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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2020 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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what do you think your. dream job on the dot com legacy in the making you. could turn. hello welcome to a sustainability magazine that helps you make an informed choice for a pina greener tomato this week we look at ideas that are taking us closer to a fossil fuel feet planted and talk to change makers behind them i'm sorry that i'm coming to you from mumbai in india over the next cutting minutes how can cut and paste company is introducing electric school to the point you did city how
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a german city was soo stupid to use jewel pummel energy to heat up their homes and offices and how the involvement pre-conscious in the philippines are pushing to switch to solar power 1st let's talk about the city you forgot that for me it comes close to my home city of mumbai it's crowded and it's intimate but just like mumbai the problems of traffic and for you should onto any flock to. have a massive 319 cars focus on the top one local company is working towards slowly changing this by introducing small electric school to us that we never need on diesel. the bright yellow taxis and don van crimes are dead you are in kolkata no no university as the city. of joy. but the city also faces major difficulties
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like lack of public transport and traffic pollution. electric scooters could help it used to but enough air pollution especially if. we did some research and found out that only 15 percent of india actually has a drivers license so there was a majority of indians didn't have a license and that was the market that we wanted to tap we did a little bit more research and found out that electric scooters where the speed is capped at 25 kilometers an hour doesn't require a license to write and that was the aha moment and that's when we decided that we want to stop this company. did you not founded his rental service in kolkata over 2 years ago with 60 scooters no he runs a feat of 85. the rental service. clients can pick up and drop off to school does accept different points across concord on average
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a scooter is used by 3 to 4 right as a day. all of us who does have trouble believing mind batteries so a time battery is green or about to be drained customers can go to any of the points and swap out the battery fee if a customer has any problem middle of the road we have roadside assistance and even then the wakil can be swapped if any problem is about to be filed. is perhaps one of the. lions have worked exactly different garners of the city. taking a cab to the business hub of her and back used to cost between pre-funded and $400.00 rupees to 5 years when she rents intellect for $45.00 rupees less than $0.60 per hour she can hop cost on with a fully charged battery she can go up to 60 kilometers. the school
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i'm not only spending less money i also end up saving time. i did was act on but i have several things to do in a day i agreed to buy for the full day or on an hourly basis i invariably end up spending less than if i had to take a bus a cab or the tram or was it that come with their way of that see me. corporate customers like this food delivery get even better rate a strategy which it is hoped will also raise the visibility of east coasters it is primarily aimed at younger stock of founders and college students. let us think about that but again the if you talk about the course i don't really know how to go about it when i see my friends who are using their own bikes to do this job to spend a lot on maintenance also guess the biggest benefit to me that's going to
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a size. that is them go why do you think that according to greenpeace india is a still home to 15 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world with delhi ranking as the world's most polluted capital. but quite up it's made in delhi and it's never being areas the city of scrabbling with the rapidly rising pollution that. this city is known as the diesel capital of india over 60 percent of vehicles in calcutta august and diesel driven but it is hard for businesses to find investors for a mission free rental systems since this is an extremely new money bags are on willing to finance it as the founders of the body go expedients however they voted consider changing that approach. we really want to make sure. that none of it goes well you the air and you know as many
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people ask as would we ever going to internal combustion does and we don't know we might move to maybe higher speeds or does but we will never that is that is that you those are bad we will never go into icy icy. compared to a 4 stroke engine an electric scooter has a much lower carbon footprint depending on how the electricity was generated but the mobility is also a technical challenge as there is still a lot of manufacturers of scooters and the batteries they need. to start ups like. the necessary impulse to get those be rolling. now the dublin eagle school does run on the lithium ion battery the same kind the fall was your wife for instance but how the electric vehicles work exactly wants of that question and lol.
