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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and corona virus claims more lives in italy europe's worst hit country were forces deadliest day ever as the virus killed some 800 people will go to rome for the latest also coming up is day one of a near total shutdown of public life into german states with others likely to follow here how authorities are very are trying to keep the residents off the streets. the train brown though. we're ok
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and celebrating the life of a country music legend kenny rogers has died at the age of 81. i'm married to evanston thanks for joining us we begin in italy which has reported its biggest ever one day rise in deaths due to corona virus nearly 800 people died from the infection in the past 24 hours alone italy's total death toll stands at more than $4800.00 and authorities have recorded close 254000 infections. this is the chapel at cremona hospital in northern italy. the morgue is full so bodies are being kept here until they can be buried. in the intensive care
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unit has no bad tonight medical staff are struggling to cope. it's not me. we are here. they are all me we are all for. if you are worth in. here or there war because we are. here for the patients. the battle against the spread of the coronavirus is not just in hospitals but on the streets of autonomy in times and cities police have been making sure that fresh draconian measures introduced on saturday to further limit people's movements are enforced those identified are stopped and asked to prove why they're
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not at home despite their efforts the number of dead keeps rising at a staggering rate military vehicles have for another day been transporting coffins for criminalization near the badly affected city of bergen are images that a target in fear will be repeated time and again in the coming days and weeks. correspondent in a group to joins us now from rome so sima these are some very grim figures from italy today is it a sign that were near the peak fare or can things get even worse. well you're absolutely right it's a not the new record that's been set it's very demoralizing figures really 7 and 993 people did with the corona virus in the space of 24 hours that curve still is what the authorities are saying the curve is growing still we are not near the peak just yet is what the health officials into the say we're only
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in day 11 of the lockdown the impact of that is not be felt just yet the fictions in those that are dying is a result of infections that took place before the lockdown but to give you some semblance of an idea of where it's concentrated at that region of lot but the north out of the 793 that had died 546 come from long but i'm know that region council bore the 25000 of the sections of some 53000 or so in total around the country most of the people who have been infected over the age of $63.00 most of those who have died over the age of 18 and they are overwhelmed even as opposed to being now the head of the civil protection services has said that the peak is not expect it till next week or perhaps even the week
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after after all they have to look at trends and projections in order to see in what direction it goes from this is why they keep stressing on the fact to stay at home that's really the mantra that's being thrown around in every aspect of the media that you see here just stays home for the whole thing you mentioned that the al franken in italy is centered in the north of the country but are officials worried you might see a familiar outbreak elsewhere in italy. well particularly in the south of the country they're bracing themselves for the worse and they're starting a race against time if you like i mean for the moment though the officials are saying things are contained they are seeing a rise in infections but the numbers are still very much manageable in terms of the health care system that is present in our we do hear of they're trying to prepare for more beds to get more equipment indeed that you see
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a spike in cases but just to give you an idea the regional down south where you are seeing an increase particularly among the parents and grandparents of the individuals that nest the goals of the country and came down south before the knock down was put in place so unfortunately causing the spread of the disease to their loved ones again you may not have the symptoms but you can very much spread this infection to the more fragile members of society. now seem it is dale levin of it all is a lockdown and you mentioned it has been healthy and are there any other measures that authorities can implement to slow down the spread of infection. well we do know that they've put in place additional measures considering the fact that this coming week is a very crucial one and so we have seen meditation's of up to 50 you can't move to your 2nd form for example but a lot of the and regional leaders are calling for more stringent measures they want to complete lockdown they want all activity to stop offices shut sections shuts
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a transportation to be limited building sites to be shut down all together and we'll have to see whether the government takes the vice and then she puts that if place of course that will have a significant impact as well of the crowd we're already seeing long queues in front of the supermarket as people are concerned about their access to what they'd need in terms of essentials for daily living the other issue of concern of course is the impact of the infection rate on the medical staff some 80 percent of those infected are believed to be doctors and so it's me is calling a war doc just to go to the north of the region the prime minister made a request for $300.00 volunteers they got $3500.00 volunteers so a moment for italians to be proud about at the same time we're also seeing arrivals from china as well as another $52.00 doctors sit be arriving from cuba. and then compare reporting for us from rome we appreciate it. social media footage of
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italians singing in solidarity from their balconies during the coronavirus crisis has inspired millions of people around the world including people here in berlin have a listen. on saturday evening in the german capital many people again took to their balconies to applaud people have become and clapping as a gesture of appreciation to health workers currently battling coronavirus and also to all those who continue to work in these difficult times when the german government is considering tougher measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus measures that are welcomed by at least some berliners. in berlin's park's spring maybe in the year but most likely also particles of the coronavirus still some left their homes to catch
