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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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bialik guest. managed by for. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin a grim more current for the united states more than 1000000 people in the u.s. have been infected with the coronavirus as the number of confirmed cases rises some states are lifting their restrictions president donald trump insists enough testing is being done to protect americans work ever they live also coming up the
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logistical challenge of bringing germany's children back to school with classrooms set to begin a reopening next week we'll look at how teachers plan to keep their students safe. and as confirmed cases of the virus soar in russia president vladimir putin extends the country's top down to make a leavened and tells russians the pandemics likely to get more fierce. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program the credit virus has now infected more than 1000000 people in the united states of atest death toll stands at just over 58000 that's according to data from johns hopkins university the virus has reached every state in the country in massachusetts nearly 70 war veterans who tested positive for coverage 19 have died. in
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a nursing home state officials say they're trying to determine what went wrong at the facility. with just about a 3rd of all global cases the u.s. is grappling with the worst help break in the world here's a look at how the virus has spread through the country. like many other countries in the early days of the pen demick the united states was in denial about the tree danger of the corona virus it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear in the name of jesus and friends. but the miracle didn't happen and the pray it didn't help certainly not in states like new york that 1000 hit the big apple heart hospital swiss soon filled to capacity and most were overwhelmed state governor andrew and took crisis mode and issued a warning to the rest of the country. new york is in crisis helping new york. and then pick up the camp and then go to the next place as this
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row across the country. a prediction that turned out to be true the virus spread rapidly from coast to coast by early april it was impossible to deny the seriousness of the situation. during a very critical phase of our war against the coronavirus the sacrifices we make over the next 4 weeks will have countless. american lives saved we're going to save a lot of american lives. we're in control of our own fate very much. despite the sacrifices within a week the united states let the world in 1000 deaths it still tops the grim list. confirmed infections have now topped the 1000000 mark a milestone that nobody wanted to reach at a time when calls to reopen the country are growing louder. beaches in california
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already packed at the weekend and several cities and states are preparing to lease and stay a time restrictions earlier we spoke to do w.'s correspondent in washington stephan simmons and we asked him whether u.s. citizens are confident the president has the crisis under control. a lot of citizens and experts who saying like this is not a prime performance from the administration to the contrary just because the president says there is enough tests just because the president says there is. he and his work to save millions of lives that may be so however the death rate is now at $58000.00 people died $58000.00 people and just a month or a little bit more than that the president said like 15 cases and all will go away so. another example the vice president showing up today at the mayo clinic in
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minnesota without a mask surrounded by experts and doctors and patients with the mets and he's not wearing a mask that is exemplary for how many many people in experts see this handling all the trouble and restraint in the handling of the coronavirus crisis and well they can't and are not very happy with the administration here in germany schools are preparing to gradually reopen week under the government's plan to begin easing the law schools closed in mid march leaving many families struggling to adjust to the challenge of home schooling now teachers are facing a different challenge bringing lessons back to the classroom while keeping students saying. this is the ass to linger in elementary school not far from mines stopped here getting ready for the children's return to school. new physical
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distancing rules means a maximum of 12 pupils will be allowed in the classroom. 2 distancing begins before the children even enter the narrow hallways. and bring me markings out in front of the school where the children will line up each child was only then be allowed to enter the classroom individually. the new measures mean tabletops and door handles must be thoroughly disinfected daily something the school also has to organize along with making sure there's always enough soap and disinfection liquid available. at the 1st stops of iran but the school's principal is hoping for more help from the government troops must come from the school it's an adequate supply of facemasks we can't assume each child will always bring his or her own. one major challenge for the school staff is how the children will spend their breaks once they're back. they have to say i'm
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happy that we can go back to school i can't wait to see my teacher and my friends again and some parents would prefer to continue home schooling their children. their business and. we all know that at least until the summer holidays classes will not be the same as before the coronavirus price says. i don't know if it's worth taking the risk for the small amount of learning that is possible under these circumstances. the principal has already been getting calls from worried parents showing understanding in consideration is crucial she reveals the moment i wouldn't require these children to return to school the alternative would be homeschooling but i would like the education ministry to supply clear guidelines on how we as teachers should deal with parents who feel this way 5 minutes president and. the school will also have to continue offering child care services. the principal is concerned that more parents will be needing this service so they can go back to
