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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2020 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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mankind one is our most recent the other is as old as humanity itself one we can't see the other many choose not to see no way are they both as acute and as lethal as in the united states tonight as protests in violence spread like the virus images of a nation torching and torturing itself and a worried world wonders america is that you i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. it's not even the fray that like much would like to be afraid with me that i feel safe at some point and keep it up. on the hill out. there and protect greece. to protect us the government of the world not done. this is to many people getting shot
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it's. happening. there's no say so afraid it's my constant. also coming up tonight as the coronavirus crisis subsides here in europe it leaves a medical system fighting not to flatline why we were taking care of patients we had to stop everything else and everything else is what brings money to us. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the superpower we all know in the superpower we hardly recognize it has been a week since a black man named george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis minnesota a week to watch over and over the final moments of floyd. life a video showing
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a white police officer using his knee to pin down floyd's neck to the streets and the audio of floyd pleading i can't breathe all across america the air has been thin ever since from los angeles to atlanta every day people have marched angry over yet another black man dying at the hands of police and those peaceful protests have descended into violence stores set ablaze looters pursued by police armed white soldiers and that anger is not only american here in berlin yesterday demonstrators marched to protest the death of george floyd the scene was repeated in london paris vancouver and toronto that dismay matched by international fears over america's vanishing moral authority in times of crisis the u.s. president usually offers words to calm and collect the nation u.s. president donald trump has posted tweets blasting the radical left and the news
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media today he lashed out at u.s. governors calling them weak telling them to crack down on protesters trump himself spent part of the weekend hiding out of sight it's in the white house bunker we have more tonight it's beginning in washington district of washington. in washington flames flick it up in the darkness just a stone's throw away from the white house. tear gas canisters fluids police patrol cars and in boston. in some places unrest gave way to violence and looting like here in san diego. there were countless arrests here in phoenix arizona. and a tense standoff in seattle echoing scenes in dozens of cities from coast to coast . the clothing store talked in long beach california the united states has been
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such a blaze by the killing of george floyd. he died in police custody one week ago and . he remarried a black man pinned to the ground under the knee of a white police officer derrick sjodin he was charged with lloyd's murder on friday . in miami protesters demanded justice for george floyd saying his name they chant. that shot. again i can't discipline you without his leave but this is. so america supporting our children. across the country many police officers also felt compelled to show their solidarity and that anger and other * cops * in united states and when you see that
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you can't justify that and when i look at that all the good that we do in a community police officers across the nation can be your destroyed in one act like that president trump has reacted by blaming lefty script on sci fi for the violence he's also state governments to get tough on protesters but after a week of deepening unrest that has brought fire to the gates of the white house many a calling for the president to stop stoking the flames. just before more and tonight i'm joined by karen and she is she's a global opinions editor for the washington post she joins me tonight from dallas texas karen is going to have you on the program to years ago you wrote an opinion piece in the washington post today had the headline i no longer have hope in white america what with the headline be tonight. interesting question and i get asked this question
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a lot actually about hope and i think my responses somewhat similar to what i wrote back then which is taken from there are certain sharing and it's this notion that i don't work or operate or are right out of hokey right out of the shadow. it could be that in my lifetime i don't see these issues go away. just say you know last lives without their children and their grandchildren will be slaves. so i would operate in this shadow of hope that i you work anyway. i don't think hope is quite the right question i think that is a question more so for white america. the reason though is that health care things will get better and. let me ask you about something we're seeing right now we're
