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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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it would be a real shame if we were not to. be candidates. even .
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for the 1st time in history. to collapse. welcome to the program germany has announced a new move in the battle against. the government with more than $100.00 mobile. efforts to track all chains of infection on monday germany began easing some coronavirus restrictions allowing some shops to open but warned people not to
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develop a false sense of security. it's shopping but it's not as we knew it at this store in cologne customers are required to keep a safe distance from one another but will that happen when more people head right. just in america the night's the easing of germany's strict lockdown just days ago but now she says she's worried people may think the pandemic is no longer a problem. with india we must proceed slowly step by step and with caution it would be a real shame if we were to suffer a relapse despite being able to avoid that and put our initial successes at risk your actions. so we must not be careless or it responsible not even for a moment. retailer patrick ins up working near the french border is only allowing 15 people at a time into his shop he's had to improvise a plan to keep everyone safe. we have put
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a bill up the door each customer rings the bell and then we let them in if possible otherwise they will have to wait for perhaps 10 to 15 minutes we put a table in a chair outside the customer can sit in the sauna and read a magazine while they wait. by the time i took that as a hobby i unlike in other states in sa and shops with over 800 square meters of sale space can open if they're divided into separate areas meaning big department stores can return to business to in saxony clock face masks are required in shops and on public transport the area and i have followed suit will soon be mandatory there too the lack of a single set of rules for all of germany has a rotating. which i would like to see standard rules for retailers across the whole country and i would prefer the rules to be implemented immediately in the different states that. germany's retailers are optimistic as they emerge from the lockdown as
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they wait for customers they hope a new business will know. partly to assess infections. earlier we spoke to germany's health minister and i asked him about the european response to this pandemic fun insists europe we've come out the other side stronger than before of course as soon as you do these casts concrete measures concrete packages there's always a discussion which is quite normal because they're different interests between the 27 member states but there's always when it is needed we come to a result and that is important for us as an approach of germany and of many other countries we are in a european solidarity and at the same time we don't want to have any incentives for the future that might lead to the wrong way so as to find the right balance between financial sound and european solidarity and that is actually what we have reached so far so yes there are debates and some of them are stressful but and that is
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important in the end we are stronger together now a question for you what do you do if you have lots of a product that no one wants the price dives and your stocks become worthless that's what's happened to oil thanks to the coronavirus pandemic demand is law but storage facilities are full on monday it got even worse the price went negative meaning that traders were paying customers to take the stuff away. the coronavirus pandemic has brought economies around the world to a halt along with the demand for oil after weeks of tumbling prices crude dropped below 0 for the 1st time produces literally can't give it away an agreement last week between leading oil producing nations to slash output clearly failed to address worries about a huge glut of oil. and this is quite a lot. on. an economic.
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disaster coming out ahead of us there right now all we're doing is leaving with the lack of traveling from the low down measures people are. going to be flying anywhere and that's really causing a problem and since storage facilities have filled up oil is now practically worth nothing. more on that story in bulletins but here's a look at other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump says he will temporarily suspend all immigration by signing an executive order he said the action was in response to the coronavirus outbreak and to protect jobs more than 22000000 americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the past month because of pandemic lockdowns. south korea has denied media reports that north korean leader kim jong il is gravely ill after heart surgery cyril said it had seen no signs indicating the 36 year old was in serious
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condition speculation emerged after kim missed a key state celebration last week. iran is sending thousands of migrant workers back to afghanistan is one of the country's worst affected by the coronavirus but future attorneys are being tested for the disease the outbreak has put extra strain on an already struggling iranian economy. but our borders has just published an all press freedom index it ranks countries according to whether the media are allowed to operate without censorship in a moment we'll speak to an acclaimed journalist and author from the philippines but 1st a look at how different missions are when it comes to press freedom. at the bottom of the table eritrea turkmenistan and north korea reporters without borders classified the lack of press freedom in those countries as very serious sudan is
