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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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our talk out so you can get it wherever you go your podcast you can also find us and. this is d w news live from berlin russia's celebrate an orthodox easter with indifference amid an alarming increase in corona virus infections mass is celebrated without worshipers to stem the spread after a record increase of 6000 infections on sunday we take a look at how authorities are reacting also on the show lock down 15 in the u.s.
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protesters across several states call for restrictions to be lifted they want to return to normal life to get the economy going. and the world's biggest music stars call for unity in the fight against the coronavirus. a 6 hour live concert features billy eilish and the roman stones in their living rooms more than $100.00 stars come together while still staying at home. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us orthodox christians in russia are celebrating easter as authorities grapple with a sudden and alarming spike in corona virus in. actions to prevent the virus from
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spreading most churches in moscow have been closed the head of russia's orthodox church has led an easter service without any worshippers present in a holiday message president vladimir putin says the country will overcome the challenges russia has reported a record daily rise of $6016.00 new cases bringing the nationwide total up to nearly $43000.00. w's emily sherwin is standing by for us in the russian capital moscow hello to you emily so in an increase an alarming increase rather of infections that we're seeing in russia what is happening and how are authorities dealing with the crisis. well it really is an alarming increase. case numbers here in russia have actually doubled in the last 5 days and author already even before had been warning that
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probably the number of cases is much higher now they have stepped up testing and they say that the number the high number of cases is due to that now more labs have joined testing efforts and more than 2000000 tests have actually been carried out including just in the last 24 hours over 100000 that includes people with who don't actually have any symptoms so that includes medical workers who don't have any symptoms and people who may have come in contact with an infected person and that strategy certainly seems to make sense because for example in moscow which has been the most affected by this virus with over half of the cases across russia actually here in the capital officials have said that 60 percent of people of infections in the capital and they just have no symptoms and just just be carriers of this disease. well as all of this is happening today of course is the day that
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orthodox churches celebrate easter how are russians marking the occasion under these circumstances. well patriarch kirill the head of the russian orthodox church called at the end of last month for believers to kind of stay at home and to pray at home rather than going to church and that includes for easter which is the most important holiday for orthodox believers here in russia and now in moscow for holy week so from last monday churches have actually been closed to believe or is that means that services are taking place but believers worshippers aren't supposed to come to churches and many churches are kind of showing services via a live stream including the church service that the patriarch himself carried out here in moscow that was also streamed to believers who were supposed to stay home and watch that at home but i actually went to one church last week and spoke to
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people there to see how they were reacting to these measures here in moscow and many a parent or. many in the congregation were very upset and the priest himself said. that people had been driven out of the church and he even compared these measures from the author already with the persecution that clergy faced under the soviet union so that's really an angry statement there that we're hearing from many in the in the clergy and even though the church is mostly in line with the author or it is most churches according to media reports are actually open for easter services across russia and really sure when in moscow thank you very much. in the u.s. several states have seen more protests against long down measures president donald trump has increased pressure on state governors to ease restrictions trump has said may 1st as a target date but medical experts say that's too soon they warn that vital steps
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such as widespread testing are not yet in place. texas. or new hampshire go far off and ohio. protests across america a gaming momentum residents took to the streets to vent their frustration at state harm orders while the hailed from different parts of the country they echoed a common demand. her close attention to the little guy cut her hair up tell her it's a little it's not it's clear that it's not her fault that you have to get out and try. to find that. legit. i believe that the government
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doesn't really understand what is essential jobs in the sense that really they're not a position to understand that every job it you know which it was since there are 95 percent of the u.s. population is under some form of lockdown for a 2nd day trump used his daily briefing to express sympathy with protesters i mean i know obviously there are a lot of protests out there. i just think that some of the governors have gotten carried away you know you have a lot of people that don't have to be told to do what they're doing is facing an election in november he's eager to get the country back up and run. minimizing the economic fallout. with more than $38000.00 deaths and counting easing restrictions will be a high stakes balancing act. now to some of the other stories making
