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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2020 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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the next u.s. president in november presidential powers of persuasion now compare that to the imagined power of donald truong in a thai rate on live television last night the president seemed confused about his own powers and their limits and there has never been a presidential crown america has a constitution not a king you and i know what does double trump know where to i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. of the story of the jews as to the fake it's a fake newspaper and they way it takes to lose that you bought yourself in confidence for cap off those who didn't use it program testing. research disgraceful it's a disgrace for the way you said let it be time to fuck up. you know you're a fake you know that you hold that work the way you cover it is fake. we've
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done this right and we really we really have done this right the problem is the press doesn't cover it the way it should be but i guess i'm doing ok because of the system in which i'm the president of the united states despite the things that are so. it's also coming up a reversal of roles someone sweyn a former president helps his former vice president in his efforts to be a future president and that's why i'm so proud to endorse joe biden for prez of the united states choosing joy to be my vice president was one of the best decisions i ever made and it became a close friend and i believe joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day. with
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a tale of 3 presidents a former president a current one and a possible future president and 1st up the current president somewhat confused u.s. president donald trump i say confused because that explains the faults message that came from trump last night during a white house press briefing trump found himself having to defend his actions or the lack thereof from earlier this year as the coronavirus began claiming lives in the united states in an angry tirade complete with a propaganda video and attacks on the media trump incorrectly declared that he has total authority to decide when to reopen the u.s. economy let me just put it very simply the president of the united states has the authority to do what the president as he at 30 day which is very powerful the president of the united states calls the shots when somebody is the president of the united states the authority is total and that's so it's got to be. all right
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total authority that is totally not true let me pull in tyson barker deputy executive director of the think tank aspen institute germany talks and also worked at the u.s. state department tyson welcome back to the day veteran white house correspondents say what happened yesterday was unprecedented many are describing it as the emperor's new clothes what did you think when you saw the press briefing. well i mean these are kind of i don't know i think they're meant to be to elicit that kind of emotion and that's the point these are extemporaneous rally like events they're not based on fact they're totally emotive aids it's mainly meant to rally the base and to upset the opposition and what we're seeing right now is this fault line in the united states around when to open up the economy again where many people experts many governors are saying we have to wait and the president and many in his
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base and many republicans in congress are saying this is the lesser of 2 evils open the economy now we're dying by economic stagnation economic depression and that's worse than the virus itself i want to talk about opening a reopening up the economy in just a moment president trub he also used the briefing last night to air a tax payer funded video praising his own handling of the pandemic and he's slammed his critics at the same time you could say that this video was propaganda you'll notice that trump was pleased with what he saw all taken. and they've those 4 been doing everything that they can do and i want to say thank you and i want to say that i appreciated the returns calls reaches out he's been proactive because he sent it down here 2000 medical never seen a video like that playing in this room and give you hundreds of clips just like
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that we have them. we did what this to go on too long but i just want to say it's you know it's very sad that people write false stories like in that case i guess it was gotten mostly from the new york times which is a highly i mean if you had libel laws they would have been out of business even before they'll end up going out of business you know just to be clear the u.s. does have a very rigorous system of weibo and slander laws so we want to correct that tyson what do you say about the video that was shown to me the 1st time propaganda has been sold as policy at the white house. well it's a complete merger of you know the campaign mode in the administration and obviously he is a political being all presidents are elected they're all political but this is the kind of stuff that you would expect from a super pac or a pac or the campaign itself and not from the white house and and that that blurring of the lines between the political and the policy has been just defining
