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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin british prime minister boris johnson in hospital full coronavirus downing street says he'll stay overnight and undergo tests johnson still ill with the virus at the end of march look at the latest from london in a moment also coming up. we didn't really come for that well we may have more still during better days return. we'll be with our friends again. we will
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be with our families again. in a rare televised speech britain's queen elizabeth tells her country to study strong in the find against the pandemic she praises the doctors and nurses on the front lines and urges britons to tackle the crisis with results. and last a lockdown hasta monsoon oscillation residence in the chinese susie where the pandemic began taking their 1st steps towards resuming normal lives. also on the show we'll take you to nicaragua in central america where bullies still being planning to spot a coronavirus bringing the sport to walk around the world football is a war and about playing during the pandemic baathists has fallen on deaf ears. i'm jarred great i'm glad you could. i mean british prime minister boris johnson
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has been admitted to hospital 10 dies after testing positive for the corona virus johnson has been in self isolation but continues to have persistent system symptoms including a high temperature it was taken to the hospital for tests on the advice of his doctor downing street says the admission is a precautionary measure and notion emergency. our london correspondent paul sent us the latest on johnson's condition and she explained what the government's plans would be should his else worsen he will remain in the hospital overnight and get some tests done and he has been in self isolation for the past 10 days he has made sure to stay on top of the government's response and has sent several selfie videos from downing street updating the british public on his personal health and on the government's response to the virus should he become dominic rop the foreign secretary will take over the government matters and boris
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johnson is not the only case and downing street several phases of the crisis have fallen ill but since recovered and his pregnant fiance is self isolating at the moment in their apartment in south london because she shows symptoms of the virus herself she has not been tested because in the u.k. only c.v.s. cases at the hospital are tested for the virus but as we hear she is on the mend now. lot of votes in london then out shortly before the news about boris johnson britain's queen elizabeth gave an extremely rare televised speech to rally the british public the monarch invoked the spirit of the 2nd world war as she urged the country to show discipline and resolve in the face of the pandemic over $40000.00 british citizens have been diagnosed with the corona virus including the queen's our own son and heir prince charles and of course the british prime minister boris johnson almost 5000 people have sadly died sunday
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special address to the nation is only the 5th queen elizabeth has given in her nearly 70 years on the throne she stressed the importance of people keeping their distance from each other i also want to think there's of you staying at home thereby helping to protect the vulnerable and sparing many families the paid already felt by those who have lost loved ones. together we are tackling this disease and i want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute then we would overcome it. warm and sunny weather at the weekend came as a welcome or spied for many in britain has been cooped up in their homes but the large numbers who flocked to city parks have alarmed the authorities some parks have already been shot and the government is warning that tougher action could follow if people fail to observe social distancing.
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if you don't want to have to take the step to ban exercise of all forms outside of your own home then you've got to follow the rules and the number of deaths in the u.k. is rising sharply reaching nearly 5000 this london convention center has been converted to a makeshift hospital. in a common and of it's hoped the queen's address will help unite britain in the fight against the coronavirus we will succeed and that success will belong to every one of us we should take comfort that while we may have more still to and deal better days will return we will be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again.
