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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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protests around the world is funeral will take place on tuesday in houston texas where he grew up. this is the dublin years remember you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our web site d w dot com follow us on twitter and on instagram as well at the doubly names and told me a lot of thanks for joining us. on the. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see some as the kids find. work or find beautiful. delivery books on youtube.
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oh. my god says my. seat for the brushing so. steep. so many different acts of life some are bumping. along. comes straight from the heart. and turning from birth to death starts june 18th d.w. . high hopes of an economic recovery all streets rally spills into a new week energy stocks with oil producing nations agreeing to extend their output cuts we'll cross to our correspondent in new york. travels call of industry leaders are up in arms they say britain's new quarantine rules for arrivals could
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set the economy back even further mind the gap. and more frequent droughts hit germany a large part of europe goes dry again this summer sparking promise to start installing irrigation for the 1st time. i've paid for all and let's do business global equity markets looking good traders are betting on a fast economic recovery from the great lock down only time will tell. use for the business world the big oil producers have agreed to extend recalled cuts the oil production deal is historic. for the 1st time since the founding of opec countries that exceeded previously agreed upon output quotas will have to compensate with additional cuts in the following 3 months. this includes countries like nigeria and iraq but as baghdad agreed to the terms officials asked for more leniency in the future. we are seeking to set new
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rules in the future over sharing the burden among state members by considering the economic situation and the living standards. with. cheating or countries that seem significantly slower than others to adopt the group rules is almost as old as opec itself but the new deal was pushed through by an unexpected alliance between saudi arabia and newly converted benchmark hardliner russia. let's go over to our correspondent. yes do you reckon opec can save the industry from the cost of grownup. well the step coach help to increase some oil prices spot to oil prices are a function of supply and demand and if you look at the supply side and that's what this step from opec plus is about remains to be see in the because mexico for
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example already hinted that they're not going to cut production is that if you look here at the united states was oil prices recently climbing back to about $40.00 a barrel we did see some fricker is actually restarting some of their wealth so that is the supply side and then if we look at the demand side well the driving season is starting here in the united states summer driving season that it to injured remains to be seen how many people are hitting the road and also if you look at al lines we got 2 words in the past couple of days that they're increasing their capacity but we're still a far cry way where we were about a year ago and if we look at gas prices by the way here at least at my local gas station in brooklyn prices have been pretty stable at around $2.15 per gallon that is ok some stability there. is all the optimism on exchanges at the moment a quick economic recovery. it really seems that the market is on
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autopilot we gained more than 800 points on friday we were up another good 450 points here on monday just look at some stocks boeing for example up by about 12 percent here on monday that stock is up more than 50 percent just was in the 55 pasta trading days or if you look at the car rental company hertz they just filed for bankruptcy protection recently that sold this stock should be at 0 but actually at more than doubled in monday's session now being worth more than $5.00 a piece so yes we do see the economy slowly opening yes we do see economic numbers getting a bit better but we have a way where we were before. the crisis started so yes traders are cv to get ahead of themselves there quite a bit by the way but composite reaching an all time high here on monday and one more word to oil prices oil prices dropped on monday by a good 3 percent so
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a bit of overkill of the obviously it's good for us there in new york think you. to some other business stories making headlines b.p. is axing $10000.00 jobs worldwide the consul effect office space rolls in particular managerial positions the old giant is spending millions of dollars more than it makes every day as the coronavirus slams the energy industry google maps falls you know extra features to avoid corona they include information on the level of crowding on trains and buses changes to show jewels and rules like the wearing of mosques transit alerts will be offered in 14 countries in europe and latin america and the u.s. . and spain is headed for its worst recession on record its central bank expects the economy to contract by more than 20 percent this quarter and then it has hit the tourist dependent country especially hot. german companies expect production to continue to fall over the next few months despite many say is reopening. research