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also in that category but last year's mass protests that led to the ousting of president omar al bashir have resulted in stronger democratic structures and reduced restrictions for journalists as a result the country ranks 16 points higher on the index than last year countries that made similar improvements include malaysia any theo pia. while poor ratings and given to the west african states have been enough fell 17 places and haiti down 21. the caribbean nation is struggling with an ongoing political crisis and violent protests in the past year journalists there were repeatedly attacked one was killed. the united states ranks at 45th place this year after 2 years of decline the situation has slightly improved over the last year but reporters without borders cite the u.s. as a warrior example of hatred incited against journalists by elected politicians with
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verbal and physical attacks against reporters alarmingly frequent terms of actually germany ranks 11th place also 2 places from last year the main reason for this is a decline in the numbers of attacks against journalists reporters without borders say this still concern for the protection of journalistic sources. the country's ranking highest for. less freedom for mine in scandinavia denmark finland i'm no way. out of portal so short of the philippines has dropped 2 places to $136.00 out of $150.00 countries and someone who knows what that means is journalist and author mario who's had several run ins with the government he joins me now from manila maria have a good to have you on the program what is it like being a journalist in the philippines now. i think the 1st thing is that the world
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seems like it's never going to be the same again where it are 6 weeks of lockdown and their. president to take aside an emergency powers laud march 24th that gives them tremendous power work including an insertion that essentially could allow with swords to jail or anyone for a month or 2 months and find them about 20000 dollars i mean you're somebody who has experience with this don't you i mean that i've lost on i think you have what 7 cases and if that's a correct count against you from the philippine government i mean are you afraid that the philippines government is using the coronavirus crisis to gain more control over the media. look i think that what we're seeing is a government that is trying very hard to deal with a pandemic. like i said 6 weeks in right and we have to decide the government has to decide whether it will stay or lift this kind of lockdown on equal certainty that they have their hands full having said that 30000 people have been arrested
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for quote and for quarantine violations and then we had a former congressman and his team who were out distributing relief goods are arrested and charged with sedition so these 2 things are going hand in hand yes journalists more than ever the mission is much more important because not only are you trying to hold government to account we're also trying to make sure that our citizens have the right information and at the same time to tell them that we need to keep asking for fashion right so. i think in a strange way we've been under attack for 4 years in rappler this is an extension of that but it is also a very different time where our entire nation our entire world is under attack do you think that they're moving forward things are going to get worse for you in the philippines and for me defeat them in the philippines before they get better. i think there are 2 problems that we're going to have to face lock down the 1st is
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really can and independent news groups survive this right are business more than at any other time is under attack cash flow is king your so you're going to see a recession it's not a depression in many countries around the world so that's the 1st that the 2nd one is we've got to go out and do our jobs even more because our people the best. present open to thank you so much thank you. some sports news now germany's boston bull reputation has gotten a boost because teams in the women's national basketball association select 3 young players they expect to star in that u.s. league the top ranked among them in what's called the w n.b.a. draft. and here's a bag considered unique even by diverse u.s. standards. she's accustomed to change the south league where there were
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doubts on have basketball jersey has played her last game with the university of oregon ducks that's because pandemic restrictions ended their season but satu sally left a mark on us college basketball with massive success before thousands of fans. of ali's 21 year journey has taken her from her city new york in the united states to africa and her father's home country the gambia then to her mother's home country germany where she caught the eye of basketball clubs then to oregon for 3 years of high pressure hoops and now dallas because the dallas wings select not to sell billie from the university of oregon. she was selected in the w n b a's draft by the dallas wings. i was so happy when i heard my name. you know when i got. called you know all my dreams. and i was so happy and it's
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like a little kid it's just a call for some really believe because of the pandemic lockdown support from family and friends has been mostly virtual. oh. yes there. was some research including well wishes from her german grandma. sadly is not the 1st basketball player with german roots to make her mark in down. this. became one of the all time greats of the men's n.b.a. with the dallas mavericks now retired it skis already reached out to sally to welcome her and prepare her for what comes next for whatever coach wants. you know and so like me that it's. a lot of. what i will have what i will do. during the low down sadly will bide my time in
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florida when she became a star of american basketball with the expectation she'll be training thousands in texas whenever the coming season kicks off. and all the best visited of unusability in a quick reminder that you can get the news and features on the falcon a website. i'm going to get back to you about. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona.
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that 19 special next on d w.


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