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here's some of the other coronavirus headlines making news this hour scotland's chief medical officer has resigned after she was quote visiting her holiday harm against her own advice and the u.k.'s coronavirus lockdown laws. it was cautioned by police for taking 2 weekend trips u.k. citizens have been warned not to travel to holiday destinations to avoid spreading the virus. coronavirus death toll in new york has topped 4000 up nearly 600 from the day before this diet accounts for nearly half of all coronavirus deaths in the u.s. just bought the toll governor andrew cuomo says he's hopeful the crisis could be living off pointing to a decrease in new hospitalized patients. millions of indians have switched off their lots and lead candles in a show of solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus families confined to their homes by a nationwide lockdown gathered at their doors and windows india has seen
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a rise in covert 19 cases in recent days to more than 3 and a half 1000. and in saudi arabia local authorities have deployed drawings in the fight against the coronavirus the machines of thermal cameras to measure the body temperature of shoppers in the region a higher than normal body temperature is one of the symptoms of that 19. in the uganda authorities the donating food to vulnerable people living in the capital kampala a lockdown has hit the poor especially hard in the sea when many earn a living selling goods in the street activists have accused ugandan security forces in forcing the restrictions we've beatings and shooting it's. now the chinese city of what was the original epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic but it's now begun to reopen after months in lockdown authorities easing the restrictions that the city's $11000000.00 people. now residents are slowly returning to the streets with
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some leaving their homes for the 1st time since january. life inside will hon it's still a place of fear and fascination as the city begins to move on from the crisis. in the they say there are many infected people without symptoms so i'll wait until none of those people are out there before i feel safe but i'm worried even if there's only one case a day. i think people will have a psychological fear of the epidemic. it all depends on how individuals think. well my heart come out here every day and i'm not so scared but i have to take all the precautions in the right way. it's only the barricades that hinted anything other than business as usual at this market directed at the beginning of
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the outbreak they're slowly being taken down as their purpose becomes movers who hands 11000000 residents are slowly emerging from their harms. a sing in sleeping sleeping in a sing i think it's really relaxing i've worked for more than 20 years and have never experienced something like this before. this couple takes advantage of the sunshine after 2 months inside. sing when i had been confined for a long time somehow i sometimes felt depressed one time when i thought about it and calmed down time and found that i felt so fortunate that i hadn't caught the coronavirus. being healthy is better than everything is so much. the fear of being infected has not gone away as a strictures on residents. as residents return to their lives will it be the wu han
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they remember. greece has coren taint a 2nd migrant camp after resident tested positive for the corona virus the casa camp north of athens is home to hundreds of asylum seekers another camp on the mainland was put into lockdown last week after 20 people there with found to have the virus but so far they've been no reported cases in the overcrowded camps on the greek islands and the government is desperate to keep it that i saw migrants are now being placed into quarantine upon their arrival in greece. in some parts of the world this is what quarantine looks like. for these migrants sunday marks the beginning of their isolation. to write. to government to militants there. has to do everybody and everybody was negative. and they were those who had to go through the conditions that were recruited to get
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it. off to arriving on the greek island of lesbos that temporary home office little to help them shelter from the rain through. after 5 this i'm here on the ferry. to regroup. to become it's going to be a problem for a baby. a 2nd migrant camp was placed under knocked down on sunday after a 53 year old afghan migrant tested positive for the coronavirus. currently more than 110000 migrants reside in overcrowded camps around the country including more than 40000 living in squalid conditions on greek islands like les boss. oath or a teaser worried about hawaii to at break of the virus which could prove nearly impossible to contain a social distancing is a luxury these migrants just contraflow to right now. let's get you an update
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now some of the other coronavirus developments around the world now there are more than 1300000 people who have been infected with the virus worldwide that's almost twice as many as just awaken gars 69000 have died in germany the number of cases has a past 100000 berlin munich and currently have the highest number of infections in singapore that country has seen a shop rise in you in sections in only 24 hours 120 cases were confirmed in the last day that's the city state's biggest daily surge. as far as where where there are only 4 national football league's still in action since the coronavirus largely shut down the sport. primera league is among them and it's enjoying a surge in popularity as a result but the football isn't even some fans are against holding matches during
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a pandemic. playing a game while the coronavirus runs rampant in the world affects the level of intensity normally seen players in nicaragua had already expressed fears about hitting the pitch during the pandemic but that fell on deaf ears club owners and the league made the decision to continue without consulting the players. during the interview the goalkeeper for a mic arrival inside de pere tivo said the players try to avoid touching each other . and mentally one isn't focused on the game instead you think opponents could have the coronavirus. football fans of the country aren't allowed to attend the matches and some don't fully support the idea how cold in games. there is a going on i think it's a bad decision on behalf of the directors and the league because they are risking
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the health of the players and their families because we have seen in other countries in italy spain famous players who have tested positive for corona virus. nicaragua's football federation has not decided to complete the season yet if things get worse they plan to suspend action however right now football fans ruled why are tuning into nicaragua believe he has even received interest to broadcast games from as far as sweet. christians around the world have mocked palm sunday it's name porton down in the religious calendar and the stock of holy week leading up to east to the coronavirus and demi this year's celebration was somewhat different simply just square in the vatican was deserted on sunday usually it's full of catholics who are gathering to hear the party instead piped francis live stream the traditional palm sunday mass as the faithful have been instructed to stay at home. no
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watching data news remember you can get the latest information on our web site d w dot com you can follow us on twitter i've instagram to reach out to help with the news on charge for it thanks for joining me take care and boss now. i'm going crazy thing in the time. how to handle on new allies in times of the koran a pandemic d.w. reporter pujol good news or just like it was nuts and she's looking for answers thankfully with the help of maniacs but a few of them well. thank you bruce is not life as we know it tops.
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