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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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for the future. to make your city hall to get insight. into. personal drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power by intuition love money. time science and and found. on you tube. it's no secret that our planet's resources are doing lean on the climate crisis is real that's why i'll show. off as ideas on how we can protect our environment welcome to the show i'm now tie in lagos nigeria. and
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a warm welcome for me sandra 3 different compilers here in uganda the part of africa will stay tuned for another half hour to know that starting stories here is what is coming up shipping. evening classes in germany on climate change and on what we can do on. developing sustainable ways to avoid the harmful side to good use and. products that are making life better for people in kenya. the climate in south africa dry and climate change appears to be making it even more drier it is becoming even more on edge and to green the economy industries farming tourism and the way people live we head to the eastern cape to meet a teenager who is a budding reporter walking on issues she is involved with a global initiative called young group for the environment and the name suggests
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they are needed to making a difference. at 1st glance it looks idyllic but. this isn't a new student out. in order to documented the extent of the drought in her hometown of. it's the middle of the rainy season and the main dump in town should be full by now. i've been when you get here we finally realize it's absolutely nothing. it's a tough. question what's what's next is the hope that this. would have been for that game. town is a farming town that has been experiencing periods of severe drought over the past 5 years in an effort to alleviate the impact then we split instituted water
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restrictions in the community john is a member of the young reporters for the environment or white. youth led initiative that provides training on how to report on local environmental issues she's come to talk to timber cookie i localize to keep his ship survived the cea but if the rain stopped he might have to sell the entire flock. in a. day or night and do it in the summer the most difficult thing was that we ran out of water not just but the whole region we had to fix water for the livestock in a faraway places which was a real struggle. is. just i tense high school today a professional photographer has come to lead a workshop with the young reporters this is the 1st time some of the students have ever held a camera the program also involves training sessions with journalists and t.v.
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and news professionals. like i said earlier you guys are going to show the rest of the what's happening in your ear and that's quite an awesome sponsibility to. never know maybe one day you take a step officially become a documentary filmmaker a photojournalist weekly magazine the y. our program is called an end to the by and best in denmark called foundation for. environmental indication 360000 people in 45 countries take back in the program last month just on me the video about illegal dumpsite a video was eventually published by a national news broadcaster. challenging the government intervention in this matter . people. all over the net at least on the actions of the nation. to diffuse any or dick inside it and it doesn't want to tell you. every reporter is supposed to produce one story each month. young people
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don't know what to do for you even if they do you can't take initiative because they think that if they don't think the cat so the young reporters gives us an opportunity to do that because it makes more young people aware about the environmental issues that we're currently facing and it makes them want to take initiative and join us so i think that's why it's very important. job boards i trust pool because her parents leave find a way in the countryside for dinner the students gather in the big hall or to do their homework john is making progress with hunger story she doesn't put you on to provide regular school work but john i doesn't mind. it's fun and she's motivated by the idea that she can inspire p.o.'s to behave or think differently. like they should inside the fear of
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not wanting to lose what we have which is the little lift of the beauty of the environment that's number one also hoping to achieve or when more people over to the side of want to saving higher. in south africa the program is supported by west the country's oldest environmental organization it's been doled out at 15 schools so far the young members out of thrilled by its success because it shows that their perspectives. young people are realizing that there was a very damaged walls and there's the adults get serious about dealing with the climate crisis all over the world they are demanding action but they are not the only ones or the people want to get involved in germany and mental going to. evening classes for the public on climate change and things ordinary people like
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you and i can do to make a diff. climate strikes a good way to show governments that people want change but what else can we as individuals do to help reduce c o 2 emissions in germany people can take special evening classes to learn more about climate protection. participants are able to develop their own plan of action in order to cut their carbon footprint. in terms of my ability that could mean driving and flying less. when it comes to heating and elektra city a little goes a long way just turning the heat down by one degree makes a difference as do small adjustments at meal times like cutting down on meat consumption. for also apparently if we all ate less meat without having to give it
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up completely that would result in a huge reduction of c o 2 emissions that was helpful information. just like the pulse was developed by environmental organizations and is now available in 36 german cities the workshop is spread over 6 evenings. each of us can make a difference as one of our goals is to encourage the course of participants to become eco ambassadors who not only make changes in their own lives i but share information and encourage others to do the same. at the end of the course the participants receive a fit for climate certificates and then it's up to them to spread the word. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. after doing your bit. we share your stories. well. the sound of the talk line
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at a significant especially when it comes to electronic waste what do you do when you're done with your computer or your mobile phone there are reports that africa has become a dumping ground for most of the globe in the west so what is being done in africa to change that a young nigerian has decided he doesn't want that anymore and he started doing something about. lagos nigeria is him to a number of illegal dump sites very waste from many local people the refuse is a vital source of income of the taking of poets t.v.'s computers and other devices by hand they resell the components as raw materials it's extremely hazardous work with water and grown severely polluted by heavy metals and toxic chemicals some electronic devices come from developed countries in the form of the nation's
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unfortunately only a fraction of food and functional the rest is affectively trash a company in lagos has come up with an alternative solution for handling the waste it's called 8 para and was founded by each line or tunnel nigeria usually generates $1000000.00 tons of arsenic waste talk less of what it allows importation into the country the difference between our treatment and the informal and less if $100.00 don't have the knowledge they don't have the tools all the machinery to safely record and dismantle. the device. the terror collects discarded devices like laptops speakers and mobile phones which are then checked over the company's material recovery for surgery those parts that can still be used are restored and mostly donated as charity the rest is dismantle
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the terror has in. it's that in the range of machinery it's allows the workers to dismount who wastes in a way that is safe for the environment and for themselves and exhaust hood is used to contain the toxic feed. you can have so many carcinogenic materials that are trapped or sucked out and trapped trapped inside are diminishing pretty effectively detoxified while we dismantle all of the glass all of the. plastic. after being dismantled the waste is separated and shredded. they're all material salvaged such as aluminum glass and i and other companies main source of income. business has been going well for the company so well that the c.e.o. plans to expand operations in the near future and his happy that the items he recycles will not end up on the legal don't sites like this one.