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work. with an increase in the number of children needing care physical distancing will become all the more difficult. start to our political correspondent thomas sparrow tell us what's behind the rationale for the decision to reopen schools in germany. terry reopening schools in germany is one of the most difficult decisions that politicians have to take because they face the dilemma of on the one hand trying to open a school something that is seen as a as an important step towards a sense of normality towards relieving parents towards also helping pupils in particular those who face important exams on the other hand it is also a decision that is particularly important when it comes to keeping those social distancing and hygiene measures we saw some of that in and report it is a very difficult task for certain schools so that was why authorities took so long also to discuss the issue of schools and why they announced the gradual reopening of schools the key word here being
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a gradual they also took into consideration what people are saying what parents for example think a majority do believe that the gradual reopening of schools is particularly important and appropriate but on the other hand you have 32 percent of people here in germany who believe that all schools should remain shut so it is also a very controversial decision in this country when exactly and how to reopen schools now if state in germany is going about reopening schools in a way but what's the general strategy is attendance mandatory for example there is a framework that is being discussed by regional leaders the idea is that every pupil can go to school be it on a daily basis or a weekly basis before the summer holidays but you do point terry to a very important element and that is that education is something that ultimately depends on decisions made by individual states here in germany is not something the federal government can simply decide for everyone in the country and that's why
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this is a huge and is also particularly difficult in germany and why you have different schools in different parts of germany taking different decisions all in all a very difficult and a very important decision thomas thank you very much for your political correspondent thomas sparrow. in russia president vladimir putin has warned that the country's corona virus pandemic has not yet peaked he announced that the current lockdown would be extended to may 11th although restrictions may be eased after that russia has reported a significant increase in the number of cases with an additional $6400.00 infections in one day bringing the nationwide total to almost $94000.00 and the health care system is reaching its limits. this ambulance is rushing to sing pieterse but approach ski hospital many health care walk us and russia are doing that most to cope with the coronavirus epidemic but they are reaching their limits
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more and more medical workers are now testing positive themselves. which we do there are 32 coronavirus patients in our unit and 10 of them are medical workers yes you didn't mishear me you know all of our employees are now infected. russian president vladimir putin now acknowledged the problem during a televised meeting with his ministers you know what the situation is still difficult and we're in constant contact with our specialists to coordinate our plans and actions we have yet to pass to speak but we. russia has been on a strict lockdown since late march now russians are being asked to stay home until at least may 11th. in his speech the president thanked the people for biting by the restrictions until now you know is that the way we manage to slow down the spread of the epidemic this is the result of our joint work with the responsibility of
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millions of citizens who listen to the recommendations of doctors and specialists it's used the kremlin underlined that it will come up with measures to support russia's fragile economy and ordinary russians many are struggling to make ends meet due to the country's strict. lation switch force residents to stay at home unless absolutely necessary in the capital people are counting down the days until may 11th but even then a quick return to normality is unlikely. let's bring in our correspondent emily sure win here in moscow emily what is the russian government doing to support people during the long. well the government has been phasing in kind of economic support measures for the last few weeks and that includes support for families with young children for the unemployed and even some alone deferrals and limited cash injections for businesses but many people say that
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it's simply not enough and that much of that support is not reaching them according to surveys around a 3rd of small and medium sized businesses face bankruptcy and people are upset people are angry people are taking to social media to express their discontent across the country and they're saying you know we don't have any money we don't have food what are we supposed to do so this lockdown will be kind of raising those fears even more 6 attention ok this extension to may 11th how are folks reacting to the. well according to surveys people most people here in russia do actually support lockdown measures well that's in theory of course because even state t.v. here in russia has been reporting for the past few days that people are kind of tired of the lockdown more people have been on the streets of moscow it's pretty
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noticeable and also according to official statistics they use mapping apps to kind of find that out and people i think were hoping here very much for a loosening of lockdown measures for the upcoming may holidays when people traditionally kind of go on holidays have parties have barbecues but that of course was a huge risk of further infections but in a report we saw a clinic where many medical workers or infected with the coronavirus how well is the russian health system equipped to cope with this. well things are tough and actually also already have been pretty open about that including putin yesterday he talked about the fact that russia has already produced a huge amount of protective gear ventilators that they've upped testing but he said that it was not enough and that the government should really be essentially upping their game here in moscow which has had more than half of the total of the
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coronavirus cases people have also the author also said that the system is strange to its limit. thank you very much that was the only sure win in moscow. you're watching d.w. news we've got lots more for you on our web site about the coronavirus crisis and much much more my name is terry martin you follow me on twitter at t.m. news stream thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. covert 19 special next on d w. in the. climate change.
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