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for this presidency it's much more acute now because we're in the midst of a crisis where all eyes are really on what the administration is doing but this question about the delta between you know early attempts to lockdown in holland and what happened with the president's primetime speech you know why weren't they right ramping up infrastructure why weren't they doing the testing why did it take so long to invoke the defense production act all these questions are real questions and they need to be asked now because in order to get right right the ship these things need to be this administrator needs to be held accountable and that's what the press is really trying to do and this is also a belt who has the authority to order lockdowns and to lift those lockdowns the president says he does us governors we know have the real power today you tweeted that we used to see a or used to have a 2 speed europe now we have a 2 speed united states what do you mean. well i mean there was always this
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sense in europe in the european union that there were some states that wanted to go faster with the european project and others that were a little slower and one of the parag units as sovereign states was to choose the speed at which they wanted to integrate in the united states now we're having almost the reverse take place a kind of sin critical united states where some states are saying are basically putting on the brakes the federal government saying if you try to force us to open up we're going to we have the authority in this area we have control the hospitals we have control of the schools we have control of our interstates and we're going to make sure that this isn't isn't happening and clearly that irked the president because he reacted so emotionally by saying he had absolutely in this matter touch let me just ask you before we run out of time barack obama today he endorsed joe biden a good call doesn't even matter i think it matters immensely i mean. joe
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biden's entire candidacy is built on the back of his time essentially serving as the number 2 for barack obama he is victory which was done exclusively on the support of african-americans in states like south carolina is really a referendum on the obama presidency among democratic voters so obama coming out and saying this is my guy. bernie sanders ran an amazing race bernie sanders also gave a pretty enthusiastic endorsement of joe biden for his standards it was a real unifying moment for the democratic party. tyson barker with the aspen institute germany as always tyson we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you. performer u.s. president barack obama is one of the most popular political figures in the world with 4 years out of office his voice still carries weight his opinions they still
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matter to many people especially to the man who used to be his vice president joe biden today obama officially endorsed by giving his support publicly to the candidate and campaign intent on making donald trump a one term president but if there's one thing we've learned as a country for moments of great crisis it's that the spirit of looking out for one another can't be restricted to our homes or our work places or neighborhoods or our houses of worship it holds so has to be reflected in our national government and that's why i'm so proud to endorse joe biden for prez of the united states and i believe joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now he's someone whose own life has taught him how to persevere how to bounce back when you've been knocked down the obama touch book to talk about that i'm joined tonight by a man who has worked closely with 2 former u.s.
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vice presidents move was a senior adviser to both al gore and joe biden he also serves on the white house emergency preparedness working group joins me tonight from washington d.c. my welcome to the day it's good to have you here on monday bernie sanders indorsed joe biden today baracoa bamma indorsed joe biden which will bring in more votes in november. well. you know i'm not going to hedge a bet on that but i was a betting man i would say barack obama by millions there's nothing like our beloved former president who works so closely with joe biden i appreciated the comments of their previous guests the only little thing i respectfully disagree with is that joe biden's entire candidacy is not just based on his 8 years of being the vice president although those were an amazing 8 years that he served our nation
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and worked side by side with president obama but he's been in the united states senate before that for over 36 years so it's a 3 or 4 decades worth of service to our nation that he brings to our country you wrote today mobile supporters of bernie sanders and you've heard about there's since entitle meant what do you mean with that. well let's be clear i didn't say that about all of bernie supporters i said that for those that are the naysayers who are all over the social media that these last 48 hours saying that they would never vote for joe that they're not going to vote at all or they're going to vote for trump you know all i'm saying is you know what we're not going to we don't need to be wasting money and time trying to get those negative toxic type people to come over and do the right thing for our nation and elect joe biden the next president the good news is for the biden campaign we have a clear path to victory with many bernie supporters that want to join our family to
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join our movement to be progressive with us as we take our nation back if somebody doesn't want to my only point in that op ed today was simply to say we've got invest money and try to convince disenchanted republican moderates and independents and we don't need to be wasting time arguing with folks who are just never going to be ok with anything we say or do will move do you think biden can beat trump without massive support from bernie sanders voters. oh he will have massive support of bernie sanders supporters i think the senator ice i think i sensed something very different yesterday in the senator's endorsement was very different than the 4 years ago that delayed endorsement of hillary clinton but none of these are full throat does he need the does not need those bernie sanders voters to win in november. oh i think we need
