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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of virus stores may 20th on g.w. . this is date over the news line from berlin anger on lebanon streets as the pandemic worsens the country's already dire financial situation protesters break the coronavirus lock down to demonstrate against a currency in freefall and looming hyperinflation also coming up africans in china has been the targets of racist attacks they're accused of spreading the coronavirus
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we speak to a kenyan take whose dreams of a better future have been shattered plus the corona virus outbreak has shown a light on deep inequalities in singapore many migrant workers there can only afford to live in cramped domes with physical distancing is practically impossible . i'm rebecca races welcome to the program we begin in lebanon where the coronavirus pandemic is compounding longstanding economic problems the lebanese pound has lost has lost a half its value in recent weeks sending already high prices soaring and bringing new hardship to a country that's been grappling with months of financial turmoil the lockdown measures have been extended there until may 10 protesters and now ignoring the
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restrictions taking to the straits to vent their anger. scenes of popular anger have returned to the streets of beirut despite an ongoing lockdown and a curfew protesters have gathered outside the lebanese central bank to demonstrate against the worsening economic conditions. we think that quote all of this is not the only a pandemic would suffering from yet another 11 if it meant they either have a choice to die from hunger or to die from it but i know with the increase of the crisis in the backyard and because of the value of our current. people here tell us they have nothing to lose levanon one of the most indebted countries in the world is not only battling depend demick but also its worst economic and financial crisis indicates that the protests erupted last october initially targeting decades of economic mismanagement and corruption now with
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a lockdown further weighing on the economy many are simply trying to survive so people 00. 0. 0000 basic level of us are all. for our kids to suckle we. were the ones who well. recycle. well. so well in an attempt to dampen the financial followed of the crisis the government has restricted cash withdrawals and banned money transfers abroad. prime minister haas on the op has blamed the governor of the central bank for the currencies sharp decline and announced that a neutral international company has been tasked with auditing the bank's books. for the a small one is are you that we will not allow or tolerate interference with financial
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stability. look at all because these people want the country to collapse and to shake it stability to protect themselves and their interests at the expense of the interest of lebanon and the lebanese. we're looking man. but for these protesters promises like that aren't enough aid organization human rights watch has warned that without government assistance millions in lebanon could go hungry due to the lockdown. let's take a look now at the latest developments in the pandemic a global death toll is now more than 200000 that's according to figures from johns hopkins university french prime minister eduardo if elect philippe is set to present his government's plan to loosen the coronavirus lock down to parliament on tuesday the measures have been in place this into march 17th france has the world's 4th highest death toll from co that 19 the official death toll in the u.k.
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has now passed 20000 people the figures from the national statistics office suggest the true number is much higher and the world health organization says we do not yet know what level of immunity those who've recovered from the virus have and how long that immunity lasts. now a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines this hour speculation continues over the health of north korean leader kim jong un reports say doctors have been sent from china to advise on kim's health and that he is recovering from a heart operation satellite images now appear to show his special train at the coastal resort town of one son. in israel thousands of people observing physical distancing roles have protested over a coalition deal that leaves prime minister benjamin netanyahu in power is set to go on trial on corruption charges next month egremont ends a 16 month political deadlock in israel. or footage has emerged on
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social media in recent weeks showing racist attacks on africans in china african migrant communities have become the target of discrimination and harassment as china strives to contain the coronavirus beijing relies on mass surveillance to identify new cases but many africans in china have outstayed their visas and can't be easily tracked that's right off already he's nervous about an outbreak within the african population and they've become an easy scapegoat for new imported cases . evicted beaten and forgotten these are social media videos of scenes in china's into us. many africans of. beatrice a kenyan teacher moved to china 4 years ago seeking a better future instead she's broke a locked up in an apartment in provence paris's the emerged we have not been
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working so my jury to you for us who are teachers here really facing each other because right in all these no money to pay for rangers no money for food. a recent rise uncovered $1000.00 veterans have led to the fore because attacks against foreigners and say no where african seem to have been the hardest of the chinese government towards the border. of the deadly virus there many undocumented african immigrants living in tell you know who are blamed for the rise in fictions mostly with very little evidence these violent incidents of now sparked a diplomatic row between africa and china. i completely drained my mind my poor case to a mexican that what i was doing was calling my mom back home to send me some some well that i may be able to buy myself food and right now it has gone to an extent that i cannot be able to ask her anymore back in kenya beatrice formally
