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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2020 6:02am-6:30am CEST

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the united states leads the world in corona virus infections but figures released by a number of cities and states over the last few days reveal a disturbing pattern covered 19 infections and deaths amongst african americans seem different fortunately high so does disease discriminate i'm filled in belly this is the day. these are real problems and it's showing up very strongly in. the african-american community. there. are protesters who are very concerned about that it's very sad and i just want. to tell frank. black. it's nothing we can do without it right now
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except to try to get the best possible care. also on the day a shaky cease fire has been holding in the province of idlib the last battlefield in syria's civil war but for people who survived a decade of war the next enemy is not about to lay down it sounds you know the conscious that the coronavirus people are cocooning the town. nobody is taking the danger seriously everyone's going shopping nobody's taking any precautions. black americans appear to be dying of covered 19 in disproportionate numbers 43 percent of deaths and 28 percent of those testing positive in illinois african-american despite black people making up just 15 percent of the state's population the governor announced on monday that just over 70 percent of his state's coronavirus deaths. or of african americans and detroit which is 80 percent
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black has the young most concentrated number of cases in the state of michigan is the u.s. president and it's showing up very strongly in our data on the african-american community and we're doing everything in our power to address this challenge and provide support to african-american citizens of this country who are going through a lot but it's been disproportionately are getting hit very very hard on the director of america's national institute of allergy and infectious diseases dr anthony fauci believes he knows the answer we've known literally forever that diseases like diabetes hypertension obesity and asthma are disproportionately afflicting the minority populations particularly african-americans unfortunately when you look at the predisposing conditions that
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lead to a bad outcome with coronavirus the things that often lead to death they are just those very co-morbidities that are unfortunately disproportionately prevalent in the african-american population as well brian farran is a professor of law at the university of alabama school of law he also chasse a southern poverty law center a nonprofit legal advocacy sinking advocacy group specializing in civil rights litigation a welcome to day doubly professor dr right it's coronavirus hitting black americans hard because of preexisting conditions prevalent amongst them what we. did today that speaks for itself there's no question that many african-american communities not just in the soft across the south. in the midwest are experiencing greater. virus exposure
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and and the consequences of their health 3 conditions that doctors algae has suggested makes them even more vulnerable so it's not that the disease itself discriminates it's at the consequences of this kind of novel virus. impacts vulnerable populations more severely and we're seeing exploding numbers and i think tragically the numbers are to get much worse because we don't have the kind of competent leadership that we should have. in washington and across the country we've not taken the hit that the drastic steps necessary to communicate with an isolate one of the populations. the insecurity that of health is security through security and other kinds of insecurity affects these populations they don't have the perspective right personal protective equipment or gear that others would have they can't as easily socially distance as. people with
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privilege and and more resources and and more space can social distance so. i think we're only beginning to see the disparities. and the number of deaths climb among. african-american and other minority populations i think all strains i said at a particular event and something to that as a simple answer just to distinguish what you're saying so so you're saying that as as well as these co-morbidities that delta fox ablest was talking about there is also social thought says which means that that black people suffered great a virus exposure. that's right the fact that they come ability issues. are always there for populations with limited resources and was limited access to healthcare but i'm saying is if we had competent leadership if we had compassionate leadership we would be out in front we would have addressed as dr taji said we've known for decades that african-americans suffer preconditions at
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a larger rate and we know that this virus impacts persons with precondition pre existing conditions at a higher rate and yet there's been limited communication limited resources targeting those populations and that's why we're seeing skyrocketing numbers it's because we don't have competent compassionate leadership at all levels of our government local state and federal and we haven't we haven't taken the advice and we haven't drawn in the experience of other countries that have that took drastic measures immediately to begin social isolation communicating which with vulnerable communities and again it is it is simply harder and tried if you if you lived in a place with one or 2 rooms it's hard to isolate right so the incidents move the conversation on that they're also worries that the coronavirus health emergency is