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a certain percentage of them absolutely and we want them we absolutely we've all been welcoming them we were encouraging them to come join us my only point was for those folks out there who aren't going to come with us i just encourage folks let's not get into a battle with every single one of them and start fighting on social media we need to move on and talk to people who are reasonable minded who are pragmatic who understand that voting that not voting excuse me for joe biden for not voting for joe biden is voting a goes against your own self-interest i'm going to ask you about the obama indorsement today and the timing of the did it come at the right time for joined by . no doubt about it i admire the president for what he did i thought it was the appropriate thing for him to do he stayed out of the primary process he's the titular head of the democratic party until coming up these next few weeks from our president nominee he will now be become the titular head of the party and you know
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what it was the fair and right thing for him to do he waited and it was brilliant absolutely brilliant that he waited until today when he knew that it was only joe biden left in the race and it was time for him to step up and step up he did and the impact of his indorsement today we will being felt all the way till november 3rd and months and years to come you know with thing or 2 about emergency preparedness at the white house. or what happened in detroit white house would this would this pandemic disaster would it have happened under vice president al gore or vice president biden do you think. you know that's a fair question i want to be very very fair to the president on this part of it and that is look if this is not his bypass and no one and i know as ever said that that is not what any of us are talking about what he failed to do was plan prepare in order to prevent and once he didn't plan nor prepare he didn't prevent and then he
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didn't perform to mitigate and so i fault him for those days on the golf course in february for those political rallies in february where he was calling this a democratic hoax and diminishing this saying it was a miraculously going to go away and in that time period it is a fact that we lost thousands of innocent american lives because of it it seemed and so you know what no one saying you know what it's his virus what we what i'm saying is i was on the emergency preparedness council i know what you should have done us or president and you did do it before we were in on time i have to ask you have joe biden wins in november will we see you in his administration. you know i it would nothing nothing would be a greater honor than to serve with the vice president when he becomes president but i don't have any intention at all 1st of all i wouldn't be presumptuous enough to think he would ask me to come back and secondly frankly i'm not intending to go
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back in i want to stay outside i feel like i can be more helpful not only to a biden administration but to people in business and around the world and i'm enjoying what i'm doing and i think ok wolf we'll see what you say then come january of next year move vela a former senior adviser to al gore injured by a man we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. a court in florence italy has sentenced for human traffickers to long prison terms for smuggling nigerian women to. the lead to service sex slaves italian authorities opened the case based in part on work done by d.w. reporters who learned of the trafficking ring in nigeria and followed the trail all the way to florence rights groups have praised the convictions as a rare success in the fight against sexual exploitation. is one of the
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reporters who uncovered this trafficking ring when he was reporting from west africa he is now based in cape town in south africa. adrian congratulations to you excellent work there tell us about the report that you co-produced back in 2016 that led to what we're seeing now. well back then brands the number of migrants was going up with we're trying to go from western africa all the way to europe so we were working on a 5 part series for you doubly about this issue of migration and forced migration we went to nigeria niger as well as italy we talked to a lot of victims and then of course we also wanted to talk to the human traffickers which of course turned out to be very difficult we tried that many many times it was really difficult but then when our research was almost done we were sort of lucky and we finally found a victim who was willing to talk to us about her human trafficking or let's have a look. in 2016 d.w.
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reporters investigated along the human trafficking route between italy and nigeria starting in been in city when i gerry and girls are recruited. it is here that traditional priests force them to pledge loyalty to the traffickers . the migrants then pasta the dangerous desert in niger on their way to libya. from there they cross to italy where tens of thousands of nigerians and as prostitutes selling sex for as little as 10 euros after a long research one nigerian agreed to talk to us about her my dad this is what they call nigerian traffickers here on the one condition she wants to remain anonymous the madame trafficked her to italy to force her into prostitution. was she welcomed you sometimes. it is so we can let me we can.
