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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from george ford's brother please with us lawmakers to act on police pilots but you watch your big brother. your whole entire lives i'm not big boys mom. i'm tired i'm tired of playing. and this calls for change grow louder the police chief of minneapolis where george boyd promises to push for reform of the city's law enforcement park. meanwhile amazon takes a step back from law enforcement for the next year the tech giant will ban police
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from using its facial recognition software shown to misidentify people with darker skin. born during the last down with her parents far away after weeks of separation the surrogate baby in the ukraine finally meets her family but many others still face a long way. to go and terry martin good to have you with us at a dramatic congressional hearing the brother of george floyd has called on lawmakers to make sure he did not die in vain for its killing in police custody ignited protests across america and around the globe the plea by phil lowness floyd came as demands grow to reform policing and stop african-americans dying from use of excessive force by white police officers. a day after his brother george was
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laid to rest in houston texas. alone as floyd was in washington d.c. in an emotional testimony he make is to ensure that his brother did not die in vain when you watch your big brother who you looked up to your whole entire life da da big a boy's mom i'm tired i'm tired of. paying you feel when you watch something like this people of all backgrounds gender race have come together to demand change. on it him on to george and make the necessary changes there make the law enforcement the solution and not the problem. in minneapolis where george floyd was killed the police chief is promising change he says he'll withdraw from contract negotiations with the police union to push for reform by plan to bring in subject matter experience and advisers to conduct
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a thorough review of how the contract can be restructured to provide greater community transparency. and more flexibility for true reform. but many protesters believe true reform can only come through a radical change defund the police has become a rallying cry protestors want to cut funding for the police in favor of other community based projects. police have also come under fire for using heavy handed tactics against protesters after floyd's death and they have been dozens of complaints of police targeting reporters in one such incident police fired rubber bullets at d w steffen siemens and crew. on. the branch with the birth. of your you are in the middle of 6. the us has promised to investigate the allegations. i know there have been concerns
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from some countries of their reporters having been treated in appropriately here you should know and those countries should know we will we will handle them in a completely appropriate way george floyd's killing has put police in the us under intense scrutiny floyd supporters hope that his death may finally lead to real change. civil rights groups are also pushing big business toward self scrutiny on racism has announced its betting police from using its facial recognition program for the next year the company did not specify why it took the action now but the technology has been shown to misidentify people with darker skin the move comes amid growing calls for police reform in the wake of the place killing of george floyd amazon's facial recognition technology was the post to help police catch suspects instead the program has been rife with issues like amazon launch recognition and 2016 aimed at businesses hoping to bulk up their search
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capabilities but it was quickly adopted by police and other agencies like the u.s. immigration enforcer ice police said the program allowed them to quickly and more accurately identify suspects in crimes researchers warn the company's algorithms harbor dangerous racial biases a $21000.00 study from the massachusetts institute of technology found that the algorithm misidentified darker skinned women 31 percent of the time activist researchers and even the company's shareholders have repeatedly urged the company to stop selling recognition of police those calls have gotten louder after the death of george floyd sparked a global backlash to police tactics amazon tuesday vowed to the pressure and said it would halt sales to law enforcement we hope this one year moratorium might give congress enough time to implement appropriate rules a statement on the company's website rad. democrats in the u.s. house of representatives have already introduced
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a bill that would ban federal law enforcement from using facial recognition technology amazon for its part has welcomed the move. and chelsea deplaning who filed the report joins us now in the studio good to see you chelsea what's the flaw in this software why is it misidentifying people of color well if you think about an algorithm and how it's sort of makes its decision it is based on what's already available so what really happens with these algorithms is that they're calling a lot of information online they're calling data and that really amplifies human biases because it's sort of synthesizing data that's already biased so you get this knock on effect and that's really what's happening with this amazon algorithm is that it's using these previous these previously biased data is online and in this is obviously a huge problem because it can really amplify it and make it even more entrenched the biases and policing already that we see in the united states and of course these problems have huge implications for policing and possibly bringing people
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into situations they shouldn't be and how it was there was on going to go about fixing this problem well amazon is sort of saying that it's not going to go about fixing the problem right now what they're saying is that they're going to sort of ban put it a moratorium on this on the sale of this of this program to police but they're really going to put the ball in congress this court there right now congress is working through a bill that would ban facial recognition technology for police department so they're basically saying we're going to sort of wait this out and see what congress does because of this should really be a nationwide effort on the on the behalf of the on the behalf of regulators the as if it's just amazon that's changing their software we're still going to see other companies selling the software to police forces so it wouldn't solve the nationwide program or problem that they're seeing a lot of work to be done chelsea lately for a business to thank you so much. a quick look at some other stories making