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institute says the decline won't be as severe but that only if the country can prevent a 2nd wave of infections one bright spot is the auto sector optimism rose last month due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus many people are considering ditching public transport to buy a car. economic advisor to the german government veronica them told d.w. europe must act together when restarting its manufacturing sector. i think it's quite likely that become or you will take a while but indy end the crisis it's not you to structure a problem nothing's stright like it would have be the case after war and so we can expect the global economy to start soon again due to the extensive meant independent international supply chains in the manufacturing industry it will be important that all the countries for example in the european union start up again
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some are tenuously and it is also important that all other nations formerly healthy companies come through the current crisis well and can we start the business and therefore ambitious and comprehensive matters at the european level must be given top priority at the moment as europe reopens the u.k. is closing it had introduced covert restrictions on incoming travel saying the impact would be minimal but since registered the world's 2nd highest death toll from the virus has prompted a quarantine for rivals the chief executive of london's biggest airport says this will hurt economically. long waits while traveling are nothing new. but industry big wigs in the united kingdom are worried about a new travel delay starting today travelers to the u.k. must quarantine for 14 days after arriving. so far the rule out has reportedly been
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bumpy. so all the plane was in the bus even though before we get to the flight they say keep your social this things keep your mask on and all that stuff but the bus was lit city. between all of us apparently people were not informed that you need to. book you on one form before you come here to see maybe 5 persons but people who came the rest day don't they didn't do it so that will delay the time and she hasn't it says the government says it's trying to protect britain's from the next wave of coronavirus and is ready to lead the steep tines of up to 1000 pounds to enforce the regulations. detractors like the head of ryanair have called the rules useless and unforeseeable others worry it could be the final nail in the coffin for the country's hard hit tourism industry meanwhile the c.e.o. of heathrow airport said the measures will slow down the country's economic
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recovery. until we have an exit through almost blanket indefinite. we know can be able to get you up and. to quarantine also extends to rail services in the countries motorways london says it will review the measures at the end of the month. most of it firms depend on rain to pour across but another extremely dry summer is here changing weather patterns are forcing farmers here to rethink their business models this cornfield in the heart of the region west of berlin and drives about the field his farm but the seam on family francey manas compact in the earth with the roller he hopes that will help the crops grow better it's hardly rained a toll in the past 2 months in april there was just 3 percent of the usual rainfall and no sign of substantial rain seem on fears they could be facing the 3rd year in a row of extreme drives. me.
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yes it's worrying that's why we're investing and it's why we keep trying to keep our fields viable using irrigation. that's expensive seimone had 2 wells built for an irrigation system the cost was about $300000.00 euro's without irrigation there's a risk of total crop failure the climate in this region is generally quite balanced so far artificial irrigation of farmland has rarely been necessary. the who dick company and seller in northern germany produces irrigation systems up to now it's been a niche business the company usually sells around $750.00 machines a year in germany but with worsening drives the order books are filling up. my eyes on crops like potatoes or corn need more water than say cereals so everyone has to
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decide whether it makes economic sense to use machine irrigation. machine. experts believe more and more irrigation systems will go into operation in the future water authorities keep a close eye to make sure there's not too much groundwater used there's still enough groundwater in most regions of germany right now german farmers are producing enough food to meet demand but have more harvests fail because of drought the global food market could be affected. just hopped into a consequence got here the consequence of this is we could buy up the whole global market with our strong purchasing power that's what happened with the wheat market in 2018. business if.
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the beautiful sparkle in the ugly secret might come. natural mineral gives cosmetics. most of it comes from illegal mines in india. those who extract it from children. commissioner at. close
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up. next on the 1st. go. never before have there been so many. may benefit not only from a virus lockout also from pollution. how can that be. we need. an apologist in mumbai. india. in 60 minutes on d w. d t you know that 77 percent last week are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. know what time of voices
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100. 77 percent can talk about the. front part of the classic from housing boom boom boom town this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on d w. we are in jharkhand northern india it's one of the poorest regions in the country deep within these rocky crevices around 20 men and women are foraging through the rubble looking for the shimmering mineral mica there are thousands of mines like this in jharkhand yet they are not run by big corporations all of the miners work for
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themselves up. between my.


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