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worries about. i ask myself on these people human enough we have the chinese people here and they're treated well why are they doing this to our children and when she told me when she slept out on the floor. i just asked the government to help them. doesn't ask you i just heard they're going to send a plane but how are they going to pay for it. with the d.d.p. anonym. but it's a cry for help that may go unnoticed the chinese ambassador to kenya dismisses cases like beatrice as we did the diversions but the hand of african migrants and the tensions between them and the locals is still
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a reality they're facing my mom is very worried about me and all why she wants me is back safe in our kenyan soy we all we've got nothing so long as i land there safe. i could buy many africans in china lives have been turned upside down and that does put it to be reunited with their families. or for more let's bring in journalist fabien crash mine beijing has been following this story for us fabien is spoken to many africans within the community there how common is this kind of treatment. yes quite common actually the 1st accusation secured in one show that in the south of china that's the place where the biggest africans lefse but i usually use spoke to people here in beijing and they all told me basically similar stories at least 2 of them they basically got it they are
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homeless now they got kicked out of their legs and they feel that the racial attacks really really went high and they don't feel treated as you feel treated as animals and i mean i cannot independently verify every of their accusations but the videos to back up their claims and in one video for example i could see. a case of police violence so i think the situation for many africans is quite precarious and sylvia and what about those africans that have overstayed their visa is that they're in a particularly precarious position now. that's right i mean many of them who overstay their visas who are basically legal in the country they've been kind of tolerated by the authorities but right now the africans are becoming a victim of what is called racial profiling and i mean they're singled out at least in one joe in the southern city they have to undergo carotene just because the african basically and. now of course many people fear that because they are
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undocumented they might be difficult to track and actually the chinese side doesn't see anything wrong with it because they've also singled out before like citizens from and from risk groups and that's what they're doing now to the african community as a whole that's their reasoning right now. reporting from for us from beijing thanks very much. singapore was being praised as a coronavirus success story having acted quickly and effectively in containing the pandemic but infections have been spiking in recent weeks with hundreds of new cases diagnosed the majority are among the city states low paid migrant population who can afford to take the same precautions as as in society. this is a dorm in singapore a crime time to ideal place for the coronavirus to spread physical distancing here
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is practically impossible. for now but i had the virus please pray for me i'm trying to stay away from the opposite as best i can for whatever gallacher. foreign workers many from india bangladesh and indonesia work on construction sites in singapore many are in less than $300.00 euros per day and those low wages mean more than $200000.00 foreign workers can only afford to live in dormitories in the city state. you know there is no easy solution but all or all i would say that i go to seek. warning well it's taken too seriously because obviously i think the ration will be. been testing migrant workers without any symptoms and moving some to converted carparks and sports stadiums to prevent the spread of infections we will care for you just like we care for singaporeans
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we thank you for your cooperation during this difficult period. a show of unity but the coronavirus pandemic has revealed deep inequalities in singapore. in germany many of the farm workers who harvest seasonal projects come from eastern europe that includes picking one of the nation's favorite vegetables asparagus without these seasonal workers the harvest can take place so the authorities have a great to allow $80000.00 of them to travel to germany on special flights but there are concerns over this safety. hubertus from grow to 50 hector farm has been in his family for generations asparagus is most important crop the german favorite . nearly all the pickers here are foreign seasonal workers this year half of hubertus regular work force stayed away because of worries over the coronavirus
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those who did come have helped to recruit friends and family from remain in bulgaria. if they hadn't come it would have made things very difficult for a lot of farmers what would we have done the asparagus plants would have survived they would not have done well but they would have survived whether the farms would have survived is another matter. the contract workers arrived in germany on special flights they had to go into quarantine but were able to start work on the farm straight away several measures were put into place to keep everybody safe. and. illegal ones and we divided the rooms into to keep people far enough apart we brought in different shift times with different breaks and meal times so the people coming in on shift do not meet. the workers are divided into separate groups. but. critics say harvesting the asparagus does not justify the risk of infection
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but the harvesters insists they feel safe. no problem work is going well everything's good no corona. i have work no corona everything's fine. and customers in germany are also happy they won't miss out on asparagus this yr you're watching datable in news more news headlines at the top of the hour i'm rebecca rated x. watch. they were abducted by the nazis and taken to germany to be raised as citizens of
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the earth. during world war 2 thousands of polish children suffer the small.


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