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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2020 5:00am-5:15am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin george floyd's brother goes to washington and makes an emotional plea before congress. i'm here. to make you stop stop the pain stop us. he was ignored please listen to the crowd on make it now and those calls for change grow louder of the police chief of minneapolis where george floyd dies promises to push for reform of the city's law enforcement also coming up
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a warning from germany to stop before you break international law germany's foreign minister tells us rather than for any government that its plan and its parts of the occupied west bank is illegal. and as pandemic restrictions ease some couples relying on surrogate mothers are finally getting the chance to see their children for the 1st time our correspondent in kirkuk speaks to a couple about their long journey to parenthood. i'm told me all laddie it's good to have you with us at a dramatic congressional hearing the brother of george floyd has called on lawmakers to make sure he did not die in vain floyd's killing in police custody ignited protests across america across the globe the period from fillin nice floyd came as demands grew to. reform policing and so avoid more cases of african
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americans dying at the hands of white police officers. the day after his brother george was laid to rest in houston texas. alone as floyd was in washington d.c. in an emotional testimony he called on lawmakers to ensure that his brother did not die in vain when you watch your big brother who you looked up to your whole entire life da da big a boy's mom i'm tired i'm tired of. pain you feel when you watch something like that people of all backgrounds genders the races have come together to demand change on it him on a joints and make the necessary changes that make the law enforcement the solution and not the problem in minneapolis where george floyd was killed the police chief is promising change he says he'll withdraw from contract negotiations with the
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police union to push for reform i plan to bring in subject matter experience and advisors to conduct a thorough review of how the contract can be restructured to provide greater community transparency. and more flexibility for true reform. but many protesters believe true reform can only come through a radical change. defund the police has become a rallying cry protestors want to cut funding for the police in favor of other community based projects. police have also come under fire for using heavy handed tactics against protesters after floyd's death and they have been dozens of complaints of police targeting reporters in one such incident police fired rubber bullets at g.w. stephens siemens and crew. members. of. the perth. your you are in the middle of.
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the us has promised to investigate the allegations. i know there have been concerns from some countries of their reporters having been treated in appropriately here you should know and those countries should know we will we will handle them in a completely appropriate way george floyd's killing has put police in the us under intense scrutiny floyd supporters hope that his death may finally lead to real change. minneapolis police have announce what they're calling transformational reforms d.w. staff and simon sent this assessment that's a very big word for. as of now very very little steps that is for example that the choke hold is now illegal that's for example or something mr shelving did need on the on the neck of somebody that is now not allowed anymore as police practice and secondly any police officer who is witnessing this
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a colleague doing this has to interfere cannot just say hey not such a good idea but has to actively interfere and make the other officer stop doing what he's doing if he's doing this now however the big problem in the big question is here police unions you alluded to this in the piece they're very very very powerful and the contracts police between police officer and police department that's the point here this is where it really hits the rubber or the rubber hits the road where it's going to be interesting because those contracts are so tight that you basically have no transparency and and then it's really important for the community no accountability for police officers this is what the chief tries to change this is what police departments probably try to change all over the country . on response to growing calls to end racial injustice in the wake of george floyd's death nascar motor racing has banned the confederate flag the move comes
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just days after the only black driver on the bubble wallace called on nascar to make the change for many the flag is a symbol of racism and slavery in the us. so the presence of confederate flags at its vents runs contrary to its commitment to providing and a welcoming and inclusive environment to all fans. to. the reporter stacy bivins joins me here in studio now stacy racial justice protests have reached the sporting world we've seen the n.f.l. and now nascar yeah it's interesting because the confederate flag has become synonymous with nascar and it's fair to say when i was going through social media that black america is actually really stunned by the decision to ban the flag because it has become so ingrained and i remember going to one race one time
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involving never to return because there are people wearing the confederate flag and waving the confederate flag and i just felt so uncomfortable that people felt like this was a way to celebrate and complete while completely ignoring what this flag means to so many african-americans which is enslavement and oppression and how on funds taking this right now well i think that bubble wallace has a very strong fan base and he's the one african-american racer who is a part of this and he decided to use his platform and the social justice justice movement now to make a change and so he has a lot of support he went on twitter saying no one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a nascar race it starts with the. confederate flag get them out of here there is no place for them and so this is really a movement and it means something now this doesn't mean that everybody is happy about it there will probably be some nascar fans that show up wearing their gear
