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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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simply needs to be. discovered. subscribe to. documentary. hello and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in vladimir putin's russia a russia that tolerates little in the way of protest and those who do have the courage to take part in demonstrations such as this rally last summer are
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increasingly branded as a stream ists who then face the full force of global. that's only a cone on found out at 1st hand what it means to get on the wrong side of the system when her son was taken into detention now and italia and other mothers who founded a campaign group to take up the battle against what they see as arbitrary injustice and monstrous sentences. now tahlia conan is a fighter as she had towards the courthouse in northern moscow with her son daniel her determination is palpable a strip of polka dot cloth is the symbol of her movement mothers against political prisoners several individual protesters stand in solidarity for the accused outside the court house they say this is a show trial. igor police news and maxine martin soft have been
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accused of kicking a police officer at a protest last summer both men insist they are innocent but the court rejects their appeal and sentences them to several years in a prison camp the judgment hits their families hard that talia is there to support them her son was also put in prison after the moscow protests but daniel was lucky after just a month in pretrial custody most charges against him were dropped and he was released but not sense of injustice hasn't gone away. it's strange. today it should be the judge the state prosecutor the government who feel guilty. might she's cute but instead it's us who feel guilty. for the boys who were released
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and the parents because our children are free. there have been several mothers marches in moscow already including this one in february of last year now the protests have grown into a movement. down with the police state they chant here. when thousands protested ahead of elections to moscow city council last summer their demonstrations were not authorized and the police crackdown on opposition protesters. government officials have responded to protests by warning of the dangers of a revolution. we all know perfectly well that it is impossible to solve our problems on social networks are on the streets. of course people can express their opinion freely that is totally normal so the people have to express their opinion within the framework of current law of course you can find those laws
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good or bad but you have to keep to them otherwise our country will end up in a very dangerous situation. natale i used to stay away from politics but that was before her son was in prison the 48 year old animal breeder lives in the countryside but she regularly visits her 3 children in the capital since her oldest son daniel was arrested here in this apartment that talia is in touch with him all the time she gets worried after all she says that in russia anyone could become a target for the author or days when. it's been half a year since they searched the apartment and arrested him but it's worse now you can see how these cases always follow the same pattern you realize how powerless you are against the system. the mothers aren't alone surveys conducted by an independent pollster showed that the majority of russians now believe there are political prisoners in their country at an event with lectures and a flea market the human rights organization open russia is collecting money to
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provide legal assistance for them. conan is here with several mothers from the movement there are over $200.00 of them now with more joining all the time they send letters to detainees and want to fight for their children together. e.w.t.n. with it no one is stronger than a mother that might but when you're alone it's hard to achieve anything i know that because i fought for my boys for 2 years. and when the mothers movement formed i realized there are a lot of people in our country with the same problems and the same feelings that he's lovely and i think you want to thank you for sharing it with us the price of oil what happened to us could happen to anyone here but by fighting for our children we're fighting to protect everyone else in russia to. dilute. the author already seem to be aware of the potential force a mother is movement could have though they've tried several times natalia and her fellow activists haven't so far managed to get official permission to hold another
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protest so for now the corn and often holds one woman pickets which don't need authorization that way she doesn't have to worry about becoming a target for the author already is herself ok let's now go to the arctic north of sweden home to the indigenous sami people once widely known as lumps who are traditionally reindeer and now the summer of one a 30 year battle to regain control over what they see as ancestral lands the case was brought before a court in kiruna the northernmost town in sweden and the man behind it is messy bear who runs a nearby reindeer co-operative he's delighted with the ruling but not with the furious criticism that he and other sammy herders are now facing. at 1st glance it's a winter wonderland high in sweden's north so far north it was thought to be the end of the world. the ground is barren the spruce small snow covers the ground most
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of the year. yes forest is home to the indigenous sami people and their reindeer. for the sami the forest means everything head of gary a cooperative of reindeer owners near corona is monte berg who has lived here all his life he suffers almost physically when he has to go to the city. court cases have repeatedly forced him to go to the unloved city for 10 years he argued there and represented his people's cars before the supreme court at issue where the hunting and fishing rights. the verdict was unexpected the indigenous people and not the state are to decide who is allowed to hunt and fish on their territory. well. everyone should be happy the judgment has shown that even a normal person and a certain self against the state. but not
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everyone thinks that the verdict was just after the verdict to repeatedly received angry calls some swedish hunters see their hunting rights threatened. mostly. booked an amount of hunting and fishing all the things people are passionate about appear. many hunters are afraid that we saw me will now close the forest. and we won't but 1st come the reindeer then the saami and then the other this. danger is sometimes directly related to the reindeers enormous space requirements this is noticeable when we make our way through sammy land to lars. reindeer can bring traffic to 0 even on the european route 10 the main trunk road in this area. there are approximately 300000 reindeer in sweden and only the saami are allowed to