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carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming but did you know the gas can be a valuable resource scientists have developed ways to capture c o 2 from power plants and factories that would otherwise escape into the air and they are putting it to good use for example to boost plant growth in greenhouses we have to the netherlands to meet some gardeners who are welcoming the initiative. plus as far as the eye can see. this is a ruse breeding company in the netherlands. c o 2 is pumped into these 2 huge greenhouses to help the flowers grow better. the head of the family business says the investment is paid off. the local ways to the leafs and when the leaves are dark and dark green then we know their lives are
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. the flower we always look at the size the cost how big are the size whether the selling the business has to work very efficiently with high tech heating and cooling systems automatic irrigation and fertilization. but what's really special is the c o 2 ventilation equipment. coming out of this pipe over here. the pressure. coming. off the air inside is in reach with carbon dioxide c o 2 aids photosynthesis and spurs plant growth the company harvest 8000 roses a day. the gases brought in virus subterranean pipeline from rotterdam. now and again the supply of cools by. bloomberg has 600 greenhouses on his books.
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the crops fetch the flowers growing greenhouses they used to get a better product traditionally used to fuel gases from natural gas burning. they can stop using an eco gas and create even better products. the carbon dioxide comes from the port of rotterdam from one of the world's largest oil refineries 400000 barrels of oil a process each day and hundreds of thousands of tons of c o 2 generated each year as a byproduct. ok up or organic c o 2 for assimilation by plants we use is some of that. the company has a plant in the dutch poort and supplies half a 1000000 tons of c o 2 to greenhouses so do the suit or it's coming from or from the shell or refinery
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3 it's transported to our facility fired he said this pipeline. in the past the greenhouses had to produce the carbon dioxide themselves by burning natural gas. the use of recycled c o 2 means that they save a future amount of the fossil fuel the greenhouses are the one who benefits maybe even the most they can replace the use of environment polluting natural gas by taking chu to from industry so they are saving the environment and saving a little bit. and they can use on top of that more c o 2 to grow even better tomatoes and better the flowers. the roots grow is no longer need a combustion plant to produce c o 2. that means they can concentrate more on that cool business. my family started 40 years ago and we start that they've been a small company and we grow
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a big big and now we produce in one year about 40000000 stems. the company's booming thanks to carbon dioxide commercial greenhouse gardens realized this problem gas can also be a valuable resource. now what a great idea to reuse you to i keep it out of the atmosphere well here's another one this time from san diego an invasive weed has been spreading fast and in chaos there but some farmers are found a way to turn this past into an assett. for this senegalese pharma clarin out weeds has become a lifeline. to toss a plant in order to provide his village with a precious commodity few. we make try for charcoal we also use it for the roofs of our houses and enclosures for the animals
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. and it feels like payback years ago invasive we crept into his field and there isn't many farmers on the banks of the senegal river leaving them help. with. rice over there on the other side and melons to we have to stop growing rice in these fields because of the type. right. now knows he can turn the weed into a year round income after joining a cooperative run by women in a nearby village and once the bundles are dr jan takes them to the top of a charcoal processing plant and the women take over. first the toughest role is burnt and then makes a rabbit before being pressed in the pallets the women trying out 5 or 6 times a week of this clean burning fuel signs in iraq that the time for plans has changed
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the women's lives more lives for women didn't also other than fetching root cooking for the household and taking care of the children now we work we own so money and we enjoy ourselves with this project we feel is right. on if. in bronx makeshift market tougher childhood palettes sell for 15 years sense a bad. dan daisy is convinced now and i stopped by regular charcoal he appreciates a product that is always available for women it catches fire easily and doesn't stop hurting i've used it for 2 years and i tell my friends to buy 2 wood is difficult to find especially in the rainy season you can find it for them in the written. word discussed because villages in this region have cut down almost all the trees for uses feel sorry for is a sustainable answer for cooking in
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a place where electricity and gas out of reach for most santigold doesn't only use tougher for charcoal it turns out the weed is a perfect material for a cooling waterproof roof to. abraham cilla was racking his brains to think of a senegalese alternative to the catch reefs he had seen in europe the answer was right on there is no use. if you want to leave brutally on the head of tifr so i put in my suitcase and took it to friends to show them they said it was possible and so it started. cilla built a school and homes from his tax tifa and has overseen training for local artisans to take the method back to the villages around 50 men have become traditional factions through the program. but of myanmar grammar their premier the probably ritual cost less than traditional stroll and it also allows to circulate
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the hot season of parties or going through. our trash roofs the last 20 or 30 years the british. are on top. in a region threatened by climate change and ravaged by different sation cooking on top of a charcoal under its hard for relief has given the village a sustainable means of tackling serious problems for as long as hyphen. rides along senegal's largest river group people can take this new since plant into their own hands and build a future with. it's amazing but almost a 1000000000 people still don't have access to reliable supply of electricity that means they have a hard time lighting their homes starving food using all charging the phones all the internet and so on par improves the quality of life be done
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and we've all got a center in a just. many homes in africa need in the hope all over me solutions delight is a global social enterprise that makes us all a product of all changing lives in kenya let's take a look. at radio. charging station. these are all now standard features in favor karim nice homes but many other households in the area still rely on kerosene lamps which are dangerous and on healthy. favor karim regenerates or electricity from solar panels she has a small home grid. she had the panels installed after seeing some on a neighbor's house connection. it's a big change before we were paying $55.00 shillings a day for electricity we'd have power for a while and then it would be cut off but with the solar panels when we pay $55.00 shillings days on t.v.
