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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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hey listen up. more video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today these tracks take the experience to our culture a little punk a chance to him talk composer no bullet points or. featured in any been known to his music and spent on 2 q. stamps sounds current. video game music d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me. a single case could bring the pork industry to a grinding halt and cost billions of euros in losses health authorities in eastern
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europe are trying to fight the spread of african swine fever and are taking drastic measures to do so sometimes even against the will of the farmers it's just one animal is infected the whole herd will be culled. well the virus has yet to reach germany but farmers here are very nervous and that's because infected animals have been confirmed just a few kilometers away from the border in poland and so the hunt for wild boars in that region is on a warning for our viewers this report contains graphic images of dead animals. court block and veg near is hunting wild boar in germany's east. these hunters in elmer's dorf some 80 kilometers from the polish border are calling the boar they're seen as a danger potential carriers of african swine fever which is harmless to humans but an existential threat to pig farming. but even these hunters know that alone
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probably won't be enough to prevent the spread of the disease to germany. comes in kills old you care advocate it mean if you just can't i don't think you can contain a swine fever just by hunting in the oldest to be destroyed its roots and the feeding conditions for wild boar are excellent. the mild winters allow even week newborns to survive so the population is at a level we've simply never seen before. and from t.v. . across the older river in poland the african swine fever broke out years ago now there are some cases near the border with germany. problem ski runs one of the largest pig farms here. a few weeks ago he still had 10000 pigs. but he sold most of his animals before the prices collapsed. you know he has just 2000 left. many of his stables are empty no
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ocean. which. if they find out at any time that the animals are infective faces will have to kill them all for you to say sheeple to show the process that i hold a trace i would lean in then you're a loss for me i'm struck you before that the movement of groovy beats i was. zofia by torch uk heads the local veterinary board in jail on a gora and keeps the district swine fever map up to date. she's convinced that intense hunting of war will prevent new cases. he had limbs told in law and we've always focused on well coming on as many as possible ideally until there are none left. the most leave a get our needs is it up. aside from bullets she believes in information numerous flyers are supposed to come polish farmers fears of swine fever while encouraging
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them to take sufficient steps to protect their stuff. on the german side of the border farmers have been anxiously waiting for the 1st outbreak frank might to use in noid tell it keeps his 4000 animals under lock and key. but he won't let anyone into his stables not even our cameramen he filmed this footage himself if there was just one confirmed case of swine fever the region's meat trade would grind to a halt and meat exports would plummet. we're scared of viruses spread in a single or could spread the virus here to all it takes is an animal swimming across the river oder or nice to have a no brainer to do. but what can be done to keep the polish bores out. the german state of brandenburg has erected a 120 kilometer long electric fence along the older river.
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but will the flimsy fence help. all right now we're seeing bore destroying the fence for centuries there's never been a fence here and the bore have grown used to certain routes. you know they need to adjust to the situation that there's an electric fence blocking the way this was. the polish pig farmer. germany's electric fence will keep the virus outbreak in check. yeah obviously. not going to fence what chief nothing at all. if a bird takes out a 4 carcass and then flies across the border but you must show the virus will spread into germany as well. like many others is convinced the virus didn't arrive in poland through infected animals but through
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contaminated food imported to the country by truck. court like invade near and his fellow hunters find this scenario highly plausible as well but they keep on calling boar as there is an abundance of them anyway. we can try to reduce their numbers like. that's better than doing nothing with someone with some of the. problem that i. have are out. there are fewer wild more the thinking goes the slimmer the odds that swine fever will spread in germany. even so most german hunters and farmers are certain the virus will eventually find its way into the country. now to the world's biggest island greenland the danish territory is covered by a 1000000 year old ice sheet but its map is now being rewritten its glaciers are
