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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2020 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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good why do i just be a modern man to suit global 3000 w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin is china facing a 2nd wave of corona virus infections concern is growing after a rise in new cases many involving travelers from abroad will bring you the latest from beijing. will be probably the toughest week between this week and next week then they'll be a lot of death unfortunately. a somber warning from u.s. president donald trump best the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the u.s.
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tops 300000. also on the program life is under a lockdown is hitting low income households the hardest here in germany some charities have closer to children can no longer rely on free school meals you need a family of 6 who are feeling the pinch. michael oku welcome to the program in china the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak both already have been cautiously lifting some restrictions on public life that's after the daily number of new infections dropped dramatically but now new worries about a 2nd wave of cases authorities found 30 new infections in mainland china on saturday as compared to just. 19
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a day earlier travelers from abroad are involved in those cases the so-called imported cases of the virus present a worrying trend for beijing as you cases where patients displayed no symptoms they can transmit covert 9000 to others the central government is now pushing local health authorities to find and isolate asymptomatic patients let's bring in correspondent. in beijing subunits nice to see you again people around the world look at china to potentially give them clues about what might happen where they live so naturally people might be curious to know easy this 2nd wave coming from students returning a broader others coming from outside or is it coming from some other internal domestic source well i mean in china we cannot yet speak about a 2nd wave because the number of new infections every day are relatively low i mean you have to consider that this is a country of 1400000000 people and yes sooner or later scientists predict there
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will be a 2nd wave coming and mostly because of the. relaxation of trouble restrictions because of those some to metric carry us silent carry less of the virus because if you want to detect all of them that basically means you have to test the whole population and not only once but several you know over the course of a certain period of time and that's impossible and of course yet there are many important cases so basically students from overseas who return to china but they have to go to a karen team for 14 days so in theory this is a system to secure but of course nothing is 100 percent secure but as of now i mean the official data suggests that there's no 2nd wave yet well with restrictions on movement being used what are authorities doing to stop a 2nd way is. yes a general trend not only in china but you can see that in the whole east of asia
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and that's a little bit yeah i mean basically the the countries are isolating themselves they're shutting down the borders in china you can see that in the most radical way i mean no foreign us allowed to enter even the foreignness with a long time have visa and residence here they are not allowed to enter not even for transit flights and within beijing also we have strict karen rules people from other provinces who travel to the capital they have to go to karen teen at the rest of the country became relatively free back to normal and also quite safe but this system only works if you isolate the country from the outside in f.l. example south korea which was known to having to let the curse of the virus but without actually you know locking the country down even though even for them right now every foreigner travels from abroad has to current team for 14 days in japan it's similar and in hong kong also no foreign allowed to enter anymore that's
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basically the general trend and maybe that's also a glimpse into the future for the development in europe and also the u.s. and so sudden crash there in beijing thanks much for that view. meanwhile china has started supporting virus stricken countries around the world with equipment even sending medical teams is it international solidarity or is china seeking to extend its global influence here's a quick look at a d w special. it's late march in serbia and a plane has just landed at belgrade airport. this is no ordinary flight on board a medical teams and tons of equipment to help fight the coronavirus they flown in from china and they get a hero's welcome the president himself is here. with
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. serbia isn't the only place welcoming to liveries like days. chinese supplies of will so been arriving in hungary as well as the czech republic slovakia. austria greece spain canada even the u.s. has been turning to china for supplies. so what's going on just a few weeks ago china was the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis the place where the outbreak began as it suddenly going from fit to me to say via that special report from our chief international editor richard walker coming up right after the news. there are now more than 300000 confirmed cases of corona virus in the u.s. more than anywhere else in the world in hard hit regions like new york state in california medical supplies have started to run low the death toll already stands
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at over 8000 speaking to the american public on saturday president donald trump warned the coming weeks would likely see that number climate even higher this will be probably the toughest week between this week and next week and they'll be a lot of death unfortunately but a lot less death death than if this wasn't done but there will be death. we're looking for an obvious focus and the hardest hit regions some of them are obvious and some aren't so obvious they spring up they come and they. they hit you like you got hit by a club that was donald trump speaking to the american people earlier on saturday with a strong warning that things will get far worse before they get any better journalists abbie has been covering the story for us in new york we asked her to describe what it's like there right now. of another grim milestone now in the last 24 hours 630
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people have died there is over 113000 cases in new york state alone and we talked consistently about the shortages when it comes to the protective gear for doctors and nurses but there's a shortage of medical personnel as well and not being over has now that medical students on the verge of graduating will be permitted to begin practice practicing rather going to expedite that process and then along with the thousands of men and women who have offered to come out of retirement to work on the front lines there's also a text message that was sent out urging anyone with a medical license to step forward so the measures being taken right now to recruit people to enter the health care system is ongoing as we look towards that peak here are some other coronavirus stories at this hour the core princess cruise ship carrying 2 dead and at least a dozen other infected passengers has finally been allowed to talk among them the vessel had spent a month and see several south american countries had refused to let it die.
