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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin open borders once again for germany in 5 more days government officials say all land border checks will be lifted on june 15th we look at what that means for the summer travel season also coming up prosecutors in sweden dropped their probe into the assassination of prime minister olof palme more than 30 years ago the reason their main suspect is dead. and a final farewell for george floyd the man who died in police custody in minneapolis 2 weeks ago laid to rest in his hometown of houston hundreds of mourners gathered
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to remember floyd whose death made him a global icon for racial injustice. plus she going the phrase the banality of evil to describe the perpetrators of the holocaust a new exhibition in berlin examines the life of hanukkah often one of history's greatest political thinkers. i'm sumi so much god it's great to have you with us as corona virus infection rates slow the german interior minister last they hope has announced that germany will lift the remaining checks at its land borders on june 15th things will then mostly be back to the way they were before the start of the entry restrictions which were introduced in mid march to curb the spread of the coronavirus in germany. let's get the latest with our political correspondent kate brady hi kate tell us more about what is being relaxed. well
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a massive move back towards what was the previous normal here in germany as of the 15th of june border checks on neighboring countries to germany will indeed be lifted so named people in neighboring countries will be able to travel into germany without having to quarantine or undergo any checks when they arrive in the country say they say will also apply to countries across the e.u. and also to people coming in from switzerland as well there is however one exception and that is spain and people flying in from spain to germany they won't be able to do that until the 21st of june which is when spain will also start except in some small numbers of tourists there as well kate we understand that germany's travel warning to most of europe will also be lifted starting june 15th but there are exceptions to that as well tell us more about that. exactly the main
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exception is indeed spain but interestingly that is going to be a vacation pilot project if you will on the belair of highlands and so from the 15th of june already germans specifically will be able to travel to the bill erik islands just off the coast of spain many of them likely to travel to may york a huge tourist destination every year for germans here many people joking that it is indeed germany's 17th the federal state and so over the next couple of weeks from the 15th of june until the end of the month just under 11000 german tourists are expected to travel to the erica island especially me orca to test out how people can still be abiding by certain restrictions and social distancing rules while still being able to enjoy a short vacation so we're tracked talking right now about travel within the visa free schengen so what does it mean for germans or people living here in germany who
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want to travel to countries outside of that so. well for now at the travel warning the global travel warning exists elsewhere outside of the european union so until the end of all guessed that travel ban over the summer the travel warning i should say a travel warning will remain in place and that is still set to be reviewed in the coming weeks but the german interior minister horsy a whole for reiterated that in the meantime there simply isn't enough information to confirm exactly how safe it is for germans to be traveling abroad and the foreign minister the foreign minister as well said that they don't want to end up with a situation here in germany where they're going to have to bring back hundreds of thousands of german tourists again should there be a 2nd wave elsewhere if they ease that travel ban our political correspondent kate brady thank you for that update. as travel restrictions are eased
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however there's been a 2nd corona virus outbreak in germany after a lockdown measures were loosened at the western city of getting it and is now saying new cases surged to dangerous levels and a muslim roma community is facing accusations and racial abuse of that outbreak we went to getting in to find out more. the apartment building rises into the sky right next to the heart of the city this building has seen a significant outbreak of new coronavirus cases and getting several large muslim roma families supposedly gathered here to celebrate the end of ahmed on without sticking to social distancing rules the families the night this. yes we celebrated ramadan we all went to the mosque but we kept a distance everyone had a mosque on his own prayer much we followed the rules. since the outbreak of division between the people living in the apartment block and the rest of the city
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is growing a smear campaign broke out the inhabitants speak of spitting attacks and insults as. we are furious about watches happens to us this really is just purposely stirring up huge animosity towards us and to say it is. now the head of the city's action committee apologizes for some of the words he used when communicating the cases but some people are simply irresponsible she says. i'm sorry now that i used the words large families in connection with the outbreak because the words large families are often associated with people from an immigrant background and it was not my intention to discredit anyone but what we have to state is certain individuals have not followed the rules in the context of this outbreak and this is absolutely unacceptable when does i'm fine or go where the