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seeing police officers across the u.s. male taking a knee to show solidarity with protesters what do you say to that. you know i wish all that solidarity about seeking uni happens and 2016 and calling kubrick the n.f.l. player to kony during the national anthem to protest all these issues that we're seeing now and many around the country black students way out i also made the same action and what happened they were blackballed kicked out of school jobs threatened catherine is effectively. you know prevented from playing in the n.f.l. and right now personally for me when i see those images of police kneeling it doesn't move me that much to be honest with you but i would see ever like to see police surrendering some of these military as weapons what i'd like to see is
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police saying we hear you are standing down. let's organize a way that we can have a dialogue in a room i would like to see the police not arresting my colleagues in the journalism community. there are people who are posting bloody injuries. and so you know i don't feel much of anything when i see these gestures right now a few days ago you wrote a piece on how western media would cover minneapolis if it happened in another country and in that piece you imagine an 18 year old liberian student activist saying this about america lives don't matter especially not black lives it's like the americans are living in a failing state few care and are you living in a failing state now. well i think as as
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a black american as the daughter of immigrants if you look at what a state is supposed to do a state is supposed to protect you the state is supposed to deliver you adequate health care. a state is supposed to protect your life and i think right now. if those rights if those protections are afforded to these people of color and means that the state has failed us honestly and so i think what's happening now with the pandemic with. the police brutality we're seeing how much value we put on lives and so for all of this to be happening at the same time as we're seeing more than a $100000.00 people dead we are the epicenter of the current a virus condemning truck and we haven't even had it gave. now and even had you know any sort of and knowledge many of how how disastrous something is happening what is
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going on so. it feels bleak i wish i had better words for you feels weak. so we'll just have to see with the summer and the summer brings its own estimate for we run out of time you and i spoke a couple of times after the murder of saul the journalist remark of shogi back in 20 teen you were his editor at the washington post and we spoke about this lack of accountability about being able to kill with impunity because shogi and george florey they were from completely different worlds but would you say that their worlds connected in their deaths. that is profound i mean this. this phrase a camry. aragon when he was choked out by police in new york and now again george floyd and then with those
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reportedly being one of his last words i. the connection that i see it's all about is a complete disregard for human life and the ability of the state forces of police of people who have been given the power. to be able to snap out lives like that and not receive accountability and so. i do see that in the i think i think. he cared very much about the dignity of his people just as you know so many of us i do care about the dignity. lack of all our people and so that's what our this is about it's about our democracy it's about a fight against the ability to take away lives whenever they seem inconvenient to so that it's connected care on
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a tear the global opinions editor for the washington post joining us tonight from dallas texas carol as always we appreciate your time in your insides thank you. u.s. president donald trump he likes to pick a fight or to air his displeasure publicly especially with european allies nato and international organizations such as the united nations and the world health organization well over the weekend the u.s. president through the g. 7 into disarray trump invited german chancellor angela merkel to attend the g. 7 summit in the u.s. this month but merkel declined deciding worries over the coronavirus so trump canceled the june summit he postponed it until september he called the g 7 outdated and he said it should be expanded to include australia south korea india and that russia should be brought back in to be putin's russia you may remember was thrown
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out of the group of leading industrialized nations after russia illegally and next crimea from ukraine back in 2014 russia seems to have been blindsided by drums announcement to journalists on board air force one they spokesman from moscow was unsure if this is a real suggestion trumps western allies they were clear a u.k. government spokesman said russia was removed from the g 7 group of nations following its an exemption of crimea and we are yet to see evidence of change behavior that would justify its readmittance we would not support it being readmitted as a member of the group and canadian prime minister justin trudeau added russia has yet to change the behavior that led to its expulsion in 2014 and therefore should not be allowed back into the g 7 well addition to the g 7 needs the unanimous agreement of all of its members that's the u.s. germany the u.k.
