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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany covers off to beat the virus shoppers and those traveling on public transportation have to wear a basket starting today but with a shortage of supplies how will that work. also coming up british prime minister boris johnson is back at work a month after contracting covert knightly but he warns of british public that lifting restrictions too soon could risk a 2nd wave of infection to its course and day care centers remain open in sweden as it avoids the kind of lockdown seen in other european countries we look at
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a coronavirus strategy that's being watched with fascination and fear. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us in parts of asia that have been successful in controlling the coronavirus like south korea taiwan or vietnam wearing face masks is the norm now other parts of the world are slowly adopting the practice to limit the spread of the infection and starting today all over germany mouth and nose coverings are mandatory in certain public spaces it is hoped the rules will help prevent those who are infected but don't know they are for passing on the virus and let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow for more hi thomas good to see you so a shipment of 10000000 masks has just arrived in germany what more can you tell us about that. so me this is one of 3 shipments that will come to germany for
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a total of $25000000.00 mosque's coming from china the shipment today was welcomed by germany's defense minister nick clegg come caught on by when it was delivered in the world's biggest cogdill plane and on to north plain and the fact that the defense minister was there in leipzig where the plane landed also gives you an idea how important it is for germany the defense minister come combo or stressed that they will be given those mosques 2 different states here in germany the 16 federal states and the local authorities there the local health authorities will then determine where exactly the mosques will be delivered so again today we're talking about $10000000.00 mosques that arrived on the total 3 deliveries will be $25000000.00 mosques what are the requirements thomas for wearing masks now in germany. starting this week in all of germany 16 federal states people will have to wear masks when they go on public transport so buses trams metros and in most
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german states being exception people will also have to wear face masks when they go to shops but it is important here to note so we don't there are differences among germany's 16 federal states because the rules and requirements are actually approved and dealt with by those federal states and as such you have clear differences also when it comes for example to enforcing the use of those mosques but it is clear that as of this week in all of germany 16 states people will have to wear masks when they're going on public transport well we know that there are different ways to cover your mouth and your nose tell us a steak a look at some of the basic types of sanitary masks. national masks are created equal we can generally distinguish between 3 main types. tring face piece or f f p must fit snugly around the nose mouth and chin and filter out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type let's no viruses in our
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i use and that summation involve makes breathing easier creases the risk of viruses escaping so an unsolved f.p. must protect both the wearer and the person they encounter with a valve a sony reliably protects the wearer f.p. masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel a mass that so often seen nowadays is this simple protective face piece for them as the nose known as the surgical mask consists of several layers of paper known woven fabric with a thin wire to make a fish over the nose when the wearer coughs or sneezes the mouse blocks the large droplets but an inhalation air also flows in over the sides that means that many protects others from infection rather than the wearer. once the mouse is west from breathing often a star was wearing time at the most is house to be discarded in the covert 19
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crisis professionally manufactured monster in short supply leading to a flourishing kasich industry in d.i.y. mass. whether using handkerchiefs t. shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are revving up their sewing machines. functions rather like a surgical mask helping to pluck the droplets from the wearer's mouth and nose droplets that can spread the coronavirus. cloth must also be washed and reuse. the most important thing no matter which mosque you wear it's still essential to follow basic hygiene measures like there are hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others. it's a thomas we see there are various types of masks but the question of wearing masks in germany has also been a controversial one why is that one issue that was particularly controversial here in germany sumi was the issue of making dot com poll series so there was
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a discussion as to whether authorities should make the use of facemask compulsory although or whether it was just enough for them to urgently recommend the use of face masks and that explains also what we discussed earlier the fact that maybe in different areas in germany you have different types of rules and a 2nd issue by and by the way the 2nd issue is not only discussed here in germany but elsewhere as well is what we saw in our report namely the fact that there is a discussion as to whether these face masks are actually very useful and very safe not only for the wear us but also for the people around the wearer so those are 2 key areas that make this discussion also very controversial not only here in this country but around the world as well all right our political correspondent thomas sparrow for us thank you so much. now british prime minister boris johnson has returned to work in downing street after recovering from cope at 19 he urged the country to keep going with the lockdown restrictions saying britain is turning the
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tide against the virus if these virus were a physical assailant unexpected. which i can tell you. this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor. all right let's go right to london. standing by for us there. boris johnson was in intensive care less than 3 weeks ago and now he is back running the country how did he seem to day. well he's clearly doing much better sumi and we've seen him several times throughout his illness and he was really awfully sick you mentioned he was in intensive care he even said when he left the hospital that his survival was 5050 at some point so now today we saw a recovered refreshed prime minister who struck an upbeat tone talking to his