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own that. lars is busy feeding the one year old calves. reindeer are very hardy animals but without an extra daily helping of masin like and they wouldn't make it through the winter the snow covers icy the plants underneath inaccessible. you know knock heads the saami cooperative of when he was hurting reindeer into another pasture a car stopped and somebody on 3. 20 meters away the driver shouted. you know if you let your reindeer out here we'll shoot them. i thought to myself these people are really aggressive. the last thing he said was if i see one of you rain you know hood us alone in the forest i will shoot you too that really scared me. repeatedly reindeer are getting shot the owners get a small compensation but uneasy miss remains. with the races and
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what my father had to listen to especially near the big mines in. that sense of hatred has really increased. but it's not only about reindeer and their grazing grounds there's a lot more involved the samea live on land that has many important raw materials. it's still the state who has the say on who gets the mining rights. in the. forests wind and water power timber everything's here. you had a position of fiends. a start in the state would like to exploited whole lot of the social tools to martinsburg the wind turbines not far from his house on an old slag heap are 1st and foremost a disturbance
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a piece of industry that interrupts the peace and makes the reindeer nervous. the covert fight for mineral resources and the sami area has only just begun. but it's encouraging that now they have the law on their side. well we go back in history now to nazi germany where jews and others who faced religious or political persecution were often stripped of their citizenship they were forced to leave the country all fled to avoid being sent to concentration camps where near certain death awaits it later though germany's new postwar constitution contained article 116 a guarantee that citizenship would be restored to victims and their descendants but stefan for his firing is one of the many who supplications have been turned down
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and now say it's high time for germany to do more to keep its promises. stefan foist fan was born in berlin in 1937 but has lived in the u.k. for as long as he can remember my father was austrian my mother. was german. he was entirely cierra she was particularly. stefan's family fled belen on the eve of germany's annexation of austria in march 1938. my father's men met my mother in town somewhere and said go fetch the child bring a suitcase with me to the station tonight. to leave to live with his sister who was married to the. chief rabbi hostile to him and the next morning so my mother's older sister told us that because doctor came the next morning for us because my father longer have that 70 immunity of being austrian under the nazi regime tens of
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thousands of jews were stripped of their german citizenship now stefan is fighting to get it back. article 116 of the german constitution in abel's germans persecuted by nazis as well as the descendants to have their citizenship restored stefan's up location was rejected i was to my fury i have to say rejected on the grounds that my father was austria. and that if he had stayed arm. i can't believe what i'm saying but this was the letter. to the point where. the having a german nationality for jews taken away. then i might have qualified but we would have been dead by then the complexity of
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a number of exemptions has led to a debate in the german parliament britain felix coachman and his wife isabelle founded a world wide lobby demanding a more inclusive law to prevent exclusions from article 116 they attended the parliament's discussion in late january the motion for a new law was narrowly rejected given that the government already issue to decrease in august 1900 to ease restrictions but some descendants are still facing bureaucratic hurdles. the decrees of a discretionary. relief act of least but 116 is a fundamental basic rights and people pretty content where they can get back their loved ones who they lost they can go back in many cases their property the can't get back jobs that they've lost but they can get back one thing and that's german citizenship younger generations are also affected marcella marx's grandfather gave
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fled germany for brazil in 19372 years after the nazis had imposed then you're a member grace laws she too has applied for citizenship i thought that this was. something that we needed to do to honor my family especially because they had been in germany for so long my great grandfather fighting in a world war one have 1st application was rejected on the grounds that her grandfather left to germany voluntarily a 2nd application is still to be decided on. stefan foist van has also applied a 2nd time the new decrease now take his mother's german nationality into consideration but his patients with german bureaucracy is wearing thin. it's been a. it's been a fight in which i feel. both
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engaged and ready to give up. i feel you know if if the bureaucracy is so obstructive that i'm not going to go on fighting. like hundreds of other applicants all stephon can do for now is way. now for decades people have been fleeing from afghanistan a country tormented by the taliban until recently they tended to seek refuge in neighboring iran but the economic crisis has problems that a growing number of afghans to try and make their way into the instant turkish province a van however as maryse attorney himself an afghan refugee showed us indeed mid-winter journey can be treacherous or even tragic. this is turkey's
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eastern province a fan bordering the iran it's seen heavy snowfall in recent months almost daily afghan asylum seekers try illegally to cross over from iran into turkey here but they're often tragic stories rarely make the news. we're meeting mark diesel tunney who managed to flee afghanistan 4 years ago and now lives in turkey today he's on a voluntary basis helping other afghans who have fled here as well he shows us a local cemetery he recently discovered. this is where many asylum seekers lie buried who died in their attempt to reach safety. most are afghans. while we arrived there was empty and now it got all like this like 1520 i think people and this imagery was stolen by that. much
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says many afghans try crossing over into turkey in winter hoping there will be less border police due to the cold but the mountain route is dangerous some migrants fall down ravines or freeze to death yet marty says many are willing to take these risks to flee from violence. the situation right now in afghanistan really horrible and it could get worst the situation every day get iterated and the people are just trying to leave afghanistan to our better future to out a better life iran's capital tehran some 1000 kilometers to the southeast for decades tens of thousands of afghan refugees used to flee here. but now that u.s. sanctions have brought the country's economy to a standstill many migrants are finding themselves out of work. they can't make a living here anymore and are forced to head further west towards turkey.