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but even so we have enough light to get the children ready all morning on it's on all the time. now we've got to creamy and her husband are paying for the solar energy system in installments every month they use a mobile phone to transfer of the equivalent of 15 euros in 8 months it'll be paid off. although more than 70 percent of kenyans have access to electricity in semi rural areas like here and go only 40 percent do. but just as elsewhere electricity has become essential to daily life. to close the gap a company called d.l. ice has set up stores around kenya that sell solar products for homes and small businesses. esther new york runs one of the stores she sells everything from lamps to t.v.'s and solar home systems. today one of her technicians is going to install
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a system on the outskirts of could jato. john as a local pastor he decided to equip his new home with a solar energy system. and the technician explains how it works it can be installed in just a few hours. by contrast getting connected to the public grid can take months and in just 2 years we'll have the environmentally friendly system paid off. only going to city. and this 10 percent rate. so this one. is the quickest to me of it indeed if the city is not. something. new. in the area i need from the new front in the town sometimes we can miss it when life was not. delights kenyan offices are located in nairobi co-founder ned toes and has come
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from the u.s. to discuss future strategies for africa the social entrepreneur is now focusing on helping people who have recently lost access to energy sources. it is an injustice that you have 1300000000 people in the world who have to still burn kerosene for lighting when the light bulb was invented more than 100 years ago this doesn't make sense and we set a goal of getting 100000000 people off kerosene by 2020 and we've actually achieve that goal as of january 2020. technologies like mobile banking have made it easy for de light to establish itself in kenya it's the world's 2nd biggest market for solar energy after india. chosen and his colleagues are now hoping to expand into other markets in africa so we're seeing a real change in awareness in general in the public sector with governments around what distributed solar energy can do and how if we're going to provide universal
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energy access solar is going to be a critical part of that equation. favor careen the small solar grid means that she no longer has to buy electricity tokens on her children have enough like to see one they're drawing the clean energy source even power as a security light in her front yard it helps deter thieves that nice to live. in the evenings we leave the outside light on and all our things are safe even if we leave the washing outside because when the lights on people can't tell if we're at home or not. access to solar power has made her family's life a lot easier and unlike other sources the sun's energy will always be there. that's a very cool indeed bringing electricity to people living in remote areas i hope you've enjoyed these. sadly it is a time for me to say goodbye i am tsonga to hear income and gunday and of course i look forward to seeing you once again very soon. thanks for watching i hope you
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enjoy the show as well i'm now it's a wee signing off from lagos nigeria. don't . know.
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what keeps us in shape. what makes a see tons of mistake on. my name is dr carson he could i talk to a medical expense. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your head. state use and let's all try to stay in
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good shape. w. . the global corona trysts you can find more information online in fact g.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. the power of words. where i come from i never saw the sun where it did. everything on up and visit on the sun was always a man since the point of his word for son is masculine and when i moved to germany as a 10 year old i wanted to come to him on t.v. and that would say how i see the world because into
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a month of this family in. syria now with the side of a good it's almost tiring the pony tail instead of a deep voice exterminate the guy seemed absolutely incredible. i realized how language shapes the thinking how definition so far not only a mental image just put out a whole perception of the role. inside save my life and was one of the reasons i became a journalist i'm a starry talent and i use my words to help with intercultural understanding my name and the intimate way you can i work and to tell people. the secret service closer. to 6 percent. or the story behind the music. before nature's british.
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cars. beethoven's 9th symphony for the world starts in 2 months on t.w. . this is due to a pianist live from berlin the coronavirus and britain's prime minister boris johnson and johnson says he is only suffering mild symptoms and will continue to lead the nation's fight against attend from quarantine also coming off south africa's police enforce the country's new 3 week coronavirus lockdown the country's
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