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fine at an unprecedented rate contributing substantially to rising sea levels across the globe and while many places are going to great lengths to fight the effects of global warming some people on the island are embracing the drastic changes business is booming in a resource rich greenland a veritable treasure island and for water taxi owners anders look allow are certain the big far offers new opportunities. the night was cold minus 18 degrees the wind lets the air in greenland capital new scene even colder. it's a 1st for on there's a look of larson so far his yellow water taxis have only been in operation during the summer months now he takes tourists out on to the furor during the arctic winter. off back up that all before it's happening
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faster and faster what we're losing more and more of the inland as a result of climate change. and it's causing people to come to greenland to see the ice melt. fjord of good hope. the danes once gave this name to the estuary. today the fjord is changing rapidly. the temperatures are rising the glaciers are receiving the melt waters washing up sand banks in many base. then lost more than 300000000000 tons of ice last year alone. his brother in law steers the boat he also notices the change in the bay. we see this especially in summer then the entire fjord is open and there's a lot of lycia that go also really big icebergs. now in winter their right as. much good if not better not drive into one that's getting as bold
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as makes it. understood game with just one water taxi 4 years ago he recently commissioned his 5th the business with melting ice it's booming. greenland's capital new. the danes founded the city nearly 300 years ago the tourists come mostly here so the old colonial harbor. the city has seen or. that growth in the past few years construction is everywhere new hotels and apartments are being built and the airport is being expanded. greenland is on the move says charlotte nixon her ancestors were fishermen hunters. 6 months ago she became the new mayor of new. she has big plans for her city one day 30000 people will live here today there are about 18000. in
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all reinvest says are approaching us right now we're in a unique situation so we're getting a lot of attention that. new business ideas are emerging everywhere new like here and a former car repair shop which attracts a visit by the mayor. this is where greenland really turns green nicholas and rasmus have been growing lettuce and herbs here for about a year. they supply it mainly to restaurants and supermarkets in it but are bigger plans. we want to supply all of greenland couldn't he just started here in new corn we're exploring the market in the rest of the country so as you just saw we're also trying to tomatoes and peppers. until now almost all the vegetables had to be brought to the island by ship or plane so. this won't change so quickly but the goal is to produce locally or. to a bit of supper to do you think that money is a help to us that we have these domestically produced fresh vegetables that don't
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have to be important it's safe to. the new container harbor. fishery products are still the island's most important export commodity but greenland also wants to export its raw materials gold titanium rare earths oil and gas a huge treasure sleeping under the ice and the rising temperatures should help lift it the chinese are already here the u.s. is moving in. the old u.s. consulate which was closed in 1953. the americans moved it to their air base in greenland now the consulate is to be reopened the new envoy is already there we look at this house and it's in such a central area in new right next to the parliament and right across from the center where the government sits. it's a great place to live from for from our perspective to showcase how close the ties
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between the united states and britain. the us want to participate in the coming upswing in greenland. and. back with anders on his water taxi. to the new airport is to be finished in 3 years time and then tours from europe and the u.s. can fly directly to new. andras hopes for even more customers 1st fewer tours. an example she got here just like the souvenir shops sell t. shirts we sell for tours this is a 2 hour expressed or at least you get a good view of the few words system in greenland's your name. they reach the goal of the tour the frozen waterfalls and say to island let's go to the barber larson is from germany now lives in denmark and is visiting greenland with her daughter. she saw the arctic winter only from pictures and wanted to experience it herself. of initiatives and there's
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a wind in danish still she does a great immeasurable when you come here and then there's all of this snow the cold pickiness i find it absolutely fascinating. but what will the arctic look like in 50 or 100 years the greenlanders don't know what they'll adapt to climate change it's seen as an opportunity on greenland. you can't have your cake and eat it too well this is especially true when it comes to divorce rich. it is leaving the e.u. but exactly how that will work is unclear take for instance london which is home to one of europe's most ethnically diverse populations through food festivals and art londoners have been enjoying a cultural exchange for decades and customers at christian mounted café come to enjoy a slice of vienna but brags it is threatening to change all of that. could