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being a weaponized wisconsin health its presidential. primary election on tuesday and postal voting does not extend it's a people who are required to vote in person let's hear from milwaukee county supervisor a masala nicholson. black people have been disproportionately impacted by these fires and that milwaukee has been quoted as one of the highest in the nation of rates of the coronavirus and that black men are dying at disproportionate rates of these battles as are you're giving people an impasse of what's right by my size or help me stay home or go and vote at the ballot box. brian faffing the southern poverty law center what do you make of that accusation. well i'm sure i shouldn't be accurate accusation it is is accurate it seems to me it's irresponsible to announce a directive that people shelter in place and then hold
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a primary that it's also irresponsible that we're not sophisticated enough existed in our history to have those by mail or we've recently done a census that's going on we have to be creative and responsible in responding to this fire is taking it seriously for everyone that there should not have been a primary in wisconsin there shouldn't be any primaries. if it's not safe for people to gather imagine we've been told by our medical to include 2 leaders so what was saying you know i'm the one part of what you're saying is that this is a pandemic which is highlighting i think sas abating any qualities you think any good can come out of this terrible situation. well it's. you know when people lose to lose loved ones that they should not lose. it's hard to say that any good comes out of it i'm hoping that will come out of this is we will see the interconnectedness of of our global community and what happens and in
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in a small province in china can impact the whole world and that we will see the value of competent leadership and decisive leadership that rule will be more compassionate towards one another that we will we will respect each other that we will care for each other even the most vulnerable the poorest among us who are most vulnerable to a pandemic like this the but it is the is the response just about the leadership and others figures just about leadership at doesn't have to do as well that's social structures and i'd even something as simple and basic as health can assure asa health and i have said again sure absolutely we have millions of americans who don't have ready access to health care we have millions of americans who experience food insecurity every day who ever has ng and security issues we have a homeless population that exploded in the united states all those are our issues as well but to me again having leadership that gets out in front of the issues that
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play and we should have been planning for a pandemic a decade ago and and and we should be planning now for the next one. and and when you have incompetent leadership there's no planning there's just reaction there's a sense of trivializing something as as lethal as this as simply the common flu which is again a response of the talkative thank you for joining us now brian fath of the southern poverty law center are going to join you. well bernie sanders as ended his bid to become the democratic process presidential candidates are clearing the way for joe biden to challenge the president trump in november the 78 year old senator from vermont performed well in the primaries but later fell behind biden was built a substantial lead in the race for delegates i wish i could give you better news
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but i think you know the truth and that is that we are now as the 300 delegates behind vice president biden and the pair of point victory is virtually impossible so while we are winning the ideological battle and while we are winning the support of so many young people and working people throughout the country i have concluded that this battle for the democratic nomination will not be successful and so today i am announcing with the spectrum of my campaign straight to date of his washington correspondent staff and siemens welcome staff and as surprising was his decision. not really surprising many many many had hoped for that to happen a little bit earlier than now but bernie sanders took his sweet time when to his most senior staff and prominent supporters financier's of his campaign and they had a long think and a long talk and now they have it the math just didn't add up impossible for him to
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get the delegates in the remaining primary votes 'd which will or will not happen in one way or another due to the current crisis years so. i think there are great party is more or less very very relieved that it's came to this now because now the full weight of the entire party in every wing in every section of the party can go behind the biden campaign to him gave him the best chance in their view of course to stand out against donald trump in november he seemed to start really well but then ran out of steam why. bernie sanders had always a way with very young with very enthusiastic voters with young voters who came new to politics so sanders stands for the progressive wing of the democratic party the problem was a the young people he was so proud of having gathered in his campaign and