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france italy canada and japan. well let's bring in derek chalet derek served as assistant defense secretary for international security affairs under president obama he is now senior advisor for security and defense policy at the german marshall fund of the united states he joins me tonight from washington d.c. derrick it's good to have you back on the day. i want you to take a listen to how the white house press secretary just last week was trying to sell the g. 7 summit in the u.s. in june take a listen to the g. 7 president wants to see this take place as america real opens as we try to approach a place of normalcy where people go back to work where people do recreational activities but socially distance while they do it the president thinks no greater example of reopening i mean it's transition to greatness would be the g. 7 and g. 7 happening here i mean happening probably more towards the end of q 2 reopening
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with the g. 7 and derek was was troubling expecting his european allies to give him a photo op to show the country yes we are back to normal well apparently so you have to recall this g. 7 summit has has had. somewhat of a troubled history trumps hosting of it as because remember the initial idea that he floated long ago was that he was going to host the summit at one of his resort hotels in florida and that was quickly squelch as an idea so now is the press secretary said just last week that the idea was to put it as another marker in the unveiling of the reemergence of the united states but that of course that has been put aside now at the earliest they would have it is in september but even that i think is very much up in the air right now and that's up in the year there's another plan that's up in the air and that is the plan from mr trump himself he
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wants to reinvited russia back into the g. 7 what do you think of that. well i think it's a bad idea we have to remember why russia was kicked out of the g. 8 which was when it was in it was called the g 8 and that was after it's an invasion an illegal an exhibition of crimea russia had been brought into the g. 7 it became the g. 8 in the 1990 s. as an effort to bring russia into the community of nations. over time particularly as flatterer putin's. more authoritarian system has taken hold that became a more troubled relationship and then a 2014 i think for good reason the obama administration and its partners in the g 7 asked russia not to attend anymore has been determined to bring russia back into this grouping. he's floated this idea before he's also let his frustrations be
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known what about with the g. 7 of course from several years ago that he got into a spat with katie and prime minister justin trudeau after canada to host to the g 7 and trip refused to sign the leader statement the 1st time the u.s. had ever done that so you know it seems to me that you're fairly transparent attempt to try to stock this grouping that he's never really been entirely happy with with some of the believers he feels more congenial towards do you think that also explains his suggestion for expanding the g 7 to include india he did have a good meeting in india with marines remotely earlier this year. yeah i think so i don't know i think it's important note the g 7 is an imperfect. organization of leaders and in fact president obama * tried to elevate the role of the so-called g. 20 as something that that he believed was more reflective of geopolitical realities of the 21st century the g 20 of course still exists one wonders if president trump
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actually remembers the g. 20 actually exists the saudis earth are supposed to be hosting the g 20 as it stands later this year so i don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to include other countries into the g 7 grouping i just think it's a bad idea to include russia. considering the state of affairs in the u.s. right now i mean do you expect that there will be a g. 7 summit in the u.s. this year and i'm wondering debs president trump does he have the credibility among his counterparts to head a summit at this level. well his credibility among i think all most of his counterparts in the g. 7 right now is was was not starting very high and has been diminishing quite rapidly in recent weeks and months. but you could you could conceivably do a g 7 at a place like camp david which of course is isolated i think a lot of the questions will come down to the logistics of this how the travel would
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work the massive amount of preparation that normally goes into this g. 7 meetings to ensure that there are not just photo ops and i think his fellow world leaders are very aware of what his true intentions are it seems to be with this meeting and they're going to want and they should ask for a substantive agenda and so far as far as i can tell there's been no discussion of what a substantive agenda would look like at a g. 7 meeting whenever it takes place. do you explain trump asking uncle americal to come over to the u.s. in june is he tone deaf when it comes to the pandemic or was he simply advised poorly. oh hard to tell it could be one of the other or both. you know look it's it's hard to know how much thought has actually gone into some of these pronouncements about the g. 7 clearly trump wanted to do it to show as host that he's in charge you know america's back and open for business again but as we saw