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back in turkey's van province marty and a friend are on their way to visit an afghan family that's just arrived. these friend discovered the couple and their 3 kids by the side of the road one day last and shivering with cold. he put them up in another family cellar. my place mccool a taliban occupied or village they took everything we had my crops my farm and they wanted my daughter too. so i sold my shoes my children's belongings and we offered afghanistan. in anybody who don't we don't even have any money to buy food god is my witness today we borrowed 5 lire from a poor person it puts me to shame it. you know don't. have carville we don't know what to do. oh but i've
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sworn that i'd rather die here than beg people for money was. the room where the family will spend the night has no heating it's freezing cold. the wants to organize warm blankets for them as soon as possible but the family cannot ask turkish authorities for help because they might end up being deported. the people there is the arrival and the turkey actual end of one or bridge they are without any money they can pay for their lunch for their breakfast or for their dinner so how they can not they can move probably the net so this is their a human term organization like you're in the united nation you uneasy or. in december last year the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. staged the 1st ever global refugee forum in geneva together with the turkish
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government. the summit largely focused on syrian refugees in turkey. the e.u. provides financial support to the country to help it take care of them. but there is no financial assistance for afghan refugees. up until one and a half years ago afghans could still apply for protection from the u.n.h.c.r. but since september 28th seen turkey alone decide who is and isn't entitle to help . and human rights organizations now accused turkish authorities of failing to support afghans in need 'd we asked the u.n.h.c.r. white see supporting afghan refugees in turkey yet received no answer. marty does not understand why the u.n.h.c.r. has withdrawn its help. he himself was afforded protection but what about all of those who arrived after september 28th and why he wonders is the e.u.
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not helping. cemetery staff begin digging a fresh grave but don't know who it is for iran also doesn't notify afghan authorities when one of their citizens dies abroad maybe their families still waiting in afghanistan that my son is just calling me maybe tomorrow or today but unfortunately they are sent just in here and the cemetery and the crips so while i was just so were of this i was really sad and i was just really sad about this horrible condition that refugees have said here. this sign reads cemetery for people without relatives. to mock diesel tawny this place bears testimony to the suffering of refugees in the 21st century. it's truly a desperate story and it seems as if there's no hope that things will change in the near future now on a very different notes they grow on the ground they have
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a flavor that is famously impossible to define and they can be very very expensive i'm talking of course about truffles and one little village in france's deep south the rich are wrong jesus' name is known as the truffle capital there's a truffle market and even in the local church and a mule truffle mass and it's an event that can prove very lucrative for the parish . this church service in reshare ocean southern france is held only once a year. the community comes together to celebrate truffles the patron saint of truffle hunters saint anthony and a time honored tradition. truffles are very important for this region they symbolize see earth they are the fruit of russia and in france we like our traditions. instead of money the collection basket is filled with truffles also
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called black diamonds. just outside is the weekend market where the only thing on offer is truffles the best chefs in the country send their virus here. to. this truffle dealer says the 2 bags contain truffles of equal quality. claim won't deceive us it's the market every weekend in the winter he explains what to look for when i. cut off a little piece. this allows you to look inside. this one is nice and black with fine white veins you fell for it our grandfather was a truffle trader my father still is and i am. in this region trades and professions stay in the family the home is still sacred and customs are honored it's a rather conservative friends. everyone knows and trust one another in this tight knit community paris and its tax laws seem far away. play mall has a loyal customer base chef look by you creates tissues revolving around truffles
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keep the truth a little truffle. hazelnuts almost parmesan salt and pepper and that's all the truffle aroma will develop and the starter is ready on it we all have a family member or friend who works with truffles. and you never quite know what qualities the truffles will be when he's at all but this is i mean. so you're always eager to see them. never come best else. 70 says the auctioneer to this gentleman. to the brotherhood of the black diamond options off the 3 kilos of truffles collected during the service for $5350.00 euros and so the weekend comes to an end but the tradition lives on. great story and that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on t.w. dot com or visit our facebook page to open your stories and to come back next week
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a. good starts may 21st on t.w. . plane . this is t w news live from for lend the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic on china begins to become clear the economy is hit hard with the 1st drop in output in 3 decades and the city of khan where it all be gas is forced to admit that the death toll is far higher than originally reported. also coming up u.s. president donald trump lays out
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a road map for recovery from the coronavirus trump now says the state governor should set the pace at a phased approach to getting things back to normal.


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