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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2020 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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ours are still with us for a good why do you use your morning to suit your global $3000.00 g.w. dollars. this is g.w. news live from berlin open borders once again for germany and 5 days time government officials say all land border checks will be lifted on june the 15th we look at what that means for the summer travel season. meanwhile a fresh outbreak of the corona bar stirs up tensions in a western german city many blame the roma muslim families who say they are the target of a smear campaign. and
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a final farewell for george florey the man who died in police custody in minneapolis 2 weeks ago laid to rest in his hometown of houston hundreds of mourners gathered to remember floyd whose death made him a global icon for racial injustice. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us as coronavirus infection rates slow a german interior minister haas zahle far has announced that germany will lift the remaining checks at land borders on june 15th things will then mostly be back to the way they were before the start of the entry restrictions which were introduced in mid march to curb the spread of the corona virus in germany. let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady with the very latest on the story hi kate can you tell us more details about what is being relaxed. exactly so as over june 15th
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all border controls on germany's borders with neighboring countries will indeed be lifted and at the same time that will allow aid to citizens and swiss citizens to travel freely into germany without checks but as you mentioned there are a couple of exceptions it's worth pointing out that controls on flights from spain will still indeed be in place until june 21st but of course all of these relaxed measures and relaxed controls are all subject to change depending on how the situation develops in the coming months when it comes to the $1000.00 pandemic kate germany's travel warning to most of europe will also be lifted starting june 15th but there are exceptions there as well can you tell us more about that. exactly similar rules but the travel warning will be lifted on june 15th both of the e.u. countries for any normal e.u. member states of the schengen zone and also for the united kingdom as well but
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again spain will only be accepting a limited number of tourists from june 21st except for a large number at least up to almost 11000 german tourists who are going to be able to travel to the belair araik islands particularly to milk or a huge tourist destination for many germans every year and so they're going to take part in what effectively will be a whole a day a pilot project to see how people cope with certain social distancing measures and coping with hygiene restrictions that are in place while the pandemic is still going but still while the able to enjoy a holiday if you look at all these measures together if you're in germany when you and you want to travel to countries outside of the shannons of this visa free travel zone what does that mean for them. well the travel warning for outside of the e.u. has now been extended until august 31st and so that includes more than $160.00
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countries now the german foreign minister has said that they could change and that could be exceptions made depending on how individual countries move forward in handling the pandemic in the coming weeks but for now he said that germany just simply doesn't want to run the risk of having hundreds of thousands of german tourists stranded aboard internationally in the coming weeks should there be a 2nd wave in at the moment the the data in the information just isn't there from all those countries outside of the e.u. to really calculate what what the risk might be to encourage germans to travel outside the e.u. . a pretty reporting thank you very much. as those travel restrictions are eased however there has been a new corona virus outbreak in germany after a lockdown measures were loosened the western city of good saying it is now seeing
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new cases surge to dangerous levels and a muslim roma community is facing accusations and racial abuse over the outbreak we want to getting in to find out more. the apartment building rises into the sky right next to the heart of the city this building has seen a significant outbreak of new coronavirus cases and getting several large muslim roma families supposedly gathered to celebrate the and over the amadan without sticking to social distancing rules the families the night this. yes we celebrated ramadan we all went to the mosque but we kept a distance everyone had a mosque on his own prayer march we followed the rules. since the outbreak division between the people living in the apartment block and the rest of the city is growing a smear campaign broke out the inhabitants speak of spitting attacks and insults.
