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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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problems and this one solution to this season of sounders early. starts june 13th w. . this is. from berlin tonight the family of the african american man who died in police custody makes a police for peace and an end to the. don't read it. again . terence floyd urges mourners to turn outrage over the death of his brother george into peaceful action as the country faces another night of
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unrest we'll get an update from minneapolis also coming up here in the german capital people showing their solidarity with the protesters in the u.s. and some people turning to our will have a special report. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us in the united states the brother of george floyd has appealed to protesters to remain peaceful saying his brother would not have wanted anything but peace and unity terrence ford spoke today in minneapolis at the sponsor where his brother died a week ago today when a white police officer daring show been held his knee on floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes an independent autopsy has found that he died of the 60 asian due to. neck
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and back compression now that contradicts an official report from the minneapolis police. or earlier we spoke to our correspondent in minnesota and we asked whether people there had heard the news of this all top see result commissioned by floyd's family revealing that he died of a sick seeing. that has not translated yet into the minds of many here but i can tell you that when the official autopsy report from the police department on authorities here came out. and 99 percent of the protesters 99 of the people maybe behind me 99 of all many people in minneapolis did not believe that this could actually be the case and they had an independent autopsy now saying also that george floyd has actually died here this is ground 0 for what's going on in america right now and here in minneapolis right there so i think when this is going to be
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sinking in there will be a relief to know that there was an independent autopsy and there will of course welcome the results there as it is what they expected or believed to have happened anyway. stefan's in their reporting from minneapolis he was president donald trump is lashed out at state governors for not cracking down harder on the protesters in a conference call today he referred to several governors as being weak and he called on them to arrest in jail more people here's a closer look now at the outrage that has been fueling some of the heaviest on the rest of the u.s. has seen in health a century. district of washington. in washington flames flick it up in the darkness just a stone's throw away from the white house. tear gas canisters fluids police patrol cars burned in boston.
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in some places unrest gave way to violence and looting like here in san diego. there were countless arrests here in phoenix arizona. and the tense standoff in seattle echoing scenes in dozens of cities from coast to coast a clothing store torched in long beach california the united states has been sets a blaze by the killing of george floyd. he died in police custody one week ago. you remember a black man pinned to the ground under the knee of a white police officer derrick sjodin he was charged with lloyd's murder on friday . i think. that in miami protest has demanded justice for george floyd saying his name they chant.
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that match up. i can't i can't disappoint you without putting a hazy but this is the word of the americas according our children. across the country many police officers also felt compelled to show their solidarity on that on gators are often cops in the united states and when you see that you can't justify that and when i look at that all the good that we do in a community police officers across the nation can be are destroyed in one act like that president trump has reacted by blaming lefty script on t 5 for the violence he's also a state governments to get tough on protesters but after a week of deepening unrest that has brought fire to the gates of the white house many a calling for the president to stop stoking the flames. for the largest city in the united states new york city will impose a curfew tonight because of the violence that curfew begins at 11 pm lasting until
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5 am tomorrow well anger over the death of george floyd is spreading far beyond the borders of the united states here in berlin on sunday there were peaceful protests outside the u.s. embassy others are turning to art to show their solidarity and w.'s manual shop has more. enveloping protesters gathered for a 3rd consecutive day in the city's men learn mock the plan the book gate. to say something. in front of the u.s. embassy. and in the popular district of no because. that is no doubt that. they're angry and they demand justice for george floyd. in the north of the city a miracle as how much to george floyd attracted many local residents to sympathize
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with the support shown for the protestants and to why do world. i would finish what i think it's really good at these protests take place around the world it shows that people take what happened seriously but i see a difference here in germany or in europe it's another level of racism than what exists in the us. gives up finished off yeah it's been this year i think it's important that such process happen here too it means we are aware of the situation so yes i'm all for it. has been all your. it's been a fact it's a well it's not so cool that people aren't treated as they should be everyone is equal regardless of their skin color they are born that way and have to same rights but it's very expensive. here in germany presidents of people gathered over the weekend to show solidarity following judge protests in the united states here behind me you can see george floyd's last words i can't breathe on a mirror which stands right what a belly war used to stand this is highly symbolic and it does so shows that the