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you imagine london without its rich colony every man's game without european delicacies like the new precedents and bought a cream cake without at full strudel and sapphic cake safely treats such as to road. and austrian pretzels. this is kid family and viennese style coffee house and restaurant in north london with rex at around the corner patrons hero warry the establishment might be forced to shut down. the canucks not a toy. enough as i often indulge but it's lovely to see them and to have dishes like that will they remind us of visits that we have made to your. hand what we did today we are not we're not only interested in english things i
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imagine things will close down and it will be you know it'll be a small. less interesting dynamic environment which recognize the coffee. kind of all know of course of honor calls upon or through the coffee house was established by christiane nic he's been living in person for 24 years he was deeply disappointed by the brics it felt london after all is his home he's certain breaks it will make it harder to run his business and to import products from mainland europe. until now that wasn't a problem often products ordered from austria would get here faster than english products here in the harp but all the extra paperwork all the extra forms that are no need to be filled all would cost around sport and customs delays if it's are granted that will break up costs or of course the $4.00 was
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a. scum of the pound has a ready for link into the euro and it's becoming increasingly difficult to highest skilled stuff from europe christiane malick can hardly recognise the britain he once moved to over 20 years ago. because when we were we were able to go anywhere in europe we are well come on everywhere groping here in great britain was exciting sex an inference and maybe a movie rock received here. but all that changed in the past 3 years. that's why many europeans in britain are feeling distraught london soho district for example has been a magnet for italian immigrants since the 19th century. and chemist and a local italian delicatessen is already struggling with imports to the basic
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part to how many parmesan and we would be ok but we'd like you know more pretentious products like we sell just a little bit just a small amount i don't think that we would be able to get them any more. the show has many regular customers with a great appreciation for european delicacies i think we have to fight to make sure the they do stay soon other words some will up with soap and i will come here maybe more of to make sure it doesn't disappear and i don't lose that smell of the fabulous coffee. despite breaks it being a reality now many londoners simply don't want to imagine life without the delicious foods of continental europe. i am. made in europe it's a label that consumers can feel good about employees here are paid fair wages under good working conditions or so we think well the reality is very different for
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textile workers in north macedonia they're under immense pressure to churn out garments as quickly as possible and often at the expense of their own health and safety and fact when calculated with living costs wages there are lower than in south east asia well christina paver used to be a cog in europe's fast fashion machine now she's become a voice for change. the market dunker was once the hearts of yugoslavia's textile industry. the factory belong to its 9000 employees its director and little more than the other workers it had its own day care centers and workers housing the end of socialism in the early 1990 s. brought the end of the market dunga. the textile industry and state still employs some $9000.00 workers most of them women hardly any of them earn more than the legal minimum wage in north macedonia $200.00 euro's
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a month lower than in bangladesh and china measured against the cost of living. the minimum for a family of 4 is closer to $750.00 euros a month. christina and paver is fighting for fair pay. she worked as a seamstress for years but when she objected to the starvation wages she was fired now christine is carrying on the struggle in another form she started a network called glasson textile it's or voices of the textile workers financed with donations. just as much as the car cindy got never shit i was unable to start a works council the workers didn't even know what that was or how workers representation function it's part of the family edition you the only way was to set up a self-help organization organised that would take up the fight against the exploitation of the workers. out of a community that. not only of the garment workers paid badly they're treated badly
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as well. the monopolist tasks in a never changing posture just the triggers allergies factory holes left on heated in winter and overheated in summer the on paid overtime and demands to work over weekends all take their toll katherine is a member of the textile workers network a seamstress tells christine about conditions in the workshops. there was a problem with the care workers sitting next to me the boss yelled at her because she's only finished 3 pieces while i had done 10 and he roared make more make more all. very worst the worst catarina has quit a job she trained as a nurse but without connections or paying bribes she can't find any jobs in health care reform is what's called the manner in norm so she'll have to find another job as a seamstress and make $200.00 euros a month. there for going anywhere in the 10 years i've been working i haven't had
