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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2020 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin protests in the u.s. and through their 8th night people gathered near the white house and across the country ignoring curfews and calling for an end to police brutality and racism. also coming up fleeing china some hong kong protesters are seeking refuge in taiwan we ask what it feels like to be in exile and to fear for your family's safety back home.
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i'm sorry somebody's got to thank you for joining us demonstrators in the u.s. have taken to the streets for the 8th and night in a row many to 5 curfew was imposed in a number of cities but the protests were relatively calm compared to previous days the demonstrators are demanding an end to racism after a white police officer killed an unarmed black man george floyd by kneeling on his neck the mother of floyd's daughter made an emotional appeal to people in the u.s. . a powerful symbol of loss but now without a father. this is what. goes oh this is. the day i. make it's going to be with a family. see you on the bears not have.
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found the mother of george floyd's daughter calling for justice. and i'm here. because i want justice. i want justice for him because he was good i the frustrate ssion at the lack of accountability around police brutality grows all across the united states dozens of cities saw mostly peaceful demonstrations continue in violation of curfew orders. as long as i can remember there is dangerous systematic inequality in this country i can only attest to what i know i can attest to being profiled i can attest to being marginalized personally and if we don't speak out against injustice anywhere then no one will speak up against. us presidents donald trump cold for the national guard the military to crack down on what they call feeds and thugs responsible for
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violence but the protest that i did write the. demonstrators i came to avoid the fog to label this man for vandalizing a street sign in washington d.c. . police grew impatient as the not went on to new york city offices began arresting people for not following the cathy areu move they got her through her but with many protesters around the country of refusing to go hard the world watches on to see just how much force will be authorized by officials i let's get the perspective of ed not banal now she has a u.s. born historian of anti-colonialism an activist and writer and a research fellow at the max planck institute of history of science here in berlin and i thank you for joining us you've been blogging about the death of george flight and the black lives matter movement how are you feeling about what is
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happening in the u.s. right now. so to be honest the species felt like a century and i was born and raised and protect america and like most black americans most of. the what happened. happened to. happen to trayvon martin's engine plant and so many others is because of the incident connection and knowledge we have. united states and most of the world is unjust to black people and against a history of sleep the 1st slave became. $6019.00 but it continues and continues to. this how our lives don't matter to the police they don't matter to the government and the regime we see and the protest at the sea is by product of centuries of holy onto and bearing this injustice. it does seem to be like they don't seem like these protests are resonating around the world right
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now do you think that we're seeing a a watershed moment for race relations globally. so i would say so i think that modern research and slavery were invented by your kids and here in germany there are not a view from that basis of especially given the border regime and beyond i would say with the history. of it being the site which colonial listen and african clues and again in terms of partition the continent there's still the kind of colonialism that still exists here i would say that the european context it's important for us to note that in 2000 love the protests sparked and london after martin to get a black man was shot and killed the frost of the major protests that also ensued in 2002 teenagers from kills here in germany were being shot a little a seriously only sign of sick or dying police custody and there's been a white right white supremacist right here jenny and how know and so many others
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and so the end of the day for us is an instruction discrimination are your president and are highlighting the after church. teaching mission which not international women's season it's so a lot of that is to be highlighted and it's important to know that history it's a fight for the justice all right historian activist and writer and now but i'm joining us here and thank you very much. and here now to some other stories making news around the world cycling nisargadatta has made landfall on india's western coast authorities in the mega city mumbai have closed factories and offices and called for residents to stay indoors around 100000 people have been evacuated from flood prone area it is the 1st powerful storm to hit the region in decades. british prime minister boris johnson has vowed to offer millions of hong kong residents
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a pathway to u.k. citizenship if china imposes a new security law which would clamp down on human rights the territory was promised a high degree of autonomy and rights under the terms of a $997.00 handover treaty from britain to china. well hong kong has been rocked by anti-government protests since last june more than 8000 people have been arrested but hundreds of protesters have fled to evade prosecution the majority of them have found refuge in taiwan and with beijing pushing for a controversial national security law for hong kong it is likely that more protesters will take the same path cv kong sent us this report from taiwan. dining at a home called style cap they used to be an every day event for tom not his rooming but now it's let's remember him and many other hong kong was living in exile in taiwan is just although immunity is to new those at his taipei cafe that have become remedies to ease his homesickness. it reminds me of the days when we used to
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buy food from cafes like this one during the protests and weeks initiate joining the march it's a shame that i can't help anymore the only thing i can do is watch the news on my cell phone last year tom took part in many confrontational protest including stomping the whole legislature and beseeching university campuses he regards himself as a problem i protested then fled to taiwan in december when police began to investigate. i fled because i don't believe that the judiciary will be holding fair trials for example one man who stopped peaceful protest as he was complimented by the judge for quote showing noble qualities but we don't see similar comments for the 1st protester he was convicted of rioting just because he was throwing objects i don't trust the judges because they appear to be biased.