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the world has been on the move since the canoe was invented in 8000 b.c. to fast forward to the 21st century and mobility has changed rapidly in addition to the convenience of getting from point a to b. it's becoming just as important to measure the cost of that commute on the environment having a clean alternative to traditional polluting vehicles is becoming a reality for people who drive electric ones which could replace gasoline or diesel . so are electric vehicles a feasible alternative. the automotive sector is a leading source of polluting emissions and is responsible for 30 to 50 percent of all particulate emissions. these are silent smooth and have no gears. they require less maintenance. they can be charged using a dedicated home charging unit or a public charging station. tricity as a fuel is
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a more sustainable alternative to gasoline or diesel. and yet according to some estimates electric vehicles make up only 0.2 percent of the 1300000000 vehicles on the road the reasons. for one the lack of rapid charging infrastructure puts people off buying these vehicles it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on the size of the battery type of car and the charging port used. also long journeys could be a problem as e.d.s. have been unable to match gasoline run cars in terms of range and ability to accelerate china for instance the these are cheap because of the government's industrial policies in norway battery electric and plug in hybrid vehicles together hold a 50 percent market share and in israel one in 10 people in tel aviv hop onto electric scooters but how green are really the electricity used to charge these vehicles
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does not always come from a clean energy source and their production takes twice the amount of energy compared to a gasoline run vehicle. yet researchers have found that e.t.s. that use electricity from renewable sources could produce 6 times less carbon emissions over their lifetimes. another huge source of renewable energy is something scientists who will help the lesson of dependence on fossil fuel india is looking to harness. a 20 to a community in germany may have a. if he gets into energy for their daily heating let's take. this is planet earth where we live this is the water and here's the crust inside it's hot magma which warms up the world. here in pulau. no one is considered too
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young to learn about the potential of geothermal energy these children are visiting a municipal owned company called i e p which directly harnesses. in many ways typical of small town southern germany but it's made a name for itself on a national level for being a trailblazer in the area of geothermal energy. i e p's biggest client is the multinational linda which does some of its business and cooler. for a firm with such a large operation having a reliable heating network is a top priority. management points to the benefits of large companies switching to this type of system. linda linda has to focus on environmental protection and show an awareness of its carbon footprint. geothermal energy can reduce that carbon footprint to a fraction of what it used to be. the children get to see how the
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geothermal energy is harnessed oh. this is the. this is the drilling point number 2 number one is over there the water that comes out of them both has a temperature of over 100 degrees the pipes are warm to the touch. the water is extracted from layers of rock 3 kilometers underground a device called a heat exchanger is used to transfer the energy into the network. once the water has cooled down it's pumped back to the geological layer it came from this ensures that the water levels within the layers of rock remain constant. the existence of geothermal activity in the region has long been well known but the push to make cooler a center for harnessing it was led by a small number of people determined to see. the project through. drilling began in
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2004 by the following year the facility was supplying a number of public offices with he said. the project has spurred interest from abroad last year a delegation came to visit from india where cheap fossil fuels are used for power needs. while investing in geothermal energy is expensive proponents say the rise of environmental movements like fridays for a future might encourage governments to give it serious consideration the emissions . through i think pupils and you need to go on strike for a few days and do you much more to ensure that adults stop using coal polluting the air. to focus. on that because if that works geothermal energy will experience big growth around the world watched from. who wants to be in a position to supply every home in the time with geothermal heating by 2024
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a goal that seems possible. around half of the homes here are already being supplied with the existing system. the cost is comparable to that of oil and gas leasing and maintenance costs are low. so. i've been using geothermal energy for 3 years now hope and so far i've had no problems with heating. we have no emissions anymore that's great most fantastic that c o 2 emissions have gone down so much and put off. this preschool is among the institutions being supplied with the clean energy source or that the introduction of the system would have produced an estimated 114000 more tons of c o 2. like to expand further we want to start more
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drilling. geothermal activity here is very promising so we're going to keep drilling and supply the city of munich to. when it comes to a vision for a cleaner future there seems to be no shortage of any kind of energy in pool. now staying with germany a balloon based stuff up has taken upon itself to completely do of the with style for hexafluoride from the s.f. 6 as it's also called is the strongest known greenhouse gas and contributes 23000 times more than common dioxide to global warming new bench it up founded by munching on summation and his colleagues is changing how high the wanted switch gears which is where as if 6 is used. needs manjoo not ramesh an electrical engineer originally from india who now lives and works in germany is berlin based company new ventura as wanting to make electrical grids far more
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environmentally friendly month to knott's focus is on switchgear essential components that protect an electrical network from overload the tech comes into play especially when construction work or repairs are being carried out the vast majority of switch gear uses a gas called sulfur hexafluoride s f 6 as an insulator and that poses a major environmental problem s.f. 6 is the most potent greenhouse gas in the world. if you take one to know 4 as of 662-3500 tons so for. what it means is. it's not only that it's $25.00 and more effective in creating global warming but it's also a very long week and the reason is there is no natural saying. if you take c o 2 that is plants which are solving it and that is
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a cycle which is happening and this cycle doesn't exist for as of 6 sulfur hexafluoride is a heavy in there and in combustible gas making it an effective and compact insulator the issue is according to scientists that there is always some leakage during the production of the gas during the use of the switchgear and after it's decommissioning releases of some 8000 tons of s.f. 6 into the atmosphere each year. although it's hugely damaging to the environment as step 6 barely features and public discussion companies that rely on it have a vested interest in keeping it that way. manjoo not wants to change his company has developed technology that enables switchgear to use regular air and sea . out of s f 6 as an insulator he says it's easier and cheaper to maintain than conventional switch gear and that the technology could prove to be a game changer in terms of environmental protection every year the way it consumes
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millions so for me to market which gas which consists of as of 6 and if you are able to replace all of this which case not only medium or dish but also in higher order page we would be able to get rid of $8000.00 done so far as of 6 which is getting released into atmosphere so just to compare it 1000 times of us of 6 is equal and or more than 100000000 cars a newly and market. european lawmakers are aware of the harmful effects of 6 can have they've already prohibited its use in the production of tires and soundproof windows and now there are calls to ban the gas and switch gear to the block is due to publish a report on possible alternatives in the 1st half of 2020. shallow to who see as a consultant who has coauthored
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a study of sulfur hexafluoride and switchgear she says a major barrier to moving away from the gas is cost. switchgear is designed to last for more than 40 years or so for a great operator that has just installed say 3 or 4 new units it would be unbelievably expensive to say ok we're going to remove the switch gear that was supposed to last for 4 decades from now and replace them with 6 free switchgear that few of the facts it's only fair that the parties involved to be granted a transition period of time that i thought. wants to lead the way his idea has already attracted several 1000000 euros from investors and the technology behind it has won awards. at a test center outside the western german city of do spork one power company is assessing whether the technology is sufficiently developed to meet its needs.
