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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a massive balance out for europe's largest economy to deal comes after marathon talks within the governing coalition the package is meant to cushion the economic blow dealt to germany by the pandemic lockdown also coming up. 3 more police officers are charged in the death of george floyd and the prime suspect faces the tougher new charge of 2nd degree murder we'll go live to the u.s. for the latest. plus the disappearance of a british tabloid that long mcafee from a resort in portugal has been on song for 13 years now police here in germany think
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they made a new lead. bryan thomas great to have you with us germany's government has approved a stimulus package to help the economy recover from the coronavirus crisis under the 130000000000 euro deal taxes will be cut and money given directly to families among the changes are a drop in the v.a. rate for 6 months there's extra funding for mr powell to use to spend on infrastructure and housing and there's incentives to buy electric cars. now this comes as germany faces its worst recession since world war 2 following weeks of lockdown and business closures some quarter of a 1000000 people lost their jobs in may alone bringing the total number of unemployed to about 3000000 jobs wrong americal says the deal was designed to help
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the economy adapt moving forward. we just launched an economic stimulus package which would be the usual thing to do it had to also be a package with an element of looking towards the future and we placed great importance on that for the years 20222021 the package will comprise 100 infinity to be in euros of. the talking joining us now for more is our political correspondent kate brady good morning to you kate germany tends to be highly allergic when it comes to big spending programs taking on debt are we witnessing a general shift in how berlin handles the economy. we certainly are seeing a shift in of course these are unprecedented circumstances that germany and the rest of the rest of the world finds itself in right now and of course it took some 21 hours of marathon talks but in the end we know now that the german the governing german parties are going to be plowing some 130000000000 euros into rebooting
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the german economy and this certainly is a shift in the behavior here in germany of the days of penny pinching the cent pinching seem to be over at least for now in the initial response to the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and let's not forget that this is also on top of the 750000000000 euro financial aid package that was also announced by the german government back in the end of at the end of march so we certainly are seeing a shift here in bowen and some massive levels of spending as well what are some of your big takeaways from this deal. so well it's a wide range of measures but i think some of the most prominent takeaways things like families they're going to be provided with an extra $300.00 euros per child on top of that v.a. t. here in germany is temporarily going to be cut from 19 percent to 16 percent and
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we're also seeing a government supported rebates on purchases of electric cars and also interesting they included in this package is some $50000000000.00 euros and that's a fund set to address things like digitalisation even innovation and also climate change within the german economy and these are issues that germany has really been falling behind on in recent years so i think this package is certainly being used to take on some new opportunities as well. are germans comfortable with with this new approach or how's the deal being received in germany. it has been received quite well of course a. second sounds as if we find ourselves in right now require a huge response like this but goes outside of germany that our concerns especially among weaken economies specially within the european union and also especially the the your is there in the size of this german splurged spend in splurge could
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indeed actually worsen the financial imbalances within the european within the european single market and also within the euro zone there are certainly some concerns outside of germany but this is within the country seem very much as the boost the german economy needs thanks so much for that. it's to the us now where the officer rest of the killing of george floyd will now face an upgraded charge of 2nd degree murder 3 other officers at the scene last week will also be facing charges on wednesday floyd's family visited a memorial in minneapolis where he died. the son grieving the loss of his father this is where george floyd begged for his life can cost under the weight of $3.00 officers while another stood by after 8 minutes and 46 seconds
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george floyd lost his struggle in quincy has come in search of one thing. very night with my family. trying to just my father. not appreciate everyone for joining us of support and love. and i thank you for that. now there's a new hope and his pursuit of justice filed an amended complaint that charges the charges former minneapolis police officer derrick shaaban with murder in the 2nd degree for the death of george floyd i believe the evidence available to us now supports the stronger charge of 2nd degree murder in this state has also issued arrest warrants for the other officers involved they face felony murder charges in the 2nd degree for aiding and abetting and to everyone that is watching i say
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george floyd mattered he was loved his family was important his life had value and we will see justice for him and for you and we will find civil rights attorney benjamin crump says this moment is a tipping point for equality if america truly believes in the words of thomas jefferson. that we hold these truths to be self evident there oh man are created equally then down by their creator with certain 2 inalienable rights that among them are life liberty pursuit of happiness where america that means black people true. from coast to coast and around the world protesters have marched for one way but also to push against a u.s. justice system that they say too often treats black citizens without humanity many
