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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2020 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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uses do w. news live from berlin china mourns its coronavirus victims the country cames was stand still for 3 minutes a gesture to honor the more than 3000 people who've died in china's comit 19 outbreak also coming up new york has its deadliest day yet hospitals are stretched the limit and there are warnings the city could soon of run out of lifesaving ventilators. and though the number of infections and deaths is still low in south africa there are fears that the virus could wreak havoc on people there
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accuse police of heavy handed tactics and violence in enforcing a nationwide lockdown. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us the corona virus is paralyzing countries across the world but in china where the outbreak originated life is slowly starting to return to in normal pace this morning though the entire nation came to a standstill for 3 minutes as people there mourns the more than 3000 lives lost to the pandemic. it's at half staff throughout the country cars ships and trains some with their horns as their red sirens wailed. for 3 minutes they pour sed to remember the people who have died all over china during the
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coronavirus pandemic according to official numbers more than 3300 lives were lost in mainland china. in one hand alone the capital of where province at the epicenter of the outbreak some 2500 people have died. why rush during the moment of silence i felt so. you could hear everyone was choking with sobs. mourning i gathered i mourn for the big crisis china has faced what happened to these people was very unfortunate we should mourn for them when liang was a hero he discovered it early part of or now it's too late but now our country is stronger than others. when liang was a young doctor who tried to warn others about the disease and was initially reprimanded by authorities he died from covert 19 in february now lee has been
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listed among the national martyrs who died fighting the coronavirus and who were honored on this national day of mourning even though life came to a standstill on saturday china claims to have curbed the spread of the virus and after 2 months of lockdown and will hon the government has decided to loosen restrictions businesses have slowly started to reopen and the lockdown will be officially lift it on april 8th. and joining us now from beijing for more is correspondent fabienne crash more hello to you father and so it does appear that china is now over the worst of its outbreak of covert 19 so is beijing getting back to business as usual. well if you it's normal normal but actually you have to consider the country is completely shut off and all foreign s. are is out and also beijing as isolated to some degree because people who travel from other provinces they have to karen team for 14 days when they enter the
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capital here but despite that yes it's here it's much more normal people are building the streets again subways the restrooms are open again shops etc and also they're enjoying the outdoors i mean today was a lovely spring day and the pockets were crowded it's head around but it's possible people are cautious and they're wearing face masks but you know it's definitely on the compatible asked among. well new infections are down to nearly 0 but are people still worried about a possible 2nd wave of inspections where the government and the authorities definitely are boring you can see that they are very nervous and they have basically 2 big risks right now one is the so-called silent carry us people who are infected but we don't show symptoms and they are really hot to you know them be included in every data so i am sure there will be some more inspections because those silent areas in also all the important cases so people traveling from overseas coming back to china are still. several at 100004 example
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overseas students who come back to china and of course there are many also who are testing positive for. the country country here is using the restrictions also from the promise of which was worst hit by the virus and scientists predict that if they east the restrictions then by august it could be a 2nd wave of infection so yes we don't really know if the worst is already over well finally and there are some experts that have been expressing down to about the official number of coronavirus desa in china what chinese officials saying to this . well they are reacting very strongly because i mean china does not want to does not want the world to know about their missile crisis early weeks and yes it basically countering culturing that it's 2nd saying directly to the u.s.
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if you accuse us of manipulating the numbers show us the proof show us the evidence what you're doing is basically trying to distract from your own mishandling the virus endemic so yes they have basically reacting very emotionally and it's a very sensitive topic here and also many chinese people are chiefs feeling that this is an accusation that is on just. reporting from beijing thank you very much. to the u.s. now a new york state which had its largest single day death toll in the pandemic so far officials there reported 562 deaths on friday alone the state now accounts for nearly half of all virus related fatalities in the country as hospitals continue to face critical shortages of medical equipment new york's governor andrew cuomo has issued an executive order to redistribute medical supplies and equipment from
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hospitals that are not currently using them and to bring them to where they're needed most new yorkers in crisis helping new york. and then pick up the camp and then go to the next place as this rolls across the country the peak hasn't yet hit and new york's governor is warning the state could run out of ventilators in days cuomo has ordered the machines to be redistributed to overwhelmed hospitals. with many overcrowded this convention center in manhattan has now been turned into a makeshift hospital. funeral homes and crematoriums in the country's most populous city are also struggling to cope. 911 was really good but it wasn't like.
