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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2020 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is news coming to live from berlin germany backed hezbollah group police carry out raids across the country as all hezbollah activities are outlawed and the interior ministry classifies it as a terrorist organization also on the program long term battle against the coronavirus germany announces more aggressive plans to expand testing for the virus and stocks up on seasonal flu vaccines to have a double hit later this year. plus the british fund raising hero captain tom will celebrate his 100th birthday just days after completing
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a record breaking charity to raise money for health care workers battling the coronavirus. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin with breaking news germany has banned hezbollah on its soil and designated the iran backed group a terrorist organization since early this morning police have been conducting raids in several cities on mosques and associations suspected of affiliation with the group as is the shiite muslim political party and militant group based in in lebanon its military wing has long been banned in germany this latest measure plies to the group's political. well it's gets more now from modern political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas why did germany's
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interior ministry decide to ban hezbollah's activity it's now. terry there had been a long discussion not only here in germany but also in other parts of the world as to whether you could consider hezbollah as an organization and you mentioned that with a separate military wing and a political wing in fact that european union 2013 decided to place that military wing of hezbollah terror list but various countries including germany had allowed the political wing to continue operating on baseband now actually applies to both wing so all the activities by hezbollah and now bond in the country and they follow by the way a resolution a motion that was passed in the german parliament in december calling for the government to issue that bond and also calling for the government to stop that distinction between the political and the military wing of hezbollah now germany's police conducted numerous raids against the hezbollah groups there today earlier
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this morning what more do we know about those raids those raids were carried out in various german cities including the copper told by lynne olson daughter braman for example and the goal behind those raids according to the german interior minister was to prevent members of hezbollah from damaging go from eliminating some of the documents that could be used off the words against the the group it's important to me to also understand a bit more about hezbollah on how it operates here in germany because authorities believe it is not umbrella organization for all the members but that members are distributed evenly they say that there are around $1000.00 members and supporters in germany and now obviously this bond by the german interior minister will mean that those members will not be able to carry out their activities as they had done in the past by outlawing hezbollah in germany including its political wing now are authorities not running a risk that the members of those groups will continue their activities underground
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. there is a risk attached to this but there are clear guidelines from the government also in german law as to what happens when an organization is bond is not the 1st on a zation that is bond unless such those guidelines established for example that assets will be confiscated that unorganized asian could be founded off towards the economy any political gatherings that they conned to use their logos all they have been announced publicly so this gives you an idea of how the job of government german authorities are actually going to implement that bond that was announced today. thank you very much t.w. political correspondent tony sparrow. well as the debate here in germany intensifies over the speed at which lock till measures involving the corona virus are being relaxed there's been a stark warning from the health minister he said there would be no swift end to the coronavirus pandemic and germany is introducing new measures for dealing with the virus long term including more testing and stocking up on additional flu vaccines
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to prevent a wave of double infections in the fall. the latest figures from the whole bit call institute provided the clearest picture yet as to how the epidemic has developed in germany the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken to slow the virus spread the ban on public gatherings took a while to make a noticeable difference the closing of schools brought infections down considerably german health minister spawn says the number of french just to take you to infections in germany has been falling for over 2 weeks and is currently at 37000 but regional differences remain so the government announced that testing will be stepped up even further from nearly half a 1000000 tests last week. refillable news that he will introduce more regular testing in care homes including for asymptomatic patients
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we're also changing some of the rules for tests to get a better overview of the epidemic and we're introducing compulsory reporting of negative test results you get to return. work on an anti covert 900 vaccine in germany has meanwhile taken a step forward minds based company biotech says the 1st group of 12 participants had received a trial vaccine on wednesday. but with the progress of infection still unpredictable across europe germany's foreign ministry has decided to extend its global travel ban until mid june foreign minister said that europe needed to find a coordinated approach. over the last 4 weeks we brought 240000 tourists from all over the world back to germany we will not carry out such an operation again this summer which is why a lot will depend on how we get on with fighting the pandemic here and in other countries prompted me because i am for once