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infection spread is still unclear this is also a suspected hot spot an illegal gathering with over 30 people is said to have taken place here many of them sharing the same shisha pipe now distancing measures that were just loose and could be tightened again after the latest outbreak schools have closed this week that makes people angry but there is also a sense of awareness freising this when he actually would move to oh it's unbelievable meeting at that restaurant i simply can't understand how they could do you that in this i'm 21st in this month the last minute. we can talk about the fact this was irresponsible behavior but that has nothing to do with the people's religion or nationality it's a cool video site anyone who does such things in times of restrictions meeting people in public places that simply brainless no matter what religion or beliefs they practice it's called the city has now tested as many people as possible in the
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last few days everyone agrees now that the infections are here for the spreading has to be stopped as quickly as possible. prosecutors in sweden have named the man they believe killed the prime minister olof palme in 1906 but they said they are now closing the case since the suspects stick and from dying to 20 years ago pummel was shot dead in stockholm in 1906 while walking home from the movies with his wife his killing shocked the nation police were accused of botching the initial investigation leading to numerous conspiracy theories come over to expand sweden's welfare state and was a vocal critic of the united states sweden's current prime minister has described thomas unsolved murder as an open wound. let's get more on that story now with class and he's a correspondent for swedish national television in stockholm class thank you for
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joining us prosecutors today named the man that they believe killed off on a who is c. and what was his motive. well he says you will see that your insurance agents they jumped and you worked at an office very close to it were public was shots and he was stripped juris old at the time and he seems to be rather old figure with extreme views on politics he was. said to have despised these socialists he was himself like moral right wing or other extreme right person but he was also person opus the according to the prosecutor most likely on his own not with an organization beyond cuff home was murdered 34 years ago why are we seeing this announcement being made now. well the 1st answered your question is that the limit all the prosecuting and well from the order was 25 years and that
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was changed like you know a little bit more than a decade ago just because of the ansal problem order that was on this and won't be in this week so and the 2nd reason is that the initial investigation was done very badly by the. prosecutors and police officers so there were a lot of documents little testimonies a lot of materials but very few clear cut conclusion to who had done this terrible crime in these 34 years there's been a lot of speculation there been a lot of conspiracy theories about what happened do you think that this announcement will bring sweden some closure. to some yes i mean will have problems most important today it's closure for me the party leader over writing the liberals and the moderates because the song said the same i guess the prime minister's own
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same opinion having said that though there's hasn't been a trial hasn't been in the courts of law just stating that that was the case because obviously that's not possible since the man's death since 20 years so there's still a lot of room for speculation conspiracy theorist and to say. that they will keeps taking and still is not the case that to them it's a it's it's announcing it's a closure that's a lot of people don't think since the you know kind of how have the swedish people of the public been reacting to this announcement today. now i think it's a it's a very vigorous situation here there are girl lot of people who think that you know in the 1st place you have to remember that this took place 986 that means that there's a new generation that has grown out and they're not so emotionally and intellectually connected to the snorter to damage some of the more abstract to people pain you're
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not each in i'm the 6 this it just it's a it's a it's a really terrible thing that's happening in contemporary swedish history and we we are has done fully satisfied with this prosecutor who seems to be a very competent person and one that is very very good police investigation but there are no hard hard evidence is connecting this man so and he says himself the prosecutor today that the evidence is that he has materialized wouldn't probably hold in court or all along this is or as they can get in this investigation and so to me and to us i mean to a lot of people that these this is very convincing class that can correspondent for swedish national television thank you for joining us. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world a massive oil spill in russia's arctic region has polluted a lake that serves as the basin for water flowing into the arctic ocean emergency