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one free weekends couldn't afford a vacation for myself and my daughter she never asks for money. doesn't wear expensive clothes any cheap things it's not my god it's very hot there's no desk there manufacturers the north macedonia that pay above the minimum wage and overtime and they've improved working conditions one is moda but the buyers the big international labels look for the lowest prices. for a shirt that retails for 60 euros mota receives free that includes the cutting sewing and packaging. the governments may bear the label made in europe but that doesn't mean they are untainted by cheap labor and exploitation. but the big foreign brands are trying to introduce higher social standards here but these cost money also that the cost of. christina and pay
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for the labor activist is trying to bring the various parties to the table to discuss improving working conditions the state regulators the employers and n.g.o.s from neighboring countries the situation all across the balkans is much the same exploitation and the loss of human dignity. some of the workers in serbian factories were made to wait where diapers grown up person there was a huge scandal that's really beyond any human rights not only the activists but the international labels themselves are starting to take action against such inhumane working conditions. one of them the german men shirtmaker a limp even quit doing business with a north macedonian supplier altogether. a limp was stovies only client. they'll give you that and for that we said certain great fireman's that i was then that's been met and the employees wages be adjusted accordingly and get over it at the end of the day when the supplier didn't meet our big fire him and sent it on
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lebanon for them conform macbeth's know explains that he called the abuses to stop a limp even paid stoping more to do so but nothing changed. but they put sto be out of business until 150 employees on the street is workshops of cease production pressures from the international corporations is growing reflecting the concern for their image. ever fewer customers are willing to buy clothes made under inhumane conditions you're in a museum it's dark and empty and front of you is rembrandt's nightwatch a painting worth 500000000 euros you receive a strange text message with instructions now your mysterious adventure begins goodbye traditional audio guides and class tours after them their rights museum is offering its visitors a new and unique way to explore the art. amsterdam's rights museum
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is doing something a bit off the wall. bert janja and martin have come to play a game and they've invited me along. a rather shady friend will text us a little tips where to be smuggled in as in turns and we'll try to solve a mystery. so we won't have much time to admire rembrandt's nightwatch we've got to complete our tasks quickly. one riddle left or another has to be solved. if we scour the museum with our eyes peeled we should be able to find clues in every exhibit. that escaped in fact playing the game you knew through the museum differently than you would have. you plaintiveness see other things in view objects much longer and more intensively . the game takes players into parts of the museum many visitors passed by we could
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spend hours in the library reading up on art history but right now we're looking for a particular symbol. we end up by the lockers way off of course. unfortunately the security guard can't or won't help us out. in the green so long an artist whispers that we have to be quiet and the cameras are watching us everywhere. so there's a lot of my friends sometimes it's a bit of a group radio but unfortunately the message is held. over with actually it's easy we're making it hard on ourselves because we're looking for things that weren't even asked for. until we learned something about secret compartments and the restoration of masterpieces luckily there is no time limit on the game but of course we can't reveal the secret on t.v. . their secret same. with me well that's all this week from focus on
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europe let me know your thoughts about our show on twitter and don't forget you can find out more from our program on t.w. dot com but for now. coming.
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up the money. going to. africa. by a whole instead of fireworks. in madagascar our students are learning how to make pallets and we can plant remains. in the gold. less deforestation and more nutrients for the island nation. now for.
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us now from strong must see greed. essential to. the movement drives. interesting danger has been one big nothing i've come to oppose capitalism because i see the harm it is done to the world south of the top. run the risk of being the 1st form of water to be responsible for on a special place while. we go in search of. good starts may 21st on t.w. . cutler.
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play. play. play. play play play play above. this is life from saving europe's economies from the us. approved a gigantic emergency rescue package to protect jobs and businesses to defer discussions on a long term recovery plan. on the u.s. economy we need some of the 26000000 americans to lose their work and income over
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the past 5 weeks. once detained for criticizing china tries to stop a new life in democratic taiwan.


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