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people with a very serious message saying that the lockdown would have to continue there and boris johnson himself taking this virus kovac 19 much more serious you could tell than in the beginning of the crisis now that he's he has lift through it himself and of course he's also taking over taking back a very different country than the one when he 1st contracted the virus spec then almost only a 1000 deaths and now over the weekend the death toll here in the u.k. has passed 20000. what about the possibility of easing restrictions what are the prime minister have to say about that. well the prime minister is facing intense pressure from companies from newspapers from donors of his own conservative party to ease the lockdown restrictions that have been in place for several weeks now he said this is not yet the time for this there is no way that the lockdown could be
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east at this point and the restrictions the situation in the u.k. is just really still very dramatic at this point the death toll still is rising at an intense speed yes the hospitalizations and the new infections are flattening slowly but the time is not yet come for a lockdown and mass testing and one of the requirements to ease the lockdown is just not doing being done here on a lot. and this is something that didn't happen because the government was in a kind of paralysis in boris johnson's absence in the last week so boris johnson the prime minister are now back at downing street and he will have a tough job at hand keeping up with everything that he's missed in the past weeks. reporting from london thank you. china is hitting back at allegations that it's spreading disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic this
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after a european union report that says beijing is trying to deflect blame for the spread of the disease while exploiting the global of emergency for its own gains here's what a spokesman at the chinese foreign ministry had to say today. i want to emphasize that china has always opposed the production and dissemination of false information . and we oppose any act by any person or institution in this regard. china is a victim of disinformation not an initiator. right now to a round up of some of the latest developments in the penn demick a south korea has reported only 10 new cases its 26th straight day below 100 and officials are now discussing reopening schools and of the slowing infection rate iran plans to reopen mosques and parts of the country where there are no registered cases of the infection scientists in hong kong say they have developed a new spray on coating that can protect services they get surfaces rather against
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the virus and other pathogens for up to 90 days and australia says more than 1000000 people have downloaded an app that's aimed at speeding up contact tracing and containing new outbreaks of the virus while the economy reopens. now to some other stories making headlines a top south korean security official says north korean leader kim jong un is alive and well emphasizing that seoul has detected no unusual movements in north korea rumors have been swirling about kim's health amid unconfirmed reports he was seriously ill following heart surgery and hundreds of cuban doctors have arrived in south africa to help the country's fight against covert 19 the team will spend the next 14 days in quarantine before being deployed to different provinces cuba has dispatched more than 1200 health care workers around the world. sweden ordered 5 restaurants in the capital stockholm to close over the weekend
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because they didn't abide by social distancing guidelines sweden has a like handed coronavirus strategy allowing bars restaurants and other businesses to operate as long as they respect physical distancing recommendations day care centers and schools are also still open the country's chief epidemiologist says it's a carefully thought out approach designed to be sustainable over the long term. daily life in sweden as in most countries is dominated by the corona crisis but children here are still going to daycare centers this one in stockholm looks after 25 boys and girls some things have changed the debate over the advent of mc is live on f i normally spend a lot of time outside but now it's even more it was dark out more i get a pretty mess inside we do lessons in small groups everything else is outside we take it's intense. in the health and giving. it helps working parents
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that day care centers and primary schools are still open and the swedish health authorities say it's good for the children as well they are convinced young children do not spread the virus in fact schools have not become sources of infection there are rules in place. for more photos but we have to wash our hands carefully and sing a song then after that we could rinse off the soap and we're putting it up for. sweden has followed a different path to other countries from the start the aim has been to protect the vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with existing illness it hasn't all gone smoothly a lot of old people have been infected nearly half the deaths in sweden have been into your homes senior hospital doctor johan still has many elderly patients i do hope and it's got dollar to goods a scandal that will need looking into when this is over and i think we are still going to see a significant rise in fatalities in old people's homes. sweden has added
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considerably to its hospital capacity since the start of the operation there are spare beds but many health care staff are off sick. the hard wound don't pass them we are not testing you know we test all patience suspected of having the corona virus and everyone who needs an operation i would like to see all a workforce being tested but we aren't able to do all that and behold he did all that despite these criticisms most people do support government policy daycare centers are counting on the i thought he is getting it right. crocus put had it it's not a job to look after children. i hope and i believe that those responsible are making the right decisions for sweet and if it's broken some time or deficit for somebody yeah sweden is going its own way with no end to the crisis yet in sight.
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