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supporting him didn't really show up in big numbers at the at the. primaries number one number 2 biden really capitalized on the moderate democrats and on the african-american vote they went in droves to joe biden because they thought joe biden and do think joe biden is more electable than bernie sanders in a fight with donald trump and they have it bernie sanders didn't get the numbers biden has the broader support biden is the candidate so joe biden clearly pleased about this but will the supporters necessarily flock to him. yeah that still over there it's a very good question and there's a big question mark about this i think they will maybe well largely hopefully at least hopefully in the sense of that by the needs to reach out and needs to have all all wings and all different sections of their great party under
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his wing so to speak of the progress it's have to kind of if biden wants to have a solid chance against donald trump in november have to go in his direction and have to support his agenda by nobody reacted to bernie sanders announcement said you are important your followers are important and you can see in the last few weeks that joe biden campaign made a lorries and a ferret's to. what bernie sanders stands for the more progressive ideas that the will and and. the significant change in the society so this is going to be very very interesting in how much and how well joe biden can capitalize on the sender's campaign and the senator's left over so to speak thanks for that stuff and siemens and washington. you know there are growing concerns that the coronavirus pandemic could set off another humanitarian disaster in it live and
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asked battlefield in syria's civil war a shaky cease fires been holding that but a the organization is warning that the province which is home to more than 3000000 people is wholly unprepared for an outbreak d.w. has been keeping in touch with people it live and this is the story. what's it like to live in it live in constant fear of assad's approaching forces in constant fear the aerial bombardments will resume. for weeks now 26 year old students are hazaar to our has been sending us our impressions images from the last rebel held city in syria where the coronavirus is on everyone's lips and i'm taking it seriously but it's difficult when i go outside i try to wear a mask and gloves i worry that my family or i will get infected i'm not any the ceasefire has been holding an ad lib for 4 weeks now the city is coming back to
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life and the streets and markets a bustling but just as people savor the sweet taste of freedom the threat of the coronavirus is looming. in other countries but the coronavirus people are cocooning the town. nobody is taking the danger seriously everyone's going shopping nobody's taking any precautions. in the refugee camps around the corona virus seems a distant threat to hundreds of thousands of people live here and die a conditions essential health measures such as keeping a safe distance or washing hands are impossible in many of the camps health workers are trying to raise the alarm however they can. quote you will have to understand help dangerous the situation is we as doctors have extremely limited means at our disposal to tackle this pandemic. dr catto is an anesthesiologist and general manager at one of the few hospitals still operating in
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a province he's trying to prepare the clinic even though it only has 2 intensive care beds and a single ventilator there are only 95 ventilators for the whole region with a population of more than 3000000 dr says it could get worse then and. they're probably right soon we will have to make some really terrible decisions here the who should get a chance to live and who should be let die. because we have no people no gloves and above all no ventilators or no. clinic stuff posted this photo on facebook will stay here for you you stay at home for us but the appeal has fallen on deaf ears sa too has stopped wearing a mask when she leaves the house she says she can't stand being stared at and laughed at any more and more tough times are ahead.
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of 2 weeks ago today new zealand's corona virus protection measures moved to level 4 locked out of. the masses on the 23rd of march there was stringent on the question back event was what the country accept them. after 48 hours the time required to ensure essential services are in place we will move to level 4 these decisions will place the most significant restrictions on new zealander's movements in modern history this is not a decision taken lightly but it is our best chance to slow the virus and to save lives when you're dealing to suffer more than 1200 confirmed or suspected cases nearly 300 recoveries and only one virus related death and the number of new cases is falling so what's behind these remarkable statistics paint mackenzie's
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a journalist a new zealander welcome to day don't you pete how tight is this lockdown so the law is quite tight not only are new travellers to the country encouraged to go and stop lights flashing but the entire country is that so far so why should everyone apart research workers so supermarket boy police officers medical personnel are confined to their homes and so that means that they can go all locally to science and they can go for trips to the supermarket but apart from that they have to stay or they have to stay with their bubble is the term that's being used a small group of friends and family who sell parts that it works and the people respecting the lock down. by and large yeah so for the 1st 2 weeks the government relied on voluntary compliance for the most part so police offices were in the streets and they were requiring with people who were out of their homes were doing so for valid