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a member. protesters and pressure groups meanwhile urging the german government to ease even more of the current restrictions on thursday the state premiers of germany's 16 states will reassess the situation with chancellor merkel of. all and he's a member of the german parliament representing the opposition business friendly pretty democratic he's also a medical doctor good to see you again. what do you think of the way chancellor merkel is handling this crisis. well i think this is the time that we have to limit the impact of this crisis and i'm a little disappointed since i do not understand the strategy of our government anymore the whole society here in germany did a great job cutting down a new infections the hospital systems work perfectly we didn't have any problems so this regard our death rates is very low and i think now if the time that we have to
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talk about a losing strategy which is very important for society without without also understanding that we cannot go back to the situation that we had in february or december of last year so we have to understand what is the schedule for government for the new normal in our country and i think this kind of strategy is missing and this can be done very easily in my opinion the party has been pushing for a pandemic restrictions to be relaxed more quickly do you believe the government has its priorities wrong in valuing public health or economic interests. i'm not sure sure if the are going along the route of politic us we call it here in germany i think it's more overbidding of different. state rulers in this country said we have been in germany but we really need is a hygiene concept that is logical and transparent understand by everybody and this
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could be done very easily by wearing masks keeping your distance. how to disinfect this readily available and also using digital apps to understand or to cut down possible infection changes our party is actually asking the government very clearly that now we need some kind of abuse some kind of strategy by the government how we could revitalize our economy without endangering our health and with those 4. points that i just. gave you i think this can be done very easily and of course we have to have more testing and to be sure that there is no regional hotspots of this 1006 and these are all things that are missing and the issue is that we have a federal state and whatever the chancellor says doesn't really mean that it's going to work on under the state level and these are big issues that are coming more and more to question in the society and
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a lot of people do not understand the provisions the beyond the exceptional rules and this has to be done in a logical manner otherwise and scientifically sound of course if this is not done the understanding and the reliability of our assistance will fall very significantly and i think now it's the time a week up call for the german government to loosen step by step the restrictions that we have without endangering our health ok we talk about schools from what we see new studies that suggest children can be just as infectious as adults yet it's been decided that schools across germany will start to partially reopen next week isn't that risky from a public health perspective. it is a life it's not without risk to help but nevertheless it's not. easy basis we need school and we need education and a lot of teachers are very smart and coming up with ideas how they could teach
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their children in. different shifts some morning says some after new source expanding school 2 saturdays and also explaining the children with us what does this mean physical distance see how do you keep up this call this the scene and personal hygiene and of course the teachers have to be taught how to identify possibly kids that might have some kind of signs or symptoms of infection and these are. things that we could actually all follow up on without endangering into a significant amount and everybody else dr allman thank you very much for talking with those tough was and are all and a member of the german parliament representing the opposition free democrats now here's a round up of some of the latest developments in the pandemic worldwide south korea says it has recorded no new domestic cases for the 1st time in 2 months the korea centers for disease control and prevention reported poor new cases but all of them
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were imported japan is expected to extend its state of emergency by about one month for the entire country it's scheduled right now to expire on may 6th south africa has seen its largest single day jump in cases with a total surging past the $5000.00 mark and the health ministry in guinea bissau says prime minister no gomez nubby and has tested positive for coated 19 the west african country has so far reported 205 cases and one death. an early shut. tight travel restrictions helped give israel's health service a head start in tackling the corona virus outbreak but while the burden on medical stuff appears to be easing israel's battered economy looks like it will take much longer to recover the w.'s tanya cramer reports for their no customer. keeps the place ready for guests and how 6 weeks ago she had to close the. boots
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just outside of jerusalem because of the. pandemic she supposed over the health crisis by the government. it. made clear that this after a month and a half of lockdown we are still completely closed except for deliveries and takeaway. but that is just a drop in the ocean. independent business is a very much on edge not knowing if we are going to survive. but of all that every morning daniela and her husband prepare pizza to take away this very government is taking steps to reopen the economy and allow some businesses to start operating again the us lance can see a clear path out of this crisis and many other israelis there is no exit strategy
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that is being presented to the public ok no one here say ok if we going to be under you know 200 real. people who are infected we're going to open up these and that and the other way we're going to close these and how about the court what the what if you know what what is the program what is it what what if what if their work flow the kimono virus pandemic came the midst of deep political crisis in israel 3 elections within a year proved conclusive only last week benyamin netanyahu signed a coalition agreement with this former rival benny gantz to form a national emergency government with netanyahu as prime minister. is very long serving prime minister has been credited with quickly imposing strict measures like travel restrictions and defacto closing israel's borders at the beginning of the crisis. but now the public debate has shifted to the economic impact of the knock down a clearance sale at