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a bit of fresh air exercise and enjoy some family time all the while generally keeping the recommended distance. these could have been some of the last weekend outings for berliners as a possible nationwide lockdown was on everyone's minds so we have a lot of food i heard from friends in spain how depressing a lockdown is. but let's i'm afraid it's going to happen. maybe the weather will also play a role that people stick to the recommendation. for much of it which is of course people shouldn't gather in large groups it's unnecessary so that's a sensible rule but a couple going for a walk or enjoying some food in a cafe keeping the appropriate distance while you go to. food markets are still allowed to operate at this one it was business as usual with no social distancing measures observed. good people who came here for their food seemed aware of the risk from the dangerous coronavirus. but many also said they didn't have much of
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a choice they said a lack of supplies in recent days and rumors of further restrictions added to the pressure to stock up. or to move up to do i need to go shopping for my family who knows what was to be possible next week with. many berliners are fearful of what might yet be looming while enjoying rare moments of normal life while they still can. well tens of thousands of travelers have been left stranded after countries around the world closed their borders in response to the coronavirus pandemic governments are scrambling to get their citizens home after many countries suspended international flights and passenger ships many have chartered commercial planes and even military planes to evacuate them the german foreign ministry says up to $200000.00 germans are currently stuck abroad and with
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me in the studio now is d.w. reporter nicole reis so nicole tourists stranded overseas i mean this sounds horribly chaotic maybe even frightening how are these people going to get home that's a big big questions for hundreds of thousands across the globe now people who have been on holidays and trying to get home i just read about a story on twitter a british family on the philip the philippines stuck in the departure hole because the plane that was about to pick them up well it just turned our back our backs on them because they couldn't land and they're with some other people who are just can't get into the country and are stuck on the airport and so many people are trying to ring up there and lines that are trying also to contact their embassies but obviously on all sides it's kind of overwhelming and they don't establish the contact however there are some governments who are doing repressed ration schemes you just mentioned germany well there are around $200000.00 german nationals just
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outside the country right now. and to get right back into germany and repatriation schemes have started actually the german government is basically putting in $50000000.00 euros to get them back to try to special flights and they have to sign up online with the foreign ministry to get all the details so they know where to get them but it's going to take a few days if not weeks to get them all back and same goes for the u.s. they're trying to repatriate nationals canada is also set they're going to try and help those people in the case of britain for example the government said well it's too costly and too difficult to organize so people are in quite a dilemma of flights get canceled they don't know how to really get back home and trying other routes that process on private travel agencies who are now off that they will try to help them if they pay a small fee and obviously all those who take part in the repatriation schemes also have to pay something to contribute in a way because we're talking about a lot of money too to get these planes to 2 places to pick up people right
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absolutely and it's not just the tourists you're also hearing stories about students who are traveling abroad their frantic parents trying to get them home now nicole i know you also have some personal experience with the challenges of international travel and how difficult has it been for you to get around well i usually commute to london every 3 weeks so i stay there for 2 or 3 weeks as well work there and my partners over there so when i came back now i knew it might be challenging and we don't know when we see each other again and obviously this is nothing if you compare it to what's going on in the world but this uncertainty is in the air i know my airline canceling flights to london today so i know it's probably going to take some time until we get back on track until we can see each other support each other because you don't know if something happens to the other one where you would like to be there right but in the end we can be lucky we have video chat options and we can talk to each other whenever we want to and we just.
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hang in there because there's so many other things going on that are really more devastating i guess at this time or important cory's thank you so much for sharing your perspective thank you. and finally country music fans are mourning the death of legendary singer kenny rogers he died on friday of natural causes at the age of 81 the grammy award winning singer songwriter racked up 2 dozen number one hits and sold over 50000000 albums in the u.s. alone leave you now with these images and one of his biggest hits the gambler thanks for watching. on a warm summer z. film a train bound from go. where the them. both to try to sleep so we took turns to stare out the window at. the border hole.
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in the pregame speech he said started out. how to read people's. nowhere what the cards were about the way they feel they're right to make sure you don't mind saying i can see you're out of the. door she used to wear. a free jenny is full of surprises. got it all out. himself one day and get in the footsteps of the great people. in your northernmost town the fleet street. 3 times wanting to kill miriam and.


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