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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2020 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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larry. lamb. this is the w. news a live shot from berlin a massive economic bailout for europe's largest economy the german government says yes up to 130000000000 euros in aid the deal comes after marathon talks within the governing coalition the package is meant to cushion the economic blow it dealt stranger many a by the pandemic also coming up. 3 more police officers are charged in the death of george floyd and the prime suspect faces the tougher new charge of 2nd degree murder their actions have sparked mass protests and
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a moral reckoning in the united states. plus a suspect in a 13 year old and missing person a mystery a german prisoner is under investigation for the disappearance of madeleine mccann from portugal hotel room in 2007. i'm claire richardson thanks for joining us germany's government has agreed a massive stimulus package to kickstart an economy battered by the coronavirus crisis the 138130 1000000000 euro deal will see taxes cuts and money given directly to families germany faces the worst recession since world war 2 following weeks of lockdown chancellor angela merkel said the agreement would also help the economy adapt to future challenges. just look much an economic
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stimulus package which would be the usual thing to do it had to also be a package with an element of looking towards the future and we've placed great importance on that for the years 2020 to 2021 the package will comprise 130000000000 euros. of that $120000000000.00 it will be government expenditure so we've got a stimulus package a package for the future and of course also the it's not as relevant to us here but obvious points ability to was you know and the international dimension. went into knots. well joining me in the studio to break this down as a reporter pablo for the las follow this is a massive stimulus package what can you tell us about the main points of the deal it is it's a really really big package as you've seen from see the figure 130000000000 euros the 1st one of course about reduction is going to be dropped in some big reduction from 19 percent to 16 percent for 6 months and that actually starts next month so
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very quick also a lower v. 18 rate for the hospitality sector as we know it sector has been really suffering very badly during the coronavirus pandemics about will surely give them a boost at this difficult time for them also billions of euros are going to be given to municipalities across germany who have been suffering with lower tax receipts and the idea is actually to spend on infrastructure and public housing as well increased rebates for the purchase of electric cars as well so that's also a big industry here the automotive industry in germany very important for families $300.00 euro payment for each child in each family so you know and this comes on top of already the aid at the liquidity aid the loan guarantees are already in place here in germany well that's exactly right germany has been spending bank to try and shore up its economy does this deal go further than was expected what was interesting there to listen to marco she said how it's a package for the future so obviously the idea is. to you know boost the economy
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invest in the economy and get things moving again going forward it's very important for germany obviously and it came after a maurice and 21 hour negotiation session between the c.d.u. the coalition partners as being of course to the sister party c.s.u. a more money in many ways than have been expected because there was a lot of talk that it was only going to be around 18000000000 euros a turn had to be 50000000000 euros more so quite a lot more and let's not forget as well that germany from the indicators that are right there are several are saying that the economy may shrink over 6 percent this year so it is very worrying and they really want to make sure that they deal with this quickly and germany of course in previous years. quite a lot of money will say saved so they can and reinvest in the economy and one very important factor of course next year is an election year here in germany so of course both parties both parties really want to make sure that they're appealing to
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their accurate public fully alias inability thank you so much for analysis. well in the us the police man arrested over the killing of george floyd well now face an upgraded charge of 2nd degree murder 3 other officers at the scene last week will now also face charges on wednesday floyd's family visited a memorial at the street corner in minneapolis where he died. the son grieving the loss of his father this is where george floyd begged for his life handcuffed under the weight of 3 officers while another stood by after 8 minutes and 46 seconds george floyd lost his struggle quincy has come in search of one thing. here reunited with my family. trying to just my father. got to say everyone for joining us of support and love. and i thank you for that.
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now there's new hope and his pursuit of justice and amended complaint in the charges in the charges former minneapolis police officer derrick child and with murder in the 2nd degree for the death of george floyd i believe the evidence available to us now supports the stronger charge of 2nd degree murder in this state has also issued arrest warrants for the other officers involved they face felony murder charges in the 2nd degree for aiding and abetting and to everyone that is watching i say george floyd mattered he was loved his family was important his life had value and we will see justice for him and for you and we will find civil rights attorney benjamin crump says this moment is a tipping point for equality if america truly believes in the words of
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thomas jefferson. that we hold these truths to be self evident their old man or credit equally they're then down by their creator we're certain 2 in any noble rights that among them are life liberty and pursuit of happiness well america that means bright people true. from coast to coast and around the world protesters have marched for floyd but also to push against the us justice system that they say too often treats black citizens without humanity many believe after decades of failed starts that the us is ready for change. well earlier i spoke to d w reporter stuff on xian's outside the minnesota capitol building he told me how people there have responded to the new charges. the black community here the african-american community in minneapolis ok well don thank you that is some kind
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of equality right now but what's next do not work with the district attorney here with the county attorney who we don't like who we don't trust who is too close to the to the police department which is not trusted. so there is a lot of there's a lot of leeway still and that is nice to be seen what happens here for the attorney general with this decision and tomorrow don't forget here in the background of the crowd will be thousands of people. trying to attend a memorial for george floyd so there's a lot of pressure for those guys sitting in the capital in the governor's mansion. hundreds of people gathered in the german financial capital frankfurt on wednesday to honor the life of george floyd the rally in support of the black lives matter movement it was intended to draw attention to systemic racism both in the u.s.
