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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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not saddam definitely. april and. this is deja news live from berlin it's grown a virus victims the country came to a standstill for 3 minutes a gesture to honor the more than 3000 people who died in china's code 900 out for a. new york has its deadliest day yet hospitals are stretched to the limit and there are warnings the city could soon out of lifesaving ventilators. and officials
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here in berlin accusing us of confiscating a shipment of the much needed face threats and what they're calling in fact of modern day piracy. a michael it's good to have you with us china came to a standstill for 3 minutes to mourn those who have died of the coronavirus citizens across the country paused while cars trains and ships sounded their horns air raid sirens rang out and flags were at half staff in memory of the more than 3000 lives claimed by the virus in china in beijing president xi jinping joined other top officials wearing white flowers in silent tribute. let's go now to correspondent. in beijing china appears to be over the worst of its
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outbreak what's it like where you are in beijing is life essentially returning to normal. i wouldn't call it normal but yes it's going back to everyday life. again and as you mentioned the virus suppressed right now but there's a big a 2nd wave of infections the spread is far from over the threat is constant because they are silent carious of the virus there's also the important cases coming from foreign countries i mean many for example overseas chinese students are returning back here so of course yes also a sense of alertness and today when i mean also this minutes 3 minutes of silence it was quite impressive people were mourning also performing morning rituals here on the street in beijing because usually it's. people would visit.
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the family and now they cannot do it because public gatherings are not allowed so of course this is not normal and many things actually don't feel like normal but the current rules here that anyone who least beijing income spec has to go to a centralized parenting hotel for 14 days so that the city itself is isolated and even the country itself that's shut off no foreign us allowed into yeah you know you know we've been looking at images of of those people honoring that does that moment of science the silence for the dead how did people seal about the government's handling of this crisis so far. most chinese people are actually yes supporting our believing in official of the government and it states that we count up the virus very efficiently and also. showcase the superiority of the system i think many chinese people think the handling of the crisis was quite well and they are actually. posting on social media about the
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situation in europe right now while criticizing their own government also the own this had happened in china they are right away so of course yes the government here is directing the public opinion and i have to say that it works. in beijing many thanks for that to the us now and new york state which had its single largest death toll. in the pandemic so far officials there reported 562 deaths on friday the state now accounts for nearly half of all virus related fatalities in the country as hospitals continue to face critical shortages of medical equipment new york's governor has issued an executive order to seize critically needed supplies across the state and bring them to where they're needed most new yorkers in crisis helping new york and
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then pick up the camp and then go to the next place as this room across the country the peak hasn't yet hit and new york's governor is warning the state could run out of ventilators in days cuomo has ordered the machines to be redistributed to overwhelmed hospitals. with many over crowded this convention center in manhattan has now been turned into a makeshift hospital. funeral homes and crematoriums in the country's most populous city are also struggling to cope. 911 was really good but it wasn't like. a lot of the feeling that were around back then and. even comparing what we're
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getting now death and isolation for victims and their families there are no last words no goodbyes only pictures of their loved ones from those on the front lines meanwhile u.s. officials have done a u. turn on their face mask guidelines after initially stating they aren't necessary for the general public the center for disease control is now recommending face covering such as bandanas and homemade masks though the president has stressed they are not mandatory. what is the one myself it's a recommendation they recommend it. i'm feeling good i just don't want to be doing i don't know somehow sitting in the oval office behind that beautiful resolute desk the great resolute desk i think wearing a face mask as a great presidents prime ministers dictators kings queens.
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i don't see it for myself the mixed messages have left many in the us confused and frustrated. more than a 1000000 people around the world now have confirmed corona virus infections and over 55000 have died as we look now at the very latest developments the international monetary fund says the pandemic has brought the global economy to a standstill it says the world will see a recession that will be far worse than the global financial crisis a decade ago a top british epidemiologist says the u.k. could relax its lockdown measures in a matter of weeks that's providing the spread of corona virus slows and the rate of testing increases and south korea has denied entry to 8 foreigners who refused to submit to quarantine measures all overseas arrivals including south korean nationals are required to self isolate for 14 days. now berlin's city government has accused the u.s.