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we are furious about what has happened to us this really is just purposely stirring up huge animosity towards us. because it is. now the head of the city's action committee apologizes for some of the words he used when communicating the cases but some people are simply irresponsible she says. i'm sorry now that i'd use the words large families in connection with the outbreak because the words large families are often associated with people from an immigrant background and it was not my intention to discredit anyone but what we have to state is certain individuals have not followed the rules in the context of this outbreak and this is absolutely unacceptable want us i'm fine or go where the infection spread is still unclear this is also a suspected hot spot an illegal gathering with over 30 people is said to have taken
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place here many of them sharing the same shisha pipe now distancing measures that were just loose and could be tightened again after the latest outbreak schools have closed this week that makes people angry but there is also a sense of awareness freising this when the anklet would move to oh it's unbelievable meeting at that restaurant i simply can't understand how they could do you that can this and 21st in this month the us not like and really we can talk about the fact this was irresponsible behavior but that has nothing to do with people's religion or nationality it's a cool video. anyone who does such things in times of restrictions meeting people in public places that simply brainless no matter what religion or beliefs they practice it's called the city has now tested as many people as possible in the last few days everyone agrees now that the infections are here further spreading has to
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be stopped as quickly as possible. germany's foreign minister has warned israel that its plan to start annex in parts of the west bank would be breaking international law i call boss was speaking in israel when he where he was holding talks with israeli counterparts. the talks come just weeks before the new israeli government plans to enact legislation for the annexation of jewish settlements and the jordan valley in the occupied west bank several countries along with the u.n. and arab states say the plan would be a final blow to hopes of a 2 state solution. kramer's following the story for us in jerusalem hi tanya has the german foreign minister had specify whether germany will actively try to prevent a planned attic sation of parts of the west bank. what was the 1st meeting of german foreign minister who can mosque with his new
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counterpart in israel. the empty hosts made it very clear that germany and the other member states are very very very concerned about plans to possibly annex parts of the west bank settlements and parts of food the jordan valley he said this would contradict international laws by doing so he had to strike this rather delicate balance between saying you know this is such a term is historical commitment to israel but also to make his position very clear that such a move would contradict international norms we know that germany's taking over the seat of the e.u. presidency on july 1st does that give germany more weight in this matter will have any impact on these discussions. i think it does and it was also mentioned here not only the presidency but also the presidency of the security council and i think what's important for germany but also other e.u.
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member states is that if the go ahead with these plans that would actually encounter you know the notion of a 2 state solution which has been actually catered for by the e.u. and germany you for several decades now it also has regional implications talking about endangering possibly the peace agreement with jordan and the german foreign minister who will travel to jordan later this afternoon in the evening and also on the international level what does it mean for other conflicts in the world where land is being occupied it was also interesting the day before yesterday the palestinian prime minister mohammed study also mentioned that he thinks it's very important to germany plays a more by 2 road a more active role because it will take over that your presidency he was talking to journalists. and tanya do you think we could actually see
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a change in israel's decision to start and axing parts of the west bank. i think it's too early to say and they heard the foreign minister gabi ashkenazi saying that he was asked actually if there actually now any maps i need decision on that he's saying the u.s. and israeli mapping team are still working out the details as actually big discussion is right now what's going to be the scope and what kind of an extension it is what parts of the west wind would be annexed and the timing of the annexation but i think it was important for the german foreign minister hike in moscow to come in at this point in time and to say you know to put out his concerns and that of other e.u. member states to israel to defuse tanya kramer reporting for us thank you. let's check in now on some other stories from around the world swedish prosecutors have named the man they believe killed the prime minister olof palme in 1906 but
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they're now closing the case because the suspect steve engstrom died 20 years ago was gunned down as he left the stockholm movie theater with his wife. coastguards in the mediterranean have recovered the bodies of 20 people off the tunisian coast they are thought to be migrants from subsaharan africa and a search is underway for around 30 others who were on a boat that sank on its way to italy. heavy rains and flooding have killed more than a dozen people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes in southeastern china chinese state media say the floodwaters have caused nearly half a 1000000000 euros worth of damage. to the us now where george floyd a black man who died after a white police officer pressed his knee into his neck for almost 9 minutes has been laid to rest at his funeral in houston texas friends and family members spoke off a man they knew and loved floyd's death ignited global protests against racism and police brutality. only now called the. morning
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a man whose crime in the watts of his supporters was being born black more than $500.00 guests attended the funeral in houston texas for george floyd whose death under the knee of a white policeman spots global protests calling for racial justice. roberts to. speak is that the ceremony made impassioned pleas for change clematis system because in proclaim lawful r.d.p. of life for the african-american system to fail. he's lucky to be shane just no more hate crimes peace so why is it make america great again but when has america ever been great. in a fierce eulogy civil rights activist reverend al sharpton the president on
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a trunk of caring more about trying to stop protests than ending police brutality. and we know the price for black light is the same is the price for white life we go keep coming back to these situations over and over again either the law will work or it won't work. trumps opponent in the presidential election democrat joe biden also delivered a video message to the funeral. now is the time for racial justice. that's the ease with most give to our children when they ask why. because when their. just for george or. are wearing a racial justice in america and then she said. well the funeral was also a rousing tributes to the life of floyd. a
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reminder now of our top story german officials say the remaining checks of germany's land borders will be lifted out shooting teams entry strict restrictions were introduced in mid march to curb the spread of the corrupt harvests. coming up next our culture 1000 special how has the corona virus pandemic affected sex workers and the sex industry has that one minute. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. 19 special next on d w. m e will come to. the 2nd season on the bench.


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