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and in germany it's one of many protests around the world that came in the wake of floyd's death last week in london to thousands came together to take a stand against racism. speaker's corner in london's hyde park a meeting point for demonstrators over the years. by. this time they gathered to draw attention to injustices against black people sparked by the death of george floyd in the u.s. . among the protesters star wars actor john boy into a prominent voice against racism. those present were also eager to stress that these problems were not limited to america. and the u.k. is not innocent all as you can see by this poster has been many have not been accounted for by the government or the metropolitan police we have above the u.k. the us and wherever else in the world. unlawfully i'm here to bring awareness to
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black lies matter to stop violent police officers killing innocent people and we need to stop all racism all kind to change the world it's just very comforting to see the collective grief amongst everyone and the willingness to change as the current situation that we currently find ourselves in so yeah this is this is kind of the antithesis of what this is all about. god then the crowd marched through the city stopping at the prime minister's office and residence on downing street. was he did not receive an audience from boris johnson although he addressed the matter in parliament. i think what happened. in the united states was appalling it was inexcusable we all saw it on our screens and i perfectly understand people's right to protest what took place
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a obviously i also believe that protests should take place in a lawful and reasonable way. currently the largest gatherings allowed in the u.k. a limited to 6 people because of the coronavirus threat which has been devastating for the country that rule was not enforced at this rally although the event comes at a time when britain is easing lock down restrictions. police here in germany say they have identified a new suspect in the 2007 disappearance of british girl madeleine mccann the suspect is a german man who is currently in prison madeleine mccann disappeared in portugal in may 2007 despite an enormous international search and media coverage her fate still remains a mystery. earlier we asked our correspondent times brands to tell us more about what we know of the suspect the suspect as you say it is a 43 year old man and one of the leading investigators on the matter spoke on
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german television tonight just fairly recently and he confirmed that the man in fact is imprisoned in germany for sexual offenses concerning children and for dealing in drugs he has previous convictions for sexual offenses with children so he is somebody who predicts the profile for the suspected doctor to move possible murder of maddie mccann very clearly the police know that he was in the tall in the area at the time of the disappearance of the scroll he was using mobile phone at the time he made a phone call at around the time that the crime was committed and the police are now looking for the person that he called at that time they are publicising the number of that other person and they're hoping that there are other people involved there suspecting other people were involved in this crime and they're saying those people might lead to the place where the body is being hidden in other words they are
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treating this as a murderer. well let's change gears and go to sports now in the bundesliga frankfurt beat bremen in a tough match on wednesday night's game was originally scheduled for early march but postponed due to a storm drain and had faced a near certain relegation when their campaign was interrupted for 2 months by the coronavirus still they had been resurgent since the season restarted but frankfurt was too much for them. with survival at stake against frankfurt flaw he and co phelps braman were counting on super job it in court scored the winner in 2 of their last 3 games. it was frankford though who fired the 1st warning shot in the 11th minute. link of winning the battle with andre. raymond came close a few minutes later. and long range rocket diverted by kevin traffic.
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just before half time in bar tails got off another shot for braman but traffic was once again up to the task. no score at half time in the m.t.v. video on. there were follows a plenty from both sides in this hard fought clash and then with an hour gone frankfurt took the lead thanks to andre silva. and the cost each with the pinpoint cross and silver heading home and 10 minutes from time frankfurt doubled their the fun getting his 1st ever just league goal just seconds after being so on. and right before the end hit the target again from another shot. at getting a hand on his header but on able to stop. 3 nil the final score and ko fails braman remain stuck in the drop zone while he has frankfurt
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moved 3 points closer to safety. you're watching. remember. with all the latest on our website. m k richardson thanks so much for joining us. hi i'm neal and i'm david welcome to the 2nd season of on the fence look the planet on the brink of disaster we need a long and in-depth interviews with experts about one question how to change our set up a military sense. of. her.


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