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believe after decades of failed starts that the u.s. is ready for change. let's go straight to minneapolis now we're joined by d.w. stuff on c amongst today's your staff and can you tell us what led to the decision to upgrade the charges against officer shot in this from 2nd to from 3rd rather to 2nd degree murder. you know the attorney general said there were legal reasons for this of course but he also said that he thought it's in the best interests for the flood some relief for the city of minneapolis for the state of minnesota and for the entire country and maybe he's right about that but to also say that even if the charges on significantly harsher now all 4 charged police officers can potentially go to prison for 40 years that's up from 25 years just for one of them now all 4 of them for maximum of 40 yes if they get convicted. i have to say
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this if they get convicted is key for the crowd behind me for the protests to see in minneapolis because they are only cautiously optimistic that there will actually be a conviction they are happy about the charges they happy about the arrests today of the remaining 3 officers who were also involved in the demise of george floyd in. my back here just as ok like about 10 days ago. something if i could join. it can you tell us about the charges that the other 3 officers are now are now facing what are they looking at. it's aiding and abetting to 2nd degree. murder that is what they're looking at and that is. significant again 40 years in prison. that's what they're looking at and again i have to stress that the optimism that they will stick in court. protesters here
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demand that the attorney general actually gets rid of the county attorney county attorney general attorney who is still working with the attorney general on this case nobody trusts apparently this man he has he's too close to the police department protesters tell us ok would you tell us about some of the react. since when does this whole process start do we know when will we'll see the court proceedings beginning this must be very important for the people behind you right now. next monday this will be next monday will be the 1st court appearance and hearing for. mr derek shevonne the 1st officer who had his the on the mat for about 8 or 9 minutes of mr floyd and that will be a significant date but again there's a lot of mistrust in this community in the african-american community and beyond that here in minneapolis to wards of the authorities to do get this right to do
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this right so it remains to be seen if this is then the end even of protests i would say no i think peaceful process protest we will see for quite some time here in minneapolis and around the country still stefan thanks so much and that's good if you cause it's about systemic racism of course chiffons ari thanks so much for that from minneapolis where the memorials continuing at this hour thanks very much the. well saying in the u.s. donald trumps of former defense secretary james madison's issued a sharp condemnation of the u.s. president's handling of the protest writing in the atlantic magazine not his describes the president as the only president in his lifetime who does not try to unite the american people but instead tries to divide them he also calls the response to the civil unrest a threat to the us constitution not us resigned in december of 2018 in protest over
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trans policy on syria and long refused to public publicly criticized a sitting u.s. president. let's get you briefed on some of the other stories making the news this hour parts of brazil are relaxing social distancing measures designed to contain the coronavirus in some cities parks and churches have been reopening despite the death toll continues to rise brazil reported a record $3949.00 deaths on wednesday taking the national total to above $32000.00 . russia's president has declared a state of emergency over a fuel spill in a region of siberia last friday some 20000 tons of diesel leaked into waterways after a fuel reservoir collapsed at a power plant near the city of norilsk a series of criminal probe have been launched. well police here in germany say they have a dent a fired a new suspect in the 2007 disappearance of the british toddler madeleine mccann
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despite a vast international search and intense media coverage her fate remains a mystery authorities are asking for the public's health for any information that could link the new suspect to the case. when madeline mccann disappeared from her room in this resort in portugal she became a global story her face instantly recognizable from news bulletins and missing posters. in spite of her parents' efforts to raise awareness and an extensive search by police the 3 year old was never found. now 13 years later a suspect has suddenly emerged a german man who lived in this house near the resort when madeline disappeared. just off the suspect is a german citizen and was 30 years old at the time of madeleine's disappearance he is currently in prison in germany because of
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a sexual crime and drug dealing from 1995 to 2007 he was in portugal almost continuously and it lived in a house between pry into louche and lie across for a couple of years. like their chairman counterparts british police are appealing for information linking him to madeline's case. there might be people in the past hooping cough a full have come forward to the place and my message is to anybody that has information did did he speak to you in confidence and tell you what happened that night. 2 vehicles could offer up clues this v.w. camper van and this jag you are sedan are thought to have been in the suspects possession. madeleine's family can now hope that fight all questions will finally be answered. it's a reminder now our top story germany's governing coalition has passed a 130000000000 euro stimulus package to counter the economic fallout of the
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crossfires and deal with taxes cutting the money given directly to families of macro called the plan for the future. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for me. comparing the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona update. 19 special next on d w.


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