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and expecting to get in and nascar hasn't said how they would handle that. president trump has been weighing is weighing in as well. particularly defending confederate history you know what what's that about yes he seems to be a little bit tone deaf because around the world there have been people protesting these racist relics and tearing them down legally and illegally and part of the discussion in the united states is to. remove the names of confederate generals from army bases a secretary general. of the fence marc esper agreed to meet with people to discuss this on a bipartisan basis truck shut it down he got on to twitter saying that this is a great american heritage and a history of winning victory in freedom while completely ignoring that the confederate army the the sad painful fact is that they were traitors and they were
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fighting to maintain slavery and they were fighting to rip the country apart and it just seems that he's really tone deaf on this issue he likes inject himself on these cultural matters because he feels like this will help general galvanize his base but he's seems to be completely ignoring the protesters who are demanding change and want more to do of the reporter stacey bivins thank you you're welcome. now germany's foreign minister has warned israel that its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank will violate international law issued the warning in israel just weeks before the new israeli government plans to make the move which is also being condemned by several other european governments. 1st on the agenda mass and his israeli counterpart gabi ashkenazi signed an agreement on the german government
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providing funding for the holocaust memorial yog vashem. germany is a staunch ally of israel but the relationship has been overshadowed by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has planned an extension of the jordan valley and settlements across the west bank land the palestinians claim for their own state authority orders which the german government and our colleagues in the european union have serious concerns that the annotations could make it impossible to achieve a 2 state solution we think this would be the wrong way to go it would approach. the e.u. has considered imposing sanctions against israel if the annexations go ahead germany is unlikely to take such tough measures but the wind takes over the rotating presidency of the e.u. next month and so must must come up with a common strategy in the e.u. palestinian prime minister mohammed saeed called on germany to maintain
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a hardline with israel you know how sensitive this issue is warre for germany obvious and that is that our senses should not go back but over gotten a lot. this should not come at the expense of the bad as you know brides palestinians have warned they'll proclaim a palestinian state if israel goes ahead with the annexations. a locked arms around the world of left many families separated some couples relying on surrogate mothers have been waiting for months to be united with their newborn stranded in ukraine our correspondent nick called early has spoken to one couple who traveled across europe to the ukrainian capital kiev to hold their biological child for the 1st time one month and 3 days late but at least they're together. and your elders have traveled more than 10000 kilometers by car through continent in lockdown to finally meet their daughter. she still has to get used to us she
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doesn't know who we are. but daughter spent her 1st month with a carer in an apartment her parents only able to see her on a screen. you know the house and we were crying just seeing her pictures and unable to do anything for her you just feel so helpless when you can do is wait . as their daughter's birth came and went and we've no into lockdown insight or people are injured elders could do was scour the ukrainian press with the help of a translation up on the lookout for some sign of hope neither spanish government nor the ukrainian embassy could help when they read that ukraine's human rights on between one had promised help parents into the country and your eldest jumped in their car to drive the 3600 kilometers from their home in madrid to kiev. and the. trip was a live in the dark we didn't know what we'd encounter at the borders on route they received a long hoped for permission to enter ukraine yeah we cried when we received this i
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didn't think it is it could make you this happy. but it wasn't enough. it's not a checks and we're just 500 kilometers from kiev and then they told us no we just couldn't take it any more they were missing just one document enough for them to be turned back at the ukrainian border returning home to madrid with the only option without their baby week later they were back at the ukraine from tear after 7000 kilometer round trip to madrid and back this time with the right documents and they were finally allowed into the country other parents have been less fortunate separated from their children but even greater distances and still unable to enter ukraine how many babies are still without their parents no one can say with any confidence. you know that we've lost months of our daughter's life that's super important. results later months and 3 days
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to leave the felt like a year spanish must sound strange to her she doesn't want to sleep she just wants to listen to us. and now she's i know easily. well. this journey to becoming a family like any other is not yet over to register their daughter's birth in spain they'll probably still have to go to court in spain as in many other european countries surrogacy is really a gray zone not a legal illegal coronavirus lock down which is the 1st of many obstacles on that path. to football's german cup semifinals now and by in munich have set up a chance for double the season the possibility of winning both the cup and the bundle by undefeated a pesky i'm trying to reach the final even paris it scored at the 14 minute mark but by a needed robert lewandowski 2nd half goal to win it to one final play of the german
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cup championship next month. you're watching news from but then keep up to date on our web site d w dot com as well as twitter and instagram at news i'm so glad it's me john. mark karr. armstrong really walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flies hafter all. the government use planes to poison. conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the internet.


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