to for us a to die. somebody said they tried to frighten us and intimidate us but they didn't succeed. they don't understand that this is not a struggle of one individual or one political party but the struggle of an entire people who are ready to sacrifice their lives. and i admire and i would
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have died i was i wound time for rukhsana and frustrated by the thai curfew in srinagar some tried to provoke a confrontation with the police i was but officers didn't respond wasn't time so i was but this is what can happen when the police do crackdown. was. i. i
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r hahn often takes part in these protests when the friday sermons get out of hand he's a medical student he says he's been arrested and mistreated several times for throwing stones at police. car honks is willing to talk to us but only if we agree to protect his identity. we're fighters got a good idea i'm covering my face because of the police find out i've been talking to foreign reporters about kashmir and get into trouble because i moved over into a danger or question that there is so much repression they operate and i was alone here you have your motorbike your book idea just to hear. how good it. was for many in kashmir expressing their opinion is dangerous even behind a mask and thick walls. as we move to a different location away from any curious listeners. it is only
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a thought not many got to pass and i still reject the use of armed force just because i believe in a peaceful solution to this conflict we obviously for just me but i don't believe that the authorities are interested in peace and we want to stable future so that we can build a life for ourselves continue our studies or start a career for a greater question that i'd like everyone to contribute as cotton but with all the curfew us on every week every month. that's impossible that's one of the shutdown this is sort of if you do decide to take up arms would it be to defend islam or to fight for kashmiri independence. we want to defend islam that's one of the good of our religion teaches us that we should protect our brothers from cruelty to suddenly in light of such injustice it calls for jihad but we also demand a dependence on their system remarkable. as
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the ideology becomes more radical in homes and universities on the streets the indian authorities are taking steps to counter it. the problem is particularly serious in southern kashmir. so the police and that region have put together a team of muslim attorneys and psychologists who are experts on radicalization. today one of the psychologist is going to talk to some young protesters who were recently arrested. do as we do you are at the demonstrations did you throw stones. yes and the cops arrested us did you enjoy throwing stones from the i did the same job or did you know that the word jihad really means to overcome your selfish desires. have you ever heard it put that way. but wasn't going to want to know whether you tried that because on camera
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you're not interested in that is killing people you care about. it actually that's right. what if india lets us go do you know how many other countries we're surrounded by still a lot. sure bangladesh sri lanka pakistan at least 31 country for what if one of those countries annex as us should we fight them no they wouldn't do that why not. because we'll be independent controlling our own country and they can't do anything about that. once and these youth on the brink of militarism want to be heard. police also meet with the parents of young people. tough on a district police chief in self kashmir has organized
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a community outreach program today he's talking to a group of fathers worried about their children's arrest due to her but i don't know whether power vice has ties to the radicals but we arrested him. give me more names on that i'm going to show us some of it which will stay in jail and the other names. yes it is far short of just you know him to. us it's the same. so softened so i'll tell you straight out live you are the prophet mohammad said parents are the shepherds of their children so you have to teach them right from wrong until they're adults. so it's so simple to give them what i asked them years father what his son did during the day. and whether he sits down with his parents and talks to the court. to hear the father said no. how
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can a father look after a son if he doesn't talk to him. it's going to stop us 3 young people have ties to the militants. they won't be released we're still questioning them. we haven't. got the shock was injured by police in srinagar but we've taken him to a doctor and he's trying. to think of the questions i'm really certain we had a guy we let go he'd only been in jail for 3 months. and what did he do because he's behind bars again it happens all the time if we could have talked to him we would have set him straight. you got. the indian authorities allowed us to film this meeting because they want to show that the police are taking a new approach to this situation. in the past local residents and human rights organizations have sharply criticized police brutality including beatings
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extrajudicial executions forced disappearances through. the special powers act of 1990 gives the security forces wide ranging authority to deal with the kashmir insurgency. critics say that these powers include immunity from prosecution lawsuits against the security forces almost always fail parvenus son was arrested more than 30 years ago and she hasn't heard from him since now she campaigns on behalf of other children who have disappeared. my heart just sinks when i look at this photo. you can see his injuries never forgot this i want you really good if they've arrested him where are they holding him i feel sorry caesar all in this together. and i did why didn't they tell us we
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don't want money we just want to know where our children are playing i think you mock order there have been so many human rights violations including rapes beatings and murders and. children have been crippled for life and their parents have to take care of them. i'm sick and i will this is what young people have to go through thank you and that's why they're filled with hate they've grown up with this hate. no means have the pocket case i want them to come back. on the 10th of every month parveen adjoins with others to remember the 8000 people who've been disappeared in kashmir since 1900. 30 was it how are you russian john i hope you're well. they're going to mention joe did does and. i think there are
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women here who've lost sons or husbands and children who've lost fathers they've all experienced the painful loss of loved ones. like. you like your mother why why if there's anything i can do for you let me know how much. you're a good boy that you're. the one that i think. if he's still alive how come back god willing every day i pray that he's still alive if he is i. hope that god will protect and guide him if not i pray that have be forgiven. go on here in. there when i felt a little sense in 997001 if i won it would have given hope to others but nothing has happened for 3 decades of us sarge his twisted statements and invent their own
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version of what i'm told. so they gather here every month to call attention to their missing family members the authorities allow this protest but little more. sun kashmiris now believe that things here are changing. one of them is why the power a leader of the youth wing of the people's democratic party or p.d.p. the p.d.p. believes that the best way to resolve the kashmir conflict is through dialogue and reconciliation. right now he's on his way to meet with a group of young people i've met that other stuff i do i think
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60 percent of kashmir is population is under 30 and why you'd hope that they will vote for his party. because a lot of the scheme but no matter we've announced a number of proposals aimed at helping young people but what is everyone talking about on the side out there with the latest suicide bombing and how it's brought india and pakistan to the brink of an atomic war going to war with the political ticker. while he tries to win people over through a persuasive debate rather than violence but the political situation in kashmir is enormously complex so he has to proceed with caution. i think you know a lot of people. aspire for freedom given the history of the conflict but people like us who are in the mainstream democracy process we see solutions forward in the saugor and should be more democratic speech to the kashmiris what identity should
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be like the should be subduction is a. good there's a touch of the acknowledge it does not be diminished we don't want to simulation but we want to be good we're ok with that integration but not at the cost of assimilation of own identity. in the previous indian parliamentary elections the turnout in some parts of kashmir was dismal enough if kashmiris are serious about embracing democracy that will have to change.
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