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teams are working to contain more than 20000 tons of diesel which traveled 20 kilometers from the spill site near new orleans. heavy rains and flooding of killed more than a dozen people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes in southeastern china chinese state media say the flood waters have caused nearly half a 1000000000 euros worth of damage. thousands of people have rallied across the czech republic to protest against the government's 1000 recovery plans and demand more state support for entrepreneurs hit by pandemic restrictions milian moments for democracy movement organized events in more than 150 locations. india is seeing a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases with officials reporting around $10000.00 new infections today the total number of cases stands at more than 276000 the death toll however is relatively low at just under $7500.00 still curbing the spread is
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a major problem in india's overcrowded prisons especially in the capital delhi where jails are packed far beyond capacity is money to a child he met a former inmate who says conditions for prisoners could prove deadly. remembers the time he spent in jail. he was accused of involvement in several dead related cases. he was finally acquitted of all charges in 2012 but only after spending 14 years in prison he's tried to get back to leading a normal life but still is often reminded of this time locked up as a prisoner. especially now during the call the 1000 pandemic. says he was confined in a barrick with over $300.00 people instead of the allowed 150 percent it was difficult to even find speed to sit or lie down we couldn't comfortably be able to do each
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other while sleeping if anything good person gets infected with. it will be very difficult to control it from spreading it is very difficult to maintain social distancing. many big indian prisons are crowded far beyond their capacity this is because the last majority didn't preach i detention coupled with poor sanitation and nutrition this creates a perfect storm for the coronavirus for 100 people including prisoners and staff members death to call the 19 intimate prison now multiple positive faces have been detected in the daily business but this becomes especially concerning because maintaining social distancing in india for the crowded prison is next to impossible to decongest indian jails prisoners are now being released on interim being or images. depending on the severity of dicky's or how sick they are. is part of a net folk of lawyers working pro bono to secure the release of inmates on bail but
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things are not moving as fast as they should about 10 per cent of prisoners have been released so far on being according to official figures. one must says he's verdict that fresh arrests are still being meat because normally. there should be bomb. all these things can be done by the quality. 11 itself if there is a necessity move you would govern by the u.s. supreme court or to many inmates unknown like sitting ducks they have hardly any protection against the virus can do or would do until one day you caught a russian intellectuals once said that a society's degree of civilization could be just by entering its prisons and imperialist thompson that he was and says this is a matter of basic human rights everyone should be entitled to them. no matter where
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they live he says that indian prisons need to be prevented from falling 3 to a greek tragedy. let's go right to delhi we're joined by the who works on prison reform at the commonwealth human rights initiative she is tracking how many prisoners are being released on bail due to the pandemic site and for joining us should india release more prisoners to minimize the risk of spreading the corona virus to asian opinion prisons. 70 percent of the property is under crime and everything turned so i do be opposed and. not be kept in cyprus and for an extended period of time we also have a huge population of people who. are more than you know 5 year olds. so i really give him you should be because i'm more his nose and specifically given the fact that. overcrowding in prison is such that it's.
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i think almost human interest. but what about how people feel about this man are people worried about those who are awaiting trial or people who already in prison being released back into society. ideally things such as those need not be blamed on public opinion but indeed is that the countries you have something like risk assessment with. what kind of victories but what was in society. on the basis of it through a beautiful. scientific method it's a multi-year he would support but even. ok we'll have to leave it there. joining us from delhi thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today and you're watching news still to come on the show how to explain the barbarity of the
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holocaust a new exhibit examines how hard i am and came up with an answer. but 1st to the u.s. where george floyd the black man who died after a white police officer pressed his knee into his neck for almost 9 minutes has been laid to rest at his funeral in houston texas friends and family members spoke about the man they knew and loved floyd's death ignited global protests against racism and police brutality. oh. morning a man whose crime in the what's that is the ports as was being born black more than $500.00 guests attended the funeral and he sed in texas for george floyd whose death under the knee of a white policeman spots global protests calling for racial justice. dropped as you.