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according to munge or not things are heading in the right direction. for me it's very important to make this shift happen this is something i started 10 years before and they continue and it's my lifetime goal to make this happen. in life you don't get many times the chance to make such a big difference and really have one if you want to get into. the technology could end up on the market later this year putting money june out ramesh and his team $1.00 step closer to their goal of eliminating s f 6 from the electricity grid and making power distribution more environmentally friendly. like a venture that people around the world are working towards creating a cleaner environment for the generations that follow for example the tal of the
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wall of the philippines its residents are rallying hard to stop the construction of power plants and make the switch there's a new bullet it cheap. people in the town of had to church early on sunday mornings it's just 6 o'clock. they're united in their catholic faith and in their opposition to a controversial construction project nearby. it's been part of our. fight because it's harmful to people the environment. we just want to. protect our people and this is in keeping with the source of the church. to care for the the earth and care for those who're. in the margins of society.
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after mass the congregation head to the site of a planned coal fired power plant to check if construction has already begun. they keep a detailed record of developments. there are no will says contractors have already started to clear the area of trees. someday this was going on for years the plant will cloisonne the local drinking water for joining the global movement there davis. and that's a micro level laughed roach and i guess the micro that we are protecting our people they're joining the much larger picture of. what that showed up are on hold. the philippines has a rapid population growth 12000000 people live in metro manila alone and the power grid is in urgent need of modernization electricity is expensive and the farms generate a lot of pollution joe on
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a alah is head of sustainable energy fund sort of bank and says there are major business opportunities in the sector for your business we need to see those new green to be happy to feel good about that you do good for the environment make money out of the. 2 thirds of the philippines energy consumption is actually coming from fossil fuel so in our own little way as a bank here in the country what we hope to do is. help shift that energy mix to energy. this is one of the projects her bank has financed to the tune of 1000000 euros just a year ago it was a stinking open rubbish dump the biggest landfill site in manila now the garbage has been covered with dirt and is used to generate electricity. or not. as an engineer and renewable energy consultant. this well is connected to
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the ground and it's collecting methane gas and other gases that's being produced by decomposing garbage inside. the gas goes to a power plant where drives turbines navarro checks regularly how much electricity the cost generates he says the garbage should deal gas for 30 more years. that landfill project may be good for the environment but it's not so welcome for people living in the slum nearby who have lost their source of income. they used to pick through the garbage with things they could sell for recycling plastic and alimony and. now children look for those items while they're still on garbage trucks. to try to stop for a few minutes to let the kids climb aboard and rummage around. to find it. brian is 13 and has already been collecting garbage for 3 years. he lives with his
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mother and 5 brothers and sisters. he tells us he knows how to read and write and is proud of that. nothing. unless i work every day. from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening. i earn about 200 pesos a day. so on that basis. that's equivalent to about 3 year rose when he grows up he wants to work on a garbage truck. you know to mourn our father nolan his congregation are determined to do their part for the environment. we installed both sets up solar panels while in the act. and there or more to church our main goal is to provide
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a tip elec they should be for the church and at the same time this is their with way of. showing that the whole word that we can. make use of where you are whether they disorders. by next year the entire roof of the church complex is said to be covered in photoshop or take tunnels in addition to the efforts to block fossil fuels an increase environmental awareness the congregation are making a positive contribution of their own by switching to sort of. a small group of people who can definitely change the world are you doing something similar to good use your community in scotland was it up be just all social media and tell us about it we continue to bring to submissions for the pina and again a plan that if you make until next time the bite.
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played . this is the news live from but at the end of the road folks but the saddest of the 2 runs at the presidency the democratic senator from vermont and his campaign to challenge president trump for the top job claiming to be winning the ideological battle but not the votes also on the program. coronavirus threatens the people of the last battlefield in the.


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