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headlines today the number of corona virus cases recorded in the united states has topped 2000000 johns hopkins university says new infections are on the rise in at least 19 states the u.s. has more cases than any other country in the world. lufthansa says it employs 26000 more people than it needs hinting at possible job cuts the german carrier has been massively affected by the corona virus pandemic tons of pilots have offered to take a 45 percent pay cut to help alleviate situation. that russia has opened a criminal case against the mayor of the arctic city of no ribs over his handling of a major fuel spill spill more than $21000.00 tons of fuel happened after a fuel reservoir collapsed last month at a power plant response teams say it will take years to clean up. the pandemic lockdowns have left many families separated that time apart is proving
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extremely painful for couples desperate to see their children who've been born to surrogate mothers ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where surrogacy is affordable and easy to arrange some families have endured long waits to be united with their newborn stranded there our correspondent nick connolly met one such family one month and 3 days late but at least to get a bill out of trouble moving 10000 kilometers by car through constant in lockdown to finally meet their daughter. she still has to get used to us she doesn't know who we are. they do to spend her 1st month with a camera in an apartment her parents only able to see on a screen. you know the so sad we were crying just seeing her pictures and unable to do anything for her you just feel so helpless all you can do is wait . as their daughter's birth came and went and with no end to lock down in sight all
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people are and your oldest could do was scour the ukrainian press with the help of a translation up on the lookout for some sign of hope neither the spanish government nor the ukrainian embassy could or would help when they read that ukraine's human rights on the woman had promised help parents into the country and jumped in their car to drive the 3600 kilometers from their home in madrid to kiev . and the 1st trip was a live in the dark we didn't know what we'd encounter at the borders on route they received a long hoped for permission to enter ukraine yeah i cried when we received this i didn't think a piece of paper could make this happy. but it wasn't enough and he was not a chance and were just 500 kilometers from kiev then they told us no we just couldn't take it anymore they were missing just one document enough for them to be turned back at the ukrainian border returning home to madrid with the only option without
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their baby a week later they were back at the ukrainian frontier after 7000 kilometer round trip to madrid and back this time with the right documents and they were finally allowed into the country other parents have been less fortunate separated from their children by even greater distances and still unable to enter ukraine how many babies are still without their parents no one can say with any confidence. you know we've lost months of our daughter's life. that was super important yes. it was actually a month or 3 days. felt like a year spanish must sound strange to her she doesn't want to sleep she just wants to listen to us. and now she's in i know he sleeps. with. this journey to becoming a family like any other is not yet over to register their daughter's birth in spain
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will probably still have to go to court in spain as in many of the european countries surrogacy is illegal grazer and neither legal or illegal immigrant of ours look down which is the 1st of many obstacles on that path. germany's for them and for the german cup semifinals byron munich have set up a chance for a 2nd straight double the season the possibility of winning both the cup and the bonus league by undefeated on top 54 to reach the final parazit scored on the 14th minute mark but by a needed. second half goal to win it $21.00 honestly the leaders by and will play later who's in for the german cup title next month. the top spanish soccer league returns to action tonight for the 1st time since the coronavirus pandemic began to hit the country 3 months ago while ego has followed germany's bonus league in banning fans and instituting a strict hygiene protocol but unlike germany spain's title run in could be one of
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the most exciting in years barcelona players are getting used to the eerie atmosphere of an empty stadium the bundesliga successful return 4 weeks ago to show in spanish football that behind closed door games are the only way forward spain has been harder hit than germany by the corona virus meaning it has taken longer to implement the new hygiene rules needed for a restart. now legal wants to get right back into a thrilling title race and leaders barcelona have been boosted by star player linnell messi declaring himself fit although injury problems continued to dog the champions though ahead of this weekend's game with new yorker. it's true that matches will be very close to each other and we don't have a particularly deep bench. the season resumes tonight with 3rd place of taking on rivals rail bettis in what is usually a fiery city darby the lack of fans may take out some of the sting although
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a win will help severe very slim hopes of a late title tilt. rail madrid remain bosses main rivals sitting just 2 points behind with their living games left they all of opted to use a small stadium named after club icon stefano to play their remaining home matches the support of bandmates refurbishment of their famous burn a bale stadium has already started. i think it's a nano we could win the title in the distaff an old stadium and that would be really great for the club's history because 2020 has already been a bit of a special case. spain is the 2nd major european top flight to return with england and italy resuming later in june france decided in april to scrap its season but the top french quarter is against the league and said relegation should be reviewed the league or is keen to avoid such legal wranglings by completing its season
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a new dawn is about to break for spanish football. you're watching news from a member you can get all this news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com on instagram and twitter we're at t w news i'm terry mark and you'll find me on twitter at t m news stream thanks for being with us. on legal. complete 2nd season. the planet on the brink of disaster we did long interviews experts about one question how to change.


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