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news around the world. poland is marking the 77th anniversary of the warsaw ghetto uprising prime minister matteo laid a wreath to the dead in april of 1944 jews imprisoned in the ghetto rose up against the nazis the uprising failed at a cost of 13000 jewish lives firefighters in ukraine have renewed their battle against forest fires ranging near the abandoned noble nuclear power plant fire crews had extinguished a blaze caused by arsonists earlier this week but new fires have now broken out at the chernobyl plant was the sight of a nuclear disaster in 1906. iran is the country worst affected by coronavirus in the middle east the crisis there is spilling over into neighboring states afghanistan in particular is already ravaged
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by decades of war and terrorism every day afghans are returning home from iran potentially carrying the coronavirus and there's only a rudimentary health care system to treat them. hundreds of afghan migrants arrive at the islam qala border crossing every day to return to their homeland from iran. they are met by health workers who ask anyone who feels sick to identify themselves promising they will receive free medical care. that's affordable so that they get the iranian government puts 40 to 45 people in a bus when it's sun's them back that's in violation of the guidance from the world health organisation we are very concerned. that. afghanistan's western border has become a gateway for the coronavirus more than $150000.00 afghans return from around in
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march alone after losing their jobs or out of fear of getting infected the country is badly prepared for a major outbreak volunteers are disinfecting streets and businesses in the capital kabul the government has imposed a lockdown but the health care system is rundown and many afghans are impoverished and in poor health if the virus doesn't prove deadly the economic fallout could. it's hunger that will kill people not the virus all shops and markets are closed as you see that will cause a lot of problems. adding to the problems the precarious security situation making it even more difficult to tackle the virus in afghanistan. well businesses large and small are feeling the impact of lockdowns germany's world famous breweries are no exception in that southern state of the varia one brewery that it can trace its history back more than 400 years has been forced to shut off
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its taps for good. where beer creates and barrels were once moved about a breakneck speed the pace is now feeble at the very neck brewery in germany's been varia no one's buying sure they sell some to grocery stores and the like. but restaurants and bars are the lifeblood of a brewery like this one and nearly all restaurants and bars are shut. costed here after cost it takes a lot of strength and energy and we invested a lot in recent years to get in a good position and be ready for the future and we invested a lot personally and as a family and then came coronavirus and gets canned or now after coronas arrival the fermenting tanks were emptied and the warehouse of beer bottles and barrels went quiet just as that so many other german breweries. we don't know when the restaurants will be able to reopen when the beer gardens will reopen i'm afraid
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that in a worst case scenario it could be july or august and we won't survive that stretch neither the restaurants nor the breweries. beer cases and cases of it will stand idle perhaps never even tasted as this family business gives way to the virus. as you know i if i had the brewery has always been there it's been a part of every dinner table conversation all our lives. will be missing part of our identity and in a way the region will be to some time. very brutal its 1st batch in 1617. it's lasted appears in 2020. music fans around the world have been enjoying a virtual mega concert honoring health workers the all star lineup included the rolling stones and grammy winner billie eilish all performing from home.
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with. wrong music with a message. to the global citizen and lady gaga curated the online 6 hour event as a love letter to the world. was . posted by jimmy fallon and other u.s. talk show hosts the event celebrated those on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus. most of these performance would be used to the stage but it was all filmed in their homes that included paul mccartney stevie wonder celine dion billie eilish and elton john. there's been just. a moment prayers
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leave. 'd during. the. night some of the stars swapped performances for messages of solidarity. and african americans in large have been so nearly. those with preexisting condition market even higher this bar is killing black women alomar mainly heart rate here in america. instead of calling for donations from the public the event urged corporations and philanthropists to donate to the world
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health organizations 19 solidarity response fund and so far over $120000000.00 has been raised funds will go to support both local charities and also efforts to provide equipment to health care workers around the world. 7 you're up to date on news thanks for watching. stan former. lawyer and on demand. in language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. w. is.


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