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speak is that the ceremony made impassioned pleas for change klamath the system because in protein last largely in place for the african-american system to fail. he's lucky to be changed no more hate crimes leaf so why is it make america great again but when has america ever been great. in a fist year civil rights activist reverend al sharpton accused president on a trunk of caring more about trying to stop protests than ending police brutality. and we know the rights for black light is the same as the price for white life we go keep coming back to these situations over and over again is that a law will work or it won't work. trumps opponents in the presidential election democrat joe biden also delivered a video message to the funeral. now is the time for racial justice. that's the ins
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we must give to our children when they ask why. because we're nurse justice for george florida. will truly be our were racial justice and then she said. she changed the world. well solem the funeral was also a rousing tributes to. the life of floyd. correspondent oliver salat is in houston and sent us his impressions of the hometown tributes to george floyd it was a very sad and emotional a day procession the ceremony in the church lasted for 4 hours you got
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a little bit of an idea through the report that we've just seen his family members delivering a highly emotional speech is moved to tears of course but then there was also this cheer for aspect to the ceremony the family wanted to celebrate the life of george ford and that was done in the tradition of the afro-american church so he became an icon for this movement and that's what many people are so proud of that someone that was largely not unknown to the public became the face of a worldwide movement sparking protests world wide and people really do believe that his death was not in vain and there could have been chilly bring change and improvement of course and send out a strong signal against racism in the united states was also around the world german foreign minister heikal mosque is in israel today where he's holding a 1st meeting with his new israeli counterpart the foreign minister gabi ashkenazi the visit comes at a crucial time a new israeli government could enact legislation as early as july to annex jewish
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jewish settlements and the jordan valley in the occupied west bank several e.u. countries along with the u.n. arab states have criticized the annexation plans as a violation of international law and as a final blow to hopes of a 2 state solution. german american philosopher hunter was among the 20th century's great political figures berlin's that german historical museum has dedicated an exhibition to her that traces arents observations on contemporary history she experienced to tell a tarion is a anti-semitism life as a refugee and witness the trial. in jerusalem they are among the many chapters of her life now on display at an exhibition titled and the 20th century. and cigarettes went hand in hand the philosopher always had an opinion but there
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was an anti semitism naziism escape more on the year 968 and more star protests and political unrest around the world she wasn't too concerned about convention or ideology as you can down see at an exhibition in berlin called it for you thanking them for it cannot didn't follow any school of thought she didn't follow any programme political party or custom when it came to her judgments that means she was the specially hard to pin down what she is a socialist a conservative or pro-business the fascinating life of a free thinker a german jew she fled the country in $1033.00 going to france and then to the us where she became a citizen after having been stateless for 14 years a refugee and she found a safe haven among friends rather than in countries which are photos can attest to those on the scene for us to use all of these are loving portraits of friends and relatives for her friendships were a net which she cast over her experiences of exile and persecution and let's see
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what you will follow for next year on for. a major focus of the berlin exhibition is auschwitz a topic which dominated in her thoughts in a t.v. interview she talked about how she found out about the extermination camps. that's right that's a. corpse if i went in it was as if an abyss had opened up i just had to you always doubt that everything else could somehow be made better just like in politics when things could somehow be made better that we don't talk about it but not this could cause these things this should never have happened it didn't need to share go. at the end of the 1940 s. he wrote her 1st big work the origins of totalitarianism which became a central theme for her her most controversial book was in jerusalem a report on the banality of evil 'd she following the 1961 trial of the senior s.s. leader who had been one of the architects of the will of cost she felt he was
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a mere technocrat a few for what she was heavily criticized. sic like just evil incident all that is evoked of it but no voters it is this and not. just. the 5. 100 to one said no one has the right to obey a motto she certainly lived up to. let's get a reminder of our top stories now here on t. w. german officials say the remaining checks at germany's land borders will be lifted on june 15th entry restrictions were introduced in mid march to curb the spread of the corona virus. and george floyd has been laid to rest in a muslim outside she says in texas at his funeral family members called for an end to police violence choice death in police custody in minneapolis 2 weeks ago
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sparked a global protests against racism. that's your news update thank you for watching get over your news will be back at the top of the next hour.
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beethoven is for us. he took over is for every moment of. beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary here on deal here. the world has been locked up for the last many weeks because of court 90 in india even though the national not dami have been east covered 900 numbers are still sketchy crease.


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