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reasons but they were essential personnel going to the supermarket that kind of thing but by and large the countries complied have seen the importance of staying home of self isolating and going along with us now the 1st 2 weeks of that lockdown period have parts of the government's moving into a new state so to place the taking a more stringent approach to people who break the law down to treat the very small minority who are and they're pushing back so some people have been arrested for it the markdown but by and large it's voluntary and the the results are impressive i mention that just just the the one death amongst the nearly $1200.00 confirmed or suspected cases but new zealand is a 3 and a half hour flight from its nearest populous neighbor australia it's a long way from anywhere in the world but beyond a strain it could be just been lucky. so new zealand no doubt is incredibly lucky
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as a result of the geographical position selection process the lock down process was much easier in new zealand a small island nation compared to the nations in europe nations in the americas which have large man borders which are much harder to police and much harder to lock down netsuite new zealand also took advantage of that natural location those natural advantages with very strict and very quick reaction so when you compare for example the number of flights that are currently going on in new zealand to the number of flights that are going on in other countries dealing with the crown of our us flights being one of the main victims of spirit and you see that there are very few flights if any flights to new zealand can get to still significant numbers of cities and it's interesting that the country went straight for elimination of this virus rather than containment has so many other western countries did yeah so there was initially
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a fair bit of confusion as to what the government's approach was the government took a very strong line early on that it was still unclear whether it was aiming to contain or to mitigate the virus which other wished nations had been doing or it was seeking to eliminate the virus out rise and the. the advocacy of a large number of very prominent public health officials in new zealand and the government to make very clear that it was aiming for that elimination of water so the country is now seeking to to reduce that virus to one to 0 cases in the country so that the country can move to some greater sense of normalcy in the immediate future and so in the house a plan being announced for what happens if this is achieved how do you keep new zealand virus free if you manage that. yes so new zealand's introduced full level scales is levels one to 4 and the currently in the will for the moment that's the full lockdown many people talking about and get the government made it very
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clear when to introduce that model that there would be opportunities to move both up and down the sky so if the virus continues to grow listen very uneasy under as it has for the past few days the government will start to look at moving down that scales that will include the reopening of certain businesses of certain delivery forms it may include the lifting of lockdown by the nationally or in local regions that will allow for a country to return to normalcy because certainly. there will be. a correct every outbreaks of the virus or there will certainly be an increased surveillance for the virus reappearing but something approximating normalcy until a vaccine is about ok so you're talking about a phased withdrawal from from lock down let's talk about some just into. what do new zealanders think of the prime minister's handling of this emergency. prime
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minister i've done is shown us how to be an incredibly capable leader during times of crisis she showed that jury the question mosque attacks she showed that during this cut it was an island incident and she showed that a game during the current are spending like she's an incredibly effective communicator and she's incredibly effective coordinator of a government approach new zealand is biological into that recent polling has shown that m h e h 2 seem to new zealand is a staggering number one trust the government's response to one of our rights and that public trust in the government's approach is also a significant part of why the approach has been successful we want that public trust has allowed has meant that the vast majority of new zealanders are complying with isolation requirements and so it's a virtuous cycle in that respect. and since i guess is how they opposition with her as well then no backed out from that briefing human no no so they're the opposition seem to right national party clearly made
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a decision early on in the crisis that it wasn't going to criticize the government's will going to vocally criticize the government's response and so a parliamentary select committee did a code to the crowd of are sympathetic has been stood up it's the time to make response committee and that's cheered and mainly made up of members of the opposition and so they scrutinizing the government's activities but they're certainly not criticising it vocally and they certainly not making it more difficult for the government which is a very significant departure from the previous normal caltex good talking to thanks so much for joining us pete mckenzie in new zealand. that was a day as ever the conversation continues online to find us on twitter i've got news what's hot ok but i've got to use a hash tag but a heck of a good to. get
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beethoven is for us. is for claiming as beethoven 202250th anniversary here on the air. to. play. well in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin this week in eastern europe in poland to be precise where a man called pavel adam over each scene on the right of your.


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