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a reality quickly settled in the idea that it was going to be hosted at the end of june or had the energy news quickly put to the side so now we're on of the fall we're going to have to see where things are in the fall where the put the pandemic looks like and what the situation here in the united states looks like folks here in washington are settling in for what many fear is going to be a long long summer yet speaking of the fall me ask you to buy if he becomes the democrats' nominee and then wins in november will you be back at the white house or the state department. and the idea you know i've i've i've worked in washington in and out of government long enough to know that. it's a fool's errand to try to predict that stuff all i can say is this country's got a lot of challenges that folks in and out of government are going to be working together to try to solve in the future none of this is going to be easy for anyone . come november all right well if your plans change there keep us posted there actually joining us tonight from washington we appreciate your time tonight dear
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thank you that you know. new york city today reported its lowest corona virus infection rate in or since the outbreak began and spain reported no new coke with 19 deaths for the 1st time since march belgium too has seen a decline in new corona virus infections but as that emergency subsides a new one threatens patients suffering from other ailments have not been seeing doctors and those diseases have not simply gone away the w.'s georg motus reports tonight from brussels. love a ball is happy to be finally treating patients again the eye specialist at the hospital in brussels has only been seeing 2 or 3 people a day another corona lockdown a drop of almost 90 percent even though the surgical medical rates not seem they've seen
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a drop in the in the surgical problem such as retinal detachment for example. nearly no cases in which is actually not possible for people to stand so people are scared of contracting the virus in hospital like pascal live long she could lose her eyesight if she doesn't get regular treatment it's took her all the courage she could muster to come here today more personnel mostly crippled or not i'm very afraid of catching a virus apart from my eye problems i also have respect so yes i'm afraid. the regime or their copy doctors say they've never experienced anything like it belgian was among the country's worst affected by the pandemic but infection numbers are now in decline this hospital has only 30 corona patients down from one $120.00 at the height of the crisis and they are strictly sekret. since early mate belgian hospitals have been allowed to offer
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a limited number of number arjun consultations but people are not taking them up on the offer the consequences are dire not only for patients but for the entire health sector says the director general of some pierre hospital 1st and foremost this crisis. has really put the hospitals all the obstacles in the country under our know the water in financially speaking so we have lost dogs of 1000000 euros. just because why we were taking care of patients we have to stop everything else and everything else is what brings money to us the director expects the hospital to be 40 to 50000000 euros in the red this year he wants the governments to step in and compensate hospitals without state health he says his hospital will have to cut all investments to stay
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afloat that would mean not maintaining and modernizing equipment scores of medics turned their backs on belgium's prime minister during her recent visits to the hospital one of them was julia best state he says stuff has been shouldering the enormous boughten of an already weakened system. to form and to educate and you know says you know so we in or 60 of the beast are with we have a lot of employees so everybody's under pressure everybody is. the stress and money isn't the only problem restrictions in the ongoing emergency plan leave a hospital operating at just 30 percent capacity we would like the government to relax some of the rules completely understand the worry about the 2nd wave and the fact that we still need to be ready and we will but we also need to take
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care of all the non-coding patients who are also suffering from you know serious diseases for many of them and diseases that could have been sequenced is as bad or even you know worse. of it particularly if these patients all comment once. that a wave of people desperately seeking treatment could be on the way to avoid that she's encouraging patients to come now she says that the hospitals are safe and what's more waiting times for an appointment all shorter than ever. reporting the day is almost done the conversation continues online join us on twitter either you can follow me on t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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impressive and surreal. in india nature has been taking a breather. the lockdown has shown how much more still needs to be done kind of james looking because they may be hot even talking to us at the green economy for the environment and the people. he killed. next on t.w. . rebuilding mosul. liberated from
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isis in july 2017 march is a city still lie in ruins. reconstruction has been slowed by corruption and various conflict. many people just want to get on with their lives. others wish that high us would come back. in 45 minutes on w. . when the water rises cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of land will be abandoned. and the water has to. be stopped it's happening faster than anticipated. the massive great waters are
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supposed to prevent flooding but they only delay the inevitable. how will we live in the future. 66 meters rising sea levels starts june 5th on d w. for the last many weeks like many parts of the world india has been under knock down due to poor with 19 streets like this one once bustling with pedestrians vehicles and of course have been deliberately empty during this period i've been lucky to have access to groceries medicines the internet and other centuries but millions of people across the country.


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