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church acres of public cemeteries in dinny pro a city in south eastern ukraine have been ordered to dig 600 graves and thousands of body bags have been preorder for potential coronavirus victims bulldozers could be seen working for danes in several of the city's cemeteries. the tajikistan league soccer season has kicked off despite almost every other country in the world suspending its leagues because of the coronavirus the 1st match was played behind closed doors in the central asian countries capital so she can stand has not announced a single case of covert $1000.00 so far. now the economic impact of the pandemic is being felt around the world and its people with lower incomes who are being hit hardest here in germany the government has agreed on an unprecedented aid package to mitigate that impact even so many people
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have been left struggling one family shared their experiences with us. the baker family on their daily walk. it's finally a chance to get out of their cramped 3rd floor apartment nicole becker and her 5 children share 70 square metres of living space since the schools and daycare centers have closed they're staying at home. she noticed the spaces are pretty crowded a 3 bedroom apartment with 5 children it's stressful and crowded. as the states just aren't allowed to of course. much has changed for the family since the coronavirus pandemic began nicole becker must now go to the supermarket more often to buy food for lunch her children normally get free lunch at school and daycare hardly affordable for their unemployed mother. i now have more expenses
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that i otherwise wouldn't have it's financially problematic since i have to dip into my savings. there are hundreds of thousands of families like the bankers in germany 2000000 children depend on basic welfare the federation of welfare association says their suffering is worsened by the current crisis. reasons in the moment 50 children can't eat free meals at school anymore but was vital for poor families so there are more than $902.00 banks in germany and half of them are closed now for the poor are hit hard by this. charity called d r he is now trying to support the becker family with food deliveries. the group had to shut down its kitchen and childcare facilities due to the pandemic but is finding new ways to help people including grocery deliveries. of a monument when you have no one to turn to no hope and then of course you feel all
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alone even if you live with several family members that's why we're here to listen to this and will linger at the doorstep a little bit longer you know the host. nicole becker gets foods delivered twice a week she and her children appreciate the support. they really help me a lot i can always go to them if i need something new do you know. her hopes that the food deliveries will continue in the weeks ahead it's the only way she and her children can get by. let's have a look at some other coronavirus related developments around the wall more than 1200000 people have been infected with the virus worldwide almost twice as many as just one week ago more than 64000 people have died so for turkey has stepped up controls in public spaces including requiring shoppers to wear face nets south korea's social distancing campaign was due to end on monday but it's being extended
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by 2 weeks the country aims to reduce the number of infections to fewer than 50 a day and sri lanka has released almost 2900 prisoners from overcrowded jails as it increases its efforts to contain the spread of the virus. as the krona virus confines millions of people around the world indoors one of the big issues is boredom and trying to keep a positive attitude so a lot of clever people are coming up with fun and innovative ways to keep themselves and others entertained like these guys in barcelona take a look. desperate times call for desperate measures so why not throw a good party from your balcony. that's what these 3 housemates thought when the spanish government told everyone to stay indoors because of the coronavirus. after having enough
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of sitting around they invited everyone around them to join in. i. know there balcony festivities have become a bit of a neighborhood sensation. every friday and saturday they play music and entertain and through social media then neighbors can recruit songs send messages and birthday wishes to friends and family and just dance along. so popular now their vans that the 3 friends now also started their own radio station streaming online. but it's not only the neighbors that i'm joining the fun some uninvited guests also showed up. to join the party.
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you're watching news up next indeed have you special on china's outreach efforts during a coronavirus pandemic remember you can get all the latest news and information on our web site that's d w dot com i'm michael okwu in berlin thanks for joining us we'll have more news as owens at the top of the hour. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning.


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