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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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world. documentary made. this is the news live from berlin germany prepares to ease its lockdown further chancellor merkel says of museums galleries places of worship and children's playgrounds to reopen under certain conditions of major events remained until the end of august also on the program police in germany carry out raids across the country have to balance all has activities and classifies the islamist group as
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a terrorist organization. and 2 british fundraising hero captain celebrates his 100th birthday just days after completing their breath breaking charity walk to raise millions for health care workers battling the coronavirus. time filled to help welcome to the program germany's chancellor has announced a further easing of the coronavirus lockdown after consulting with regional leaders and that machall said museums galleries places of worship and children's playgrounds would be allowed to reopen but major events such as professional football matches remain banned until the end of august and the chance to warn that the easing of restrictions could be reversed if the rates of coffee 1000 infection increases again. chancellor angela merkel defended a step by step approach as she outlined details of the latest easing of
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restrictions in germany following a virtual meeting with the 16 state premiers it's been the 1st time strongly convinced we can best work in the interest of business but also of social contacts if we focus on taking small steps towards allowing more contacts but if we don't have to take steps back and that's why we have to stay care for and have to adhere to measures of hygiene. under the new rules religious gatherings are allowed again provided hygiene and distancing requirements are met in churches synagogues and mosques visits to zoos museums and memorials will also be possible again under the same requirements intensive care units and hospitals will start receiving non-code 1000 patients again and playgrounds can reopen as early as this week. but 2 decisions were postponed for now one should germany's bunder sleekest soccer
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league resume its season with games behind closed doors and to just which requirements need to be met before schools and child care facilities can reopen gradually. said it was important to get a clear idea of the impact of the fast depp's to ease the lockdown 2 weeks ago before deciding on the next steps and that will happen next wednesday. more from our t w political correspondent hansbrough welcome hans what do today's decisions tell us . i think the major message from what was from what was decided today is that america and her colleagues in the region and germany are very very careful of have decided once again to her on the side of caution to try and be very very careful about what kind of easing of restrictions they allow so that they avoid the virus spreading more quickly again within german and sort of german society. decisions that were announced today that easing of restrictions on religious
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services on playgrounds on museums on zoos those kind of institutions these are institutions that the politicians consider not to be crucial not to be of huge impact to society as a whole so easing restrictions in those areas was a very small step a very careful step and one step where they don't expect a major impact on the number of infections in germany and give us a sense of the balancing act the chance that the regional leaders have to perform with these decisions. well obviously there is a huge amount of pressure on politicians on the government to ease restrictions there are literally millions of people in germany that are not earning money at the moment there are thousands of companies that are threatened with their various their existence as threatened because they're not earning money so the pressure from business especially from industry is enormous obviously there's also quite
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a lot of pressure from people in general who are getting restless after so many weeks of not being able to move freely even within germany under this kind of pressure the balancing act is to try and find some sort of easing to try and find steps that will relieve the pressure to some extent without giving the virus enough leave way to reemerge in a major way within society and as i've said in this situation the politicians at the moment on the side of caution are being very very careful about what steps they are taking but what can also get a sense that within the regions in germany there are quite substantial differences between the regional leaders and the central government some people in the regions would like to. ease the locked on much much more quickly and there isn't a temper and of america and some of our colleagues to try and overcome these differences to keep a lid on these kind of differences and to move forward in a unified manner. d.w. political correspondent hans brown thank you. germany has spanned the iran
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back to hezbollah group and declared it's a terrorist organization the moves in addition to a 2013 e.u. ban on has blouse military faction that now includes all activities by its political wing. as well as a shiite military and political group based in lebanon on early this morning german police took action against suspected supporters in 5 towns and cities. early morning raids with dozens of police and special forces in cities across germany police searched mosques associations and private residences collecting evidence to be used for investigations into hezbollah's activities. we're searching for locations here in berlin annoyed following the ban on his blog the i must to find out if there's a connection between these locations and hezbollah the organization which is now outlaw. hezbollah doesn't have an official presence in germany but
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a network of associations is thought to provide financial support and deliver propaganda for the group while the group's military arm is classified as a terrorist organization in the entire you most countries haven't banned its political wing on thursday germany moved to do just that it said it could not tolerate hezbollah's anti israel positions these are these are party members of his party and nothing more than just israel haters and anti semites people who not only call into question his right to exist but also openly call for its destruction of. questions regarding hezbollah's operations in germany aren't new in december the bundesliga adopted a motion urging the government to outlaw all of hezbollah's activities in the country. hezbollah supporters have