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struggle against racism is a global issue. there reporting turkey is taking some of its biggest steps yet to ease its coronavirus restrictions the national carrier turkish airlines has resumed limited domestic flights restaurants are beginning to welcome sit in customers and beaches and museums have begun to. reopened but perhaps the biggest sign that life could be returning to normal is istanbul's grand bazaar it is back in business. a short prayer and then the gates open to istanbul's iconic grand bazaar for the 1st time after a 10 week long coronavirus forced shutdown not everything here is as it was before the crisis there are now temperature checks at the entrances masks are quiet and customer numbers limited inside shops but the 1st visitors are still happy that
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they finally have the markets back you know what is good is open again we've been waiting for this. thing against al do some shopping and then return home. it's the 1st time in a long time that i'm outside again trade is a tidying the store was they too are happy but the bazaar has reopened but they are not expecting a lot of business anytime soon carpets tells us that the most important customers are not here yet on the open though sir because today we are facing a tough time the tourism season hasn't started yet because of the crisis international flights to taki will resume by middle june they say but we don't know how many tourists will actually come i'm worried about this because introduced over . outside the bazaar to more and more corona measures are being
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relaxed many mosques have been open for mass gatherings again since friday but because of social distancing rules many worshippers have to pray outside. he stumbles largest shopping street is declared it was deserted storing the lockdown now people are taking their city back. restaurants and cafes are reopening left and right while the authorities try to make sure that hygiene and distancing guidelines a followed but some still have the feeling that everything is going a bit too fast. you know trick or could i even feel scared to be outside today the cafes are kind of crowded to me the restaurants i don't know how people can be brave enough to sit together at such close distances again rather goldrush run on the american people should be more cautious we need to wear our masks i think it will be over soon or if everybody takes care of themselves back at
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the grand bazaar many shop owners are eager to get their businesses on track although they know it will probably take some time until the crowds reading return the. will of the world wide like tales are taking an immense personal toll just ask your children now many are not old enough to understand why their lives have so suddenly becomes a restricted well since today is international children's day we decided to ask kids around the world what they miss most. right what to do with the lord. i. going to school playing play ground. playing with. the lots at the lao i miss going out just going out there and the schools. and going out there and studying
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what else. that's it. simply because these school innovators i was there goes to many problems. and they want to go back to school so that i get learns much more. and get us. and get job growth. the whole i want to go to a kid's cafe with a friend and go to an amusement park and a restaurant. but i can't go. on the socialising with my friends and seeing them in school every day the most in their midst. we do windows. and it goes oh no my lib idea. team your books are civil war and quarantine imo
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saddle and my classmates laughter going and my friends and i miss the gossip going to the corridor and just driving lessons with giggling for example rocca sorry wolf or orca behind jeremy no i'm a school my friends are in football and my grandparents. what i miss most to school is my math class because i going to understand the city they do not explain well and some of us we don't we don't understand they would be great fun on their white board. where 100 things are wrong. if. i don't like it that i can see my friends and my classmates anymore. sometimes i meet them in the park most respond to in your sleep and very rarely. i don't like that route. home i did then later in the top 10 no less so when you my name is
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nikita. i missed school because the teachers used to help me be left alone even my friends would help me and correct me on my assignments i miss learning i miss my friends the teachers and everything at school. i'd like to take off my mask. but when the khurana is gone the thing that i want most is to go to an outdoor swimming pool. how washed. out as they. are here's a reminder of the top story we're following this hour the family of george floyd is calling for peace as the u.s. continues to grapple with the unrest sparked by his death in police custody one week ago today speaking at a memorial for his brother terrence holt condemned arson and looting and autopsy report shows that floyd dying from suffocation contradicting a report from the minneapolis police. you're watching a d
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w news from berlin state's up next with your business needs to go around we'll be right back. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 360 getting out now. to use crime fighters
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