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his fear has been intensified by beijing's point to end that a national security law for hong kong which has triggered global concern over the city's remaining freedoms as many as 300 protesters like top up that whole call for taiwan over the past year despite a lack of asylum laws taiwanese authorities have supported to protest they have pledged more measures to help settle people exclaiming from hong kong. this is the 1st restaurant in taiwan offering shop opportunities to hong kong protesters in mexico to help we could see a sustainable way of them to let the living and more similar projects such as school take all our shops are on the white house more protesters out in front of the coach. tom often plays basketball to keep busy today is joined by his friend and fellow protesters seaman seaman who also prefers not to give his real name left home call nearly
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a year ago he sets the chances of returning home getting slimmer day by day. once the national security law is imposed and isn't going to be any different from mainland china i'm not just worried about my personal safety i'm also worried about my family in hong kong i'm concerned that they might be intimidated i might even get up ducted by chinese agents but i don't plan to be next and forever i hope that i regain my strength one day and be able to take back my home and. both of them will start studying in taiwan later this year just like hong kong thomas even face an uncertain future for the least they are relatively safe for now . africa is confronting the spread of the corona virus several countries like kenya are now experiencing spikes in new infections
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some of africa's poorest communities are in desperate need of more supplies but imports from abroad have slowed and prices have skyrocketed now engineering students and doctors in nairobi are working to produce essential medical equipment to beat the virus. every breath counts that's the message of the hayward tele plant in kenya's capital nairobi its director steve out of balance is responsible for the production of oxygen which is essential in treating covert 19 patients. but sourcing oxygen was a problem in africa up until now oxygen is expensive up to at least almost 10 times as expensive in africa as compared to their western counterparts were able to reduce the cost of oxygen with oxygen distribution models in the leasing and because it would remove those and oxygen is reduced by at least 30 percent. the oxygen is used in ventilator it's which are quickly employed when patients are
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showing severe symptoms but there are not enough ventilators in africa so kenya has come up with a solution engineering students and health professionals in nairobi have to sign a ventilator that can be produced 4 tenths of the cost of an imported machine. this means that we can have solutions. of sorts especially. the lock down. nothing is moving in but it was very exiting to see that that's if they can get. the problem of protective masks has also been solved locally they are now coming out of a 3 d. printer owned by may who's shah's nairobi based firm it is producing 500 a day all the brits be fighting against this coming together like a 3 d. printing. you know all collaborated or sharing one design. and they're introducing the same thing so yeah it is. but most important
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is oxygen itself the 1st have a telephone and opened in 2014 and more have followed with the support of donations from the u.s. great britain and unicef it's a model of success. well then a 150 facilities in kenya across over 20 counties in kenya are receiving oxygen from our 3 plants. and the public and private facilities alike 70 percent of the facilities are public crossing it is having bought on the pyramid population. what has helped advance kenya's health care system with oxygen the w.h.o. in the meantime has classified this life giving element as an essential medicine. germany has approved the lifting of its travel warnings for $29.00 european countries it's set to take effect starting june 15th but foreign minister had said
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that germany would continue to monitor infection rates especially in countries like the u.k. he emphasized this step was not a return to business as usual. i know this decision will raise great hopes and expectations but there is something we need to bear in mind travel warnings are not travel bans and travel advisories are not invitations to travel again. that's also something we want to make clear in our advisories which may also include the urgent advice not to travel to countries like the u.k. for instance while people are arriving they're still have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. we must also avoid creating a false sense of security the pandemic is still far from over and together we must avoid the revival of tourism leading to a 2nd wave in germany or anywhere else and. that is your news update they'll forget to follow us on twitter for all the latest
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headlines our handle there is at news and you'll also get the latest on our web site. thank you for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona up to. 19 special next on d w.


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