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a lot of the feeling is that were around back then and. even comparing what we're getting to. death in isolation for victims and their families there are no last words no goodbyes only pictures of their loved ones from those on the front lines meanwhile u.s. officials have done a u.-turn on their face mask guidelines after initially stating they aren't necessary for the general public the center for disease control is now recommending face coverings such as bandanas and homemade masks bill the president has stressed they are not mandatory. well i just never were in myself it's a recommendation they recommended. i'm feeling good i just don't want to be doing i don't know somehow sitting in the oval office behind that beautiful resolute desk the great resolute desk i think wearing a face mask as
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a great presidents prime ministers dictator kings queens somehow i don't see it for myself the mixed messages have left many in the u.s. confused and frustrated. south africa has been in lockdown for a week even though the country still has relatively few confirmed cases of the coronavirus government is hoping to prevent a collapse of the country's already struggling health care system the enforcement of the lockdown has been particularly difficult in south africa's townships police and military forces have been deployed and allegations of excessive force are on the rise our reporter has more from cape town. we have joined the police patrol in the townships wherever we go everyone runs away because they know they shouldn't be on the streets and they are freights the officers on duty seem anxious they admit they can hardly keep these huge areas
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under control the enforcement of the lockdown is anything but systematic it appears random. this man couldn't get away fast enough reason posts to the news of the logo. you don't have any reason to be. all the world over to still do he's been fined for $1500.00 runs about 80 euros to have that kind of money nor most would be. going to my brother d.q. from a bar the man says that during their arrest he was kicked and beaten by the police behind the house we couldn't. verify this from our position a few blocks away we meet a young woman who doesn't want to show her face she's afraid she will be recognized but she does want to show what the police did to her just for being on the streets she says several officers stormed into her house and detector with sticks and whips and all this in front of her daughter it's actually on the top and is
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a little bit. of never i was in pain. in. the night how. can we trust the police defend their action in the townships if they don't listen been unfortunately those things happen i'm not saying that's what i mean in some communities there it's all the members of the public understand they need to see those things unfortunately before they do instructions yes they need to see that this is c.d.'s and the police are not just telling you to go in there is because you know it's so action it's difficult for many south africans to observe the lockdown despite all the warnings. the call for physical distancing goes on he did in these long lines at the
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supermarket many day laborers simply can't afford to stay home for long periods. this is the reality for millions of south africans and although the lock down rules of the 3 we've locked on the extremely strict many people simply not able to comply . police fear the tension in the townships will was and the longer the states in effect. with the exception of belarus countries across europe have put their football seasons on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic with many clubs and leagues uncertain about how and when they'll be able to return to competition the interruption is depriving many clumps of vital revenue but it could still be a long time before football gets back underway. all quiet on the football front. england's premier league clubs have confirmed that the season will not resume at
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the beginning of may they do still intend to complete the competition but when remains unclear belgium became the 1st country to cancel the rest of their season with league leaders club bruce set to be confirmed champions just hours after that decision was announced you a fully implored its members not to follow the belgian example president alexander schaeffer and hopes domestic seasons can be concluded even if games have to be played behind closed doors but football without spectators in the stadium is no longer the same as football with the public in the stadium. we must be a way that we are in a specific situation that the whole world is in a specific situation and that's it still better to play much without a public not playing its. so-called ghost games are still in option in germany where clubs are also determined to complete the season in whichever way possible the ongoing suspension of play is starving clubs of income
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for some clubs that loss of revenue is a threat to their very existence this leaves them through massive insolvencies that means not just players but of course thousands of other people who are going in and around professional football is us more sinister these will lose their jobs but with further delays looking inevitable a return to football the normality seems a very distant prospect. and in other news britain's main opposition labor party has named kiev storm or as its new leader that's after a ballot of party members trade unionists and registered supporters stormers the former director of public prosecutions and has acted as shadow brags that secretary he was one of 3 candidates for the labor leadership and won resoundingly with more than 50 percent of the vote will replace jeremy corbyn who resigned after
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a crushing defeat to boris johnson's conservative party in december's general election which is big and he could take it. and that's the latest from d.w. news i'll be back again at the top of the hour with another update for you i'm marian evans dean for me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching. in the. climate change. there. were tears today in their future. g.w. dot com for the legacy of the making a. clue.


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