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see the way. we trace down the madame in the suburb of florence in the dark and apartment and the jury and colleague enters 1st with. hidden camera and under false pretense and money of money. how are you the number. he meets in all my going one red and 6 female young nigerians insides. afterwards we confront the legit madame she denies all allegations of trafficking but constantly contradicts herself the girls she says are 10 times. and then they have to do prostitution to get money to live here. but will move by being more help to work outside the one loophole blog no matter what the movement so it's a lie when they say that they are exploited. even though we talked to the state
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prosecutor about our research who then starts to investigate and finds proof it is no lie because of the corona virus pandemic she is only able to send us a written response after the conviction i would like to thank you for you invaluable cooperation in the opening of the investigation which led to the identification of the significant number of victims humanitarian organizations are taking care of the victims now it is not clear what their future will look like or if they will be allowed to stay in europe permanently but their time in slavery has come to an end. for 2 nights in the u.k. the numbers of new coronavirus infections and coronavirus deaths they continue to run the risk to medical staff is greatest in the frontline those intensive care
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units or one of those i.c.u. physicians dr matt morgan has written a letter to u.s. president trump. he writes transparent data honest answers and brave truths are the only way to cradle real hope that things get better giving your power to the people around you the experts in truth the experts in science and the experts in health is how you too can save millions through the doctor met morgan joins me tonight from cardiff in wales welcome to the day dr morgan what makes a british i.c.u. dr pin an open letter to the u.s. president well really this was a plea not a need to the u.s. press that the does around the world to really focus on 3 things in this crisis you know this virus doesn't care for politics but the way to combat it is the same it's
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1st of all have transparency and have honest debate and conversation secondly to devolve the power to expert scientists and those who understand the complexities and the 3rd is about supporting the poor and those most at risk of in health the quality and when the dust settles on this pandemic in america i hope we explore it in that support of them who will be something that comes out this what do you say to those who would ask you why didn't you write this letter to boris johnson or the u.k. government. well i think many governments around the world are already using these 3 basis as a way to combat the crisis of course there's no sick lances but there are 3 ways that we can approach the topic but without transparency without truth and without giving the palate the experts who understand the science the stern health cations
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and that's not the way to go about it. don't want to have to be you as an i.c.u. physician you know that in this pandemic because of social distancing it because this virus is so contagious you and your colleagues many times are the way asked people that are dying patient touches for example because the relatives can't be right there at the bedside and that has to be a tremendous emotional weight for you to carry you your rights after all of the challenges of this crisis the thing is that really gets to us you know not machines all the technology all the drugs it's there it's aspects it's the aspects if humanity which will i think stay with me as they many at this and it's right you know we are now sometimes the ones hold in the hands of
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people and they found ways copied but it's also important to know that there are people who are getting better i mean even the intensive care units are going home and that's really where our passion in life comes from well i mean it's definitely something to you know be committed in the end to be admired what you are doing what about you dr morgan what are you doing to take care of yourself when when you're not working i understand today is your day off for example and here you are doing a t.v. interview. yes so as well as being a doctor we know we are also husbands sons and that's the same for all healthcare staff of nessun stuff between us reporters and i think in those aspects of important it was my wife's 40th birthday yesterday i mean it's important to remember to also try to find joy through this period because it's not going to be something which is just starts on his own it's probably going to be going on for
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some time and we do have to think about supporting those through this crisis and making sure that they care for themselves so that they can really care for this well you do definitely are caring for a lot of people dr matt morgan we certainly salute you and say thank you for all that you and your colleagues are doing dr matt morgan joining us tonight from cardiff in wales thank you dr thank you bye. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter a d w news and you can follow me at bring golf t.v. when you tweet please include hash tag today every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. globalization face biodiversity species runs racial exploitation equality. human rights displacement. global and local action. global 3000. next on.
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environmentally conscious living. with maximum comfort. furia from tanzania is helping make it possible he started with sustainable ideas in his own home. how he's inspiring others to innovate and his invention school eco africa. in 60 minutes on. we know that this is very time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good systems wash your hands if you can date at how we are d.w.p. for here we are working hard to listen to keep you informed on all of our platforms
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we're all in this together run together or make an effort. to save the days of history so it's day safe for use in history set. up. welcome to global 3000 this week we meet a south african entrepreneur who's using sustainable breaks made of construction waste to build sturdy have for the pull. many people in the town of port to but only in a material sense we visit the nation where happiness is the most important thing. first though we go to the.


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