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of an act of modern day piracy after shipment of 200000 protective facemasks was hijacked on its way from china to germany the mass had been ordered by berlin's police force from an american manufacturer producing in china but according to berlin authorities they were confiscated in bangkok and diverted to the u.s. as a krone virus pandemic worsens demand for crucial medical supplies such as mass and respirators has searched worldwide leading to unprecedented buying practices and countries outbidding. berlin's interior minister under as guys will urge their german government to remind washington to comply with international rules saying this is not how you deal with trans atlanta partners even in times of global crisis there should be no wild west methods the u.s. has denied the accusations i'm joined now by our chief political editor michelle
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so michelle is that just of the story again is the lynn authorities are accusing the u.s. of stealing mass destined for germany did you have more details on that. well what is being reported as having happened is that the assessment of these special master particularly so important for medical staff was actually transferred at the bangkok airport in tired and and this was manufactured by 3 m. its an american company but they produced these masts in china and then as we've learned american officials simply confiscated 200000 masts a part of the segment went ahead to germany and that is where we are this is particular in paris singing from german officials who just a couple of days ago lost in quotation marks some 6000000 mosques in kenya as an airport and that simply didn't go through which a piece of been redirected by illegal means interesting in the face
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of such aggressive purchasing practices is germany managing to secure enough protective equipment for its key workers especially with the loss that you just mentioned. but i can't give you the exact numbers because i don't think the demagogue from and has that but there has been a recognition here that the official ways simply aren't working that private companies a much better at actually tapping into regional networks then that's also why the likes of volkswagen have now pooled their resources another logistics company as well to help the government out which has been simply unable to purchase enough mosques i doubt that any government will be able to get enough in total terms but it's quite clear that the german way of doing things simply isn't a market for the clear america 1st struck city that which doesn't seem to way from
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not going down any official routes whatsoever. you know it strikes me that we've we've all been talking about solidarity these days but with so-called allies pointing fingers is this is sign of a more sort of fractures self-serving world at least until this crisis is over. i don't think i would want to get that philosophical i wonder whether we are seeing more clearly what the actual reality is before the moment of crisis here the european union has its own struggles to find a way of dealing with this very heated debate about financial solidarity euro bonds or so-called corona bonds are unlikely to actually go ahead we'll learn that next week but simply the damage has been done particular to transatlantic relations also after donald trump very early on in this crisis described this as a european disease now he tries to frame it as a chinese one and we must not forget that we are really in the in the competition
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here of what the democratic free democracies can actually deliver to their own people and at the same time we see highly symbolic shipments of medical personnel but also such mass to european states particularly also italy so this is very much a battle for hearts and minds as it is a tough fight for those desperately needed resources at the moment. thanks so much for that. now let's look at some other covert 1000 related stories the current a pandemic is now affecting a beer brand with the same name as the mexican government orders non-essential businesses to keep their workers at home delo the brewery behind corona beer says it will suspend operations at plants around the country by sunday. the head of russia's influential orthodox church has taken an icon of the virgin mary around the streets of moscow in an effort to ward off the coronavirus. convoy traveled
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over a 100 kilometer was in the capital before bringing the icon to it to theater more than 4000 covert 1000 chases have been confirmed in russia. honestly good club who should do it man have announced that their home stadium signal or do not park is set to become a coronavirus treatment center the largest football stadium in germany will provide medical care and act as a testing station for suspected cases. now most nonessential businesses have been ordered to close across germany to prevent the spread of the corona virus movie fans have been turning to the internet in most places but in the city of essen you can still see films on the big screen as long as you have a car. finally a night on the town even if it is only a trip in your own car. visitors at the drive in movies in essence are happy for
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a change of scenery. we think that this is the 1st time that our family is doing this together it's great more despite the circumstances that brought us here. it's wonderful to just sit back and watch a film get away from the house and spend a night out this drive in movie theater in essence is one of the few in germany that is still open the owner was able to convince the city that here all safety precautions are being met. the admission tickets are scanned through the windshield there is no physical contact to the customers and they're asked not to leave their cars but a small exception is made so the passengers can trade seats kids sit in the front parents in the back of the drive in movies very retro but at the moment also very trendy some people are rediscovering their love for the movies i came here and said thank god it's open i can't stand it at home anymore it might have only been 2
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weeks but it feels like 2 months. and then the movie finally starts for a few hours here in essence these moviegoers can relax and forget about the world and its problems. much. you watching still forget our website is there for. around the clock. thanks for joining us. from. the global corona crisis you can find more information on mine. d.w. dot com don t w social media channels. passive
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