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a small neighborhood shop in tel aviv closing down because of virus it says on this window. and employment has risen from 4 to over 25 percent. i don't think. they're clear about where they're going it seems like they're doing everything. very spontaneously and without a lot of stuff behind in the lead that they are shocked that markets are in my opinion the government is stressing a scientific too much. they could give a small freedom because people are keeping to the restriction on the same french only milan so you. don't like in many other countries these are troubling times in israel in the don't turn politician few will be measured by the response to both the house and economic issues surrounding the kuvo never have is now for a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today
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despite a coronavirus lockdown protesters took to the streets of tripoli in lebanon for the 3rd night in a row and clashed with soldiers lebanon is in a deep economic crisis and this latest wave of unrest comes after a further plunge of the national currency. indian actor rishi kapoor has died of cancer at the age of 67 best known for his romantic roles he was part of the cup or acting dynasty which has long dominated bollywood the hindi film industry account forced death follows that of another claimed actor era air fun con on wednesday. facebook has seen earnings client amid a growth in its user base during the pandemic the social media group earned $4900000000.00 in january to march quarter more than double the amount a year earlier. as parts of the world debate whether and how to ease lock down restrictions china is trying to transition to
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a new version of normal the capital beijing and surrounding region are lowering their emergency response level people can leave the city again and will no longer be required to pour in teen for 2 weeks if they return from low risk parts of the country the decision was made after new newco $1000.00 cases were reported in beijing for 13 straight day. or for the very latest i'm joined now by correspondent holly on cuts in beijing from be on with beijing and other municipalities loosening restrictions is the coronavirus outbreak in china largely defeat it. well i think it's too early to say that but i mean it's remarkable that actually beijing has east the rules and restrictions because it had one of the strictest karen team rules in the whole country and also i mean you have to consider that you know the president lives here and also the political leaders so they the government actually put in extra effort to keep buyers free but now citizens can basically
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leave the city come back without having to undergo parent for most parts of the country and but there are some high risk areas still for example in the north in being there is nothing away from the russian border there is this growing fear that the 2nd wave of factions might appear tool classed as an infection that he broke out notably 187 year old man he infected more than 80 other people it's setting up and there are also many in a lot of cases from the border to russia and many chinese citizens want to return to their home country and past so this there is a sea of a 2nd wave of infection but if you consider the mess of amount of population here 1400000000 people then the numbers of new infections i.e. still quite low. the communist party leaders have agreed on may 22nd as the date for holding the delayed national people's congress that event usually brings together thousands of officials from around the country it seems the government is
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confident that the event can be done safely. yeah i mean it's expected that all the thousands of delegates will have to undergo karen scene before they i mean hold the session but yeah i mean most likely the president will. publish some kind of that week to reopen the virus and also what is quite notable that prime minister leak it's young he will come to the growth a lot of the growth targets for the ongoing year in terms of the economy and of course international community will watch very closely if there will be a plus or minus before the digital growth target for 2020. hubby and thank you very much that was correspondent fabienne cuts in beijing. the number of unemployed in germany jumped by 300000 in april that's a 13 percent rise from march and reflects the onset of wide reaching pandemic measures in the country economists had expected a rise in jobless numbers given widespread business closures but the figure was
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dampened by state support for companies more than 10000000 german employees are receiving wage subsidies to remain on payroll. the united states is seen its biggest quarterly dip in economic activity since the global financial crisis 12 years ago the u.s. economy shrank by 4.8 percent during the 1st 3 months of the year with much of the country shut down during the last 2 weeks of march an estimated 30000000 americans have lost their jobs since the coronavirus crisis began the drop in the longest period of economic expansion in the u.s. . will occur in a buyer is has led to a drastic drop in global air traffic and airlines are in big trouble as people cancel vacations and business people turn to video conferencing to improve its bottom line germany's largest airline lost tons of has started to convert passenger aircraft into temporary cargo planes. the flight from lima to frankfurt took more
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than 13 hours the boeing 747 was the last rescue flight that no carried out on behalf of the german government. on board flight 341 almost $280.00 passengers who were happy to be back on german soil it was also a special flight for the crew because of the coronavirus crisis they weren't looking forward to the end of their working day as they usually take off your game in court we will be working far less this month i just had this one flight it doesn't look like there will be much next month either we don't know how long this will last nobody does and of course we are worried. look to answer has canceled 96 percent of all passenger flights jutes the international travel restrictions. and it's now trying to get at least a few planes in the air. to do this technicians remove the seats.