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repeatedly brandished the group's flag and used empty israeli slogans at rallies the ban now allows oath already used to outlaw the use of hezbollah symbols at gatherings and on publications and the group's access can now be confiscated. israel and the u.s. have welcomed germany's move to completely outlaw has. been no hope that other european countries will follow suit. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world russia's prime minister mikhail mishra stern has tested positive for the coronavirus state media say the 54 year old will now and to self isolation the 1st deputy prime minister under a blue soft will be his temporary standing. in traffic jams of up to 30 kilometers of the border between kenya and uganda because of mandatory coronavirus testing the controls were instituted introduced after several kenyan truck drivers tested positive drivers say they've been waiting in tailbacks for days in libya's civil
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war rebel leader a half dozen arms the ceasefire for the muslim holy month of ramadan the statement follows international calls for a truce for the country's internationally recognized government says its forces will keep fighting citing a lack of trust and have to uphold the proposed. south koreans and celebrating the borders birthday worshipers of the temple and sold it candles and incense and prayed on the lanterns many offered to press for people affected by the pandemic and staff held up signs encouraging social distancing. pregnancy can be a scary time for any woman but expecting during the coronavirus outbreak there is a whole new set of difficulties is it safe to go to hospital a could the baby get infected and can women even get to hospital during a lockdown and the situation is particularly hard for women from poor homes in kenya. well if it were up to karen mckinney she would stay away from any hospital
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especially her hospital which now houses the country's main corona clinic but at 8 months pregnant she has little choice but to go for her regular checkups. when i go i sit outside we sit far away from each other then the doctor comes but you have to stand away from them they take your health card and you go back outside. with a little time the doctors have these days it's up to do. health volunteer with the local n.g.o.s to explain the results to the mothers she checks up there well and following the doctor's instructions. he has no blood. was good and she has been told to grant tests for the it's the for the hitch be for you find that she has no money to go for the test which is keeping her there and she. counts blood test costs equivalent of $1.00 us dollar but like many other families
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here karen is spending all her money on this sensual food and rent. here and she berra can is because people are scared of corona but right now the economic hardship that has come with it is worse to the next client is also struggling to make ends meet but her biggest worry is the evening curfew one of the measures can introduce to curb the spread of corona believe me i don't know when i will go into labor at night or during the day it's a problem at the moment with the curfew and the way the police are beating people up what if the baby comes at night and i don't have any health. do you reassure her that she can walk to a nearby hospital at any hour. to see how the health care facilities are managing the situation through the today
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maternity clinic run by the end carolina for kibera aside from the extra precautions things are still normal but the health care workers. we have seen a number of. clients really not. doing all that we can to ensure that mothers do not steal the. car few hours that the government have been working closely with. is that. this is this is a success of this particular point. as a few 100 confirmed cases of karada but the hope is that the people who need help like pregnant women will be able to access them even when the numbers rise. british world war 2 veteran who raised millions for britain's national health service has been promoted to the right. on his 100th day the. world war 2 planes are just north of london and he's. supposed to be
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a surprise but the government had to confirm the rumors in the face of immense media interest captain tom is not just a celebrity in britain around the world have been wishing him well on this very special day. a flood of birthday wishes. it's the most amazing outpouring of love for a great man the captain told me i think it's called the hearts of everybody in this country and this is what it looks like really we've we've had 125000 cards in the last week and a bit. the centenarian being celebrated as captain tom moore he's famously completed 100 laps of his garden with the help of his walking frame and in doing so raised more than 27000000 pounds to support britain's national health service
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during the coronavirus outbreak crutchfield it's. right here in america and they were kept in tom's aim was to raise just a 1000 pounds with his charity walk but his humble mission became an unexpected hit as people tuned in from across the globe to watch his progress on line. we gave him believe that the list oakland to get. to the nothing. having raised more donations than any charity walk in history he's even earned himself a spot in the guinness book of world records while politicians athletes and stars are jumping at the opportunity to applaud the captain's initiative for his donations have already enabled the opening of a brand new 500 bed hospital facility in yorkshire leaving little doubt that there is nothing a 100 year old with a strong sense of solidarity and
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a sturdy walking frame can do. just time to reminder of our top story this hour germany's chancellor. an easing of the country's lockdown for years in prison children's playgrounds will be allowed to reopen under certain conditions but major events such as a sports much. to stay back. up the talk. of letting. go beyond. the stories that matter to. whatever it takes. a running. mate.


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