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large nets a stretch where the person just normally set this up us is now ready to transport boxes impossibles and freight is piling up in shipping companies warehouses because nearly every passenger plane also carries freight and since most liners have remained on the ground that freight is going nowhere. about an implant i don't think a lot of phrases flown in the bellies of planes especially on transatlantic and long haul flights right now this capacity is absent from the market 90 percent of passenger aircraft have disappeared and their cargo holds are no longer available to us that's about 50 percent of total freight capacity up at the cape and. less capacity means rising prices sending a kilogram of freight from china to germany now costs 5 times as much as it did before the pandemic that's why these repurposed passenger jets travel between china and front fast every day mostly carrying protective equipment to mosques similar
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special flights also go to munich. it's an ambivalent feeling under the circumstances it's good that we can do our part to help but of course it would be much better of the receipts on board with passengers sitting in them and if possible but all those seats have been sold as a typical for. the additional cargo flights are only providing work for a few look times for employees it's almost all flight attendants and most pilots are being followed and with the uncertainty over the airlines future. captain toll more british world war 2 veteran who raised millions for britain's national health service turns $100.00 today well air force planes usually deployed for world war 2 commemorative events flew over the centennial some 10 year inns home in central england in his honor the fly past was supposed to be a surprise but the government had to confirm the rumors in the face of immense media interest. is not just
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a celebrity in britain fans from around the world are wishing him well on this very special birthday. a flood of birthday wishes. they sent him 1st amazing outpouring of love for a great man who kept until nothing is cool he says everybody in this country and this is what it looks like. we've had 125000 cards in the last week and a bit. this centenarian being celebrated as captain tom moore he's famously completed 100 laps of his garden with the help of his walking frame and in doing so raised more than 27000000 pounds to support britain's national health service during the coronavirus outbreak crutch it's. great here in america and they would like captain tom's aim was to raise just
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a 1000 pounds with his charity walk but his humble mission became an unexpected hit as people tuned in from across the globe to watch his progress online. he gave. the list and to. do the nothing. having raised more donations than any charity walk in history he's even earned himself a spot in the guinness book of world records if we as a country can show the same spirit of optimism and energy shown by captain told more he turns 100 this week and i have absolutely no doubt that we will beat it together we will come through this all the faster while politicians athletes and stars are jumping at the opportunity to applaud the captain's initiative his donations have already enabled the opening of a brand new $500.00 bed hospital facility in yorkshire leaving little doubt that
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there is nothing a 100 year old with a strong sense of solidarity and a sturdy walking frame can do. the coronavirus lockdown in france has made it difficult for many to exercise even extreme athletes are having to learn to adjust simone nogueira is a free runner who usually scales the most famous buildings in paris but now he's limited to take you to routes that are within 2 kilometers of his apartment the 25 year old says he's noticed that the air is a lot fresher now that there's less traffic. and. just remind her of the top story we're following for you here today on d w news german police have carried out raids in 4 cities after announcing a battle all activities of the arend backed hezbollah group on its soil.
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you're watching d.w. news you'll find much more news on the coronavirus crisis and other important stories on our web site that's of t.v. dot com i'm terry martin please do follow us on israel and twitter.
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mean. enter the conflict zone in these extraordinary times we decided to take the opportunity to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are reports of invasive surveillance authoritarian power grabs my guest is the head of human rights watch can if not how many limitations are people willing to accept in order to fight a threat like coronavirus conflict. that's. next on the list.
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this particular man is never satisfied. i always have doubts something can only achieve artistic quality if you question. the recipe for his international thanks. john knowing my aunt has been head of the hamburg ballet since 1973. devoted his life to don. in 45 minutes on t w. we know that this is very time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. queen's take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we are do w. are here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on overwhelmed.
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we're all in this together run together make it through. to save everybody. stays in the city say stay safe the previous history say. the. subjugation shows it literally is apathetic of the public and you have called coronavirus the new terrorism nobody wants to see a dictatorship go to over or over their head this week conflict zone has a different look and in these extraordinary times we decided to take the opportunity to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are.


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